5 simple ways to let go of worry and anxiety when meditating.

5 simple ways to let go of worry and anxiety when meditating.

When we have thoughts in a meditation
and thoughts are because of some problems and we can’t take them out from the mind my advice is 1. First solve that problem. the problems will keep coming
into our meditation and we can’t get rid of them completely unless we solve them
they are just two kinds of problems: the problem that you can solve and the
problem that you cannot. For the problems that you can solve you just solve them
and let them go from your mind right but for the problems that you cannot solve
what do you do did you keep worrying about it or just let go from the mind
as well right? 2. So basically whatever problems that we have try to solve in
first and tell yourself that you have to let them go anyway whether you can solve them or not but sometimes some problems and resolve now some problems you have
to wait to solve in the future for the problems that can be solved in the
future then you just have to let them go from the mind for a while you can finish
your thought 3. You have to remember that meditation is about balance it’s
about finding the balance between relaxation and concentration we have to
observe what can be missing at the moment if you miss the relaxation part
just have to relax more and continue with the concentration but if you miss
the concentration part then you have to follow the meditation technique but if
none of the technique works because there are many different techniques and
these techniques are suitable with different mental conditions 4. but if none
of them works let me tell you open your arms you open your eyes all the running
thoughts will disappear this is very
effective when we deal with wandering thoughts especially sometimes there’s so
many problems let me keep resetting ourselves until we come to a point where
they might find the balance between relaxation and concentration and 5. lastly
even though we try to solve our problems we title it let them go from the mind. We try opening our eyes but none of it works it happens sometimes I give you two rules
first #1. Meditate happily. #2. Second finish your session if you follow these two rules and you make it happily and you try to
create your centuries militant to the end of the sessions even though
sometimes you will think about something positive you think about yourself in
nature you try to remember the memory that was very pleasing and very
appealing do that it’s not wrong to think in a meditation is this is not
sin. But being lazy and do not meditate it’s
a sin. Having wandering thoughts is no sin at all so if you follow that two
rules and imagine you made it happily that comfortable feeling that you have
cultivated in the middle is going to help the mind come back to the balance
and the mind that your balance will let go of any thoughts on its own so I hope
that these tips is useful for you and let’s continue
meditating and eventually your meditation will improve over time.

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