A Desperate Mothers’ Prayer

Let us pray. Father God I am a child of God What I am not is a home school teacher God. I’m at home but Lord ain’t no teaching going on round here. Father God I am your humble servant What I am not is a math teacher God Lord God the spirit of common core Has attacked our household and right now the only thing we have in common is frustration and no answer to the math problem Lord God. I asked that you send down your angels of the carry over Lord. Teach her that if you carry the one over to the tenth place You can get the answer Lord God. Lord God I am a layman in your vineyard. What I am not is a cafeteria lady Lord. Yet again the devil has attacked and sent down a tapeworm onto my child Lord God. And I need you to help her understand Lord. That just cause there is a refrigerator don’t mean the door got to be open And just cause there is a stove don’t mean the eye has to be on I am not Denny’s IHOP, Shoney’s, nor Waffle House Lord God. Lord God right now I need her to understand Is times are tough right now Lord God. But I see if things continue the way that they are going Lord God. Not only am I your child but I’m going to be an inmate. Cause I’m going to jail Lord God. I don’t look good in orange, I don’t look good in a jumpsuit. Lord God. But Lord I ask Lord that you change the way things are going right now Father God and bless every teacher cause they have a special place in heaven. Ain’t no way that I could do it Lord God ain’t no way. Amen, amen, amen

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