496. Joshua Harris Leaves Christianity /Josh Harris Fools Calvinists / Works Salvation FAILS Harris

496. Joshua Harris Leaves Christianity /Josh Harris Fools Calvinists / Works Salvation FAILS Harris

you wrote this book will becomes very
successful he’s writing it under the codename of being a Christian
there was even partnership I believe with desiring God I think that’s by I
think it’s Piper I can’t remember it’s now he comes out any sense actually I’m
not even a Christian so a Christian book writer wrote a book called air-kissing
deity and goodbye book sold over 1.2 million copies
now that linked the link of that video TED talk
I’ll leave that in the description below actually just the first five minutes he
explains he was very zealous he got into writing this book we should approach
marriage without this aspect of dating now I don’t know what he means by dating
I wouldn’t be able to speak to that if you mean dating the whole boyfriend
girlfriend sleeping around and whatnot yeah then I get you that yes you wrote
this book who becomes very successful he’s writing it under the codename of
being a Christian there was even partnership I believe with desiring with
God I think that’s by I think it’s Piper I can’t remember it’s now he comes out
anything’s actually I’m not even a Christian kissed dating goodbye nice
kissing Christianity so in this video I wanted to highlight why I think a person
like Joshua would actually come out and say something like that the badge of
legalism allows individuals like Joshua because as long as you act right or as
long as you act a particularly you’re one of us until the struggles of the
heart and the disbelief comes out boom actually I never believed even with the
people that he was hanging he did and I believe for me when you see the TED talk
you see his conclusions cars dust distance to distance himself from his
writings then all of the sudden is definitive us with this why are you
saying this to justify your now then life or what there’s no knowing that’s
between you and God the funny part is this is that legalism
gives people like this at whom in Christianity the lordship salvation
men want to be or to see himself as a righteous being and he’s just give him
there the right spot for them to push legalistic mindset on to younger people
and whatnot in the whole nine yards and it works for a long period until the way
he’s speaking about it right now it’s as if it was like a burden inside
you know like I cannot really really tell these people I actually don’t
believe this stuff it comes on and so this might be a wake-up call to the
lordship salvation store people that believe in tulip the the ideologies of
the John the John Piper’s the jump MacArthur the entire idea of tulip go
look at debates I’m not even gonna talk about it here Kolak eight debates and
stuff like that that might actually be a point to stop asking questions
present legalism they telling people what to eat what not to eat what to
dress like what not to do when not to do what where how what not to all nine
yards and so this idea of a year people always saying yeah like free grace to
say that people are saved by grace with love works you only you only saying that
because you want to live sinfully show me one person who actually believes that
okay that person does not know the gospel what they don’t understand the
gospel the Holy Spirit is very convicting and as a matter of fact when
you understand free grace you come to an understanding of what grace means in a
in a general sense of God’s protecting you and outside of that protection you
are the devil’s territory because say what you may when they sell you sinless
perfection the idea of sinless perfection you write a book like Josh
did and you come out with the conclusions of legalizing certain things
in and being the one that tells people what to do you’re not sure about this
idea between sinless perfect this idea of free grace and lordship salvation I would say take
your time research it we thought the influence of too many
people around you you don’t want too many friends you don’t want too many
people because they will clock you up in the world they’ll make it difficult I
made a video sometime back stating that he took me years because I had too many
people around me I keep making suggestions whenever asked questions
about it because I’m starting to to see it like no no no they shut you down very
quickly so you gotta get rid of them people that’s the first thing you gotta
do read research read research I write so many debates the husband as far back
as possible it creates the individuals like Joshua
and it is sad when I’m mad just comes to these conclusions the Bible says he that
began a good work in you you know shall see the work to there is no work to
speak of maybe when it comes to judgment but remember we can’t judge whether a
person is saved or not I saw a lot of people online daily therefore you click
to say yeah he’s probably not safe we don’t know that
no no what you believed fun but the theology bright from which he was it
explains why he would distance himself from the church the way he did yeah okay
and so yeah I’ll tell me what you think if you’ve heard of the story I don’t
know maybe I’m making this video too tired having slept it’s 7 o clock
already hidden and so I’m gonna take my rest now y’all be good it’s Ricky I do
daily Christian commentary videos and so this is my slightly my second video of
the day and I’m gonna go and give me a nap hopefully without seeing
before I see anything else that I want to make a video I better go to sleep now
see you on the next video give me a subscription if you like this kind of
videos if we don’t it’s okay you can move on life goes on you don’t you don’t
have to life goes on thank you we could now I’d leave you a
video that helped me with this particular topic when I’m talking about
mashup salvation down in the description below open the second link down below
the first link will be a link to the first to the group you wanna join that I
talked about the videos that I’m a monk I’m gonna do and some of the videos that
I don’t you have the power to that I just think a silly I post them inside
there and if you wanna make a video request we can send it in that group
it’ll be the first link down below thank you be good and I got to go salute.

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  1. Lordship (works) Salvation exposed:
    1. https://youtu.be/tCYpUpDtmwI
    2. https://youtu.be/PoTNdCBd2_g
    3. https://youtu.be/hgmCGbDdWhw

    YOUTUBE BASED CHAT GROUP: https://youtu.be/join/ct-5ukSCxfFFsQ

  2. yazi I friend we accepted Christ at the same time she got married and now I saw her she is wearing long dresses if it has a short sleeve she wears a vest her head is always covered she doesn't wear make up she says I'm going to he'll because I wear jeans and paint my nails Ooh her leader is woman preacher I tried to ask her about that she that classic(touch not my anointed) she is not talking to me because I'm he'll bound I will make her dirty if we continue our Friendswood

  3. Exposing himself now he regrets writing the book bet you he doesnt regret chowing the money he made from the book. He wants to be friends with the world. Its aĺl suspect Ricky he is divorcing he is no longer a Christian and he now hangs out the lgtbq+ he is trying to justify himself

  4. Christianity is a Hostile Violent Bloody Society.

    Christianity does not believe in our ancient Brother Jesus’s life and teaching. Judge not, Refrain from lies and deceit, love your enemies, resist not evil, have the same care for others as you would like to be cared for.

    No: Christianity recommends fighting and killing to your death for what you think is your rights.

    Our ancient Brother Jesus or the twelve that was with him did not fight and kill for what they thought were their rights.

    And Christianity go to war and kill their own Church Members in other nations. And they kill their own tiny little infants; calling it Women’s Rights.

    Christianity just claims that our Brother Jesus’s death was a legal license for their corruption and killing.

    That there is no need to live and teach the life and teaching that our ancient Brother Jesus lived and taught.

    It is all in the book of confusion that Christianity worships.

    This is just words to the honest and wise: honesty and understanding is the only true belief. Without honesty and understanding we do not know what to believe.

    To accept others opinion of the truth without proving it to yourself; it is being deceived it is not believing.

    We must understand to believe.

    There are many imaginary and mythical gods but just One and Only Great Creator of all existence.

    Some has doubts of the existence of Jesus; however, weather Jesus ever existed or not, has nothing to do with the life and teaching that is told about him.

    His life and teaching makes very good sense and is very logical and successful.

    In fact it is True Science.

    Just think what this world would be if all humanity understood the success of such a life. To create instead of killing and destroying.

    I do realize that the facts and truth is difficult for Christianity to face honestly.

    All Criticism is welcome, as thoughts of criticism are one of the processes of learning. True Criticism is presenting facts it is not name-calling and slander.

    Until Next time; Sweet Dreams: truth will solve all our problems before we create them; and ignore or reject the truth; problems will multiply all by themselves; those problems will need no help.

    Have a great and a meaningful life, if it is at all possible.

    Just whispers, of the Ghost of Reality

  5. Resting is good man. Your videos are educational and inspirational.

    I once told my calvanist brothers that they must defferentiate between the word of God and People’s ideologies.

    If you can look at their theology and their history coming from Martin Luther, John Wesley, Now it Paul Asher, John Marcuther and others. It seems as if they are against saved Christians. They want people to be alive in their ideologies about salvation.

    Thanks broo

  6. Soteriology101 is a excellent channel on YouTube if anyone want to be educated about calvinism and to see it refuted as well.

  7. Don’t see anything wrong with people leaving a religion if after careful reflection and consideration you can no longer see good reasons to believe in that religion??

    What am I missing here??

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