I’m gonna go over five arguments for God
and Christianity hey guys my name is LJ Caraang before I begin let me be clear
that the question of God’s existence and who that God is are issues that lie at
the very center of life’s meaning reason number one the beginning of the universe
clearly points toward a creator whatever begins to exist has a cause the universe
began to exist therefore the universe has a cause I think that the most
important physical evidence for the existence of a creator of the universe
is the remarkable discovery that the universe is not eternal in the past but
began to exist the dominant force is the force of gravity so quite naturally
after Einstein wrote down his general theory of relativity his new approach to
gravity he and other physicists began to apply this new approach to the universe
as a whole the big break happened in 1929 Edwin Hubble using the powerful
telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory showed that the distant galaxies are all
rushing away from us establishing that space is stretching the universe is
expanding now look it doesn’t take an Einstein to then realize that if the
universe is expanding today then if you wind the cosmic film further and further
back everything gets closer and closer together so things should begin next
let’s check out this mean atheism the belief that there was nothing and
nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason
creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearrange itself
for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then turned
into dinosaurs makes perfect sense it takes more faith to believe in this than
it does to believe in God this is literally worse than magic if this is
the alternative to belief in God unbelievers should never accuse
believers of irrationality reason number two the universe’s miraculous
fine-tuning defies coincidence and displays the handiwork of an intelligent
designer the ancient Greek philosophers were in awe with the order of the car
Plato believed that science would awaken mankind to their divine destiny
Aristotle was also amazed by the majestic night sky and concluded that
the cause of this was divine intelligence he imagined the impact of
seeing the world for the first time to a race of men who had lived underground
and never saw the sky the risings and settings of the celestial bodies their
course is fixed and changeless throughout all eternity certainly they
would have judged that gods exist and that all of these marvelous works are
the handiwork of the gods I want to show you something as examples of fine tuning in nature
consider the strength of the nuclear forces that hold the atom and the
nucleus together if the weak nuclear force were much
stronger than it is the Big Bang would have cooked all the hydrogen into helium
rather than just a fraction of it with the result that in the present-day
universe there could be no water and no long-lived stable stars what all this
means is that if either of the nuclear forces had been slightly different the
universe would have been physically reasonable but not a place where
long-lived stars biology or life would have been possible the odds of the
constants and quantities of a life-permitting universe by chance alone
is on the order of one chance out of 10 to the 10th power to the 123rd power the
more I learn about the complexity of the world around me the more I believe in
God it’s ridiculous to think that all the beauty and everything that exists
around us exists by chance fine-tuning is a fact of life that is signed
typically well-established reason number three objective moral values are
evidence that there is a God since only he could establish a universal standard
of right and wrong why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning I don’t think the question is fairly
stated as what of you are you afraid of I’m just saying it is basically
unlivable that’s I didn’t conclude that an atheist like jean-paul Sartre
concluded it we killed more people in the 20th
century than the previous 19 put together the fact of the matter is if
morality is purely subjective then you have absolutely nothing from stopping
anybody for being a subjective more or less to choose to just zing one through
your forehead and say that’s my answer the subjective morality would be very
good if we all wanted to be nice people and live around each other without any
fear of each other but the reason you lock your doors and the reason we have
our police and the reason we have our military and the reason we have our law
courts is because when subjective morality becomes totally subjective eyes
this is what happens in society this next clip will show my emotion towards
people that believe in subjective morality well if you don’t understand
existentialism means that every single person has individual meaning in their
own life there’s no way of judging someone on a mass scale we have to be
judged on our own life and just live the way you are housed no how can you judge
morality if it’s completely subjective ah okay when you say that there’s no
standard of rapport ality you’ve already made a standard of morality you don’t
even realize that this guy says there’s no standard of morality but yet that in
itself is a standard you just contradicted yourself rather see your
old theory is wrong it’s contradictory and you’re believing that because they
taught you that there’s no such thing as absolute truth yet by saying there’s no
such thing as absolute truth you’re made an absolute truth you cannot addicted
yourself right off the bat your whole theory is flawed the Bible says in the
beginning God created the heavens and the earth and your whole theory on
anything even try to understand me is based on the fact that there is true
understanding there is a standard and the only way you can make sense of a
standard is the belief in a God I proved your point and that’s why
you’re silent reason number four the historical evidence for the resurrection
including the empty tomb eyewitness accounts and the origin of
the Christian faith established the divinity of Jesus first of all the
existence of Jesus is a historical fact if you disagree with me and the majority
of historians there will be a free ebook in the description by dr. Gary Habermas
look at some facts that would be so strongly evidence that they would they
have convinced nearly every single scholar who studied this the subject to
regard them as historical facts including skeptical ones that would be
things such as Jesus death by crucifixion that subsequent to his death
that Jesus disciples had experiences that they interpreted as Jesus appearing
to them risen from the dead and that these occurred an individual and in
group settings and third that there was a skeptic a persecutor of the church
named Paul who converted to Christianity when he had an experience that he
believed was of the Risen Jesus appearing to him now this would be like
a modern-day Osama bin Laden who has an experience and then converts from Islam
to Christianity to his own demise and preaching to the Muslim world didn’t get
stoned for it this is kind of like what we’re looking at with Paul so now as
historians what we want to do is we want to come up with a hypothesis that will
best explain these three facts and we would do this the determine which the
best hypothesis by saying which one accounts for all three facts rather than
just one or two which can account for them without bending them or forcing
them to fit like a square peg in a round hole and third what can we do it without
any what high which hypothesis does it best without any non evidence
assumptions and the resurrection beats the others hands down with resurrection
all three that very easily if Jesus rose from the dead it explained his death by
crucifixion why numerous people and individually group settings believe they
saw him risen from the dead and why even a skeptic song wasn’t from the dead so
historically speaking forget you know assuming that the Bible is trustworthy
in any matters just taking the fact of a pot which most
everybody agrees with you can come to the resurrection of Jesus as the best
explanation and thus we should regard it as an event that occurred in history now
we’re gonna talk about how the origin of Christianity establishes Jesus deity
jesus said he was gone in the flesh he is the point of the entire Bible Jesus
himself says that the whole Bible is about him God’s plan of salvation for
his people and his cosmic Kingdom the books of the Old Testament contained
passages about the Messiah every single one of these prophecies have been
fulfilled by Jesus Christ some Bible scholars suggest that there are more
than 300 prophetic scriptures fulfilled in the life of Jesus in the book science
speaks the statistical improbability of one man whether accidentally or
deliberately fulfilling just eight of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled the
chance of this happening they say is one chance out of 10 to the 17th power and
the fundamental difference that you see in Jesus Christ is in his uniqueness and
exclusivity of his claim and the embrace that he gives to all humanity the
perfection of his life the purity of his life the death and the resurrection to
me that coherence of his answers convinces me that he is who he claimed
to be and truth by definition is exclusive all truth needs to be
exclusive Buddhism claims to be exclusive Hinduism claims to be
exclusive they all have exclusivity built into that but in the person of
Christ you see the demonstration in his birth life death and resurrection so I
say to me I’m convinced that because it go hares and because I have personally
verified it in my own life and you can do that too and find that experience in
that he is who he claimed to be that takes us to reason number five God can
be immediately known and experienced by those who genuinely seek Him I’ve come
to know what experienced God’s true love grace and power in my life although I
was raised in a false religion I continued to pursue the truth and became
a Christian in truth since then my life has been radically transformed I had a
huge anger problem hate pride sexual immorality and I
true purpose in my life as a Christian and truth I have never been more happier
and more fulfilled in my entire life my faith and having a relationship with
Jesus Christ changed everything for me God redefined my very definition of what
love is following his teachings has made me a better person devices that used to
control me no longer have any control over me
another thing that I’ve experienced personally is a supernatural science
right off the bat presupposes naturalism meaning that they automatically exclude
the supernatural why is it then that I’m able to manifest the supernatural I’ve
witnessed the prophetic miracles and things that people claim to be
impossible check out this meme doesn’t believe in
God because there’s no evidence of his existence believes in ghosts and aliens
it’s silly to me why is it that the same people who claim that there is no
evidence for God believe that there are ghosts and aliens they are skeptical and
hyper critical of God and yet embrace crazier beliefs and they welcome the
idea of ghosts and aliens with open arms moving forward in God I know my value in
worth as a loved forgiving child of God in God I know that my purpose is to
share the good news this gift with others in God I know that my destiny
when I leave this earth is to be in heaven with God my life transformation
alone is enough for me to believe in God even if God didn’t exist I would still
live with the Christian worldview because I understand the implications of
having an atheist worldview if you disagree that the god of Christianity
exists you are disagreeing with more than 2.3 billion people on the earth
nearly a third of Earth’s population I would rather live my life as if there is
a god and die to find out there isn’t then live my life as if there isn’t and
die to find out there is again let’s go over the five reasons why God exists
number one the beginning of the universe number two fine-tuning number three
objective moral values number four historical evidence for the resurrection
and number five personally experiencing God to every
viewer that considers themselves an atheist or agnostic I invite you to look
into the biblical truth of Christianity you have nothing to lose and infinity to
gain if this is your first time on my channel I’d love it if you subscribed
I’m going to be posting more content about Christianity along with answers to
life’s deepest questions entrepreneurship education on a variety
of topics and entertainment thank you guys for watching
god bless

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  1. God exists, but scientists are biased and partial in their search for truth.


    In light there is a proof for the existence of God..


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