4 Minute Effortless Mindfulness Meditation – Animation to Awaken

4 Minute Effortless Mindfulness Meditation – Animation to Awaken

Oh you can watch this short animated video the first time through the way you normally look at your computer screen then when you use this video as a meditation turn your awareness around to look within you may have done a meditation before where you focus on one thing like a candle your breath or a word in your mind here we will start with a neutral word in order to give your thinking mind a simple task to occupy it first we’ll focus on the word then shift to be interested in the space between the words and then discover our naturally awake mind through the gap between the thoughts so begin by slowly repeating this word in your mind blaah notice the word law can move from left to right or you may hear blah appear and disappear blah space blah space law space law now shift to become aware of the thought free space in between the words space space space you stood in the silent object list restful space and now become aware that the space is not just a gap but that the space itself is aware like you’re aware from the space with no particular view point blah aware space blah aware space blah awareness as you let go of the word let go of being aware from one location be aware of the space from spacious awareness you may begin to notice that the space between and around the words is the same continuous field awareness that you’re aware from feel your mind not as a solid thing but as a clear open field of intelligence feel thoughts and emotions arising like effervescent bubbles of sensation playfully dancing within the vast spacious mind what’s it like to have your mind be everywhere and nowhere and here notice the ease and natural welcoming of all experiences that arise from the flow of spacious awareness

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  1. This is wonderful. I'd like to translate it and disseminate it (to spanish). I have tons of spanish speaking friends who would benefit from this.

  2. Thank for this. A new favorite use of the word "blah". I have been a student of Mahamudra for a few years, studying with the resident lamas at KSC in Ashland, Oregon and on my own. Your book and its updated approach have been a wonderful tool for me. I gave a few copies of your book and CD to friends as holiday gifts too.

  3. Loch, this is brilliant! Here's to a year filled with scintillating spaciousness around all the blah, blah, blah.

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