A New Normal – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/17/20

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that’s surface comm slash laptop 3 welcome I’m Adam and I’m norm people
watching the or just listening to the audio won’t realize that we are not
together in the same room this week because this is yeah yeah yeah we’re
practicing the good practice the recommended practice of social
distancing so we’re all in our relative spaces but connected to the magic of
Technology how’s everyone doing I’m doing pretty okay uh shit’s weird yo I
haven’t left the house at 10 days seriously seriously
really we pulled my daughter from school last Monday and we haven’t I mean I went
for a couple of walks but I haven’t seen other viewings if my wife and my
daughter since Friday a week ago I’m gonna go tell you this is I was prepared
for this this is what I’ve been working on for 20 years like no human contact
let’s do it I’m good to go no it’s hard this whole thing’s hard I’m
texting with my mom just for a second alright yes so this is really peculiar isn’t it Oh
strange times obviously we have a lot of listeners not just in the US but across
the globe and every country’s doing a little differently you know the what’s
going on around the world it’s happening at different rates and different paces
everyone’s in a different stage in the States we can kind of talk about how
things have changed over the past week since we talked on Monday a week ago
because last Monday you know while we were gonna be cautious and we had a
general sense of the dangers it really escalated over over the weekend and I
want to state at the outset while definitely I am politically outspoken on
on my social channels I think that we’re gonna want to keep this to the podcast
that it has been you know it’s a very weird time right now and you know the
question is what everyone’s asking is what can I do you know there are some
tremendous resources out there and being built out there for people to figure out
the ways in which they can stay safe and keep their families safe
that this isn’t the podcast to listen to for like all the current information no
right you know it’s like somebody tweeted a couple of days ago and I found
this quite stabilizing to hear it stated so nakedly no one on the planet knows
what the next two months are going to be like like what we’re going through has
never been gone through before and how we go through it is is anybody’s guess
you know I’m looking at Italy which is supposedly about ten days ahead of us
and it sounds like things are gonna get really really rough I hope that
everybody out there listening stopped going to bars I saw the footage of
people in bars and Brooklyn and in New Orleans and Miami and it’s making me
crazy yeah it’s it’s I mean so I’ve been
through a couple of hurricanes when I was a kid and it
I lasted I were sitting here on like Thursday night
we got like our we’re ready to go like we have our food and stuff is stocked
where we have enough toilet paper to make it through next week like everybody
should and you know we were sitting here and I was like there’s nothing else to
do there’s literally nothing else to do all I can do is sit here and wait for
the start of this thing that’s going to simply be bad and and like in a lot of
ways that was more frustrating but then the thing that came on top of that for
me that made my anxiety really bad and I apologize in advance but you know if
you’re in a hurricane there’s always the feeling that you can get in the car and
drive a few hundred miles and you know what is a world altering storm will be a
bad thunderstorm maybe a little bit of light flooding and with this there’s
nowhere you can go right that’s the thing that’s the scariest for me is that
we’re all here I mean the comforting side of that is that Everett literally
everyone the whole planet is in it together but I mean that’s what the hope
is I mean look I’ve been talking about a shift in
consciousness I was watching a movie last night in which two characters
kissed hello like like this yeah and I was like yeah yeah we I was we were we
were watching something ads popped up last night and I was like with this ad
is making very company idea what they were sharing french fries I mean it’s
also it’s it’s underbelly understandably frustrating like very frustrating for so
many people like we can say the three of us feel like sounds like we’re pretty
prepared and heard people I don’t know when’s the last time you guys went out
to to buy supplies I went out over the weekend and you could feel the tension
like it was somewhat of a normal shopping experience going to a grocery
store but people are definitely eyeing each other you know there are aisles
that were empty even in you know a grocery store in San Francisco that gets
resupplied and that’s I mean that’s gonna be those those stores are not
gonna be completely empty right like the resupplies are gonna happen and there’s
no reason to panic and I think there’s a kind of a backlash against a kind of
unreasonable panic which isn’t what we’re advocating and I think a lot of
that is manifested in the frustration that people feel for like people the
service industry and all the all the people are being affected by
this yeah yeah one of the restaurants my son works at sorry the restaurant one of
my son’s works at just closed for two weeks and that’s a tough order for a lot
of restaurants for two weeks can be nearly fatal to many of them running on
type March and citizen business most keenly affected by exactly this kind of
slowdown and plans existing plans right not just travel plans you heard people
obviously the big parks and theme parks have shut down and there were photos on
social media yesterday of the it’s the last night before like Walt Disney World
shutting down and it was packed and like I’m trying to put myself in the mindset
of those people but in summer goes I can I can get it if they’re already there
they’ve their pot committed right it’s so tough when you’re right there to make
this call to not go and as you’re going to get closer we know people who have
you know weddings or have other plans and they might not want to cancel now
because they want to wait it out but as they get closer today then it gets even
harder to even want to cancel those things well our friends at xoxo the
festival of in Portland that we’ve all been to announce that they’re canceling
twenty twenty like it’s it’s and that’s in September the the thing that has
become clear and and honestly the reason like you’re early hoarding of toilet
paper isn’t effective is that when New York City shut down schools yesterday
they said hey you should be prepared we’re gonna go until April 30th but we
should be prepared to not have kids go back to school until the fall at this
point right right this is this could be the new normal for a period of not weeks
but months and and we need to be prepared for that
that’s your yeah completely and I’m going to make a tangent here
away from this bleakness just for a second to say did any of you read the
article about the toilet paper supply chain no it’s valid it’s totally
fascinating toilet paper is one of these industries dorm that is has a completely
flat delivery curve there they sell the same amount of toilet paper no matter
what it’s there is no growth than there is no dip and so if you attempted
– if you attempted to make more toilet paper to fit a certain need you would
end up with a glut of it later and it is something called like the whip effect
within the supply chain oh yeah yeah ripple effect I think right now isn’t it
named I thought it was named after the yeah no I don’t know I don’t know
at any rate wait what were they saying hold on this point is no papers all made
locally like you write a paper on crate containers because it doesn’t make
financial sense because it’s too bulky into Mike right it’s a high cost for
volume and so all the factories are placed strategically so it’s only a
day’s drive to wherever they go and all the toilet paper factories have been
running totally autonomously 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 and a quarter
days a year for decades Wow holy smokes this whole thing is just going and
there’s no way to like it it’s doing what it’s doing and so there will be
plenty of toilet paper that’s right for science fiction writing look Adams in
the pocket a big toilet paper over here we gotta watch out a big bidet that
panicky stuff like I saw that Sean Bonner posted a thing from Japan maybe
two or three weeks ago now that was like hey there’s no toilet paper in Japan
right now and and I think if you would go back and trace that like it’s it’s a
known phenomenon oh the thing that people like people who are in a
panicking situation they get to the store the things that they were coming
for aren’t there and they buy whatever the biggest thing is that makes them
feel better about buying stuff and toilet paper is nice and big and bulky
and it fits that bill so there’s there’s some real weird psychology going on
there around that which I didn’t understand or know about before well it
took Maggie out for a walk two days ago I went to I I went to do some I haven’t
been panic buying but I have been slowly just making sure that we’re buttoned
down honestly the thing the most important
ingredients to me or butter and salt I could eat a full carbon box if I had
enough butter and salt at the andronicus over in the sunset and
while the lines to check everyone had big full carts to check out everyone was
very cordial and I’ve been noticing in San Francisco in general a kind of a
holy shit were in this together sort of vibe that I really appreciate the people
out at the bars at night notwithstanding and it didn’t have to wait too long to
check out it was only about 20 20 minutes in line before I was able to
check out so things aren’t totally crazy here and thank goodness I mean and we
have to be cognizant of the fact that the three of us are all married
relatively older and we’re okay you know Netflix and and staying at home
and right and but I have a Cohoes mate who’s in his 20s and it’s tough right
he’s like I don’t have you and your family and your dog right and all my
friends some of them are going out and they’re texting right now and I’m like
don’t don’t and it’s it’s really rough for for those people who are there
normal is a very much more social life than than ours well it’s pretty I was
just saying we’ve been talking about this on some of the discourse I’m on a
lot lately and and a lot of people are shifting their kind of social
interactions online in that way whether it’s like there were people just playing
board games in in discord I’m using the computer as the intermediary using what
tabletop simulator or something the other night I was like this is like this
is this is a wonderful way to get some human interaction if you’re home alone
that isn’t gonna be high risk or potentially spread because because
remember the goal of this whole thing in the flattening the curve thing the whole
point is reduce the number infection spread because we don’t know when we’re
contagious right so right so going out to get groceries is one thing going out
to go hang out with your friends play some you know FIFA or NBA 2k or whatever
is maybe less less good I was gonna say the whole thing reminds me my
grandmother it was it was British and was born in 1919 so she was a teenager
at the start of World War two and was in her early twenties when it when the war
/ or late teens early 20s and she grew up she was in London during the way
sorry in the second world war goddess Second World War
yes he was born in 1919 and and was like yeah served in the in the British Army
and the whole thing during World War two lived in London was stationed there and
she would tell when I was in high school we would talk a lot about what was like
to be there during the Blitz because you know it was a pretty unprecedented time
the whole city was being bombed on the daily by the Germans and they had made
massive massive sacrifices in in the war effort and and the thing that we think
the stories were all over the place some of them were SADS and we’re about a
neighbor’s house catching a bomb some of them were you know about the Germans
starting bombing early one day and some old codger on the bus saying oh Jerry’s
out in early today and like everybody on the bus having a good laugh but the
upshot is you have to keep going and keep doing the things that you’re that
that you need to do so that when things are better you’re prepared to work to
make them better right you’re like that’s the that’s the goal and I think
that up like we’re not fighting an opponent that we can defeat with guns or
punching or yeah whatever your favorite way of dealing with Nazis is but but
like that idea of we’re all in it together and everybody’s helping
everybody out is important well so by two things that that reminded me of one
is that my my grandmother who died in 2005 at the age of 105 holy cow yeah
actually contracted and survived the Spanish flu in 1918 Wow
yeah right and the other one I wanted to tell you was oh right so I’m talking to
you on my new MacBook Pro I finally upgraded to the four terabyte drive
because my creative projects folder took over my computer and aided alive a lot
I’ve seen that folder it’s a lot of folder there’s a lot of folder and so I
bought one of those privacy screen protectors that you can buy that
magnetized onto your thing and they’ve got this lovely little this lovely
little nubbin for putting over camera to stop your camera from being
visible right well the laptops sat in a bag with the screen protector on it and
the screen protector as thin as it is keeps the laptop open just the tiniest
bit and the nubbin shattered the screen right where it was sitting oh my god oh
oh yeah so I got I was I was in LA early last week I got to LA to open my laptop
to see the screen just a wall of destruction Wow
so I said Apple the screen got repaired it was they did it on warranty it was
great Wow and I went to the Apple store Friday
afternoon to get it and that was a scene man so this is the Apple store on Union
Square right which has that wall yeah of course
so the windows were closed well we’ll talk about allergies in a second yeah the windows were closed and the whole
staff was behind the first row of tables which had statutes between them so a
security guard asked you what you were there for and if you were there to pick
something up he let you in just like 10 feet from you and everybody you stood
there you said your name you held up your ID when they looked at it but
didn’t touch it then they then they brought you a bag when they brought me a
bag with my laptop in and that hold my laptop out of the bag was all like no
contact transfer yeah and listen the rain here with the pollen bloom has been
kicking my faces ass oh the night last night I’m like I got the virus I’m sure
well there’s there’s a thing there’s a thing with the tree pollen and the
allergies and the fact that anxiety causes shortness of breath for me at
least now it’s been it’s like you have a really good sneezing coughing finding
like oh god oh god this is it this is it this is the big one no it’s fine
everybody I mean everybody’s anxious is the thing it’s not about the sneezes
either oh no sir clean all you want yeah you guys watching anything Diaz are you
guys anything on your list I’m not go I’m
burning through the West Wing yes let’s see I I was looking at Netflix in the
night and saw the contagion and outbreak were on the top 10 and I was like oh
people you’re making a horrible mistake here so I would watch Castlevania
instead that was much better that council may be animated show is
really all over the place but really neat it’s a Warren Ellis written written
thing and it the animations lovely and it’s it’s much more comprehensible than
the Witcher was so I’d say both outbreak and contagion while they’re there big
leaps in the science there’s so really well made movies and it’s interesting
too we did actually watch contagion last week it’s funny to watch that with after
you know being inundated with all the news because it’s like you know more
than the characters as just observer like I know exactly what he’s talking
about when they’re trying to explain to me they are not number 4 you know the
virus and contagion it’s like yeah and it’s actually comforting to some extent
because it’s all fiction well the thing too one of the things we’ve been doing
is you said we’ll in terms of socially getting together as we’ve been putting
people on skype or zoom actually which we really like and just putting them on
the computer and chatting while we’re like cooking that’s why we do that at
meals sometimes with my parents and friend and stuff like that but and we
were chatting last night we think to and he said he watched contagion recently
and I didn’t remember this but he was like the Gweneth Paltrow death scene is
one of the most brutal things he’d ever seen and he needed to turn off the movie
at that point which is shocking from this kid grew up on Tarantino III so
Gina and I watched that movie we had the flu maybe around the time we spent you
probably like 2012 2011 and we were so sick that we just made a bed on the
floor of the living room because it was closer to the bathroom than the bedroom
yeah and we were laying there we’re like let’s watch this movie about Greta
thought well maybe about getting sick and by about the end of the second act
we were both pretty convinced that we were doomed and that we were the the
beginning of a viral pandemic it’s it’s uh it’s thick it’s the Kate
Winslet cut that that gets me every time the don’t touch your face and then she
starts coughing well when she gives her jacket to someone or it’s it’s a yeah
it’s I’m if I spoil it for people haven’t seen it but yes it’s the most
it’s the after it’s the after-effects of the thing that got me in that movie more
than anything else I think the seeing the people who were the survivors
dealing with the world as it as it ended up was was challenging so yeah anyway
before we continue on with the show I won’t let you know that support for
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learn more that’s surface comm slash laptop 3 now back to the show I have
watched him I’ve watched 19:17 now twice and I’ve been burning through all the
behind-the-scenes footage I can find of it I am so blown away by that movie yes
I know I should go see it in a theater I don’t get out to the movies a lot and I
think it’ll be a while however I’ve got a nice screen here in the house to watch
it on and I rarely watch a movie in which I know as I’m watching it that I’m
gonna watch it again and again and again cuz I just want to spend time in the
space between these characters it’s an amazing achievement both technologically
but also Meredith Lee and performance wives holy cow have you see you guys yes
I haven’t seen it yet I was waiting to see the theaters but I guess I’ll just
watch it at home now cuz you know Adam I mean we’re gonna spoil the this plot for
you will but for Adam when you were watching it at least the first time did
you try to hold yourself back from noticing the cuts or could you not help
but try to pick them out and your Rane so I can’t help but try to pick
them out the the problem is is unlike wrote this is not a movie with four cuts
this is a movie with hundreds and hundreds of cuts in it they’re just
really really beautifully done and I didn’t realize this but they really so I
read this long interview with the editor and yeah you heard about how the film
was cut it was cut as they shot yeah they had to because you had to pick the
scene but not only that they had to adjust the timing and the pacing of each
scene so that it worked with everything they were doing up until then there was
no get out of jail free card for changing the pacing so whole scenes were
we reading as they were going in order to alter the pacing every single day
this is and so they couldn’t they liked the studio couldn’t come back at the end
of the film and be like we need to cut ten minutes from the middle of this
movie because there’s no but not even that well they couldn’t usually you know
when you could start the editing process you go through your takes right and some
of these shots had up to fifty fifty four takes per shot and those takes had
to be reviewed and chosen before they shot the next shot test for matching
purposes yeah every take every there were I think one of the most common cuts
in the film is a clever white that reads every single time something crosses most
of the frame it’s a white yeah and that allowed them to really break this down
into and there are some takes that are five and four and five minutes long but
they’re I think they’re in the minority well that didn’t burn man to write like
it was a lot of like following following the walk and then the camera would cut
left to go into a different room and it would cut on that on that door jamb or
whatever except that for Birdman they use the passage of time differently like
number in Birdman they would Pan the camera outside a window and then have
like a time lapse of the Sun and so wasn’t this continuous quote-unquote you
know two hours two and a half hours and there’s only one of that here I don’t
want to say exactly how they do it but they didn’t use computer-controlled
camera systems they didn’t they weren’t able to say match you know yeah it
wasn’t like match this shot with this shot yeah handheld
stabilizers and norm to that and that was one of the things I found the most
astounding about the narrative of 1917 is in its passage of time because while
the film is in a single shot there is one cut that you know about that that
occurs the film really does plasticize time as you move through the narrative
and there’s a couple of scenes in which he is in transit and even though the in
transit might in the film only be seven or eight minutes of footage by the time
he gets off his transit you feel like it’s been a couple of hours there’s a
way in which Mendis plays with the oscillation of excitement and boredom
that this is something I’m gonna keep in watching to kind of understand because
there’s a mastery of the of the beats of narrative in this film that’s
illuminating stuff I didn’t know before about storytelling and it’s like the
kind of time distortion effects either the watching that’s Heep the the kettle
right there are moments that’s intentionally the the the character is
you know the for all intents and purposes watching water boil and time
slows down for him but that’s what he gets his breath because it is continuous
and the exhaustion that you feel as if viewer is supposed to be there because
it’s amplified in like the exhaustion he’s feeling throughout that day and the
performances of the two lead actors um you know you always it’s they were
really specific I read that they wanted to cast people to unknowns people you
didn’t know because you wanted to feel fresh about
it and they’re it’s super remarkable the achievement is gobsmacking and I’ll
watch this I literally I’ll probably watch it again this afternoon it’s so
good yeah I watched the you know the people who make the toys that made us
documentaries on Netflix did a series of four on the movies that made us write I
think yes four movies are my hard dirty dancing
and I don’t remember the fourth one as ghostbusters good I got that one there’s
Ghostbusters Dirty Dancing die hard and something else anyway I was home alone
home Rumble up alright The Dirty Dancing episode last night and holy cow what an
amazing like I I already love the movie right we all love that everybody loves
the movie you can’t not love the movie yeah but I I didn’t know having seen
that as a teenager but I didn’t know or give a shit about abortion really
knowing how they tied how the writer like was like hey this is a movie about
you know dancing and growing up and coming of age and also like this
specific period of time it was fascinating hearing the story of how
they managed to keep that keep the message in the movie without losing that
without losing that through the whole thing is it’s a it was fasting hearing
about Patrick Swayze constantly injuring himself constantly hurting himself but I
also really appreciate it in this series I mean the narration gets a little
behind the music at times however I really liked how they include a lot of
the negative stuff that happened on each of these films like they dished some
real dirt on some of the actors and even though you have very few a-list actors
showing up in any of those any of the programs you still feel like you didn’t
just get the studio’s version of how it was to shoot a movie and I appreciate
that yeah yeah I thought it was fascinating I’ve watched that one did I
heard one the Ghostbusters when I have to watch the home alone ones doll but
the Ghostbusters one it’s very funny when they start talking about how yeah
you never had any idea when bill was gonna show up on set where are you in
West Wing Adam if you’re burning through that we are in the middle of season four
post the reelection okay it turns out this is a season that
I turns out that I watched up to the end of season three and then stopped because
a little brand new I all the Josh Malina stuff I had never seen before
he’s a controversial character especially in my home oh really he’s
what he’s controversial and and you know he for who don’t know right he was
brought in to replace Rob Lowe Sam Norman Seaborn and and so Josh Malina is
the actor will Bailey is the character and the way he’s brought in he’s really
brought in as one of them he’s like actually you’re meant to really love him
because he’s like he’s very optimistic he’s competent he’s he writes he’s
brilliant he’s supposed to share all these same qualities and the character
really goes downhill they have to make him a character that I don’t think fans
wanted by the end of this show so I’m curious I’m curious to see what you
think Josh Malina on Twitter he’s one of also co-hosts the west wing weekly right
and he’s you know his Twitter profile is out you know I ruined West Wing the guy
who ruined West Wing yeah I I’m a huge Josh Malina fan because my first Aaron
Sorkin show is Sports Night we’ve talked about I think that show is yeah and how
amazing he is on it look you know the West Wing is just bomb at the time that
I need bomb it’s a vision of it’s a vision of the world that is consistent
and lovely even if it’s fictional if you have time catch up to when they get to
season six end of season six ish because that’s the primaries for the next
election and to watch that in relative real-time with what’s going on in the
primaries here is is very surreal oh wow okay alright yeah we did we did that for
the last election and for whatever reason stopped watching stopped watching
right after the election I don’t know what changed it was it didn’t work last
time is all I know I did watch a movie the other night I was two things happen
I was scrolling through stuff and I discovered that there’s a Steven
Soderbergh film that I didn’t know about what’s Jeana the Jeana curry no one
called haywire yeah haywire yeah new or old
though 2011 with like Michael Douglas and Channing Tatum and like all of these
people in it yeah ever heard of it has 88 percent on
Rotten Tomatoes so I’m gonna watch that key ones knives out yet I goddamnit some reason we got to like 20
minutes from the end and we we paused and that was like two days ago we
haven’t gotten around to finishing this I really enjoy the looking lucky segue
sorry I was gonna ask you which which is your favorite terrible accent from
Daniel Craig actually to be fair I think Daniel Craig is right for a performance
that is so right on the edge of heavy duty scenery-chewing I feel like he he
holds it back just enough I think it’s a perfect performance I think it’s I love
it I think it’s completely intentional like I think I think the the epitome of
the foghorn leghorn southern accent that he does in that movie is is not an
accident like I like it clearly yeah yeah anyway I thought I found it more
believable than his accent and Logan lucky I like to look at lucky went a lot
because it is growing up in that part of the country it is laughably bad Logan lucky is terrific that yeah might
be one we watch cuz my wife hasn’t seen it oh yeah it’s a delight the way that
all comes together that one comes together it’s it’s like high-pitched
that as in oceans oceans 11 further for the you know mountain people so we’ve
mentioned contagion and now we’ve mentioned Logan lucky and this is a
perfect segue for me to talk about the fact that I have this I love Jennifer
Ehle she plays one of the researchers in contagion she’s most famous or has been
famous for playing the incredible lead in the BBC six our version of Pride and
Prejudice which if you haven’t watched the original Pride and Prejudice was
Colin Firth as mr. Darcy that is a fantastic thing to watch right now it is
I’ve watched it two or three times all the way through it’s a magnificent
adaptation but Logan lucky has Katharine Waterston in it who was the star
alien covenant and a bunch of other wonderful stuff and she and Jennifer
Ehle sort of hold this similar place in my brain of like this very smart awesome
female character actors who just are terrific and everything people put them
in their birth a young Meryl Streep’s very much so we watched we’ve been watching shits
Creek just as a kind of comfort food thing to dip into when when you’re when
it’s the end of the day and you don’t want to think anymore it is amazing how
every episode of that we’re midway through the second season every episode
of that is better than the ones that came before and and they’re as they
discover who those characters it’s really fun to watch them these people
who have been doing this together for such a long time figure out what the
care who the characters are and and put them together and Eugene Levy is just so
guileless and horrific in that show it’s it’s very there’s a scene early on when
when they asked him to do it eulogy he they asked me we have Paul
Bearer for somebody who died in town that he doesn’t know and he’s just
sitting there and you immediately see the wheels turning how can I get out of
this how can I get out of this I’m gonna get it I have a bad back then day later
they come back and like well you’ll Aegean stead this person at all it is it
is absolutely brilliant and such a treat if you if you grew up watching
Christopher Guest movies it’s it’s it’s wonderful that there’s so much Eugene
Levy and Catherine heir and all those folks those guys are such can you
imagine like every time I watch them go I think about what an unbelievable lucky
pleasure it would be to watch them go on set and watch them workshop these scenes
in these characters with each other I I have you ever seen on waiting for
Guffman there’s some unbelievable behind the scenes material oh no I have the DVD
in the garage though I’ll go dig it out oh no no okay so um there is in the
behind the scenes material there is a oh my god the actress from party girl from
the new girl no not
Parker Posey hard compose excuse me yes Parker Posey yes the right got one Thank
You Emily Parker Posey filmed her own audition for
waiting for Guffman in character so she plays out this whole scene that her
character has written that is just it’s kind it’s mind-blowing it’s and it’s
amazing to watch it’s totally incredible and you feel watching the behind the
scene tutorial on Guffman is the closest I’ve gotten to feeling like I’m on set
because you do get to watch these guys talking about the experience and putting
the film together and putting these characters together
oh that sounds fabulous quick phone call no worries we’re actually gonna wrap it
up but obviously we’re watching a lot of stuff we’d love to know what people are
doing to help pass the time if you are you know self isolating if you have to
work from home this is gonna be the new normal for for a little bit I mean
especially you know for this podcast for sure so whilst we’ll try to keep on
doing this just to again have some semblance of normalcy and and it yep
we’ve got time on our hands we’ll be watching a lot of stuff we’d love to get
here recommendations and we’ll be sharing kind of like our own experiences
getting through this as well well and you know tested it’s going to be a no
touch no contact workplace for at least the next month so we’ll be shooting
videos in a wholly brand-new set of ways I think yeah figure that out this week
and yeah I I’ve been doing daily streams during the daytime so that people nice
to hang out and chat and some days we do talk about kovin stuff some days we do
no talking about kovat stuff depending whether people want to have breaks but
you can find them at twitch.tv slash not that Will Smith awesome and yeah
stay stay connected to people you know I think things like this things like what
we’re doing help it gives a sense that you’re not alone and it helps us to
honestly it’s good to see you guys even if we can’t be in the same room yeah and
we’ll hopefully be back next time but uh yeah next time we keep this going this
will still be a place you can visit yeah all right watch your hands guys
yeah watch it I’m gonna wash my hands right now that just felt dirty
I know hey guys

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