10 + Surprising Facts About Sikhism

10 + Surprising Facts About Sikhism

Sikhism which began in India’s punjab region in the 1400 is the world’s fifth largest religion Sikhism is a monotheistic faith Which is a belief in the existence of one God as you will see during the course of this episode Sikhism Truly is a distinct religion with its own unique Divine scriptures and beliefs Thanks for joining us here on another episode of FTD facts My name is Leroy, Kenton, and I’m going to be sharing with you some facts about Sikhism a lot of you guys have been requesting it ever since we started our religious video series Balbirr singh has requested it Jason Onkar singh Harmon brar as well as a bunch of other people were asking for us a new video on Sikhism, okay? So you guys can stop yelling in the comments? We finally have the video get ready to learn a lot and Before we get into the facts Let me know guys if you had to choose what other religion would you choose to be and if you’re not? Religious what religion would you just be let me know down below? the religion of Sikhism was Founded by Guru Nanak and it’s based on his teaching and that of nine other sikh gurus who followed him Guru Nanak was born in 1469 in what is now Pakistan at? The age of Thirty he mysteriously disappeared for three days When he reappeared he began to preach the sikh Faith And he spent the rest of his life teaching writing and travelling around the world to discuss the religion with Muslims and hindus Guru Nanaka has been called one of the greatest religious innovators of all time Now in the sikh faith there are ten gurus and those include Guru Nanak which is Sikhism founder guru on God Guru Amar das Guru Ramdas guru arjun Dev guru har gobind Guru har Rai There’s also guru har krishna. There’s guru tegh bahadur and guru gobind singh the last human Guru Okay, so now let’s talk about the sikh concept of God the concept of God is different in Sikhism than other religions it is Also known as ik onkar or one constant It’s found in the Gurmukhi script that God has no gender in Sikhism although many translations represent God as a male it is also called perk Beyond time and space and Neuron car without form I’m sure some of you who may not be familiar with the sikh religion may be wondering What book or books do they use in their religion the sikh scripture is a book called the guru granth Sahib? the book is a collection of Teachings and general guidelines of how sikhs should live their lives by Guru Nanak as well as the other gurus The scriptures are written in the punjab language and are greatly respected by sikhs all Over the world you’ll find that when you visit our guru Dhara Which is the place where sikhs worship the holy book is kept on a raised platform? under a canopy the sikhs take their shoes off in the presence of the holy book and Also, never turn their back to it and at every major Sikh festival They read the book all the way through which takes them roughly 48 hours and another fact relating to their holy book the 10th guru Gobind singh as the last guru of the sikhs in human form who evolved in singh Appointed the sacred adi Granth the first book adds his successor So that after him there would be no more human gurus the adi granth was the first edition of the book Compiled by the fifth guru guru arjun isn’t sure that the book would be Treated with the same respect a human guru is treated with he also created the Khalsa. Which is a spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood Devoted to the purity of thought and action. He gave the Khalsa as a distinct external form to remind them of their commitment He was also given to help them maintain an elevated state of consciousness Now as I was saying earlier the community of men and women that are initiated into the sikh Faith Is Known as the Khalsa the community of the pure? In order to become a sikh and join the Khalsa people need to follow the five k’s the first one is cash You must have uncut as a mark of holiness and submission to God’s will then there is conga It’s a small wooden comb that goes into the hair as a sign of cleanliness, Kora is a steel bracelet And that is a reminder that they’re connected to God following that is cachoeira This is a short cotton underwear more practical for daily life than the traditional dhoti Worn in India and it’s believed to be more practical for daily life than the traditional dhoti Worn in India and finally we have the curved pond. This is a sword used for protection Now this next fact is very Interesting and important to the religion of Sikhism any building where the guru granth Sahib is kept is Actually a sikh place of worship this could be a separate building or even just a room in somebody’s home It’s also called a goodra the Gateway to the Guru Now sikh worship services are usually held on Sundays and they base them on the writings of the guru granth Sahib together with chants and prayers From the Guru’s no one has cure time the religious services then end in a longer meaning a shared meal Now continuing with the facts there are actually four doors into a guru Dhara known as the door of peace the door of livelihood the door of learning and the Door of grace these doors are a symbol that people from all the four points of the compass are Welcome and that the members of all four cap are equally welcome it is always the light in the gurudwara To show that the guru’s light is always visible and is accessible to anyone at any time The purpose of the doors is to symbolize the openness of the sikhs towards all people and religions Now this symbol right here is a universal symbol for Sikhism. It’s called the conda It’s a double-edged sword flanked by two daggers representing worldly and spiritual powers bound by the oneness of God Now this here is the central sikh shrine this is known as the harmandir Sahib and is located in amritsar, India it’s also known as the Temple this guru our john designed the Golden temple and was the person responsible for collecting the teachings of the guru’s into a sacred book that grant sake The seats also have five seats of authority known as the talk which literally means a throne or a seat of Authority These are the five guru Dara’s that have special significance for the sikh community the first and most important one is the occult talk which is literally translated to the throne of the Timeless God and that is situated directly across from the Golden temple Okay, now coming down to the end of this video. Let’s talk about some of the greetings in Sikhism here’s some of the traditional greeting used by Sikhs Why it guru Ji? Ka Khalsa Waheguruji? Ki fateh which means the culture belongs to God Victory belongs to God another traditional greeting is socks treat a cow and that means immortal God is true. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for my pronunciation Yeah Most of the world’s 25 million sikhs live in India but more than half a million of them live in the United States The first sneak came to the us about a hundred years ago They are mostly concentrated on the coast of the us with a large sikh population in Queens, New York there are over 30 million sikhs worldwide sikhs also live in just about every major country around the world and That concludes this episode on Sikhism Definitely was not even anything close to the amount of knowledge and information That we have on sikhism, but this is a little taste, so let me know all your thoughts and comments down below Now before I get out of here this episode of fTD facts was brought to you by Graham Early Calm Graham Lee is one of our favorite sponsors to work with and there’s a leading software in improving your written English I mean well over a thousand people from the fGB fact community have already started using Graham Recom because they see the benefit of it The link to that is down below You can install it for free or if you want even more features to help improve your English even faster. You can purchase the upgrade Again the link to that is down below We see though that although Sikhism isn’t one of the top three main religions is still a very large religion with huge influences around the world Hope you enjoyed our video on Sikhism And if you want more religious videos you can check them out here Or you can catch up on facts about the other people and places and cultures of our world There’s always something new for you to learn here on FTD facts and thanks for watching and I’ll see you in another video

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  1. I love Sikhism because of their caring for others irrespective of religions,caste,creed etc…Keep it up brothers and sisters.May guru granth sahib blessess you always…

  2. I am Muslim from Kashmir
    Sikhs people are sincere than Indian Hindus۔ they are helpful۔ kashmiri love Sikh۔ because they are like brother s with kashmiri s۔

  3. 1975-1976 I had personal contact to a Sikh, Shiva Dayal SINGH DILLON and I would like to get in touch with him, again. Anybody out there who would be able of some help in that matter? Pls contact Ursula at [email protected] THX A LOT!

  4. Disappointed to see the video and you lack basic knowledge of respect and meaning of wor Guru. I felt hurt bro. It is Guru Arjun Dev ji, Guru TegBahadur Sahab ji. You can not simply take their name as a normal one word name.They are great Gurus so please edit.

  5. You’re wrong about half 1 million living in the United States. Outside of Punjab the next biggest place is Canada then England then the US.

  6. How about all the sikhs asking to do facts on Sikhism get off your fucking ass and learn your religion, learn your culture, learn where your people came from. We have an amazing history and a very sad one at that one other hand at the same time.

  7. Questioning asked what religion would you choose to be. people are going to say the religion that they were born in obviously this is a fucking stupid question.

  8. This is what posted this in response to A Hindu lady asking why we wanted to leave india. ( punjab )
    I was dumbfound of the question. So this is what I said to her.
    @ Geeta Poptani first of all why would we not ask for a separate country? You do forget it was our nation a grate nation called punjab before it became Britain Punjab. Where everyone lived peacefully under simple sikh laws. Eveyone one was allowed to practice their own fath and not worry. in the mass of nation underneath the kingdom of Ranjitsingh. Where Hindus, Muslims and sikhs lived as one and in peace.

    I’m not going to get into all the treachery and the selling out. How Ten Years After his death they were able to finally conquer that area. Which then led it to British punjab.

    They would never in 1 billion years fought a war again Ranjitsingh The last true maharaja. No one. would.

    Then parts sold off what was left became india and Pakistan. India can go fuck them self. Indian is a corrupt disgusting piece of shit country. We are not Indian. We are sikh from punjab. We are PUNJABI……….

    Why would we want or own nation back ???? do you really have to ask that ??? How about since day one of India’s creation
    -Indian government has lied to Sikhs promised them different things and never follow through -how about the killing of innocent Sikh people since day one, raping and murdering or women and children.
    Unjustifiably sending them to jail
    -How about when the united nation told the Indian government that they would not give them a loan to build the channels to divert the water from the five rivers because it would killl off Punjabi and the SIKH people but what did india still do.
    -Taking the five rivers away from us so or farmers have to drill for their own water, while rest of the shitty Country gets free water.
    -Taking business out of Punjab. -The Punjabi government which was connected to the federal government selling drugs to people and getting them hook.
    -How about the corrupt government not giving fair prices to our farmers for crops and then reselling them huge profit. Our farmers are going into debt each year because of this.
    -What about in the school system they only have to learn Punjabi up until grade 6 then after they learn Hindi.
    -The government has implemented For sikh kids not to learn our history and what they do learn is lies.
    -Now the Indian Government going after sikh people around the world, who are standing up and exposing what’s going on to our people india.
    -how now the Indian Government is smearing sikh people around the world and say we are tartest, which is now making us a target and becoming victims of hate crimes.
    -how About operation blue start in 1984 and how the Government set up A bullshit story to go after a Sikh freedom leader saying he killed someone which is bs. Propaganda the Indian government made up. he even said in his video hours before his death he said “indian Government is never going to leave the Sikh people alone untell they kill us all off tell theres no sikh left in india. WHICH IS 100% true.
    He also said hane nothing against India i’m not for an independent punjab or agent it. I want the Government of India to leave sikh peole alone so we can live in peace. As we see how many years later or people can’t live in peace.
    – How at the time the head of India’s army was a Hindu General and he refused to attack the temple, she asked him twice and he said no i will not but the bit h went around him. You can watch his video on YouTube it’s about 20 minutes long.

    WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO GO ON??????????

    SO YOU ASK WHY WE WANT OUR OWN COUNTRY ( for the survival of punjab and and our religion and race. BESIDE ITS RIGHTFULLY OUR FUCKING LAND.
    The Indian government is systematically overtime trying to kill off our people and punjab. They don’t want to give up the 5 rivers or the land.

    I’m kind of dumbfounded as to why you would ask why we want to own nation???????? IT WAS OUR NATION TO BEGIN WITH.

    Throughout history we’ve never done anything wrong to the Hindu people but the Hindu people have fucked us over a lot since day one. But we always came to help when you guys needed it. There was a time where Muslims were killing off over 100,000 Hindus each year we help stop that We stopped muslims coming in from the north to take over we stood beside you and won the war. We stood beside your people numerous times throughout history and helped your people out. You would be fucked with out use. Also as much as we fight against Muslims there has been times in history where we have stood and helped protect certain Muslim kingdoms. Never once did we ask for anything.
    If it was not for Hindus and Muslims we would’ve never needed an army. It was Hindus and Muslims were killing off our gurus.

    Why should we care what is goes on to the Hindu people in India to day or muslim people ????? hindus and the Government of India also trying to wipe out Muslims out of India ?????? Where were you guys when we were getting attack? I forgot you guys were a part of that. Now muslims are being attacked in india.

    You guys as in muslims and Hindus since the creation of India, didn’t give a shit what happens to sikhs.
    Remember it was Hindus and Muslims in those buses in 1984 that were killing, raping, burning alive our men, woman and children. YOU DO KNOW THAT RIGHT ??????

    We’re not participating in genocide against your race we’re not participating in any harm against your race. So i ask you from your last sentence what do we want to do against your people The Hindu people????????

  9. If only those Punjabi words you were pronouncing were displayed on the screen. Auto generated English is no help!

  10. Hey
    Dis is gurpreet kaur from India I am Sikh and I really liked the way u describe the Sikhism
    So nyc of u how humbly u pronounced all the words related to our religion. I really appreciate your efforts. Keep it up. God bless you

  11. Only sikh women are supposedly forced into other religion in the whole world but no women has come forward to tell her story

  12. This video is too good but can you provide this video with english subtitle…i will great thankful to you…

  13. excellent video, great job #Leroykenton @ftdonline at 5.00 you mention the 5k's to be a Khalsa, which is partly correct. Yes, in order to be initiated one must adorn the 5k's but recitation of daily prayers is equally important to be a Khalsa. At 5.48 you mention service only on sundays which is incorrect. Service takes place daily with recitation of daily prayers as early as 3AM. Singing of hymns in ragaas occurs through the day until about 10 PM. Most Gurdwaras (not temple) are run by volunteers and hence some Gurdwaras in the west have a larger service on sundays but daily service is still carried out. One thing you missed is the Flagpost (Nisan Sahib). Its a tall flagpost that indicates to a destitute, looking for shelter, where a Sikh Gurdwara is located. Keep up the good work.

  14. SHIA ISLAM. Shia Islam specifically believes there is no conflict between science and religion….. (Evolution and Big Bang may have been God's way of creating our existence). This is something Christianity and Judaism often miss.

  15. I am muslim but I accept and respect that Sikhism best religion in the world. Indian democracy KISHISH GANJ GURDWARA DEHLI All India se kisan, student, Govt employees, politicians jab Jantr MAntar par strike krte hai. Daily gurdwara se 10000 persons ki roti, clothes even fare bhi dete hai. Agar SIKH na hote to DEhli me koi protest or strike nahi hoti. THANKS SIKHISM for save the DEMOCRACY

  16. The religion I am born in is the religion I must stay it is givin to me through my karma – 11th fact of sikhi

  17. Not all Gurus wrote in the SGGS the sikh Guru, and its not Gurudaya its Gurudwara Sikh Temple, efforts come with greater study, its good the video, but needs perfection. Dont erase my coment, people need to know Gurudwara name becoz in 2012 a Sikh Gurudwara was attaced in wisconsin and 7 Sikhs including two priests where killed.

  18. Probably this is the best video i have seen till now, which explain all the important facts about sikhism,u gives many info. In short time, that's great… keep doing all this

  19. Many live in the Central Valley of California. Many are truckers, truck stop and gas station owners. As a commercial driver , I see many on the road and greet them with " Sat Sri Akhal ".

  20. Thanks For your explanation about sikhism is a very strong religion
    One of kind religion in the world the meaning of sikhism is life is temporary nothing will last forever so only good karma and truth connection with God will last forever by doing kind karma you can win the death and die peacefully

  21. There are some people in the comments who tend to insult others. It is okay to express your own opinion, everyone has the right to do so. But please say it in a form that does not insult anyone. Please.

  22. How about some on Jainism … before it's a lost faith … it's scientific and divine more than you can imagine . Looking forward!

  23. Always say ji with Sikh names as If you are not saying ji it means you are not giving respect to our guru ji it hurts alot when didn't said ji with his name and also gave a little anger but it's okay after all you are new for everything. Always thik and speak

  24. I am Hindu but I want to study the Guru Granth Sahib. The philosophy aligns a lot with Hinduism. I have much respect for them. They protected Hindus from Islamic persecution.

  25. Don’t forget we Sikhs we’re warriors Sikhs ruled the whole Afghanistan 🇦🇫 when children in Afghanistan were not sleeping then there mothers told there kids that sleep or hari singh nalwa were come up we belonged from a great empire raja ranjeet Singh remember and we saved Hindus from centuries and white people British empire was scared of raja ranjeet Singh’s army we had french rulers in our army and now days and Hindus were slaves of Mughals 😂and today hindus acting tough like the we’re some kind of kings in the history nahhh man they did not even kill a rat in history 🤐

  26. Thank you for the video. Love and respect.to.every religion. Everyone is welcomed to Sikhism if you are interested to be one with Universe.

  27. If i born in hindu, muslim, Christian or any other religion on earth the first thing i will do is to convert myself into sikhism, sikhism is purity it is reality, divine way to be a realistic & true Human without any fear along with doing what god actually wants you to do…!!

  28. The haram satha British destroyed the whole subcontinent, created communal divisions that had never existed to such extent before,brought about through their arrogance and ineptitude famine and poverty that had never existed before or since British rule ( read Mike Davis ' The New Holocaust'). Regarding Maharaja Ranjit Singh Europeans such as Ibbetson and even Americans such as Masson described that when traveling through Ranjit Singh's Empire they came across a land far more prosperous than any part of British ruled India and with no occurrence of famine whereas in East Punjab controlled by the British from the 1810s onwards famines occurred regularly. In fact throughout British Rule from its inception till its demise tens of millions of Indians died from draconic and inhumane agricultural and land revenue policies initiated by the British. The British caused more death than did Mao, Hitler or Stalin. The British Empire was not a benevolent empire but a malevolent one. The most dangerous and politically volatile regions in the world today were created by the British such as Northern Ireland, Palestine ( see Arthur Koestler the Nobel Laureate's book ' Palestine :From Promise to Fulfilment ) Iraq, Kashmir etc. The list goes on. Ranjit was far ahead of the British at his time in terms of humanity, fairness and compassion. No one was discriminated on the basis of religion and as well as Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims held the highest positions in his administration. In contrast, in Britain Catholics and Jews were ostracised and barred from holding office or even entering top universities and institutions ( right up until 1873 ). What the British excelled at as they do today was duplicity, hypocrisy, cunning and back stabbing.They paid lip service to liberty, democracy and human rights whereas in fact these were privileges afforded only to Whites back home in Britain or their Dominions in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Today thankfully Britain is nothing more than a tinpot nation beset with crime, sexual and moral decrepitude, a teetering economy dependent on foreigners whose arses they lick especially if they be corrupt Russian oligarchs, rich oil barons, Latin American dictators such as Chile's General Pinochet and of course Americans behind whose apron strings they cowardly hide. The sun certainly set on their Empire quicker than they thought. Thanks to the Americans and Soviets they avoided conquest by Nazi Germany. The British Empire created a myth of invincibility about themselves and a myth it was ; they lost the American War of Independence, the 1812 War against America, the First Afghan War ( with 20,000 of them being slaughtered ) and they would have list the Sikh Wars had it not been for the treachery and betrayal of two of the Sikh Empire's generals, Tej and Lal Singh.

  29. 1:33 I will never choose any other religion over my faith Sikhism… I will die but I will not chose any other religion…

  30. I am sikh, means a lot to me,And it should be learn by every living begin on earth .
    Sikh word derived from sikhana ,Means to learn . Always you need to learn . We can't harm any one .our all gurus taught us to love every living begin on earth.No difference to be done ,our guru langar is the proof of showing every living being that every one is treated same without any difference .

  31. Its very nice video bro ..i am a sikh and i am proud to be a sikh …if you want to find motivational video then read baba deep singh ji story bro.

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