6 Big Fat Lies the Devil Spreads About Praying in Tongues

6 Big Fat Lies the Devil Spreads About Praying in Tongues

Network senior leader at the awakening
House of Prayer in South Florida I want to talk to you today about six big fat
lies the devil tells people about why they cannot pray in tongues why they
shouldn’t why they ought not to I want to just bust these lives of the wicked
one let me tell you something the devil is a liar there’s a reason why he does
not want you to pray in tongues there’s a reason why because Jude 20 says that
when we pray in tongues we build ourselves up in our most holy faith and
so I understand it seems other weird I understand it seems strange to outsiders
you know when I was in college I interned at a Christian television
station interned at a Christian TV station and I was sort of unsettled
because I believed in Jesus but one day I remember I walked out into the studio
I was bringing some lights and I found them all in a circle holding hands and
they were praying in tongues I mean they were praying in tongues they were
praying some heavy-duty tongs and it scared the life out of me and I ran home
I was living with my grandparents at the time and I told my grandfather who was a
good old Baptist I said I don’t know what was going on it was all this
educated initiate and he said that’s demonic it’s a good thing you got out of
there honey that was a bad scene I’m so glad that she was scaped that cultish
behavior that was up the devil and also like ohoo but see in that the devil
robbed from me the opportunity to do this internship with this Christian TV
station to learn more the skills that I would need later in life now thank God
had other opportunities God is good but the devil want that from me
in his own Holy Name then when I got saved I’ll never forget it when I got
saved the Lord quickly introduced me to Pentecostals and all of a sudden I
didn’t think praying in tongues were so strange anymore
and I got saved and my grandfather what do you think about this this
praying and Thomas thing what do you think about this that this this thing
they call praying in tongues I said I said well I don’t know so much about it
I just know that I met some Pentecostals and and they seem pretty paisa I don’t
know about it but he did not speak against it see our theology sometimes
evolves and so I’ve been on a journey I pray in tongues as much as I possibly
can I wake up praying in tongues I go to bed
some nights praying in tongues I take a shower praying in tongues I go in the
grocery store praying in tongues down here in South Florida and they don’t
know what language I’m speaking they don’t know if it’s Russian or if it’s a
Greek because we have so many nationalities here in South Florida they
just figure I’m talking all my I put my headphones in you know my iPhones and my
earbuds and I got my phone and they just think I’m talking in some strange
language and I pray in tongues as much as I can praying in tongues why because
I need to build myself up in my mom’s holy faith I’m gonna do another
broadcast about all the reasons why we should pray in tongues but before I do
that I want to show you tell you teach you explain to you what’s about to pond
and these six big fat lies the devil tells people about praying in tongues
number one let me read you a scripture math mark 16 and 17 jesus said this now
these are the words in red jesus said these signs follow them who believe so
if you don’t believe then he won’t get saved if you don’t believe you won’t be
filled with the whole that goes if you don’t believe you won’t lay hands on the
sick and see them occur but if you don’t believe you won’t get much of anything
from the kingdom of God because faith is the currency of the kingdom so the death
and mark 16:17 these sides will follow them who believe these signs in my name
they’ll cast out devils and they’ll speak with new tongues in that also it’s
a promise to the believer to those who believe now here’s what six the six fat
lies don’t we get through all these tonight the six fat lies the six fat
lies number one tongues are of the devil that was what my grandfather believed
now he was good he was a deacon in the Baptist
Church but he believed to this lie so so so but in order to believe that lie you
would have to believe that Acts chapter 2 verses 17 through 20 is a lot because
here we read actually its axis 17 to 20 at that I get to later but acts 2 1
through 4 and when the day of Pentecost had fully come when the day of Pentecost
had fully come you know the scripture when the day of Pentecost had fully come
they were all a symbol together in one place when suddenly there came a sound
from heaven not a sound from hell but a sound from heaven it wasn’t a
sound from hell they heard it wasn’t a sound from a Anabaptist party they heard
it was a sound from heaven like the rushing of a violent Tippett blast tipis
blast and it filled the whole house which they were sitting and there
appeared to them tongues resembling fire which separated and distributed and went
in which settle on each of them and they were all filled diffused throughout
their souls in the amplified version they were all filled with the holy
spirit not with a demonic spirit with the Holy Spirit the South came from
heaven not from Hell it was the Holy Spirit not a demonic spirit and they
began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance some
translation see as the spirit enabled them this amplified version says as the
Spirit gave them appropriate words hallelujah how they know every word the
Holy Ghost speaks is an appropriate word amen
so the tongue turned out of the devil we see Tom’s the very first manifestation
of tongues in the New Testament now when Isaiah and there’s a foreshadow
says speaking in stammering lips I’m talking about the actual outpouring of
the Holy Spirit came with the evidence of speaking in telling there’s also the
evidence of prophecy which we’ll talk about it in the broad
that’s number two here’s another big fat lie the devil tells people about praying
in tongues you can’t speak in tongues anytime you want the Holy Spirit has to
move upon you it and the wind has to be blowing or just right and the Sun has to
be at a specific angle if you’re gonna pray in tongues and all you’ve got to
read the Bible for at least three hours before you might even possible to be
able to pray oh and you got it Terry so people Terry so long for the Holy
Spirit they tarry till they turn gray they tarry till they died on their knees
pray and wait for the Holy Spirit wait for the blessing wait for the promise
let me tell you something you could get filled with the Holy Spirit just now and
if you’ve never been filled with the Holy Spirit
well the Holy Spirit is about to fall upon you you’re about to get filled
you’re about to get filled to overflowing to pray for you but you must
have faith Paul said I speak in tongues more than
all of you now we know that he preached we know that it made tips we know that
he was a teacher when those is debated we knew that he traveled he was a
missionary an apostle he prophesied he moved in the gifts of the Spirit yet he
did he exercised and this one gift a lot praying in tongues praying in tongues
you can’t speak in tongues anytime you want let me just give you some proof
right now Cortana crop-top breached it Katie watched it I can pray
in tongues as much as I want anytime I want with whomever I want as loud as I
want hallelujah you know what I love about my new might
be lost because it echoes so when I pray and the Holy Ghost I hear it more than
once praise God I’m getting some double edification
in my spirit I’m getting some double edification I’m praying in the Holy
Ghost and it’s bouncing off the walls praise God
number three Tom’s are actual languages like Chinese or French well that’s
partially true but when people say tongues are not it’s not a heaven see
the Bible speaks of tongues of angels and tongues of men so there is a
heavenly language there’s a language that’s mysterious the Bible says when we
when we pray in tongues we speak mysteries well if we could understand it
it wouldn’t be a mystery if it was just Chinese or if it was just Spanish or if
it was just whatever language we could just get a translator we could just give
some body for meta hey we can go we can go to google translate hey what did I
just pray go oh shut up crashing I can’t I – dang what did I just pray ax – they
did here’s the scripture they use ax 2 verses 5 through 13
everyone was hearing them speaking their own language now I believe that there
are tongues where in it is a language it’s a back in the zoo – Street of the
original revival and there was a woman who could never play a piano at all and
all the Holy Spirit filled her and she could play the piano fluently she could
play the language of music she spoken to Tom of music there was another lady
there in the Azusa Street revival a back in the early nineteen hundred’s and she
actually wrote entire letters Chinese so yes it is sometimes an actual
language sometimes it really is I have a fragment in his Michelle and she
sometimes she prays in Chinese and that’s her wartime all the sudden I will
be in spiritual warfare I was in a meeting one time in Kentucky and and
there was all this more fare coming at me and I said I’m not praying what I’m
not preaching one more word and today this atmosphere changes and I said
Michelle Linda would you please pray they’re two of my intercessors that were
traveling with me I said would you please please pray and so she starts to
pray before I know it the warfare tongue broke out the Chinese tongue well short
cut and she goes here’s what she sounds like I’m not making fun Tong Tong Tong
time told him she told her and she said sounds like she’s making changed and I
believe she’s speaking Chinese but I believe it’s some kind of game she’s
spiritual rich that devil response to that song another language that she
praised in his french war should all be she’s it sounds all beautiful and we
were at a meeting in Louisville at a waiting church and somebody came up to
her and says I speak French and I understood what you said which is what
was I saying she says you were glorifying God in French so there are
tongues in our languages but there is a tongues and is there’s a heavenly
language and the devil doesn’t understand it but it’s a mystery we
don’t understand it the devil doesn’t understand this why so powerful the
devil does that know what you’re praying 1st Corinthians 14 to 23 says so if the
whole church comes together and everyone speaks in tongues and in choirs and in
choirs or unbelievers come in will they not say that you’re out of your mind
well why would they think you’re out of your mind if you just speak in French
why do you think you’re out of your mind is we just speak in Arabic why would
they think you’re out of your mind if you were speaking like an actual foreign
language I know when someone speaking a foreign language I recognize when Russia
Russian is Russian I recognize when Chinese is Chinese I recognize when did
between Spanish and Portuguese and I recognize tongues amen number four hope
you’re learning things today you get the bap – here’s the fourth line the fourth
big the devil tells people about praying in
tongues you get the baptism of the Holy Spirit when you get saved liar liar
pants on fire their tooth there’s actually one two three three baptisms
there are three baptisms they’re different experiences number one when
you get saved you’re not filled with the Holy Ghost of course you’re sealed with
the Holy Ghost always the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of you but when
when you’re when you’re when you’re saved the Holy Spirit baptizes you into
Christ okay the Holy Spirit draws you to Christ and
when you accept him you were baptized into Christ
now after to Jesus Christ that somebody got all tweaked out because I said I
didn’t mentioned Jesus Christ in it in every single article that I wrote I
mention the father the holy spirit i mentioned Christ but the mention of
Christ wasn’t good enough because I did say Jesus Christ how do you know his
first name wasn’t Jesus he’s the Christ the Son of the Living God amen
Jesus baptized as you then as a separate experience Jesus baptized as you into
the Holy Spirit Jesus is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit
1st Corinthians 12 and 13 first Corinthians 12:1 13 the Holy Spirit
baptizes you went to Christ Acts to inform Christ i baptize you into holy
spirit and there’s also a water baptism so there’s 3 1 2 3 baptisms you got it
so I it’s a separate experience it’s almost like you know when you get saved
you get you get like a like like if you take water in a glass you get you get
like some water into your glass and the Holy Spirit being that simple of water
when you get saved to your glass gets filled up when you get filled with the
Holy Spirit it’s overflowing you get submerged the glass just goes up
underwater amen number 5 the fifth big fat lie the devil
tells people about praying in tongues the gift of tongues has not available to
anybody with a select few Oh hogwash Boresha take a tailbone to a hot wash
it’s like saying it’s like being a Calvinist and saying you know there’s
predestiny destination and you might you don’t get
to choose whether you get saved the by boy everything every promise in the
Bible is for whosoever will the promise of prosperity the promise of healing the
promise of salvation do you believe you receive amen amen we
got to get out of our mind about the Holy Spirit and the filling of the Holy
Spirit and get into the in and get into God’s heart and number six tongues are
not for believers today some people say and they’re believing a demonic life
some people say well you know that was just for the day of Pentecost well how
about how come with the Apostles travel to different places they asked
repeatedly in Scripture in the book of Acts
have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed or they repeatedly we see
that instance or we see the instance of the Apostles getting filled again the
Apostles were filled three different times in Scripture and I’m sure that
wasn’t the only time well that was just for the book of Acts sister that’s what
the religious spirit sounds like well that was just for the book of Acts
sister really I beg to differ I say hogwash hashtag hogwash this is
the cessationist theory these are the same people that believe miracles aren’t
for today isn’t the same people to believe healing is not for today these
are the same people that don’t believe you can cast out devils they’re
believing this lie of the enemy it’s hogwash
it’s devil watch its whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones a religious
spirit yes their guy said it would bless God there I go hallelujah cessationism
in 1st Corinthians 14 Paul said to earnestly desire spiritual gifts
especially that she may prophesy now the night gifts of the Spirit include tongs
includes tongs so where do you know where to earnestly desire there’s no
expiration they’d only artistically desiring tongs is a spiritual gift these
things will cease in heaven but we’ll need to speak in tongues in heaven
anymore these spiritual gifts will see only faith hope and love abides we’re
not going to need the working of miracles we’re not going to need the
discerning of spirits we’re not going to need these others because
so then we will have tongues but until they know court order gotta be steak at
a pray in tongues pray in tongues I want to pray for you to get filled the Holy
Spirit in just a moment I want to remind you of my prayer my mentoring and prayer
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free stuff for you there’s gonna be gonna be putting up a call but pretty
soon with more cirillo goes on and on and on if you want to sow into this
ministry of this blesses you go to paypal.com for Leclaire i want to pray
for you I don’t want to pray for you I want to pray for you listen I this was
just that it just out of curiosity be let me know if anybody out there ever
tried to Google your career your your tongues
I have acoustic put real quick story I’m gonna pray for you to Google your
tongues I was in Japan I was in Japan and I had I don’t know maybe the last
year so stir in my tongue just came out you knew your toms you bought with a
change in they grow they think they they diversified they dig a little deeper and
I said must be well short of time a stick and it was something words almost
like we thought we were gonna joke about doing a teacher this is hashtag mastic
is that was like something could happen and I’d be like musty well I was in
Japan somebody say washed and I sauce I said washed it something I said what it
turns out it means how are you praise God so I don’t think that’s what I’m
really saying in the spirit but sometimes you can just for fun google
your tongues and it’s like they so like a real word in some language they then
let me pray for you to get filled with the Holy Spirit father I thank you right
now just just wherever you are if you want you know we need the Bible’s to be
being filled it’s not a one-time experience so I would pray that I get a
new feeling I’m gonna pray that you get a new feelings you know
Phil before I want to pray that you could fill tonight now we here’s what
you got to do if you’ve never been filled the spirit received by faith this
is all over the Bible all over the New Testament all the Apostles the disciples
are pregnant they all pray the Holy Spirit that’s why they said have you
received the Holy Spirit since you believed because it’s vital you need the
Holy Spirit to empower you to live the life some of you are struggling with sin
I see that word so we were struggling with sin you’ll have more power the
Dunamis power the Holy Spirit is the power of God he lives on the inside of
you in measure when you get filled with a skirt you get filled to overflowing
you need to be keener in your hearing to be showering that gets the spirit you
get keener and sharper one way of course she is by praying to the spirit got to
be in the world it’s got to pray in the spirit of building you build you up with
your most holy faith so receive and then when you when I pray for you just open
your mouth and let that language come out at first if you’ve never been
through the spirit it’ll sound like bah bah bah but like a baby talking just
like your natural language you didn’t start praying in a natural length you
know you didn’t start praying in a natural language that either you didn’t
start speaking in in a natural language whatever language you speak you know
fluently you your prettier your tongues become more fluent as you as you press
into an amen but you’ll start out just it’ll sound like gibberish to you tape
tape tape tape tape go tie my shoe yourselves like it don’t let the devil
talk you out of this amen somebody out there and you’re just
you’re just craving sure you know you’re about to get rocked father I thank you
for the anointing of the Spirit of God Lord I ask you even now to fill us with
your spirit God fill us to overflowing on we are ready to receive God we want
more of you Jesus we need you we need a fresh in filling God we need you we need
you we need you we need your grace we need your presence we need to our spirit
dwelling all the inside of us in greater measure got we’re a little leaky Lord
fill us with your spirit right now in the name
Jesus for your glory we want a witness for you we want to move in your gifts
more accurately God we want to hear your voice God fill us with your spirit
now just begin to open your mouth if you if you’re already consuming your get it
gonna get a new spiritual gift the diversity of tongues tonight a rocket or
Licata yes brushed animosity keep rusty Yoko tangra yes secretly Tabasco cotton
barakatahu chokotto Hanukkah terracotta master Katie yes I can do it
just keep on praying and pray in the spirit as much as you possibly can amen
remember you can file your line Jennifer LeClaire.org
one more thing check out my brand new book metamorphosis it’s on my website
it’s also on Amazon it hit number one on Amazon it is a prophetic word with a
bunch of teaching on the radical metamorphosis the radical change that is
coming in 2018 you don’t want to get your hands
on this book and if you’re in South Florida come see me tomorrow and I with
Chuck Pierce at the awakening House of Prayer amen bless

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  2. Exactly what I do ALL DAY Just put my headphones on and nobody knows if I'm talking on phone or not! CONSTANTLY Talking to our Great YAHWEH Elohim!

  3. I pray in tongues, praise in tongues and I sing in tongues. I also speak in different tongues my mom told your tongues change a lot. It might be different languages they are loud and strong at times too.

  4. The religious spirit stay believing Satan's lies stay denying. They always say things like the Apostolic and Pentecost are evil etc. I googled my tongues on Google speak it said it did not understand me. I tried it again it said I said go somewhere that was not on the map.

  5. Hi woman of God why others in occult people they can speak in other languages that it also their words are not perceivable …why they are speaking too..?

  6. Fantastic, Jennifer, beautifully stated, what a blessing to hear about our Heavenly language!  HalleluYah!!!!!!!!  Blessings in Christ Jesus name!

  7. I love this! It's the language the devil doesn't understand. You know it's just gotta make him mad! The devil did not want you to know this strategy. He often uses unknowing family members to stop or harm us. I know firsthand. I'm not a specific denominational Christian but I was surrounded by Pentecostal, Apostolic, Church of God Christians. I do know speaking in tongues is real! It's definitely real. It's a weapon in our arsenal! I've read stories from the coal fields of WV where a preacher would pray in tongues & it was in the language of the immigrant miner. And, oh how I love those older women prayer warriors!

  8. I was saved in a pentacostal church at 11. When I gave my heart to Jesus some men spoke in tongues at the altar and a word came. It was God speaking directly to me in the interpretation! I'll never forget that. I've had some other Christians, mostly Baptist but I love my Baptist brothers and sisters, that have told me that Satan was really working against me at that time. Now, I'm not a perfect man, I've back slid a couple of times, but I've been through some refining fire and I love to pray and sing in tongues.

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  11. I like to listen to these videos while working around the house. I usually have it right next to where I am, the general vicinity…. but with your videos, I cannot do that. I have to stand right ontop of the computer or sit because of the low volume quality. The acoustics of your surrounding limits the volume. Please, in future videos, do not stand in the open room as I would love to listen as I work

  12. The “tongues” Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians are producing today is an entirely self-created phenomenon. It is non-cognitive non-language utterance; random free vocalization based upon a subset of the existing sounds of the speaker’s native language, and any other language(s) the speaker may be familiar with or have had contact with. It is typically characterized by repetitive syllables, plays on sound patterns, and over-simplification of syllable structure. “Tongues” may be either spoken or sung. Due to the nature of how it is produced, no two people will ever have the same “tongue”.

    There is nothing that these ‘speakers’ are producing that cannot be explained in natural linguistic terms.

    Conversely, there are no Biblical references to ‘tongues” that cannot be explained with respect to real language.

    Early Pentecostal/Charismatic ‘tongues-speakers’ looked for Scriptural references for what they were doing, since their original supposition (xenoglossy) definitely wasn’t it; however, Scriptural references were simply not there. The resulting implicit theology was not a synthesis of revelation and philosophy, but rather a synthesis of trying to make sense of the “tongues experience” in light of the narrative of Scripture.

    In other words, a way to legitimize the modern phenomenon by ‘proofing‘ it in the Bible, despite the obvious overwhelming absence therein of anything resembling modern tongues – call it what you will, but the result was a virtual re-definition of Scripture with respect to the understanding/justification of modern “tongues” for this group of Christians.

    Two of the best examples of this classic re-definition are the phrase “praying in the Spirit”, and the word “tongue(s)” itself.

    The Greek word translated “pray in” can have several different meanings/nuances. It can mean “by means of,” “with the help of,” “in the sphere of,” and “in connection to.” Praying in the Spirit does not refer to the words we are saying. Rather, it refers to how we are praying.

    In the three places the phrase is used (Corinthians, Ephesians, and Jude), there is absolutely no reference to 'languages' in connection with the phrase. Therefore, “praying in the Spirit” should be understood as praying in the power of the Spirit, by the leading of the Spirit, and according to His will. In Pentecostal/Charismatic parlance however, the phase has come to be equated with 'pray in tongues'. A reading into Scripture of something that was just never there.

    The word “tongue(s)” is simply a more archaic word for (real) “language(s)”, nothing more. Replace “tongue(s)” with “language(s)” in these passages and the whole modern Pentecostal/Charismatic concept of “tongues” begins to become difficult to posit – “language(s)” sounds a lot less mysterious. In Pentecostal/Charismatic parlance however, the phase has come to be equated with the modern concept of “tongues-speech”. Again, a reading into Scripture something that was never there.

    “Tongues” is simply not what its ‘speakers’ want/need it to be.

    Modern tongues is just another tool, like chanting or meditation, etc.; a way by which one may establish a closer relationship with the divine and strengthen one’s spiritual path. In this respect (i.e. as the tool it is), it can be quite powerful to accomplish this goal. Known by many different names, “tongues”, or more accurately “glossolalia”, is practiced by many cultures and religious beliefs from all over the world; it is relatively new to Christianity and certainly not unique to it.

    “Interpretation of tongues”, frequently going hand-in-hand with ‘speaking in tongues’, may also be said to be a self-created phenomenon. Interpretation is ‘spiritual improv’ of sorts, inspired by one’s deep faith and beliefs. Interpretations are characterized by being (typically) inordinately longer than the actual glossic utterance, rather generic and non-specific in nature, and perhaps not surprisingly, open to multiple non-related ‘interpretations’. In “tongues”, a ‘big brown dog, can also be a ‘small white cat’. These latter two characteristics do not suggest anything that is divinely inspired.

    The common come-back is that God/the Holy Spirit gives different interpretations to different people. Pentecostal Darwinism does not exist – there’s no mutation or transformation of one message into several for the sake of justifying an obvious discrepancy. If this were the case, it would completely eradicate the need for ‘tongues’ in the first place.

    As an aside, one can not “fake tongues” – what is there to fake? Random free vocalization is random free vocalization. Neither is the modern phenomenon “satanic”, or “demonic” or “evil” – not agreeing with a particular practice just because it does not fit into your “box” of what Christianity should be, and thus labeling it as ‘satanic/demonic/evil’, is religiocentrism in the extreme. And by the way, if it’s supposedly a heavenly/angelic language, then it’s also Satan’s mother tongue (considering in most traditions he himself is a fallen angel) – why would you think he would not understand it?

  13. Can you please improve the sound when you are talking from the church? At all videos that are made inside the church is a very low sound.
    Thank you

  14. The cast out demons, heal the sick, speak in tongues are only for the times of Book of Acts and the day of Pentecost …..if preaching the word is also only for those times. They asked the power to preach but also the power to heal. And it is written that these are signs which are accompanies those who are believing not being specified the time/s but only that are proves, evidence for those who are not believing ( in front of them). And now, i believe that it is in the world such great and extinguish unbelieve, that maybe there are needed such signs which accompanies the believers. But we need from the heavenly Father the gift of discerning spirits bcz as we know, satan is an imitator and he can transform himself even into an angel of light.

  15. Sometimes when i pray in tongues hahahah my brain en sometimes the devil tales me is these real, And come on every time he comes again is these real, oh the devil and the flesh is so real to me…

    i tank you holy spirit for the gift of tongues in Jesus name,

    Greetings from out the nederland,

  16. I have never seen an example of "tongues" that was not accompanied with some form of mental illness. I will be convinced when you use the Scriptures to prove your case rather than your feelings.

  17. Tongues of angels is a colloquialism, Paul also didn't mean he could have known all the mysteries either or that it was possible to move a physical mountain. You have to absolutely rip those bible verses out context, kicking and screaming, while twisting them to say what you've said. Also, the lady you say "spoke in Chinese", her name was Agnes Ozman, and if you are going to state history, don't change. Agnes wrote in "Chinese" and when it was looked at by those who could actually read Chinese it was found to be false, not Chinese, nothing more than gibberish. That movement sent entire groups of people to the mission field and they ALL had to come back because they didn't have tongues, it was PROVEN to be a farce. You can't manipulate text to say what you want it to say. People this lady is a Charlatan, RUN AWAY!

  18. Someone lied on me and I need prayer so that my name will be cleared I want the truth to come out thank you for your prayers and I give God all of the glory

  19. Tongues are defently of God in Mark 16 it's one of the signs of a believer, in Ephesiap 6 it's a weapon of warfare, in Jude it's to build up the believer.. These are just a few. What we must be careful of is the enemies version of it which is fake "they come hissing like snakes ,barking like dogs etc Which I believe isn't of God .. I myself pray in tongues, but was confused at one point due to false doctrines wide spread today , but I could never deny my experience ..

    There is also a huge difference between the gifts and the prayer language of tongues. Everyone who believes has the prayer language , but not everyone has the gift which must be interpreted.. When one prayed in tongues we speak directly to God and build ourselv3s up in most holy faith, that's why the enemy don't want us praying in the spirit .. Tongues is a weapon and it builds up the believer ..

    In the book of ACT 2 they spoke in many languages unknown to the speaker yet known to the many listeners.. In Corinthians tongues is for now because once were in heaven we won't need it anymore..

    Tongues as all God has and does , the enemy trys to mock God and makes a fake version of everything God has or does.. If he don't come up with a fake version he twist scripture and get folks to believe his lies which clearly go against the truth of God..

    Believe and Receive the Holy Spirit and praying in the spirit..

  20. Jud 1:20  But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,  it doesn't mention tongues.

  21. What is next all the shaking and involuntary movement and passing out on the floor like some do just to be noticed. for those who knew his teaching Pastor Murray knowing Greek walked into a Pentecostal church and stood up and spoke John chapter one in Greek and 3 people in that church stood up to interpret it and none of them got even one word right now i do not know what that says to this young lady but to me it says that its all comes from ones bloated ego and not the Holy Spirit

  22. Chinese and Spanish are my mankind tongues and possibly The tongue of Nigeria also The tongue Jesus spoke and heavenly tongue but I don't care for people trying to force others it will happen when God is ready to deal with you. Also the lady who said use Jesus name don't rebuke because the world wants everyone to use all names except JESUS

  23. When you belong to God you always belonged to JESUS CHRIST GOD those who do not never will belong to GOD JESUS CHRIST.

  24. As I was speaking in tongues God showed me heaven opened up and Angel's coming down around me and Gods glory and power just pouring down from heaven on me around me surrounding me!! Thank You Jesus

  25. That is so funny! You put in your earbuds and they all think your speaking in some language they don't know….I loved that! Problem is that I can't fool my family….how do you do it around your husband who is still in the Baptist bondage?

  26. AMEN Jennifer! Praise God for you! None of the word of God has passed away! THE WORD OF GOD STANDS ALONE IN IT'S FULLNESS! GOD WOKE ME UP to this in 2013, and I can now walk in the POWER of the Lord Jesus! I don't deny His power any longer! I NEVER want to go back to my picking and choosing what to believe about the Word….that was UNBELIEF that I had to confess! TWA-LA! After confessing this, the Lord was able to reveal Himself to me as He could trust me to STAND upon what HE says about the word…not what I say…. May you who do not believe things of the Bible like tongues become teachable to the Lord! Do not choose what one man says over another! The Holy Spirit is our teacher! Tell Him so, and ask Him to forgive you of the sin of unbelief! YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER!!!!
    When I did this and stopped ignoring the gift God gave me (the Holy Spirit), and began to speak to the Holy Spirit face-to-face, I felt like a new believer! I finally stopped showing partiality to the Holy Spirit, and told Him He was equal to Jesus and God! I had such joy after that that my kids said I had become like an angel in the way I was parenting! The Lord was able to lead me in such direct ways that I did amazing feats for Him, and I could finally OVERCOME the Enemy through the power of the blood of Jesus and His Name! This is how I perceive it…. "I found the final piece of the pie (acknowledging and receiving the GIFT Jesus gave me), and am now a COMPLETE Christian!"

  27. Please provide the Scripture, other than 1 Corinthians 13:1 (which the Holy Spirit has revealed not to be a literal tongue of angels, but a figure of speech – to say "even if there were a language of angels and you understood it but don't have charity"), that describes that there is a real language of angels that the Holy Spirit gives us the "gift of tongues" to speak it. I cannot find it and the Holy Spirit has been really clear on EVERYTHING, so why would He be unclear about this language?

  28. I googled my tongues once a word came out from my tongue it says custodia meaning custody in english it also means like the body of christ like the one for communion i believe in spanish. It's amazing.

  29. Yeah ! Grew up church of Christ & heard the same lies about tongues; then got the baptism of Holy Tongues in 1993 at age 32. HalleluYah! Praise Yahuah

  30. Mark 15:34

    In this Scripture, The Lord Jesus Christ Speaks in Heavenly Language (Speaking In Tongue)

    Because in this passage , it says…"which is being interpreted…" meaning the people around him do not know what he is talking about. They thought that the Lord Jesus Christ is talking to Elias…

    Also in
    Mark 5:41
    Mark 7:33

    In all, three instances the Lord Jesus Christ speaks in Heavenly Language (Speaks in Tongues).

  31. I googled my tongues and have found translations for them. One of them means "he is safe" in the Shona language from Zimbabwe, while another one means "repair" in Estonian.

  32. Your a blessing sis! I even pray in tongues in my dreams. The body sleeps, but not our soul! The Bible says in the book of Job that the Lord speaks to us through our dreams and instructs us as well.

  33. Hey American you think you discovered God!! And praying, in tongues means speaking in the tongue , is speaking in different languages! Read the full book of Corinthians you pagan! Read Isaiah in full! You are leaning on your own wisdom! Your faith is a bubble! God doesn't live in a bubble

  34. We are supposed to recite God's word in the language we received it in… Hmmm Hebrew was what Moses and Jesus spoke, ! Sound from heaven. That Moses interprets perfectly not blah and blah then ask for $$$$$ for a Mercedes, like Benny hinn

  35. YEAH IM LEARNING YOUR CHILDISH AND DONT HAVE A LIFE!!!!! I DONT WANNA BE ANYWHERE NEAR YOU ON THE DAY OF RECONNING!!!WHAT SHE IS DOING Tactics OF SATAN! an is what this woman is doing! This lady is a goon. She doesn't know the translation of what she saying! Even Hallelujah means something, hmm sounds like a foreign language, hallelujah, does it sound English.. moron. Stop being vane you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING TO YOURSELF!!! LADY YOU ARRE THEE POSSESSED, BY THE DEVIL'S WORDS!!!! TWISTING THE WORDS OF GOD, YOU INVOKE THE DEVIL BY DOING THAT!!! MOCKING WHAT YIU DINT KNOW!

  36. Jesus read from Isaiah, he didn't come to change the old doctrine!! If you lady or we Chang 1 single iotA of the covenant of Moses we are guilty as the devil in the day of judgment!!! You cannot twisted the truth,

  37. My own son told me to becareful speaking in tongues that I was speaking to some Hindu god! He's saved and married to a Jezebel

  38. You are one of the best I’ve ever watched thank you for spreading his truth God Bless you Jennifer ❤️

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