25 Min Yoga Flow – Relaxing Vinyasa Yoga Routine

25 Min Yoga Flow – Relaxing Vinyasa Yoga Routine

Hey Gymra, Laura, Myren here super excited to do a quick yoga video with you We’re gonna twist we’re gonna stretch we’re gonna breathe and you are going to feel amazing Lay it down to start you’re gonna feel amazing because you’re hanging out with me Hug your right knee into your chest Take a deep breath here And we’re gonna do half happy, baby So you’ll grab on to your right ankle or your right foot? And I know this is this is gonna be a really challenging one. It’s a hip opener So you could always use one of those yoga straps and hold on to it take a t-shirt or a towel and put it around Your leg and hold on, right? Look if it’s available you hold on to what you can it’s also gonna help to bend your left knee Straightening your left leg out is gonna make it a little bit harder. I don’t you work on dropping your shoulders to the ground So your neck is nice and long instead of being here. Yeah, I want your chin and your forehead parallel Mmm, take a deeper breath Now we’re gonna get really Sexy and with both hands you’re gonna hold on to your foot and you’re going to try and bring your foot towards your forehead Bring your knee out to the side like you’re just going to go ahead and bring your foot into your mouth, but Please down. I mean unless you’re into that kind of thing. It’s cool, but big hip stretch here If you can do like behind the head pose, go ahead And slowly let it go Right, you know the difference in your legs go ahead left side grab ahold of your ankle or your Foot or you can put that towel or a t-shirt around your left leg Remember you can bend your right knee. It’s called half happy, baby if you’ve ever seen little babies, they Definitely do this pose so cute. My sister used to send pictures of my nieces It’s like what they’re doing. Yoga a happy, baby So try to get those shoulders down The back of your head is down. I Knew you’re bringing your knee towards the ground next to your ribs Nice deep breath and you’re gonna notice. This is a shape. We are going to make very soon called warrior 1 It’s a very similar shape with the legs right this half happy, baby When your leg is extended? Mm-hmm. Very sexy hold it for another deep breath you chew, so it’s all about you know Four letters a meaning of life, sexy Okay, bring your both hands out here for you’re gonna crunch up start to engage your core Bring your foot towards your forehead towards your face Knee out to the side Take a deeper breath. Now. This is very similar to Pigeon Alright, so when you do Pigeon, which we’ll do at the very end of class It’s this exact same shape just flipped over take one more breath work. Those arms those biceps those guns And let go of your foot. Okay hug both knees into your chest. Bring your knees out wide Circle them around and together. So you’re circling out the knees and just getting some movement in the hips Alright, I got to keep that mobility That hip range of motion motion in the ocean Ocean of love All right. Hold on behind your thighs bring your forehead towards your knees again I start to build up some momentum swing forward and back forward and back on this rocky ground Oh, that feels great. And don’t let your feet touch the ground. I’m watching you. We’re gonna go right into boat pose Uh-huh. Don’t let those feet touch the ground. Hold on behind your thighs lift your chest up You can stay here or you can let go Start to get that core engaged right want a strong core to protect our back and to look good in your crop tops and So that when you pick up your kids you don’t have back pain when you pick up your groceries and you pick up Fluffy dog or your cat or whoever whatever Right want to feel healthy look healthy feel good Lift your chest up Now maybe the last couple seconds. You can hold on behind your thighs and try and straighten your legs and point your toes Yeah, lift your chest up up up up up up. Maybe let go for you two one Okay cross your right leg over place your hands at the top step back Downward facing dog. Mm-hmm pedal your legs out Swittel your hips around And come onto hands and knees I love cat cow It never gets old to me and I really want to make it about the breathing So inhale cow pose stick your cow butt out arch your back like a backbend Exhale cat like the angry Halloween cat round your back in him and exhale Make this all about the breathing very simple in him simple yet very powerful exhale One more time inhale And exhale downward facing dog crawl your hands forward up and back Okay lift your right leg up down dog splits And right away, you’re gonna step your right foot forward carefully pace pace Place your back left knee down and put your hands upon your thigh Now if you’re doing this on like a wood floor or a tile floor It might not be so great for your back knees so you could always double over the mat and have some extra padding But I’ve got some nice rocky dirt under your knees here. So my knees feel great Stretch your arms up palms facing towards each other. These are your warrior one arms straight arms Shoulders down the back. So you’re reaching up through your fingers, but gliding your shoulders down the back slide your arms back Good lower your hands you’re gonna step right into plank. Now your modification is of course plank on your knees Otherwise full plank reach out through your chest super slow. You’re gonna bend your elbows pass through chaturanga and then lay all the way down Straight legs cobra pose lift your chest up to super slow vinyasa, and then we go back to downward facing dog Okay, left leg up down dog split just hold for a breath. Oh my gosh, my toenails almost match my pants We didn’t even do that on purpose and step your left foot all the way through carefully place your back knee down Lift your chest up lift your chin up stretch your arms up Let’s just move through the shoulders a little bit So inhale shrug your shoulders up reach up through your fingers keep reaching exhale glide your shoulders down the back Inhale lift up the arms. Stay straight as you exhale with the shoulders go down not with the elbows one more time inhale and Exhale keep the shoulders down reach up through your fingers So your triceps are engaged and strong slide your arms back Press things forward stretching and opening your hip flexors your quad. You’re so ass Okay, lower your hands down step back to plank take a deep breath and Lower all the way down cobra pose just for your inhale doesn’t have to be high, but I want it to be safe exhale downward facing dog Okay, walk your feet to the top of your mat forward fold Hands on your shins stick your chest out stick your butt out halfway up Exhale fold and stretch back down again halfway lift in hill Fold and stretch it down Halfway lift inhale and all the way up to standing on the same inhale Exhale lower your hands down to your heart Take your feet out wide Okay here turn your right toes Forward and I want you to turn your left toes forward now. I’m not on a tightrope I’ve got my right foot to the right my left foot over to the left like I’m on two railroad tracks Put your hands on your hips. Turn your hips to face your right leg. Okay now simply Get strong Bend your right knee Warrior one so warrior one is super challenging pose, right because the hips are gonna want to open but we’re trying to square the hips to the front Don’t let that back knee collapse keep your back leg strong ground down through your outer left foot and stretch your arms up These are those strong arms. We talked about earlier reach up through the fingers shoulders down the back Ground down through your outer left foot the back leg square the hips bend your knee as much as you can You’re up a drisana UNO Mixing Sanskrit and espanol one more breath Good hands on your hips straighten your leg parallel your feet Hop it back to Center and we’ll do the other side. Turn your left toes open to the left Turn your right toes open and I just hop my foot over to the side I think I have my mat over a little bit – hands on your hips where your hips to face over to the left So if you’re facing away from me That’s okay, but maybe if you have your mat setting up facing this direction It could work me even better bend your left knee straight out over the center of your foot your second and third toe Now someday this left knee makes a 90 degree angle, but it might not be there yet Square your hips ground down through your outer right foot show me those beautiful warrior one arms Now I am just soaking in this beautiful soaked health day There’s just like a light breeze. The sun is shining not a cloud in the sky and I am feeling lucky This Illinois girl still appreciate this beautiful SoCal weather and it’s not illinois’ There’s no s sound at the end One more breath bend your knee. Turn your chest to the left Put your hands on your hips parallel your feet hop them back now on your tightrope inhale chest up interlace your fingers exhale fold all the way down lift your hands up as much as you can you Can also use a towel or t-shirt behind you? I’m all about using those props to assist and help in your practice so that you can progress quicker bend your knees keep the interlace nice flat back rise up to standing use your core and you’re going to bend your knees and Jump your feet together Come to the top of the mat. Here we go. Inhale stretch your arms up exhale fold forward and down Halfway up inhale straighten your back step one foot back at a time bend your elbows exhale Inhale nice and easy how’s my hair? Uh-huh. I exhale downward facing dog Okay now You’re gonna put your left foot on the ground just like you did for warrior one Step your right foot all the way forward over to the right. So I get my feet are on two tracks rise up warrior one Look at that we’re working on what’s called the Sun Salutation B right reach up glide the shoulders down Lower your hand lift your back heel. You can either just step to down dog or take a deep breath and or exhale chaturanga Inhale Cobra up dog exhale Okay, put your right foot on the ground set up for warrior one over to the right step your look forward step your left foot To where your left hand was all the way up warrior one So gnocci this is a squared it’s a closed hip position right where your two is the open one Today, we’re doing the closed hip warrior one straighten your arms glide your shoulders down the back, but don’t worry We’ll do some we’ll do some hip openers and this is that same Kind of happy baby position we made laying on our back. Yes There’s a method to my madness Whether or not the guy behind the camera agrees, I don’t know Lower your hands down step back chaturanga or go straight to down dog in Exhale down Whoo? Okay, walk your feet to the top of the mat. We’re going to put this all together chair pose inhale hold Butt down chest arms up Okay, inhale all the way up Exhale lower the hands down. Here we go. We’re going to put this together chair pose inhale Keep your knees bent fold Forward maybe straighten the legs exhale halfway up inhale straight back. Look forward exhale step the other foot back chaturanga Inhale for your backbend Cobra exhale Downward facing dog left foot down right foot forward just for the inhale warrior one exhale chaturanga or go to down dog Inhale Exhale right foot down step the left foot forward just for the inhale warrior one exhale Chaturanga or go straight to down dog. I know this one’s challenging, right it feels like we’re moving fast, but In yoga the Sun Salutations sunny and Sunbeam Are designed to get the body warmed up designed to get the body moving? Right, but when you first start it’s just a matter of learning the poses and getting to know them Okay, how about down dogs? Let’s lift your right leg up Open it up bend the knee or keep it straight you choose and bring your right knee forward to your right wrist now Let’s do some hip opening slide your left leg back Come down onto your elbows someday your knee makes a 90 degree angle. So you’re sliding that right foot forward But for now you appreciate what you got My knee doesn’t make a 90-degree angle yet some days But maybe you just had a really hard workout If you’re a runner your hips are gonna get tied just to desk a lot your hips get tight if you’re a human being your hips are gonna get tight and That’s why right here Okay Crawl your hands back lift your chest curl your back toes under scooch your back foot a little further forward Check it out. Push down to your hand. See how my arms are straight lift your back knee up knee to nose hole Okay downward-facing dog see that wasn’t so bad Lift your left leg up down dog split any stretch here that feels good. Whatever you did on the first side Okay, stretch your leg up bring your left knee to your left wrist shimmy your right leg forward Okay And just ease your way on down right it’s not about like pushing and forcing yourself into these positions Your body usually responds in by tightening up right because it freaks out, so if you just take some nice deep breaths I’m just a little bit little ease your way in ease your way down deeper Alright you do want to challenge yourself You do have to get uncomfortable to become more flexible Right just going a little bit beyond what you can do a little bit beyond your capabilities Right stretching beyond what you can do Little by little Paquito Paquito Esposito one more deep breath here You are awesome place your hands down straighten your arms curl your back toes under Okay, lift your knee up three two one push into the ground knee to nose hold Not long. I promise bulky downward-facing dog Bring your feet as wide as your mat turn your toes out Crawl your hands back drop your butt down low My last knot now I want your heels down So you might be up here for now if you have a yoga block sit on the yoga block that really helps you can just breathe and stretch and you’re not like OMG when the heck are we getting out of this pose? Right? You can actually Breathe in it and get a good stretch one more big breath here Press down through your heels and stand all the way up Okay Let’s do a little bit of balance and get those hips opening since we did a lot of Warrior 1 square hips either leg put your foot either on your cap or all the way up on your thigh Just not on your knee. Okay point your toes down towards the ground Press your leg and foot into each other So you want to press this knee back without bringing your hip back? Okay, so you’re trying to keep the hips even as you widen the knee out any Arms you want to do? hands together arms up Oh That breeze feels so good right now Now you can stay here or just like we did laying down grab ahold of your foot. This is just for fun and Imagine you could bring your foot all the way up to your face Why just because I want to make you feel really weird and uncomfortable go go go go go You’re not bringing your face down to your foot you’re bringing your foot up to your face. Three two one slowly No, rubber-banding put it on down other side Okay, find one spot to look at you can look down at the ground But if you’re looking to out the ground your eyes are looking down. I don’t want your head looking down Okay, so I want your chin up beautiful posture any arms you want Your foot can be on your calf. Just not on your knee. I’m watching you any arms you want Feel your foot on the ground try not to let your toes get all grippy Okay, so you want to feel the foot pushing down like a tree trunk, right? It’s tree pose Energize your leg, press your leg in for each other your glutes, press them forward work those glutes Yes, you can grab them – they’re yours Oh Stretch your arms up take a deep breath Now remember you can stay here or let’s get really weird Grab onto your foot you can kind of hunch down and grab it But then I want you to lift your chest back up. Try not to bend your standing knee too much Bring your foot up toward your face Yeah, I can’t do it yet Someday and then something you put your leg behind your head here. I don’t know who those crazy people are who can do that, but I’d love to See it it’s possible So on Instagram, it’s possible. Okay, nice and slow Let go of your foot put your foot all the way down. Come to the top of your mat Let’s cool it down and inhale stretch your arms up exhale fold Forward drop your head at the bottom halfway up breathing and this time just come on to hands and knees Okay, so now is a good time to double over your mat for extra knee padding But there’s a whole bunch of dirt on the bottom of my mouth. I’m just gonna bear through it Okay, so point your toes inhale lift your chest up press your glutes forward exhale Crawl back, maybe let your head go back. You’re gonna come all the way back up on the inhale Keep going exhale camel pose lift your toes Inhale lift the whole back side is strengthening exhale curl all your back muscles one more time inhale This time you’re gonna hold it back there for a couple breaths Press your glutes forward Lift your chest your ribs up Take a deep breath, okay Slowly lift your head last thing to come up Child’s Pose feet together Knees apart Sit your hips back drop your hat down Okay, sit all the way up face me Bring one leg out to your side straight and bring your other leg out to the other side with the knee bent Place your hands on the leg inhale stretch your arm up. Exhale tip over. Let’s do it with the breath inhale up exhale Tip over inhale up exhale tip it over Last time we’re gonna hold it inhale up exhale Tip over now. I don’t want the chest to drop down So turn your chest open. If you can’t hold on to the foot you just have your hand on the ground anywhere is fine Okay, big side Bend big side should turn your chest open to the ceiling try and look underneath your arm Okay, sit all the way up and switch Here we go Inhale and exhale tip it over Inhale lift up open it up nice long exhale Two more with the breath inhale chest up lift exhale tip over Inhale up and this time we’re going to hold it over to the side as you can stay here There were no droopy chests for this one. Turn the ribs open to the sky It’s available. You can hold on to the foot. If not, no big deal And you’re just breathing flex your foot up towards the sky press this bent knee down towards the ground turn your chest Deep breath Okay, sit all the way up bring the bottoms of your feet together knees out wide hold forward and down Last big stretch here. You did it just a short time of your day These short little chunks each and every day four times a week five times a week Whatever you can do will add up and make such a big difference in your the way you feel Where you focus? Deep breath and All the way up. Okay, you guys are out of here. Have a beautiful day namaste What’s up, Jim? Ray is Laura my room. We just finished filming our good morning Salutation 15 minutes of yoga You cannot tell me that you don’t have 15 minutes get your butt out of bed 15 minutes earlier It makes a huge difference in how you feel and your focus and your energy and your body 15 minutes a day. I know you can do this. I can’t wait to see you on the map When you first log in you will be asked about your connection speed to ensure that you have the smoothest viewing experience click on settings to adjust your connection at any time on The workout page you’ll find a difficulty slider that allows you to choose your fitness level We switch to show all you can browse routines for all levels To filter the level of difficulty switch off the show all button and adjust the slider Once you’ve selected your desired level click on a category to see all the workouts available for that level If You’d like to view our full length routines. Click on the video streaming tab for a selection of workouts in a variety of categories To familiarize yourself with the app features click on the menu tab on the right hand side of the screen to access the about page Here you’ll find information about all the app features You can refer back to this page at any time. But if you still have questions that haven’t been answered. We’re here to help I Want to invite you to join one of 50 free workout programs at Jim recom You’re never gonna get bored and you’ll have enough workouts to keep you busy for years to come. I know that’s exciting You’ll never get that workout Plateau. Let me show you a little bit about what you can expect When you sign up for a free account on Jim recom You’ll be asked whether you’d like to be assigned a program based on several basic questions about your fitness level and goals If you’d rather browse the programs and weigh your options click on no, I do not want any programs head to the program’s tab and scroll to find a program that fits your needs as You can see we cover everything from weight loss to toning and sculpting yoga Pilates ABS Upper body we have it all now let me show you how the programs work if you’ve chosen to be on a program when you log into gym or comm you’ll Be directed to the my program page featuring your workout of the day. 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