40 Minute Total Body Yoga Workout Vinyasa Flow (Arm Balances) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

40 Minute Total Body Yoga Workout Vinyasa Flow (Arm Balances) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

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  1. i enjoy your sequences but the flows are a bit too fast for me.. Thanks for your contribution to my growth though, much appreciated

  2. Thanks for sharing your family’s story, Lesley. Very inspiring☺️ Love that you collaborate with other YouTube yoga teachers too. Any chance you’ll ever come to Bali?😃…

  3. Great class Lesley. Thank you. Really enjoyed the flow and your instruction is perfect which means I didn’t have to look at the screen. Could you do a relaxing yoga flow to do before sleep? Thank you 😘 xx

  4. Great flow! I stayed out for some time and it was awesome to get back to practice with this video. Thank you so much and stay always blessed!

  5. such a refreshing and well-balanced flow! much respect to Kaija for her courage and beautiful demonstration. thank you lesley and kaija!

  6. at 42:00, the frame is absolutely beautiful reflecting true meaning of yoga as you honor the sun. Great practice Lesley and Kaija

  7. Loved this class 😍! Love when there are tricky poses in your classes and they focus on the total body. Great!! The girl in your video did a great job 💪🙌👏! I struggle a lot with poses like firefly… 😌Guessing its because I am so short /stiff in my hipflexors 🤔. Would love more hipfocused classes🙏. And I too have a dream to practice with you alone 😍😍😍😘✨

  8. Great practice and it is always interesting to have another yogi with you. Again, I appreciated today’s intensity. Still not being able to do astavakrasan or a very similar pose Aika performed. Same with wheel pose. 🙂 Also, not being able to download the link at the end of the practice for the alignment course. Cheers!

  9. This was a great practice as always. Kaija you are a Rock Star. I am not so strong, but I enjoyed what I could do and I am okay with that. Thank you Lesley <3

  10. The arm balances were definitely difficult for this 62 year old. I would like clearer and slower instructions so I could attempt them.

  11. Thank you for this great practice Lesley! Ja kiitos Kaijalle, oli mielettömän kiva joogata toisen suomalaisen kanssa 😉

  12. Such an awesome video, thanks Kaija for joining! The arm balance sequences were a little challenging today and I admit they are not my strong point but I’m keen to improve. Could I make a suggestion for a future vids series for arm balances so we could go through them in more detail and a little slower? The upload from your Italy trip last year worked up to bakasana and that was a great format to really get into the pose. Would love the opportunity to get better and practice. Lots of love xoxoxox.

  13. Thanks for another great session travel yogi. This time greetings from Auckland. I will be in San Clemente next week. Is that near your school? I'd love to come for a class. Namaste.

  14. after a period of illness, I was feeling apprehensive about getting back on the mat – but I surprised myself. Thanks for the class as always….

  15. This is a great tutorial class, and it's so intense and challenged, I sweat a lot ! Great job Kaija , you are awesome! And thanks for Lesley sharing this amazing yoga class :))

  16. Sorry for the late reply on this video haha but I was kind of struggling emotionally this week and this class was a huge release for me. The affirmations in the beginning really hit me hard and the whole class was so healing. I released more than i thought i did. What an amazing thing yoga is. Thank you so so much, i can't express all the love that i have for this community. Love youuuuu!!!! <3 🙏🏻🕉️

  17. I needed the affirmations so much! and I'm almost to crow. Still a work in progress but I felt closer to it today. 🙂 Thank you for all that you do!

  18. Wonderful flow, so nice to see another yogi doing it, I think that was really motivating ! Please do more videos like this 😍

  19. Awesome class beautiful executuon, complete, full body, fun. Can't ask for more. Thanks to the two of you + cameraman edition team.

  20. Leslie this session was amazing. Thank you so much for your energy and beautiful practice. And very good job Kaia !
    Thank you for bringing a lot of light into my life xxxx

  21. Beautiful flow and a great way to team up with other yogis!! And chance of a advanced backbending class including Kapotasana? would be lovely! thanks once again Lesley, just what I needed x

  22. Thank you Lesley and Kaija, this has been a powerful and life changing process for me ! You do amazing work

  23. This practice was just absolute amazing! Usually I don't like long yoga classes (I love 30min ones) but this one just went by so quick and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you two!! It really helped calming me down ❤️

  24. Wow, what a great, sweaty class, nice afternoon practice for me during my holidays 🙂 Thank you Lesley and Duke!

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