2020 Super Bowl of Preaching

2020 Super Bowl of Preaching

– Welcome, Crossroads to the 18th annual Super Bowl of Preaching. First off, yes, you are about to experience church. And if it’s your first time, this is an extra special weekend unlike anything else we do all year. – That’s right. Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Neville Paco Pancham. I’m standing alongside Lena Schuler. And we think church can actually be fun and meaningful at the same time. – That’s right. – That’s why we do this whole thing. It’s football. It’s church. They crashed together for an awesome weekend. You might be asking what in the world did I get myself into? Well, I’ve got good news for you. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect. – Today, you’re gonna have more fun at church than you thought was possible. There will be a preaching competition. There will be a halftime show. There will be epic commercials. It’s going to be great. – You’re telling the truth, Lena. My hips don’t lie, and neither do you. – Shakira, Shakira. – That’s right. Now, check this out. We’ve been doing this thing for 18 years. The Super Bowl of Preaching has been happening for 18 years now. And we do that because historically across the country, Super Bowl weekend has been the least attended church weekend nationwide. And we decided to change all that. – Yep, as Jenny from the Block once said, “We used to have a little, now we have a lot.” That’s right, we’re the Ja Rule right there. – All right. So, by the way, we are legally obligated to state that this is not the actual Super Bowl. And we are in no way, shape, or form saying that it is or isn’t or is connected to the NFL or any of its sponsors in any way. – No. – No. OK. So with that out of the way, let’s get started. The teams today are Team Tome and Team Mingo. – That’s correct. Two iconic teams going head to head for the championship of the Super Bowl of Preaching. If you’re watching for the first time, there is a lot happening right now. We get that. But stay tuned because in just a second we’re going to go over the rules of the game. Yes, there are actually rules to this thing. – But before we get to that. Turn up your volume. Go full screen. Put some pizza rolls in the microwave, i f you’re feeling fancy, the oven, because this train’s about to leave the station. – That’s right. Let’s head now to our game analysts, Solomon Walcott’s and Anthony Munoz, who sat down with today’s teams to get their insights on today’s big game. – Thanks, guys. Today we find ourselves at the 18th edition of the Super Bowl of Preaching. And if previous years tells us anything, it’s that we’re about to experience a whirlwind of emotions. I’m here with Cincinnati Bengals legend and NFL Hall of Famer, Anthony Munoz. – Thanks, Solomon.. Last year’s matchup was one for the history books. And I’m sure this year will be even better. – That’s right. Now, Anthony being an actual two time Super Bowl veteran yourself, can you give us some insight as to what a game like this entails? – Well, Solomon, as you know, being an actual athlete is much different than what we’re seeing here today. Much, much different. – Yeah, just a little bit. I would say, that’s right. And I couldn’t agree more. But let’s play along and pretend that today’s game is an actual championship game of sorts. – Right. Solomon, these fierce competitors have worked tirelessly and trained vigorously to determine today’s winners. There’s simply no bigger stage and you must come ready to play. – That’s right, well put. That means you have to actually bring it. Now just outside of their skill set on the field, these personalities are incredibly intriguing. I got a chance to sit down with both Team Tome and Team Mingo to see what makes these players tick. – Brian Tome, senior pastor; Kyle Ranson, teaching pastor, Super Bowl 18. So what got you guys together here today? – You go first? – You go first. (simultaneously) Well, I can’t believe — – I’ve got this one. Winning, that’s what got us here. We’re two people who just win. Every day we get up and do the right thing and get the right consequences, which is winning and feeling good about ourselves and making other people feel bad about themselves. And I am confident we’re going to feel that same exuberance and fantastic elevation the top of the mountain as we win today. I’m as sure of it that a Mountie has maple syrup all over his handkerchief that he just wiped his mouth with after he had his flapjacks. I’m sure of it as I am that teenagers have crusty socks in their bathroom. I’m sure of it as I can be as sure of anything. It is for real a nd winning is going to happen with right here: Team Tome and Ranson. – Kyle, I’ve got to ask you, year number two for you. How do you prepare in your second year different maybe than what you did last year? – Well, listen, everybody’s looking for an edge, right? Every competition, every sport, you’re looking for that performance enhancer. And for me, I’m going with the killer bee diet, straight out of the Bible. Man doesn’t live on bread alone. My preferred form of bread is liquid bread. I’m going beer. I’m going bourbon. Lots, a lot of grain. Lot of hops in there. And in the Bible every single day mixing in that back and forth. I feel like that’s going to give me a real edge in the competition today. – Now, Brian, I’ve got to tell you, though, you’ve been on top of your game. Great year of preaching, by the way. And you’ve even been on top of your game when it comes to off the field endeavors. You’ve just completed this wonderful podcast series, The Aggressive Life. You also had a recent book published, a men’s devotional called Move. How do you find the time for it all, including preparing for the big game? – It’s been a fun year, in all seriousness, it has. And thank you very much for being on the podcast. That was one of my favorite episodes. I think it’s just a lot of accumulation over doing a lot of the small things right over 20 some years. I’ve now been able to do some other things that are sort of outside of the normal day to day responsibilities I’ve had for twenty three years. That’s a piece of how I’ve done it all. And to be clear, there’s just some great people around here that are doing a lot of great things. It’s freed me up to try some other thing. – Now, if you had one final thing that you could say to your opponents, what would it be? – Give up? I don’t know. That’s the best advice I can come up with really. – Another one is, “Hey, man, we’re we’re gonna need you because we just got done with a really good series on winning. And I think we’ll do a series on losing in the future. And they’re going to be uniquely qualified for that. So however you feel at the end this weekend, just take notes on how you feel as a loser, because that’s going to be some core curriculum we’re gonna try to work in the future series. – He needs lots of tips on losing. It’s gonna be great, bless a lot of people. – Chuck Mingo, Oakley Community Pastor; Alli Patterson, teaching pastor. Tell me how are you feeling about today’s big game? – Yeah, I’ve got this. I’m pumped! I’m pumped! That’s what I’ll tell you. I am ready. I’ve been training. I feel great. Just this morning, doing some shots of green tea, watching Marie Kondo. I mean, I’ve been reciting the Book of Habakkuk forward and backward. I am ready. – OK. She’s ready. – She is ready. She is ready. Man, I don’t know if I’m as fired up as Alli at this moment, but man, I tell you what, this is the game you play for all year. So, yeah, we’re ready to go. – So once again, you’re going up against your old foe, Team Tome. So what’s the game plan going to be like today? – I’ll tell you the game plan. Is that all right? Yeah? You don’t mind. I’m just going to go. – You got it. – Game plan. Here it is. Exploit weakness. Find everything we can to dominate them. We’re gonna crush them. No mercy, take no prisoners. That’s the game plan. – I am loving this intensity from you. What’s going on? – Thank you. I mean, I don’t know if you remember, but last year, right after Super Bowl, I broke my rib. I was out of the game for a while. It took me a long time to heal. Clarified some things for me. I’m just back with a vengeance. I don’t know what it is today. Hairdryer on too hot, something? But listen, no question, this is the year of Team Mingo. Maybe you — you need to rise up to my level this year. – Woo, okay. Well, any last thoughts? Anything left to say? – Yeah, I got — I mean, I could go all day on this. The era of Tome is over. It’s over, baby. The era of Mingo is rising. As a matter of fact, Solomon, I’m just gonna call it right now. The era of Alli has begun. – Wow. Chuck? – Oh, Solomon, I tell you what, I’m sitting here in this interview and some things are just abundantly clear. The first is Team Mingo is in great shape. Alli Patterson, is as a fierce competitor as they come and she’s ready. And I think Team Mingo is in good shape, not just today, but for the foreseeable future. Man, I’ve been wrestling with this for a while and it just feels right to say it in this moment. So, effective today, I am officially announcing my retirement from preaching, and that’s effective immediately and I won’t take any further questions. – What was that? – Well, I got some work to do. – Wow. Anthony, I can’t believe that. Chuck Mingo steps away from Team Mingo in the middle of the season and right before the biggest game of the year. – Undeniably, it’s a growing trend in the NFL: Sanders, Megatron, Romo, Gronkowski. Luck, and now Mingo. – And now Mingo. Well, obviously, this changes the rest of the gang. But Chuck won’t be completely out of sight. In fact, he’ll be in the announcers booth today giving insights and commentary while the other guys fight it out. It’s almost game time. So let’s head to the field where we’ll hear from Chuck Mingo himself. Guys? – Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t believe it. Welcome to the booth, Mr. Chuck Mingo. [cheers] Chuck, I’m speechless, brother. Retiring at the top of your game. What’s going on in your mind? – Well, Greg, I’ve got to tell you, it was not an easy decision, but I had a chance to get away and think about what’s right for me, what’s right for my family. And I want to do that, I want more time with my family. I’ve got some promos I want to do. And so I’m — – One second, Chuck, this could not get any weirder because apparently Mingo from the cap they saved on your exit Alli Patterson,, your prior teammate has just drafted Kyle Ranson on to Team Mingo. – What? What? Oh, man. – I’ve got to tell you what, man. It’s a little too much to handle. What’s your reaction? – I’ve got to tell you, though, what an aggressive move by Alli Cat Patterson to do this. I mean, basically, what she did is took away Brian’s secret weapon, a millennial. And so, I mean, this is going to change the game completely. – That’s right. – And now his age is going to be exposed. – It was the only thing keeping him young. It’s going to really cause some difficulty. – It really will. You know, Alli, taking advantage, going for the momentum. So I think she’s made a good call here. Question is, will Brian be able to come back from this? And in fact, that’s what we’re talking about today. All these preachers are going to be talking today about how to make a comeback. I mean, we’ve all had setbacks in our life. And they’re going to be talking about how do you actually make a comeback in your life? Brian’s going to have to live that out on the field today. – That’s right, Chuck. Well, hey, we’ve got a lot to look forward to today, but first, some rules to rein these guys in. Let’s head back to the studio for the rules of the game. – So here are the rules for today’s game, though let’s be honest, we tend to make a lot of this stuff up as we go. Am I right? – We do. Yeah. – Well, here’s what we know so far. Each team will preach to six minute quarters. Each preacher may use three reference sources: One has to be the Bible. In each quarter preachers will be given a random phrase that they must effectively work into their message. – And my understanding is these are completely random. They have never seen them before. Seriously. – You know, it’s more random than Rob Lowe showing up at an NFL game with a referee hat on? – Tell me, Paco. – These phrases that we’ve got today. – OK. – Now speaking of referee, the referee today has complete jurisdiction over whether or not the player has adequately met the above criteria and will award points accordingly. – And we’re not exactly sure of his background and how great he’s going to be at this. – It should be interesting. – That’s right. So here is how you get points. A compelling message in six minutes or less: Six points. Correct use of the random phrase: Three points. Bible trivia, correct answer, that’s important: One point. Lastly, there is an opportunity for penalty and losing three points. – Preaching penalties today. Negative points. – Negative points. – `This should be very, very entertaining and very, very interesting. Right now, we’re going back to the booth with Gregg and Chuck. Take it away. – Chuck, it’s a lot of rules. I think it’s gonna be difficult to follow. – Especially for Brian Tome. – Yeah. Could not agree more. Well, hey, folks, it’s time to meet our players. Let’s head down to the field for today’s starting lineups. – And now your 2020 starting lineups. The home team: introducing an 18 year Super Bowl of Preaching veteran, a pulpit pounding pastors from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s a master of the motorcycle and overlending overlord. The man, the myth, the legend: Brian Tome. (music: BLOW) And now your visiting team, a three year Super Bowl of Preaching veteran. She’s got more spice than a level five Pad Thai, alongside a man who’s a top shelf athlete, if he could only reach it. A team that throws so much shade, you’d think they had branches. Let’s hear it for Team Mingo. (music: High Hopes) – Well, Chuck, there they are. You know, it’s quite a display of something out there by Team Tome. – Something is right. Yes. You know, Brian does this every year. It’s just part of his pre-game warm up. I just find it very disturbing. – I couldn’t agree more. Well, you know, today, as Lena and Paco said, everything’s going to come down to the complete jurisdiction of our supposed referee, Matt Castleman, West Side Community Pastor. – Yeah. You know what? I swear, Alli Patterson just told me she bought a pair of sneakers from him at Footlocker just yesterday, but he’s got all the responsibility. I’m just not sure he knows what he’s doing. – Yeah. You know, Chuck, today we’re getting ready to head down for the coin toss, but I think you’ve got some sponsorships. – I do. Yeah. I love doing these sponsorships. And so this kick off today is sponsored by the Yeti Bible, wildly stronger to keep biblically accurate longer. You know, Greg, I mean, it’s slightly overpriced cover, but the contents have eternal value. The Yeti Bible. Yes, that’s the book for me. – All right, folks, let’s head down to the field for the coin toss. – Bring it in for the coin toss. I want a good clean game. Brian, as home team, you will call the coin in the air. This is the coin. This side is heads, this side is ta– No, this side is heads. This one is — You know what? We’ll just call it when it lands. Call it in the air. – Tails, what I be kicking. – It — Yeah, let’s just go with tails. Would you like to kick or receive the Bible? – I will receive. – Tome wins the toss, chooses to receive the Bible. Patterson back with the kick. – Oh, my goodness, was that a touchback? Can you even get a touchback? – For the first time in 18 years there’s a touchback for the kickoff. – The glitter shoes going to work. – Touchback, everybody touch your back. – He has no idea what a touchback means. – He does not, no. – All right, Brian, please choose your random phrase. And preferably not make a mess. Your random phrase is: that’s why you pillage before you burn. – That’s why you pillage before you burn. Wow, let’s see what he does with this. – Yeah, we’re gonna have some fun today, but we also want to spiritually grow today. So let’s pray a little before we go any further. God, thank you for the ability laugh. I pray for growth, real growth and real insights to happen to all of us who are a part of the Super Bowl of Preaching today. I praised this according to the character and identity of Jesus, Amen. So I don’t know about you, but I like to win. Anybody else like to win? I like to win. [cheering] Winning doesn’t necessarily mean beating the person that’s sitting beside you. It means whatever lane God has you in, you need to win at that, whatever it is. There’s something God wants out of your life and you’ve got to win. And the truth is, many of us in here are not winning. Many of us are losing. Many of us are not happy h ow our relation life is going. We’re not happy with where our credit card is. We’re not happy with the variety of things. And for those of us who are losing, it doesn’t mean that we’re a loser. It means you’re primed for a comeback. You’re primed for a comeback. You’re primed to go to a whole new place. I think we can learn something from Jesus today because Jesus wasn’t always sitting on top of everything. In fact, oftentimes Jesus had significant, massive, massive pain. And the way that he ended up winning, because all people, whether atheist, agnostic, Islam, Jewish, Christian, whatever stripe we are, would recognize Him as the most influential person in all of human history, bar none. How did he win? He had amazing comeback. And specifically what He did is He knew how to cheat. Yes, He knew how to cheat. By cheat, what I’m describing that as is similar to say, well, she knows she cheated death in that car accident. Cheating is something should have happened and something totally different happened. How does a guy who’s from Nazareth become who He is today? It’s like He cheated the history of Nazareth. This was a guy who went off script. This was a guy when when the system came His way and they said you should play this way. He went against the rules of that culture to enable himself to be the powerful person. He cheated the system. In what ways? Well, I’ll give you a few. One: he enlisted and empowered women. He enlisted and empowered women. There’s these rumors that exist by so and so religious, enlightened people
to think that Jesus had a sexual affair with Mary Magdalene. We say this in our culture because we have no idea of what healthy relationships look like, but also because we can’t imagine Jesus actually valuing and using women. He didn’t have anything sexual is going on with Mary Magdalene. He recognized that he was talking to women and he was bringing them into his circle. And women for 2000 years have been a part of the movement of Christ. I was thinking about this just this last week with the awful unexpected death of Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant understands a comeback. Who knows how many games he won in the comeback. He had a moral failure a number of years ago he had to comeback from. And he also had four beautiful daughters. And he said, “I’m a girl dad.” This is what’s being talked about now #girldad. I relate to that, because I’m a dad. I put this on one of my Instagram stories just the other day. I’m a dad. I’ve got two daughters and they’re every bit as capable as any son I have or anybody else who could do anything. Jesus leveraged women, not just depending on — This was a cheat. Nobody was doing this. This sounds, of course. Nobody. Nobody did this in the first century in the ancient world. Nobody. He also ignored manmade rules. There are probably the manmade rules you’re living by. You should look this way. You should spend your money this way. You should act that way. This is the way you should structure your college career. This is the way your career choices go. He regularly stepped outside the manmade rules of that society. One example was how he was treating the Sabbath. The Sabbath was a place and the time when Jews would rest. And on Saturdays Jesus was going through one time a wheat field, and he had his disciples following along and they’re picking the different heads of wheat. And as they’re going and picking them, they’re eating them, which is very critical. You know, you’ve got to really enjoy the wheat field while you’re doing this, because this is why you pillage before you burn. You want to be able to eat as you’re — – What do you think? — going along? – I would say he could have done better, but hey, he fit it in there. – Yeah, that was a long walk. – And the religious people jumped up and said, “HA, you’re not supposed to be doing this on the Sabbath. You’re working.” This was a manmade rule they had. It wasn’t his rule. You could actually pick wheat and eat. And just what Jesus says: He cheated on manmade rules. He didn’t obey them. He also cheated in terms of what a religious person would do in that he lived a relatable life. In a day and time when religious people were making sure everyone saw they’re religious and they had their gowns on or their whole, you know, the things that they would wear and phylacteries. There were these boxes they would strap to the wrists and to their head that had Bible verse in that. They would walk around and say, “Woo, look, Mr. Spiritual.” Jesus came w alking like somebody who is a tradesman, talking like somebody who understood people. And he actually did things that people could understand instead of just putting himself away in the midst of some religious little catacomb. He said this: the son of man came eating and drinking. Jesus was accused of drinking alcohol, of eating fine food, because he did. He did, but they just thought that he overdid it. But he actually didn’t overdo it. The reason why he was so powerful is he was relatable. He would flip the script. He would cheat the script on one religious person, looks like. So I’m really excited about our series, Phantom Lake that’s on Amazon Prime right now. Over one million minutes viewed so far. [cheers] It’s been fantastic. And what we’ve done is we’ve cheated the script that religious people can’t be identifiable, that you can’t be relatable. It’s an entirely mind altering experience for some people. It’s just a different deal. I’m telling you right now, for you to come back, you’re going to have to cheat the system. For you to win, you’re got to have to cheat. You’re going to have to start spending money the way different people are not spending money. You’re going to have to start actually using all of your vacation time instead of leaving some on the table. You’re going to have to start to say things that no one wants to say. You’re going to have to start to cheat to be unusual, to flip the script if you want to win, because God wants you to win and have a comeback. [whistle] – End of the first quarter. – Touchdown Team Tome. Brian, you were awarded six points for a great message and you did incorporate the random phrase decently. I’m going to give you two points instead of the full three points for incorporating the random phrase. – Wow. [boos] – This ref, I tell you what. He just takes all kinds of license. And now he has the crowd going against him. – That’s right. – Would you like to try for the extra Bible trivia point? – Yes, I would. – Your trivia question: In the Book of Matthew 13:8, Jesus tells a parable of the farmer who scatters seeds on good soil where crops eventually grow. Speaking of crops, is an avocado, a fruit or vegetable? [laghter] – It took an unexpected turn there. – Yes, it did. – Three seconds. – Fruit. – That is correct. – Redeems himself. – Six points for a great message, two points for random phrase and one point results in an end of first quarter score: Team Tome 9, Team Mingo 0. That’s the end of the first quarter. – All right. Well, Chuck, man, we were talking about Tome’s age. I thought he came out on fire. He clearly knew what he was up against. He threw in that reference to an Insta story, very hip. – Very, very hip. I tell you what, Brian did exactly what you’d expect him to do. He is a consummate competitor. And I really hope this game does not come down to the officiating. – Couldn’t agree more, Chuck. Hey, folks, we know you didn’t come for the preaching. Let’s head to our first commercial break. – Yeah, my mom’s been hounding me to come visit, but I just don’t feel like spending the money to come home, so– – Flights are expensive. Now Amazon Prime can save you big on travel. – Jeff? – Hold on. I think someone’s in my house. – Introducing Amazon Prime travel. – How did you get in here? – Your Amazon key. – How did you know I was talking about traveling? – Oh, you have lots of Amazon devices. We listen to everything. Now included with your prime membership, Amazon Prime travel can get you from here to your mom’s house cheaper than ever. Just select your destination, order your trip, get in the box and then — – I’m sorry, did you say, “Get in the box”? – Right. Just get in the box and enjoy that free 2 day shipping you just can’t get enough of that. – But I didn’t pick a destination or order anything. – Oh, your mom did. There’s one of us with her right now. – Hi, Jeff. Isn’t this exciting? – She set up subscribe and save, so you’ll be visiting every month. – Smart. Well, get in the box. And in just two days — – Guys, I don’t know. I mean — -Get in the box, Jeffrey. – Fine. – Come to momma. – Oh, I almost forgot. Whenever you ship yourself, you always want good ventilation. – You don’t want to watch this commercial. You don’t want to know that you can have an impact in the world. Not you. You don’t want to know that you’ve stepped into something bigger than a church service here or that you’re part of
a community of people who are literally changing the world. You don’t want to know that a GO Trip will actually change your life, that you’ll actually experience God. You don’t want to know any of that. What you want, you want in the speech from a Pro Football Hall of Famer. So here’s Anthony Munoz. Pro Football Hall of Famer, to give you some cheesy, inspirational quotes. – Life is about impact, not income. The only limit to your impact is your imagination. There is no I in team, but there is an I in impact. – I’m trying to lead these people someplace, not just to Phantom Lake, but some place in their life, I’m seeing some breakers. That’s what it looks like to lead: you’re taking people where they don’t want to go. From this point out, I’m your contact. There’s a destination where God wants to take me to. Not everyone here is gonna get there. It will be the hardest riding you’ll have done in your life. – Coffee. There’s just something about
it that brings comfort, warmth, belonging. One of the most expensive coffees in the world is Kopi Luwak, a specialty coffee from Indonesia. And what makes this coffee so special, you ask. Kopi Luwak is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. The cherries are fermented as they pass through the Asian weasel’s intestines. And after being defecated with other fecal matter, they are carefully harvested, collected and roasted and turned into the amazing coffee we’re
serving you t-his weekend at Crossroads. – Greg, I’ve got to tell you, this coffee is the sh– – Thank you, Chuck. Thank you, brother. Thank you. Hey, by the way, we’re about to hear from your old teammate, Alli Patterson,. What do you expect?=I tell you what, 100% fire. Alli came to play. I think she’s going to blow it away here in the second quarter. – All right. Let’s see. Back down to the field for Alli Patterson. – Alli, please choose your random phrase. Your random phrase is: And that’s how I learned to belly dance. – Ah, could be true. – And that’s how I learned to belly dance. OK. – Ok. Well, hey, everybody, before we begin, I just want to show you something that happened last year right here on this stage at the Super Bowl of Preaching. Check this out. Mark my words, one of us will be wearing them Mahomes jersey on this stage next year. That’s the long game. Right here, baby. The Mahomes jersey is being worn. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl. That was one year ago this weekend. And I know we’re supposed to be humble and all that, but it’s so fun to be, right sometimes. [whistle] – He drops a flag. – Oh, come on. [boos] – Hold on. Hold on. No booing. – Some booing from the crowd. – That’s a that’s a good flag. – A good one?! – I just wanted to take a moment to say, yeah, you called that a year ago. – I did. – In the game of sports, there is a special point system called the prophecy point. [cheers] – I love it! – What is happening? – So I award you two PPs. – I will take the PPs. Thank you. – This is off the rails, Chuck. – It really is. – I mean, knew that commercial and now some PPs, itt’s awesome. Listen, if you want to make a comeback, what you need to do is find the best change point. And Patrick Mahomes is in the Super Bowl this year because he is the king of the comeback. This is a guy who knows how to find the change point in any football game and grab on to it and squeeze it for all it’s worth. Do you know that the Chiefs were down four games in their season by more than 10 points and they came back and won all four of them. They were 4 – 0 in those games. And if you follow the Chiefs or the NFL at all, you surely heard about the best example in the AFC divisional game versus the Texans. I mean, they were down 24 points in the second quarter, 24 – 0 and in record breaking fashion came back to lead by halftime. And Mahomes, h e did seven straight touchdown drives in that game for a victory of 51 – 31. He smashed every comeback record there was. And it’s because Mahomes knows the secret of the comeback. And the secret he knows is what you and I
need to know so much for our own lives. The same thing is true. The lowest point of the game is the best change point. When he was asked after the game, what were you thinking, saying, feeling on the sidelines when you were down by 24 points? Like what was going on? And he told the guy that asked him that in the press conference exactly what he said. He said to his teammates, “Guys. This game looks over. As a matter of fact, everyone says it’s over,” he said. “I say this is the best time to do something special.” He took the lowest point of the game and he made it their change point. He knows that we can’t mount a comeback unless something very important happens. He knows we can’t mount a comeback unless we admit we’re at the bottom. I was personally at the bottom in my life some years ago. I mean, I was facing all kinds of low points. I was facing low points in my career, in my marriage, in my friendships, in my choice of hobbies. I mean, I even took a belly dancing class and that’s how I learned how to belly dance. – Oh, wow. – Alli Patterson for the strong use of random phrase. – I didn’t see it coming. [cheers] – That’s what you call a low point. – Yeah, it is. – I was walking through my house one day and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I actually just stopped and stared at myself permanent. And I started talking to myself and I started talking to God in that moment. And I said, “It’s time to tell yourself the truth. Alli, you’re a shameful wife. You’re a terrible friend. You are just dishonorable, you’re not good. You’re not kind. You’re just great at being nice to the right people. The truth is, you have the reputation that your character has earned you.” And when I told God that in that moment, I finally told myself the truth. What I didn’t know is that a year or two later I would come back to that moment. I would look at that moment and think it was right then actually, it was right then that the momentum began to shift. But most of us won’t look. We don’t want to see the low point. We don’t want to talk about it. We want to defend, deny, sweep it under the rug, prop ourselves up, slap a little makeup on it, whatever the case might be. We are afraid to hit bottom. So we do what ever we have to do, just not to hit the bottom. But friends, all we’re doing when we do that is we’re stealing from ourselves the very best change point we could ever have. The lowest point is always the best change point. But we don’t want to go there because what is waiting there for us, it often looks like a death and we’re afraid of those deaths. We don’t want the death of our job, our relationship, our marriage, our self-respect, whatever death is waiting there, we just don’t want it. But Jesus says something different. He says something completely crazy about death. Jesus says that we don’t have to be afraid of death, death of any kind. And the reason we don’t have to be afraid
is because of what he did on the cross. Friends, the cross, it looked really bad for him. It looks so bad at the cross for three days, it looked like game over. Everyone went home. And what we didn’t know is that at that low point, something was rumbling. The momentum was shifting. 1 Corinthians 15 actually describes what happened at the cross at his death. 1 Corinthians 15 says: And the writer goes on to taunt death, saying: Death means something completely different because of the cross. See? Jesus did not just die. And after three days, he got up in an empty tomb and he walked out, roaring back to the greatest comeback that will ever be mounted in human history. [applause] The resurrection of Jesus Christ told us that the cross, the lowest of low, became the change point for his comeback victory. And the same can be true for you and I, with him at our low, becomes our change point. I don’t want you to run. I don’t want you to keep yourself from it. I want you to go straight through it with him and say, “Where O death is your victory?” Today I wanted to make it personal. I wanted to say where O divorce is your victory? Where O infertility is your victory? Where O F is your victory? None of these things have victory over you in Christ, they’re just the change points for your comeback. If everybody says game over, fine. Jesus is about to do something special. [whistle] [cheers & applause] – Wow, what a strong quarter. – Touchdown Team Mingo. Alli, you were awarded six points for a great message, plus two PPs. – Gotta love the PPs. – Plus three for a great usage of a random phrase. Would you like to go for the extra bonus point? – I might as well, I’m on a roll. – Your legit Bible question is: Peter was the disciple that Jesus called out of the boat during a storm to learn how to walk on water and meet him. In what year did I learn how to swim? [laughter] – I’m going to go 1989. – Oh , so close. 1991, so close. So you did not make — – That Bible trivia gets you every time. – It really does. So that means you have a final first half score of Team Mingo 11, Team Tome 9. That’s the end of the first act. – Oh, Castleman really showing his weak spots today. I’ve got to tell you, man, all that glitters is gold. The belly dancing shoes are making a lot more sense now on Alli Patterson. – They really are. But man, strong quarter by Alli. I mean, my goodness, strong Mahomes throughline, great use of the phrase, shared her personal low point. 11 – 9, I mean, let’s see where it goes in the second half. – That’s right. We’ve got a whole lot of game ahead. But first, another commercial break. – We know you love McDonald’s because it’s amazing. Problem is, nobody wants to actually admit they love it. Introducing new McSmuggler meals, the same McDonald’s food you love delivered in a discreet, more socially acceptable container. – Can I get a McSmuggler? It’s the same super-sized goodness, but they hide it in a Whole Foods bag. No more judging looks from Becky, like her life’s so perfect. – Man, nothing beats a smoothie after a big workout. Well, that’s what I tell my trainer at least. – If my boss knew how many Filet-O-Fishes I eat, I would definitely be fired. – Oh! – My bad, man. – New McSmuggler meals, might as well hide it. (singing) Ba, ba, ba, ba, I’m Smuggling. – You just want to watch something, right? It shouldn’t be this hard. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Roku, every streaming service has its own lineup, of its own password, and its own fee. Subscribe to all these and you’re shelling out $150 a month or more. It’s time for something better. What you need is complete access to a brilliant library of entertainment. It’s the newest innovation in home entertainment. Cable is everything you want, hardwired onto a physical cable straight into your home. It’s like Disney plus, bBut for all the stuff you want that isn’t on Disney. No more unreliable streaming. No need for a Wi-Fi. No more wondering what service has what you want. It’s all right here. Get cable today. Act now and get a free cell phone that attaches to your wall. – Ok. No peeking. – I hate surprises, you know, I hate surprises. – I know, you’re gonna love this. OK. Ready? Open your eyes. Do you love it? – Yes. Peloton. – It’s exactly what you wanted. – Woo-hoo, New Year. New me. – Yeah. – I’m gonna spend the whole afternoon setting it up. I’m sure there’s some assembly. All right. Day one. New Year, new me. – Shake it out. I’m waking you up today, right. Roll those shoulders. – Honey, come in here. I think I’m starting get the hang of this thing. That is so great. By the way, I found this behind the couch. Did you need this? – Is that a seat? – Slow burn, it is slow burn. – Oh, yes. You know, we’re going to have our halftime show. In our halftime show we want to enjoy really good music. And we also want to enjoy seeing people who’ve had a comeback. There’s a bunch of people who are part of Crossroads who’ve had a comeback, whose life was going one direction, and it came and went another direction. And one of the ways this happens isn’t just by sitting in a dark room and hearing something that could be pretty good. But getting outside, going to a GO Trip, going someplace outside of your comfort zone and serving somebody else or or going to a camp: man camp, woman camp, couples camp, college camp. Any of those things. And so while we enjoy some great music, we’re also going to hear some stories of people who can tell their story about how they’ve made a comeback to win. We think there’s a bunch of new people that may be with us this weekend that you could have a story like this next year. – Hello. [music: We Were Born to be Champions] – I love Crossroads because they put a Crossroads right on the edge of campus to connect college students with other college students who are trying to grow in their faith right here. – I feel like I always have a home. I grew up in Cincinnati and then moved to Lexington and now I’m living in Louisville. I’ve been a part of Crossroads Oakley, East Side Andover, downtown Lex, and now Crossroads Anywhere. And I love that wherever I go, Crossroads can come too. So I feel like I always have a home that I can come back to every weekend no matter where I am. – Being involved and Crossroads has led to a great chain of events, starting with a woman camp which led to me going to go South Africa, which led to me starting a Journey Group, which led to me starting a small group which led to me finding new career paths and job. There’s a place for everybody there. It doesn’t matter if you’re for black, white, blotchy. They just welcome you with open arms. – One thing I love about being part of Crossroads Church is I love how you can always find new people and form new friendships and bonds and have this sense of community and learn more about the love of God. – We put our money where our mouth is. We invest millions of dollars locally and globally, tackling some of the biggest problems in the world. – And I’m so glad to be a part of a community that has heart like God’s, to run after racial reconciliation, to heal the racial divide. – I can come here and hear God’s word while being in a community of people who are trying to make a difference, understand who God is, why he’s so great, why he loves us, and the life change that can happen when we trust him and follow his plan. – Since I started coming to Crossroads, it has brought so much joy in my life. I wish I had found Crossroads a long time ago when I was younger, but it’s never too late. [music: Higher Love] – I really hope that so far you have laughed, you’ve had fun, and you’ve experienced something meaningful because all of that is important for us today. – You know, that’s right. We created this whole Super Bowl thing, because we wanted to reach people who wouldn’t normally watch church. And we’ve seen two teams go back and forth, we’ve seen some trash talking, and we saw some really funny and fun moments. But the reality is we’re one team at Crossroads and we’re all headed the same direction around here. – Yeah. One of the things that we do as a team is we encourage each other, we challenge each other and we want to come together so that God can use us collectively to do really big things. – That’s right. One of the biggest ways we do that on team around here is we push each other to ensure that our hearts are always in line with where God is going and not where the world might be going, where culture might be going, but where Jesus is going. And Jesus said the primary way that that happens with our money. – Yeah, he says that he knows where our heart is based on where our money is. And so right now we have an opportunity to actually tell God that our heart is with him and put our money there, too. And so if you want to be generous, you want to be on the team, you could do that by heading to Crossroads.net/give. – That’s right. If you’re new around here, don’t feel pressured. We’re just about this because we have seen God show up in our lives in incredible ways and we want to continue to show him that we’re in line with where he’s going. – Yep. And so as we do this, he’s going to use that to change our family, our friends, our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our schools, all of the things, because he’s saying, “I want to honor the fact that you’ve put me first in your money.” And so crossroads.net/give is the way to do that if you’re on the team here. But as we do that, we want you to have a few more words from our sponsors. – I love delivery services. With my busy lifestyle I need services like Amazon Prime, Door Dash, and Uber Eats to keep me on the go. Problem is, who’s there to pick up so I can go? And that’s why I love Door Trash. Door Trash connects you to a vast network of un-delivering specialists that come to your door and pick up your trash. – Un-delivery? What? This is a garbage company. I’m a garbage man. We just have an app. – It’s like magic. You just download the app, pay the monthly fee, gather your trash, and wallah, all the garbage in your life is gone. – Garbage man. This is garbage. I’m a man. Garbage man. – What makes Door Trash unique isn’t just about what they do, but who they are. – Garbage app, garbage company, garbage man. (TV) full day of the impeachment– (TOME) November is coming. That means our news feeds and our family gatherings are about to be hijacked by political pundits pushing their agendas. Is your anxiety growing yet? Do you find yourself asking the question: should I be as angry as everyone else seems? Are you fed up with the rhetoric already? – (indiscernible) Are you kidding me? (TOME) Election season is coming, don’t panic. You’ve got this. Together we’ve got this. We can rise above the rhetoric, push through the pandemonium and clear out the noise to move forward together. Some of you are gonna hate this. You can get through this year with less anxiety and you can leave this election cycle with confidence that the future is going to be good. Not because the issues aren’t real, but because there is a better way that always leads to life. Yes, we’re going there. – After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing I love more than a good old, fresh squeezed Pepsi. But you know what I love more than Pepsi? This brand new Pepsi with Extra Pulp. Kind of minty. – Dude, that’s my dip spit. – It’s OK, man. It’s OK. Everybody’s had a little bit of dip before. – Pepsi with Extra Pulp. This product does not exist. Don’t drink it. – Can somebody get this man a Coke? – I love it. Do you have a favorite commercial? – The more you know. Man, that dip spit Pepsi pulp is pretty funny. – He said, “Oh, minty fresh.” Oh, my goodness. Well, hey, we got a whole second half to get to. So let’s throw it back down to the field. – Team Mingo, you will have possession of the Bible for the third quarter. Please choose your random phrase. Your random phrase is: And because of that, Denny’s now offers a combo called The Mighty Mingo. – Greg, that is a super long phrase and I’m really not sure he’s going to be able to fit that in. We’ll see. – All right. Hey, if you want to make a comeback in your life, you must embrace correction. Here’s my prediction for the Super Bowl at halftime. There’s gonna be a coach who’s going to put his finger in the face of a player and say, “If we’re gonna make a comeback, I need you to get better.” It’s gonna happen in front of the entire team. Can you imagine what that would be like to be called out in front of everybody, corrected in front of everyone? Can you imagine? I don’t have to imagine because that happened to me just a few months ago. I was on stage training our entire staff, employees from all 13 sites, when this guy, my CEO, decided it was the right time to walk on stage and correct my public speaking skills in front of everyone. Let’s watch the beautiful moment together. – Both of you are gonna be able to keep this $20 if neither one of you the rest of the time you talk, say Um. – How about Uh? I said Uh, I asked you a question. – That was a question. That was clarification. Now I’m self-conscious, I don’t know about you. It’s so weird. – I know. I’m not going to do this anymore.- It’s so weird. – No, I didn’t get the $20. When that happens to you in that moment, what do you feel when someone gives you the the opportunity for improvement you weren’t really asking for? You know, what do you feel inside? Do you feel like, “Yes. That’s awesome. Thank you. I was hoping you were going to correct me. That’s what I wanted. Great.” TOME: You haven’t done it since. I’ve not heard you say uh or um since that day. – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. – Let’s give it up for Kyle right there, improvements. How about some points? – This is an interesting love fest going on. And this explains why Brian and Kyle have matching sneakers. – That’s a really good point. – No, it’s because I wandered into the senior citizen
section on accident and I got the same ones. – Oh, gloves off. – I know it’s embarrassing. I shouldn’t have done it. [whistle] – He drew a flag. – Pastoral foul, roughing the Pastor. There will be a three point penalty assessed at the end of this quarter. – Could’ve seen that coming, Chuck. – Yeah. – Whatever? When correction comes your way, you’re not excited, are you? You’re not. You probably feel what normal human beings feel. You probably feel embarrassed or defensive or even defeated. And that makes sense. It does, because most of us walk around starving. And because of that, Denny’s now offers a combo called The Mighty Mango that you might want to check out. It’s $5.99, coffee, two eggs. – That was incredible. – You’re gonna love it. – That was a rough phrase. – That’s worth bonus points right there. – We are, we’re starving. We’re not starving for food. We’re starving for validation because we have this question in us: Am I good enough? And when correction comes our way, it feels crushing because it confirms our very worst fear: I’m not good enough. And when that happens, everything in us wants to spit that correction out, doesn’t it? This is why they invented the C sandwich: Complement. Correction. Compliment. You go like. Girl, I love your bangs. Also, you’re a terrible mom, and your shoes are so cute. That’s how you do it. Now, you know. But it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because we’re not dogs, are we? You can’t just shove the pill into a hot dog and expect us to swallow whole. It doesn’t work that way. We taste the pill. The pill tastes bad. Everything says spit out. But Jesus, but Jesus says something radically different. Jesus says, listen, I have made you good enough. Now it’s time to get better. Good enough is the gospel. This is the news that no matter what you’ve done, who you are, what’s in your past, Jesus wipes away all of it. And he takes out his permanent marker it over you He writes, good enough. Nothing can take it away. Nothing. [applause] Hebrews 10 puts it this way: Not the C sandwich, it’s the PH sandwich, the perfect and holy sandwich. Did you hear it? Made perfect, past tense. Done forever. And yet being right now made holy. That means getting better. It’s the PH sandwich. There’s a time in my life when Brian, if he’d give me that correction, it would have crushed me. It really would’ve. It was a time when I was looking for everybody to validate me. Am I good enough, smart enough, funny enough, creative enough, a good enough leader, am I enough? But I got off that hamster wheel. I got off that hamster wheel when I decided to do this thing that has changed my life. And I’m telling you, it can change yours too. See I decided to act as if what the Bible said were true, that when Jesus says I’m good enough, it’s enough. I am. Listen to me. If you believe in Jesus, I have good news for you: You’re good enough. You’re good enough. Now it’s time to get better. And the way you get better is you embrace correction, which is different in condemnation. Condemnation is pointing out problems to cut you down. Correction is pointing out problems to build you up. And did you know if you believe in Jesus, the Bible says: God will never condemn you. He says that in Romans 8:1: None. He will never condemn you, but he will correct you. He promises to correct you. Listen to this in Proverbs 3: Have you ever considered that the corrections coming your way, they’re not condemnation that you’re not good enough. They’re evidence that God loves you. He’s correcting you. You know, God must love me a lot because I get corrected all the time. All the time. Not just by Brian. My 6 year old daughter the other day, she said, “Daddy, can you not yell so much?” It’s a correction. My wife said, “Hey, you’re being extra hard on Eli,” our middle son. It’s a correction. My boss told me, “Hey, the stuff online right now at Crossroads is fine. It needs to get better.” That’s a correction. It’s a correction. Listen, I know correction is coming your way to. Maybe not, maybe you didn’t ask for it. Maybe it’s from your roommates, maybe it’s from your spouse. Maybe it’s from a professor. Maybe it’s from a teacher. Maybe it’s from your employer. Maybe it’s from your employees. Maybe it’s your credit card statement. OK? Correction is coming your way. And listen to me. Listen to me. It’s coming your way because God loves you. He’s saying to you, you’re good enough. Now it’s time to get better. Because he has — I don’t know if you know this, he has better plans for your life than you have. He has better plans for you than you can ever imagine, because you are his plan A, and there is no plan B. Did you know that? You are his plan A. You’re his plan A for raising confident world-changing kids. There is no plan B. You are his plan for bringing hope to the hopeless in your high school. There is no plan B. You are his plan A for finishing that degree and changing the industry forever that he’s called you to. There’s no plan B. You’re his plan A for ending the cycle of divorce that has plagued your family for generations. There is no plan B. Listen to me. God is looking you in the eyes and he’s saying, “Hey, come here. Come here. You’re good enough. You’re good enough. Now embrace my correction because it’s time to get better.” [whistle] [cheers & applause] – Kyle, you were awarded six points for a great message. However, there was the roughing the pastor penalty for three points taken away. But you did a great job with the random phrase, so there’s three points back. And you didn’t say Um once, that’s worth at least point for Team Mingo. – Yeah! Ok. – Would you like to go for the extra Bible trivia point? – Of course. – Super legit official Bible trivia question. Jesus lived his entire life in the Middle East. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, how big is the world’s largest serving of hummus, within 5,000 pounds? – What? Do you have any idea? – Five seconds. – What? You said to cheat. It’s fine. – He did say that. He did say cheat. – Can someone look it up on your phone real quick for me? Just shout it out. – Three, Two — – Fifteen thousand. – Fifteen thousand? You are not even close. 23,042 pounds. (crosstalk) – Math is hard. So that means resulting in an end of third quarter score. Team Mingo 18, Team Tome 9. That’s the end of the third quarter. – Man, Chuck, I thought Kyle packed so much energy in there. The crowd was loving it. What are your observations? – They really were. I tell you what, I think Kyle and Alli have demonstrated that they came to play and they came to win. – Yeah, that’s right. Well, we’ve got a fourth quarter, but first I think you’ve got one more of those sponsorships. – I love these sponsorships. They’re so fun for me. Today’s final quarter, friends, is brought to you by Apple Nose Pods. Sleep apnea has never looked so good. Sleep differently with Apple Nose Pods. – That’s weird, man. That is really — I’m enjoying it, man. It’s so good. – Are you serious? What are you seriously — you seriously sold out that you’re excited about that? – What do you mean I sold out? – I mean, you’re using your voice to do stupid things behind a booth. You’ve gotten all the game, you’re a sell out. Well, don’t get me wrong. I could preach right now. – You could preach right now? – I can preach right now. – Right now, like right now. [cheers] (indiscernible) – You don’t think I have it? You don’t think I have it? – I’d like to see it. – I can preach! I can preach! – Mingo drops to preach. This is monumental. In 18 years we have never seen Mingo and Tome on the same team. This is a dream team. – Take a seat. – The JV. Time for the JV to sit down. Get some water. water boy. – Break it up, break it up. – That’s when I call H2O. – Break it up, break it up. – That’s good. That’s good. Come on. – You don’t even need this. You don’t need this, do you? I don’t need this. I don’t even need notes. – No, you don’t. – Mingo preaching quarter four, no prep, no notes. – Let’s go teammates! [cheering] – And the crowd goes wild. – I haven’t seen people this excited since Cats hit theaters. Wow. Wow. Please choose a random phrase and keep your clothes on. Your random phrase is: Am I the only one who lives their life according to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer. – Ah, good tune. – Man. Well, we’ve been talking about a comeback all day. And I want you to know I believe you’re here because there’s a comeback God wants to orchestrate in your life. We talked about it today. You heard Alli say that if you’re going to have a comeback, you’re going to have to — What did you talk about again? I can’t remember what your point was. What was your point? – Low point. – Low point. I was actually I was just trying to cause
you to experience that low point right now. – Uh-huh, that’s good. – No, your low point has to be your change point. Powerful. Patrick Mahomes through line all throughout that. Brian said you have to cheat the system. Kyle said you have to embrace correction. And I want to tell you, all of those are true. And it starts with this: If you’re going to make a comeback, you’ve got to change your cadence. [whistle] There is something you have to do diff– Yeah? Now, you can’t go throwing around these terms, sports terms like cadence, because there might be people here who don’t know what that means. I know what that means, but. – Well, what does it mean to you? – Cadence? – Yes. – That’s the classic old sports term of classical dance move. – Would you care to show us, Mr. Referee? [cheers] – This one’s for you, West Side, it’s a little jazz step, a little one of those. – Disturbing to say the least. – We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy. Oh, man. So in the game, the Super Bowl, you’re going to see play after play the quarterback come up to the front, line up. And they’re gonna say something like 42 blue, 42 blue, hut, hut. That’s actually called the quarterback’s cadence. And you know this? Whichever team is playing from behind or if they want a change in momentum, they’re going to change that cadence. Maybe they’re going to come out in the second half and there’s gonna be a lot more shotgun passes. Maybe they’re gonna come out the second half and are going to play a no huddle offense so they can get more plays through. But they’re gonna change something about their cadence and the team that’s able to change their cadence always has the potential for a comeback. Isn’t that true in life? That’s true in life. I’m training to run a half marathon as fast as I can. And one of the things I’ve had to do is change the cadence of my training and go to more track workouts. I know that in relationships, when things are getting stale in a relationship, we all know this, you have to change the cadence. Something has to change. Maybe you can remember a subject in school. For me, it was calculus. That was my struggle subject. I had to change the cadence of my calculus study and I had to get a tutor. I mean, am I the only one that was the theme of my life at that time was Bon Jovi’s living on a prayer? When I was taking calculus, it was all about living on a prayer. – He uses the random phrase flawlessly. Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, Oh, living on a prayer. That’s how I felt in calculus a lot of the time. But I knew that something had to change. Here’s what I know. I know that wherever you want to make a comeback in your life, there’s gonna be a need for you to change your cadence. And Jesus is all about cadence change. He is all about comebacks and cadence change. There’s a core message that Jesus taught all throughout the scriptures. It’s found in Mark 1. And he says this: That word repent means to change. Jesus invites you to change. And so no matter where you want to make a comeback in your life, I want you to know Jesus invites you to change and he loves comeback stories. There’s a man named Jesus and he came back from the dead so that you could come back from the dead wherever it is in your life, you need to see something change. And he’s inviting you to repent and believe the good news, to change your cadence. I don’t know if maybe for you the change that needs to happen is you’ve been trusting in yourself to try to fix this. And the invitation of Jesus is to trust in him to fix this with you. Maybe for you, you’ve been trying to do it all alone. And now the cadence changed that you’re being called to is to step into a community where you can know and be known, where maybe there’ll be some correction to embrace. But absolutely, people will help you go to a new place. Wherever it is in your life that you want to
experience a change, Jesus is up for the comeback. He’s always up for the comeback. Who’s up for the comeback? Who’s up for the comeback? [cheering] Jesus is up for the comeback in your life, if you’ll change your cadence, good news, the kingdom of God comes near. Change your cadence. So here’s the thing I want to challenge you with. You heard a lot today and want to ask you to apply it in this way. What’s one change you can make in an area of your life where you want to make a comeback? One change. I want you to know, I believe that place of change is the place where the kingdom of God just might come near. And 2020 just might be the year your comeback story began. So as I wrap up in the words of the great Kobe Bryant, Mingo out. – Wow! – Touchdown Team Tome. Chuck, you’re awarded six points for a great message, three points for an excellent use of the random phrase, resulting in an end of game score 18 – 18. – Whoo, tie game. – Would you like to go– Yeah, there can be no ties in the sports. – For the win. – For the win, the Bible trivia question. – Yes. – When he doesn’t get this right, do we have a chance at it too? – Absolutely. – Perfect. – Oh, raising the stakes. – I feel like that rule was just made up. – According to the book of Jonah, the prophet spent three days in the belly of a large fish. Did the fish like it? You have five seconds. – Well, the fish vomited him out three days later, so I’m gonna say no. – Well, he did let him spend the night there three nights in a row, but he did spit him out. Team Tome for the win! Wow, there it is, Team Tome wins with an unexpected MVP of Chuck Mingo. I don’t think any of us could’ve seen this coming. Challenge flags and participation trophies all around. Unbelievable. Hey, let’s head back down to the field for some final thoughts from Brian. – Did we have some fun today? Did we? And maybe, maybe, just maybe, we all got something that we can apply to our lives tomorrow, a better understanding of God and better understanding of some things we might want to change. So I hope that, that’s why we do this, not just to have fun, but actually help us all win. Next week, we’re going to start a new series I’m pretty excited about. In 23 years Crossroads has been around 23 years or 24, whatever it is, 23. We’ve never talked politics. That changes next week. Some of you are going like, “What? What do you mean? I’m nervous.” You’re going to have to come and find out. Don’t panic. Take heart. 2020. It’s the most divisive time ever as an American, the most divisive election will ever have. We want to help you, that’s we’re looking to do. We’re looking to help you. And so we’ll see you next week. we’re going to go back to all of our sites right now as we say: See you next week. – Well, you can’t get that hour of your life back, can you? – No, you can’t. – Hopefully you had some fun. – Yeah. – Hopefully you laughed a bit. Hopefully you had a good time, you enjoyed it. And hopefully you took a step closer to God today. – Yeah. And if you came out of this going, “I want to be on a team. I to be part of a winning a powerful team,” you could join a group today. If you chat with us on the Crossroads web site, we would love to get you started and help you find a group of people near you or online, to help you go to the next place in your relationship with God and the next place and your friendships. – That’s right. This whole thing is sharable online, by the way, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all your social channels. All you’ve got to do is click the share button. But do yourself a favor, give a little context first. Don’t just share it random. – Or give your friends a favor. Right? And you could join us next week. We have a brand new series starting. Join us at a location near you or right here online. – That’s right. Well, thank you so much for joining us today. For Lena Schule, I’m never Neville Paco Panchum, it’s been great being with you. The Super Bowl of preaching. That’s a wrap. – That’s a wrap. – Everybody’s looking for an edge, right? Every competition, every sport you’re looking for that performance enhancer. Hopefully legal, not legal. And, you know, I don’t want to start any rumors or anything, but I was in the speaker room and I found — I just found this. It’s a very serious thing. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this. This is a coffee enema. Lot of kids are doing these these days. Gives you an edge. A little bit of a boost. It was in the speaker room. I don’t know if it was Chuck, if it was Alli, but it was probably definitely one of them. So if you wanted to like do a tweet about it. – Chuck, it was Chuck. – But it is fresh, by the way, if you wanted to give that a quick — – Oh, no, no. – Maybe later after we’re done. After we’re done filming then. Guys, after we’re done.

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  1. Tell me she did not actually kick the word of G-d? And did he actually say that Yeshua cheated the system? He forgets that Yeshua was Jewish and would have never cheated the system aka Torah. Why? Because Yeshua is the Torah made flesh and to do so would mean he would be cheating himself but more importantly he would be defying the instructions/commandments of his Father! This pastor is teaching falsehoods!

  2. I rarely comment on videos but I'm not sitting this out. Romans 12:2 tells us that we should not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

    This isn't preaching light into darkness. This is not the command we have from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to make disciples. This is nonsense and you are making a mockery of God's Word. You have turned church into a theatrical and commercial production.

  3. Jesus didnt cheat the system He came and showed that MANS system was broken and evil and headed to hell ..in His wisdom, righteousness and love He showed HIS system that leads to eternal life….the Creator of ALL doesn't cheat by not following His creation and their foolishness and sin ..but rather set the captives free IN HIM from damnation we all deserve..Jesus is THE WAY THE TRUTH THE LIFE He IS the system He ALWAYS was and is the Great I Am…and Im not against humor and being funny God made laughter but we need to really discern what is appropriate..we all fall short sometimes including myself but we all need to really increase in discernment in things such as kicking a bible? For me this was like going to an entertainment show, comedy act and idolatry of football this looks like the world in my personal view…and not be ye separate as Jesus says….Jesus bless you all ..

  4. What is this? This isn't church. Did they really kick a bible? Where is the Gospel? Reminds me of a Paul Washer quote, "If you use carnal means to attract men, you're going to attract carnal men, and you're going to have to keep using greater carnal means to keep them in the church."

  5. Waste of time, and the mockery is off the charts!!!! Unbelievable!! You people to need repent. https://youtu.be/EhMyYvGo8MI
    God does NOT like football!! UGH!!!

  6. For all these negative comments, every person alive has a different way of "fielding information, accepting information". This pastor and his team work really hard to draw crowds of people who wouldn't normally be interested in the word. Spreading love and the word is never bad, regardless of how its done!!!!. I also don't think the actual bible was kicked. I enjoy the chance to learn through fun and laughter….thank you Crossroads!

  7. Sadly another mega church trying to keep their seats filled by appeasing the eyes and ears with things of this world. I don’t care if that was truly the Word of God being kicked but it was meant to be so and to that I say anyone apart of this and didn’t try to stop it nor walk out when they saw it really needs to repent and ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life to give you better discernment.

  8. I genuinely tried to watch with an open mind, and heart and I had a hard time understanding, and feeling excited and in no way was I helped drawn closer to Jesus or felt the impact of my sins this week, I did like the attempt and joy and if this is a way to help some who are so addicted to NFL to help draw them into a Godly conversation towards repentance….i missed that part I guess, overall I think too mich of the world entertsinment is ebellished, Gods love and warnings are water down and I felt like I was watching a show. Too much world.

  9. They must not have read 1 Timothy 2:11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
They are not permitted to teach
    12   But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

  10. 32:57–33:18 He awards her two pp's… She said she will take the pp's, because she has emasculated these men as Jezebel does.

  11. The church is there to equip the saints. Why are they trying to attract the world?
    And what Crossroads doesn't know is that the world is laughing at them, because this church looks like THEM.

  12. What an abomination. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. (2 Timothy 4:3-4, ESV). That time is here now.

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