「Nightcore」- Reflection (Sik World / Switching Vocals / Lyrics) ✔

「Nightcore」- Reflection (Sik World / Switching Vocals / Lyrics) ✔

This video includes subtitles

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  1. Nice my friend💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘💝🎶💙💛💚😊💜💓🌸❤💗💘💖💕💟👍💞😘LOVE WITH KAWAII IMOUTO NIGHTCORE😊👍

  2. Every time ya sad and you just look at the mirror to see how you look when ya cry xD

    Yeah ya can't deny the truth

  3. Such a beautiful song ever and lovely music too. I love it so very much and love Kaneki Ken. Great job and did incredible work. Beautiful pictures too. Amazing, awesome, cool, and fantastic too. Keep up the good spirit and work. Good luck with everything and God bless you too. ☺🙂🤗😇😍😘😚😙✌🤘🖖❤💋💞💖💕💝💗💓📿👑🕊🌹⚘🌷💐

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