5 Tried and Tested Luxury HABITS Tag | Collab with Kat L

5 Tried and Tested Luxury HABITS Tag | Collab with Kat L

(light music) – Hello darling, I am so happy
that you are here with me. I have a special video for you today. Today I am talking about five tried and tested luxury habits. This is going to be a tag video but not only is it a tag video it is also a collab video. You may not know about Kat L, just because I’ve never talked
about her on my channel, or at least I don’t think that I have. She is a lovely YouTuber,
based in Singapore. She has a beautiful handbag collection and she talks about her handbags. She also does makeup hauls
and a lot of vlogging. I especially love her travel vlogs. She does travel quite often. Kat and I have both been around the block once or twice, me even more. I am definitely older than she is. But it’s safe to say that we
have been around the block and we have both learned a lot and we have developed luxury habits. Today I am going to discuss
my five luxury habits and when you are through with this video, please go and watch Kat’s video. I will have it linked below and see what her luxury habits are. For my part, I do purchase luxury clothing in addition to handbags. And some of these tips
will relate to clothing. And then of course I have
handbag tips on this list too. So let’s get to number one. My first tip in buying expensive items, clothing items in
particular, is I always try to make sure that the
buttons match the piece. This makes the piece a lot more versatile. If you have a red jacket
that has black buttons you almost have to wear
that jacket with black. But if it has red buttons you can wear that jacket with anything. You can wear it with the black but you can also wear it
with navy, brown, gray, just about anything because the buttons are not making any decisions for you. I do have an example for you. This is an Armani green jacket. I haven’t worn it yet. The only reason for that is because I’ve been going through a move and I have been so focused on
getting everything together. Here is is, you see it’s a green jacket and it has green buttons. If this jacket had black buttons or brown buttons or something else, I probably would not have purchased it. Especially with a color like green. I certainly want it to be versatile but it would be true if it were black, brown, navy or gray. I really like the buttons to match. This is an example of a not so luxury, this is LilySilk, it’s
not but not super-luxury. And LilySilk has some things
where the buttons match and some where they don’t. This one doesn’t matter as much because it has this placard over it. But if you’ll see, the buttons do match. In a jacket or in a blouse it’ll look like buttons that have been dyed to match or that perfectly match. Sometimes it’s just covered buttons. They take the fabric from the piece and cover a button so that
it does match exactly. This is not to say that
I wouldn’t get something that had metallic
buttons or metallic trim, it’s just that I want
it to be more subtle. This is true with handbags too. When it has metal, a
lot of times I want it to be a little more subtle so that it can match more things. Here’s an example of a Chanel jacket and it does have silver. But you’ll notice the
string that you tie through is all the same color,
they didn’t put black or something on there. There are these grommets in silver but they’re pretty subdued, making this a very versatile jacket. And here’s a tip for you. Buttons are one of the
easiest things to replace. If you don’t sew you can
learn to sew on a button or you can take it to a tailor and it is one of the least expensive things that you can have done. Changing the buttons on a garment can make a big change. So you can take that pink coat or whatever coat that has black buttons and you can put pink buttons on it, matching buttons and it will
become much more versatile. That’s one thing you can do. You can also take a cheaper item. So if you’re on a budget
and you’re at Zara or wherever and you see a
jacket and you think you know, this jacket looks pretty
good but it’s cheap buttons are giving it away. If that fits you and you really like it, you can get it and then go
straight to a sewing store and pick out buttons that
match it and sew those on. It will look much, much richer and it will be a versatile piece. Number two, I always check
the care instructions to make sure that I can live with them. Sometimes I can’t. I don’t particularly like
dry-cleaning chemicals and I don’t like the extra expense of having something dry cleaned. If it is a coat or a jacket, I know that I will probably be dry cleaning that. There are people who wash those and I might try to learn
to do that eventually. I know this to be true because
I spent a while in Rome. They don’t have dry cleaners. It’s very difficult to find a dry cleaner. They are laundering everything themselves and they have been for hundreds of years. So I would like to learn about that. I do deal with dry cleaning
in jackets and coats but I don’t do it for blouses and things that I’m wearing close to my skin. I wanna make sure that I can wash it. I am willing to hand wash
and I am even willing to hand wash items, especially silk items and linen items that say
they should be dry cleaned. Proceed with caution,
but I’m willing to do it. I even wash my Hermes
scarves when they say not to. I just think it’s a better way to go. But for a hand wash piece I
still look at it and think, am I willing to do that. I might be willing to
do it for a silk blouse and maybe not for a white T-shirt. So I do make sure to take a
look at the care instructions and make sure that I’m
wiling to live with it. I’ve been transitioning
into a smaller wardrobe and it’s a lot easier to say okay, yes, I will hand wash items
because I have fewer things. But when I had a whole lot of things I was not willing to do it. I knew that I would be wearing
what I could machine wash. I also think about ironing. Does the item have to be ironed
and am I willing to do it. If I’m not willing to do it I probably don’t like
that piece well enough. It is probably not something
that should be in my closet. Number three, I always walk away. I take a breath, I ask the SA to hold whatever item it is, whether
it’s a handbag or clothing and I step away and I at
least go have a cup of coffee. If I can I will ask the
SA to hold it over night. But I will always step
away and take a breather so that I’m not making impulse buys. It’s just too easy to get
carried away in the moment and purchase something. One recent example of that. I was in DC with Bobster 92 and we were in the Louis Vuitton store and I found a Louis Vuitton
bag that I really liked. I thought I was going to
be looking at the Capucines and every time I go in do that and I think I’m going to get it. I talked myself out of that again. And then I saw another bag. And it’s a newer bag. I don’t remember the name of it, I’ll try to put it right here. I loved it, I thought
it was just beautiful, it was just the right
size, it held my things. I could wear it cross
body and I could wear it handheld, I really liked this bag. And Bobster thought it looked great and I almost got it but
I said, “You know what, will you hold on to this for a minute, we’re going to lunch
and we’re going to talk about this bag.” So we did. Bobster 92, his name is Bobby, said, “You know Jill, I do like that bag and I think it looks great on you. But do you remember the
one time that you went to pick it up, the bag just opened?” That is the problem with that bag. It does have a strong magnet but people have been saying
that they’ll be wearing it or they’ll pick it up and it’ll open and it’ll dump things out. So you have to decide, is that something you’re
willing to live with. My answer was an emphatic no. Even though I loved that
bag I did not get it because I have exactly
one place in my collection for medium-size cross-body
go-everywhere kind of bag. And if it was going to
do that, it’s not it. And I don’t know what it will
be but it doesn’t matter. That bag is not the bag that I want. Number four, I ask myself
a series of questions when I’m looking at an item. And this could be clothing,
it could be a handbag, it could be shoes, anything. I have created my own questions, you can create your own questions. Here are mine. My first question is, Does this item represent my best me? I may like the item a lot. I might like it a whole lot. But does it represent my best me? What is this item projecting? What I want to project
is elegance, confidence, that type of thing. Is this item elevated to that level or is it a little too something for me? A little to Bohemian, a little too sporty, a little too something that
is great for a lot of people but really not right for me. Then I ask myself, Would
I be proud to carry this or wear this in five years? This helps me to determine if the item might be a little too trendy or a little too dated for me. I am willing to wear
something or carry something that is trendy right now if I know for sure that
it will be me long term. But if it’s not, if it’s something that I wouldn’t normally be
attracted to over the years, but it’s been so in and it looks so good on a lot of people and I
think, oh, I can do this, mm, in five years I won’t
be wanting to carry that or wear it so it is not a
good luxury purchase for me. Does it duplicate something I
already have in my collection? At once point I had 30 black skirts. How some were a little
different than others but that’s a lot of duplication
that doesn’t do me any good. We all have those things
that we tend to buy over and over and then we have blind spots where we don’t fill in with what we need. I now think in terms of what purpose does this item serve, put
it sort of in a category and then see if another purchase
is just duplicating that. Because if it is it’s
not a achieving its goal which is to fill out my
wardrobe, fill out my collection and give me a wardrobe that
suits me in any situation. If I have eight white shirts for example or 10 black cross-body bags, that’s not going to help anything at all. Can I wear this with just
about everything in my closet? We’re sitting here right now, Can I think of at least
three to five items that I can wear it with? I need to be able to wear that
with everything in my closet. The other thing that’s akin to this, that’s related to this, is I think, Do I need to purchase
something to go with this? If I need to purchase
something to go with it, I don’t want it. It is not helping me. And if I can’t think of a lot of things that it goes with in my closet, I don’t want it either. I am trying to enhance what I have, not start down some other path. And the final question I ask myself is When do I think this
item will be discounted? I really like the Celine 16 in medium and they have this medium-gray color that I just think is gorgeous. That bag does go on sale. So I’m going to hold out and kind of see where I am with it in a bit. And sometimes as I’m waiting, I find something I like better anyway. Number five, and I’m looking to you to tell me if this is just me or if you know what I’m talking about. I don’t get that second item. A lot of times when I go into a store I find one thing that I absolutely love. I love it, it’s perfect,
it is absolutely me. And then I take that item
and I start looking around for the second item because I’m thinking, well to make this trip worthwhile or to make this worthwhile, or, I don’t know what is going on in my head that I need that second item. I wanna find that second item. Inevitably that first wonderful item is the one that I keep and the second item is something
I end up letting go later. I want to have the feeling,
that first-item feeling, 100% of the time. I want every single
piece to be, oh my gosh, I just absolutely love this. Even if it means I only purchase one thing or even if it means I
don’t purchase anything. I don’t purchase anything for a long time. It’s that feeling that I want to have about every item when
I look into my closet. Let me know if that
connects with you at all or if that is just me. Kat L and I will both be tagging people. Here are the people that I am tagging. Autumn Beckman, Bobster92, YotaStyle, Be Fabulous With Me_Irene, Cassie Thorpe, A Heated Mess, Oxana LV, LVCoffeeLver, Lee Lee LV, Chicprofessor, Colourful Noir, Lux Purse Love, Sabrina Shekofteh, Madam M.M Style Icon, M Style Those are the people I would
love to see do this tag. If I didn’t tag you and you want to do it, please do, I tag you as well. Now it’s time to go watch Kat L’s video and find out what her five tried and tested luxury habits are. That’s where I’m going right now. Before you go, please do
subscribe if you haven’t already. I’d love to see you here again. Until next time. (light music)

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  1. Great video! Another great tip is have a clothing tailor. Almost every piece I buy I have tailored to fit me you would be very surprised how much better something will look because just because many might be the same size not everyone has the same exact body. It's early and hope I'm making sense πŸ˜…

  2. Your elegant, classy and lady style is why I'm going to put you in a dress Federation uniform for the Star Trek pic I'm going to do for you. Been ages but still going to do it. πŸ™‚

  3. great questions on number 4!!!!! I also do have my questions… but will def add some of yours to my own list πŸ™‚ thank you!!!

  4. You are so sexy I sincerely just came to listen to u talk and admire you,not to be weird I have a thing for mature woman with pretty hands and feet to match πŸ˜‰

  5. Thank you for the video. If an item cannot be machine washed, I dryclean it or I do not buy it or wear it! I loathe hand washing! If you want a top handle bag, try the XNihilo Bank Bag. XNihilo sells on the internet.

  6. Awesome tag video. Love your Luxury habits especially your questions for yourself. Thank You so much for sharing and thank you for tagging me. I will share my habits for Luxury items. Have a wonderful weekend Jill❀️

  7. Jill thank you for tagging. I always learn something new from you. I totally agree about dry cleaning. I personally prefer to wash delicate or expensive items, even if I have to hand wash them.

  8. Excellent habits. Fun idea for a tag. When you have an outfit with gold or silver buttons or zippers, does the hardware on your handbag have to match? Thanks for tagging me.

  9. Oh wow, i did get a very special mention tag. Thank you so much for tagging me. I really don't duplicate items so i can fill in my closet but i'm guilty of getting second item, lol! Great collaboration tag video. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œβ€

  10. Jill, you give such great tips each time you have videos of this type.
    You have given great things to think about.

  11. I also hate sending things to the dry cleaners and I learned the hard way to never send my Hermes scarves to them. My brand new beautiful scarf came back limp with the hems totally flattened! I hand wash all my silks and linen items but it would be interesting to learn how people in Rome hand wash expensive jackets or suits. Thanks for the great shopping tips!

  12. good lord I have to watch again I have to put down my drink and focus. Great points on the first watch I'm dipping my toe in sneakers and all these questions seem appropriate at 61 becoming a sneaker head one needs to tread carefully

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    I'm with Leslie re sneakers, by the way… they've become my go-to shoes whenever possible! xxx

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  16. I've recently started hand washing all of my "dry clean only" clothing (like you, coats are excluded) and it saves so much money and works great!

  17. Great habits, I do the same with the ironing, I just rarely buy anything that I must iron, and sometimes if it does need ironing, I end up not liking the piece enough to get it lol. I’m going to use your questions because they are great and will be a great help for me! Thanks for sharing.

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