5 Proven Relaxation Techniques | Stress Management

5 Proven Relaxation Techniques | Stress Management

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  1. Many thanks for the clip
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  2. my mom tells me that i probably have a mental disorder and that i have adhd and aspergers and it makes me want to blow my brains out , does anyone else have anxiety about having mental disorders and your parent or parents stress you out about it because your not as good as your sister or brother

  3. now you should do anther video for when you have kids, because I have 2 boys and the majority of these tips require a kids free environment. 

  4. So i been stressing out and its really going in my blood and making me have stress hives. I been itchying so much all over my body… The only thing that makes me calm down is by taking a nap… But i keep itchying…

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