10 Surprising Differences Between ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY

10 Surprising Differences Between ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY

People just want to know what’s the big difference anyways aren’t they the same exact thing? whether Allah and the god of Christianity are the same we believe as Monotheists that there is only one God but is that one God the Islamic? Conception or the Christian conception. Hey guys, what’s happenin? My name is Leroy Kenton and welcome back to another episode of FTD facts now I’ve done a similar video to this in the past however We’re revisiting some of our previous Topics and sharing them as part of our 10 facts series theme just make the episodes a little bit more simple and easy-to-follow So I’m starting off with the first major difference at number 10. We have the main beliefs So Christianity is made up of people who believe in the deity Jesus Christ Christians generally speaking Believe Jesus is the son who walked on earth as the incarnate form of God the Father in other words Jesus is God in human flesh is Lomb is made up of individuals who believe in the deity Allah the arabic word that represents the supreme god whose teachings are believed to be recorded word-for-word by god’s last Prophet. Mohammed now at number 9. I want to look at the meaning of the names. What does christian mean? What does muslim mean so for christian to start off? Its a believer in christianity who follows the teachings of jesus christ very simple for Islam Islam means submission to the will of God and Muslim means one who submits to the will of God both the terms Christian and Islam are viewed by the followers of each of the faiths to represent how human beings should actually live on planet Earth Christians believe that by following the teachings of Jesus and Believing in him that they’re carrying out the will of God by default Muslims However, do not hold Jesus in the same regard as Christians, which I’m gonna get into that a little bit later But they believe that the will of God is found through Islam as shared in the Quran at number eight is the population Islam is currently the second largest religion in the entire world after Christianity The current global population of Christianity is 2.3 billion followers Which is 31% of the total population of the world his loan sits at 1.8 billion followers Which works out to be approximately 24 percent of the global population So not too much of a gap between these two religions in terms of total population yet Islam is growing faster than Christianity and estimates suggest that Islam is gonna be the largest religion in the entire world by the year 2017 so about 50 years from now the next difference is the year They were formed they weren’t actually formed anywhere near the same time as LA was formed between 610 and 622 CE II there have been some concerns about the accuracies of the dates but most historians and scholars Are in agreement that Islam originated in Mecca and Medina in the early parts of the 7th century CE II Around this time the first revealed verses of the Quran which were the first five verses of the surat al-alaq Was sent by God to the Prophet Muhammad in the cave of Mount Hira Muslims believe the angel Gabriel brought the words to the Prophet directly from God when it comes to Christianity that was established as an organized religion between 28 to 33 seee Hundreds of years before Islam after the passing and the resurrection of Jesus according to Christian theology Christianity began to spread as a Jewish sect throughout the Roman Empire from the teachings of Jesus Christianity then spread across the world Some of the beliefs were adopted by the Roman Empire and Christianity became the state religion Now the next thing I want to take a look at real quick is the holidays So what are some of the different holidays that these two religions celebrate they’re completely different So for Christianity, there’s Christmas, of course which celebrates the birth of Jesus and it’s probably one of the biggest holidays in the world in general even for people who aren’t Christian there’s also a good friday and also depending on the denomination of Christianity Sunday or Saturday is viewed as the day of rest aka the Sabbath there’s also Easter and then Lent in Catholicism is a season of 40 days not counting Sundays. Which begins on Ash Wednesday And ends on Holy Saturday and various others st. Feast days for Islam They have Ramadan which is the month of fast There’s Eid al-adha, which is the feasts of sacrifice and then Eid alpha tier, which is a festival at the end of Ramadan They also have different places of worship Christianity has churches chapels Cathedrals basilica’s as well as homes and as well as any other living space many Christians don’t even view going to a traditional place of worship as Necessary because of a biblical text found in Matthew 8 verse 20 that says for where two or three gather In my name there. Am I with them in islam muslims worship in mosques or masjids? Community prayer halls as well as any other place that is considered cleaned by Islamic standards Now what these religions use as Scripture is also different the holy book in Christianity Of course is the Bible and it’s said to be the inspired Word of God and this means different things a different people but basically it means that Christians believe that the books that make up the Bible were written by many people over a 1500 year period and those people were guided by the Spirit of God through divine inspiration These writings came in the form of poetry songs stories as well as genealogies where we see people’s personal Expression working hand in hand with God for the Koran. It’s completely different on the other hand It’s said to be the Word of God dictated to Muhammad and written down Word-for-word without any personal expression of any human added to it at all the truest reading of the Quran has to be in the original Arabic form because translating into different languages can also take away from the interpretation of the Quran now at number three we have Salvation. This is a big difference as well islam teaches salvation based on working to achieve it a muslim must keep The five pillars of islam confess the Shahada, which is there is no god, but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet they also must kneel in prayer towards Mecca five times a day Muslims also need to fast during the daylight hours of the month of Ramadan and they give money to the poor as Well as the last pillar is to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at one point in their life Is LOM teaches that the day of judgment? Well involve people’s good deeds and bad deeds Being weighed in a balance and your judgment is gonna be paid to you whether it’s good or bad Instead of Christianity Christianity teaches that people are saved by grace Which is a gift if they believe in Jesus That he died for their sins and resurrected or the next big difference is the Trinity So the Trinity or the Godhead is a core belief of Christianity that says that there is one God who has three Manifestations the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit kind of like a corporation I know I use this example a lot but a corporation may have three founders But they have different roles under the umbrella of the same corporation Muslims however Believe that they practice pure monotheism that is not affected by Concepts like the Trinity which say that God is three But somehow one the core belief of Islam is that there is no God worthy of worship But Allah so Muslims view their view of God as a much more Simple view than Christianity and the biggest difference and often the most debated topic between these two religions is who Jesus actually is Islam accepts that Jesus of Nazareth did in fact exist and that he was born of the Virgin Mary But Islam also believes that Jesus was simply another prophet equals two previous prophets like Abraham and Moses Muslims believe that Muhammad is a final messenger and is superior to all other previous Prophets that came before him Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God Which makes him equal to God and before he came to earth as a man he’s accepted to be the second person of the Trinity or The Word of God as another title that he’s given who became flesh and lived on earth His love doesn’t believe in the idea that Jesus was crucified on the cross they believe that God spared him from it for Christians the sacrifice that God made by Sacrificing his son for the sins of humanity is the focal point of their faith And without that act the world would be completely doomed and helpless and sin forever all right guys, so those were 10 differences between Christianity and Islam and I want No, what are some other differences or even some similarities that you know about that? I left out in this episode that you wish I may have mentioned sound off down below in the comments section and guys when you leave our comments down below because Respectful as possible. I know oftentimes when we discuss religion people get a little bit heated things may get a little bit sensitive So just be real mindful that you’re actually commenting like comments that actually contribute to a conversation Versus just venting and throwing hate down below like I hate seeing that that’s not what FTD facts is about. Let’s learn Let’s grow let’s expand our knowledge and move forward to help make the world a better place as a Muslim living with the Christians Help me To understand my religion better. So yeah, that’s all I got to say Okay, so I’m gonna be heading out now, but before I go don’t forget to check out another episode that I have for you Right here we can learn a lot more about not just religions but different places all around the World hit that subscribe button and ring that bell so you can stay up to date with the latest Episodes here on FTD facts and shoot me a line on social media as well. Those links are down below. Okay guys I’ll see you all real soon

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  1. What are some other differences or even similarities that you know of?

  2. Didn't take long for evidence of the 400 years in America aka 2nd Egypt too bare fruit the Deuteronomy curses were over.

    The change is already occurring. First will be last and last will be first. I was wondering why antisemitism in the Asian community was so high. A lot of the countries were agnostic. But there has been a resurgence towards migrating to a higher power and reading the bible from Asian nations.

    They know who the Israelites are from the bible. Checkout hippie budda on YouTube. They aren't copying synagogue of satan jews. Asians are moving to black hair. Much like the Israelites natural hair movement. The artistry is creating a beauty hair industry for Asians who want swag. Not just any swag, but, black swag. Emulation is the highest form of flattery. They are taking great lengths too bring it. Dress, locs, braids, twists and afros. 4Cs they are coming for you the most. They want your crown. Not just Asian men but women and children too. If you are in the hair industry you might want to make your tent a lot bigger.

  3. In Arab countries Islam is really honest ex
    Saudi Uae qatar Kuwait and more developed
    But Islam is hell in iran Iraq afg balochistan china india Syria
    Bcoz they are jihadi

  4. All the facts about islam were bang on bro u really improved a lot. Highly appreciated😍
    But to complete few things shahadah is there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) IS his LAST messenger.
    And u hv to pay zakat if u have enough money acc to islamic standards. Everyone z not bounded to pay it specially less previlgd people same goes for Hajj every muslim haS to offer hajj once in his life IF HE CAN AFFORD IT.

  5. I don't think Mohammed is superior to any of the major 4 prophets. I think there's a verse in Quran that says each of the 4 major prophets are unique and none is superior to the another. I'm not a Muslim and I could be wrong but I think according to Quran, no major prophet ranks above the other(s).

  6. the differences between Jesus and Allah is clear, Jesus is God, Allah is a black stone, idolatry is allowed in Islam, bcoz Allah himself is an idol, we Christians are God worshippers, while muslims are both black stone and idol worshippers, Allah is the biggest idol statue in the world right now, i mean the black stone, that's why muslims kiss, lick, hug, and pray to black stone, 5 times daily, as a sign of worshiping their god(Allah) if the kaaba is destroyed? Allah is destroyed…

  7. Watch Speakers' Corner videos for total dissection of Trinitarianism and other heresies (from the Muslim viewpoint) of Christianism.

  8. For those who are saying that Islam is a religion of war and hatred, I'm a christian, been one since I was born. I always thought muslims are evil people because in my country muslims population are a minority (like 5%<). Our only perspective of muslims was the one the media showed us. They were portraying the muslims as terrorists and said that they were all bad. I knew the media might be lying so I decided to do some research and traveled to a muslim country. I spent several weeks there and to my surprise they were the complete opposite of what the media was indoctrinating us about. I made a lot of muslim friends there and I think that both christians and muslims all around the world should unite against the antichrist.

  9. Small correction at 8:00, It is proven that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not choose among the prophets” and in another saying “Do not prefer among the prophets"

  10. for those who have doubt n question about islam and muslim ….i would recommend quran in clean english were they can understand islam …..check google clearquran

  11. Why Jesus is white and has human image looks like human , but any way Christians and Jewish are my abrahmaic brothers I don't have problem with them

  12. It doesn't matter what differences we may have, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are of the Abrahamic faith and we must respect each other as Abrahamics.

  13. another fact most muslims dont know , Jesus christ is not the messiah the messenger we believe in , Esa alaihsalam is the messenger messiah that was sent to the tribe of israel and was risen alive .

    our source and belief .
    quran 4..157
    And [for] their saying, "Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, esa , the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah ." And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain.

    Some scholars are misinforming us muslims that jesus christ yeshua is the prophet which he is not to us muslims , yeshua was crucified .

    while the messiah the messenger we muslims believe in is named ESA , Esa is the son of mary (maryam)

  14. Christians love quoting John 3:16 but don't know John 3:15 nor John 3:17. Can they explain John 3:16 in contact to John 3:13-18…..

  15. islam and christianity are agree that jesus will come back on earth in the end time. which is near because our Quran describes the living of lifes and wars which will happen and jesus will come.

  16. I'm a Christian, born and raised in America. I like Christianity. I think Christianity is the only true religion, Truth of Christianity… but other religions do not bother me and I don't care if you believe in a different religion. The Bible is true and infallible. Jesus is the son of God, as stated in the Bible, and the trinity is a thing. It's quite simple. (Polite discourse, please. I'm being polite). Amen!

    I'll keep praying.
    Great video, keep up the good work. God bless.
    Have a nice day/night.
    —————————————— with luv from a nerdy Christian.

  17. Christianity believes in three gods head (trinitarian )
    Islam believe in one God (Allah).
    Regarding the figures : Christian world has drastically declined into atheism .while muslim world is divided into practising muslim and cultural muslims. On other hand muslim believers from non muslim world has increased due to new muslims (reverts). But Christian missionaries and secularist atheist say due to high birthrate.

  18. Islam makes more sense for me. Its simple. 70% of non muslims knows islam through the media. Try to learn islam through Quran and teachings of prophet

  19. I’m not religious at all. Though, I study religions.
    The main difference between two is that Christians won’t kill people for their god.

  20. 1st. Nobody dies for other's sins
    Everybody will pay for their deeds

    2nd. According to Christian believes we can do anything we want, robbery, murder, adultery, lying etc because in the end we will be forgiven because of Jesus
    WoW then why there is police, courts and jails on the planet?

  21. What? NOPE. the historians and archeologists agree that Islam was not born in Mecca, but in PETRA check this fact (there is 0 archeology in Mecca before the 8th century, Mecca is not mentioned in ancient road maps previous to the 8th century, etc). Even in the Wikipedia of Mecca u can see that they 'early history' of Mecca is very disputed

    The Shie Muslims do NOT believe that Muhammad is the last prophet, only the Sunnis believe that. That's why the Sunnis invented that in Quran 33:40, 'seal' Khatam means 'the last', while this term is copied from the Bible book Daniel 9:24 and the word 'seal' Khatam does not mean 'the last'.

    Islam is 1.8 Billion people? SURE most of them, cannot leave Islam! are forced inside. When the threat on the so called 'Muslims', threatened by their families or by the blasphemy death penalties will be removed, then, we will know how many Muslims really exist. I assume that around 20% 25% of the so called 'Muslims' are Ex Muslims or never felt Muslim, but fear even, the death penalty, if they will reveal that fact.

    E,g. in Pakistan, people cannot leave Islam, and they declare that Muhammad is a prophet and the last prophet when applying for a Passport, so how many 'Muslims' are there?

    ALL the Muslim countries are dictatorships of some kid(but Azerbaijan) and in dictatorships, u cannot know what people really think

    You got all those wrong facts, because by Islam is allowed to Taqiyyah lie in order to protect Islam….

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