स्वर्ग का सुख क्या है ? कृष्ण ने बताया धर्म का रहस्य || Raseshwari Deviji || Sanatan Questions – 29

स्वर्ग का सुख क्या है ? कृष्ण ने बताया धर्म का रहस्य || Raseshwari Deviji || Sanatan Questions – 29

Arjun made a mysterious query and we also have to understand that mystery Arjun asked, “Keshav, tell me! Is there any happiness in the Heavenly abode? the real happiness The Divine happiness Is it there? Arjun said,”Now I don’t want to get entangled in these bondages. Please release me from these bondages. Therefore, give me the solution by which I can attain the real happiness. So, is there any happiness in Heaven? Shri Krishna said, “Verse” Geeta “Arjun! First you understand, what is Heaven? As, in this Mayik Mrityu lok, cosmic maya dominates similar is the case with heaven where too cosmic maya dominates. Just like we are unhappy here, time, action , accomplishments , faults, jealous, hatred etc. torment us beacuse of which we are in a state of misery All these bondages of action are very much there in Heaven too. Because the cosmic maya seen here in Mrityu lok, is the same as in Heaven and never take it for granted that if we get to go to Heaven, we will get it for eternity. It is not so! we do not get it for eternity. How we get Heaven? Based on our good actions, we get Heaven for that duration. And what happens in Heaven? We relish the fruits of our actions there in the form of demi Gods. And the moment the measure of our pious deeds ends, we relish it all, So the moment fruits of our good deeds ends, we are not allowed to stay there even for one hunderedth of a second “Verse” The moment, the fruits of good deeds ends we will be deported to this Mrityu lok And never misunderstand that we will be released lovingly the moment the good deeds ends, we will be thrown down of Heaven Even for one hunderedth of a second, if you say that, “Oh! I relished pleasure for such a long time here, please do allow for some more time!””No!!” As in this Mrityu lok also, what happens when death approaches! and if one begs to “YamDev” (God of Death) “Please wait! Now that I am leaving…. All bills are kept here and legal documents are also kept here. “let me sign the property papers else my children will fight after my death, please wait for a while!” Ah! Death is a warrant that has no appeal, you cannot get even a fraction of second more when death approaches. You have to go as death approaches. You cannot stay even for a one hunderedth of a second Like in this Mrityu lok situation persists, in Heaven also, as the fruits of good deeds are finished. “Verse” You are thrown down into Mrityu lok. And Tulsidas ji says,”Oh brother! when you get executed from Heaven, you are given lower forms of life in the forms of dog, cat , donkey , pig etc. So, Tulsidas ji is saying, “Verse” The extravagancy of Heaven, that we have relished in Heaven after that when we get bashes in the lower forms of lives, it is very painful. Because in Heaven, what is there? When you have gone to Heaven , there, we just have to enjoy the fruits of our previous deeds. There we needn’t do anything. We will get radiant, sweet smelling form. and old age and diseases will stay away There will be no excretion of wastes, urination etc. There will be no sweating. Such excellent form! And then, There is no need of eating or drinking in Heaven. Everything happens by resolve. In Mrityu lok, if one wants to eat icecream then either one has to go to market or make it in home. It will require labour. While at Heaven, just by thinking we get the taste That is the luxury, there is! So, after relishing this majesty of Heaven, when we were thrown down from Heaven then tell how painful it will be tolerate this misery! how can we measure the majesty of Heaven and a dog being caned Therefore, Tulsidas ji is telling that this happiness of Heaven, the good deeds are a type of sin actually. Please pay attention here! the deeds that you are considering for the Heaven, from there, you are not going to get even this human form; one will get forms of dog, cat, donkey. So, it is one kind of sin. Therefore the Vedas tells that do not make the aim of going to Heaven. “Verse” One who aims for Heaven is a big fool! The reason is same what I told you now. So, Heaven is also bondage, Hell is also bondage Mrityu lok is also a bondage. Here, we are bound by karmic waves. If we do good deeds, result is Heaven. If bad deeds are performed, result is Hell. If combination of good and bad deeds are performed then one gets this Mrityu lok All three are imprisonment. So, when God told all this about Heaven, to Arjun, then Arjun said, “O Lord! all the three places are devoid of real happiness. God said, “O yes! Where my Maya rules, I do not stay. and where I am not there, the real happiness is also not there. “Then O Lord! Why are you instructing me to fight and telling that I will get Heaven or this Mrityu lok. I don’t need all these. I am seeking the real happiness. So, please tell me that what I should do so that for eternity I will get that happiness after which I will never be clutched by these bondages? I will become happy, for eternity. Please tell me that solution. So God said, “Verse” “Arjun! If you want to get the gratitude and attain the real happiness, then abondon the cycle of religion and if you want to get rid of all bondages then leave all this and surrender unto my lotus feet.

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  1. SURELY A MUST WATCH VIDEO – I had a big question on the concept of salvation. Thanks to the team at Divinepath BGSM, this helpful video from Poojniya Maa satisfied me with the truest answer. Well done team BGSM ! Thanks a lot, Radhey radhey !

  2. Hell is better than Heaven. Hell me atleast hamare pap ka hisab to khatam hote hai but heaven me to punnya hi khatam ho jate hai. Earth is way better than heaven. 😂 First time Feeling so lucky that i'm in mrityulok. 😂

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