Alison Pill Screams In Shock Over Surprise Message From NASA Astronaut

Alison Pill Screams In Shock Over Surprise Message From NASA Astronaut

(audience clapping) – Hey, first of all, I love your dress. – [Alison] Thank you. – Secondly, meet Tim– – Hello.
– Have y’all met before? – No, we just met– I mean, we just introduced ourselves. – Just now, but now I’m scared
about whatever we just saw. (laughs)
– I know, I’m like– I don’t know what just–
– It either changes everything or it doesn’t change anything. – Yes, or absolutely nothing.
– No, yeah, determinism, you guys, it’s crazy.
– Yeah, I know– – Wow.
– I know, it’s intense, that show, you do a lot of intensing. So, but, you wrote a Glamour
article recently about mommy brain.
– Yeah. – And I know people question if it’s real. It’s real, people.
– It’s real. – Exactly, so what made you wanna do it? Were you just, like, crazy mom brain?
– Well, I– Right when I was pregnant,
this study came out, and it occurred to me as a sort of concept while I was pregnant, cause I was like, “Oh, I’m not thinking as
clearly as I used to,” and I felt really terrible
at first but then I was like, “Oh, no, your brain actually
physically changes,” like it’s not just me. It is part of the process, your brain physically
changes through pregnancy. – Everything physically changes. – Everything chang… everything changes. And it doesn’t go back. And it doesn’t go back.
– God Bless Spanx. Um… (laughs) – No kidding. You can’t.. it was actually really freeing because the one thing that should.. that can possibly prepare
you for motherhood is giving up any sense
of control. (laughs) Oh, I’ll never have that.
– Have that again. The illusion when you
were in your twenties that you were in control, is like totally just
laid to waste. (laughs) – You’re so funny. (laughs) You recently did a Cabaret show. – Yeah. – We were talking about this backstage, did you always wanted
to do a Cabaret show? – Yes (laughs) – I love you for that. That’s so random – Yeah, no like.. when
I was eleven years old, there’s this Jazz singer named Holly Cole and she was my Heroine
when I was growing up and when I was eleven I
went to see her at this University show and my
friend went with me. We were the youngest in the audience by fifty years. (laughs) Cause nobody was like, hey
there’s a Jazz Trio, cool. (laughs) But since that point, I’ve
loved the old standards, I’ve always wanted to do it. But I never… I moved to
New York when I was eighteen, and I was like, I started..
“Yeah I can sing a little, sure I’ll do some auditions for musicals.” But it turns out, when you’re trying not
to vomit from nerves… – [Tim] (laughs)
– [Kelly] (laughs) it’s not great for singing.
– No. So I’m like “whoaaa”, so I was just like terrified
of singing in public, in a real, you know, environment. – You don’t look terrified,
you look awesome. – Yeah, thanks. Um, we had a lot of fun. My friend Lem J and I just decided, you know we’re all gonna die. (laughs) – Well, okay, well there you go. There you go. – Right? You all are, you’re going to. – Let’s do a show. – Okay. – I do get what you’re saying though, in a sense of life is short
– Life is short. might as well do what you want to do. – This is been like a dream, and then I called up
Feinsteins and Fratellos. I was like “Hi, can I do a show there?” (laughs) and they said “Yeah” and so I said “okay I
guess I’m doing a show.” – That’s so cool, though. I do people think should
do things like that. It sounded dark how things you lead it. (laughs) But I get what you’re saying though. Because life is short, you never know. So you should always
do what you want to do. – The fear that blocks
you from doing the things that might make you happy
– Yeah. should not be blocking you, I mean you should just
embrace it and say… I ended up having a blast. – Yeah,
– It was really cool. and you wouldn’t have know
that unless you did it. Do you sing as well? – Well, were all gonna die, so um.. (laughs) – So why don’t I just break out now. I understand that we all
have something in common, we’re all obsessed with space, right? Like, were you, was this
before doing Picard? Were you always into like
space kind of stuff? Or no? – Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah? I mean, I’m into science kind of stuff. – Me too. – And I.. and I really
love nerds. (laughs) – Yeah, and I think we forget like.. I had Neil deGrasse Tyson
on here a couple of times. – Ohh – I love him, and we forget
how much science is in your everyday life that
you don’t think about. You know even in your GPS, even in everything that
we normally use everyday. But I think that it’s incredible, we actually have some friends
at NASA cause we interviewed. I was telling Tim, we’ve interviewed them and they knew that we were
all obsessed with space and they knew you were all
coming so they sent us something, so take a look. (swish) – Hi, Alison, Kelly and Tim,
– No!!!! I’m NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins, and I heard that Alison that
you have a few questions for us here at NASA, we’re working on the answers but in the mean time we’re
accepting applications for new astronaut class at and we’re hoping to get
many people to apply but if the three of you
would like to come out and train with us
anytime just let us know. – What! – And to Tim, to Infinity and beyond. – To infinity and beyond.
– Whooo (audience clapping) – Does that include me? – Yes. – You guys we’re gonna go on space. – I thought it was just for them. I wanna do that. Oh my gosh, we should all do it. – We all have to apply. – I thought it was just for them. And I was like she just
freaked out and then I did. (laughs) That’s amazing. – Because Artemis Mission
is coming up dude. Artemis Mission, back on the moon in
order to plan from Mars. – Excactly, exactly.
– Yes. – Science is cool. (laughs) – That’s amazing. I didn’t know I was
gonna be apart of that, they had not shown me the video now I see why cause you wanted
me to look like an idiot. – Really. (laughs) – Cause you know me well. You’re actually on a
spaceship, like acting or whatever in the show. How does it, does it feel cool? Cause I think it would be cool. – It feels so cool. It feels like.. look at
this, we’re on a spaceship. – Look there’s lasers
behind, you’re in warp speed. – Oh, you’re going into a
time warp, or light speed. Come on.
– Yeah, yeah. – So how do you all do like
the.. I heard there’s something funny you all do with numbers
or something like that. – Yeah, so Jonathan Frakes who
played number one to Picard on Next Generation came to
direct a couple of our episodes and he and Patrick showed us newbies, like how to go through
a sequence of hits like, okay we’re gonna do a number one for this so it’ll be like okay a
number one hit is just like, you got a little bumped. You know like a three,
you’re like, oh, okay. And then sometimes you’re like in a spin so you gotta time out your
thing to go fully around at the same time. So me and P. Stew
– It’s like dancing. Me and P. Stew will be like
okay bud watch this shoulder, we’re going this way (laughs) and I call it a roundy roo and he’s gonna give me, saying
that’s not a thing. (laughs) – You just made it up. – It’s just my thing, it’s the roundy roo. Nobody else… – I don’t think you’re
telling Jean-Luc Picard it’s a roundy roo, let’s do it. (laughs) – He’s like shut up. (laughs) – You want to say something,
and you’re like no. – Well, I did. My dream come true, I did Galaxy Quest. – I love Galaxy Quest. – It was so real, cause
Speilberg was behind it, so, instead of the
numbers we were early on and the whole spaceship was on a gimball. – Oh, wow. – So you didn’t have to.. it just moved. – Yeah – It violent, when we were
coming out of the space stock, we hit something and I was
all… I had one of those chairs, full speed ahead. (laughs) I was in heaven. But there’s a guy in the back, I don’t know where you
decide how much to give it, the numbers. He’d go, “well I guess
that seven outta do it.” And it lurched cause we
got hit by a torpedo, a Folton torpedo. And it moved so much the
camera came off the mount it flew across the set, Sigourney Weaver flew out at Alan Rickman, the late Alan Rickman, wonderful man. He flew out of his chair so all of a sudden
there’s steam coming up, to get Grips first aid. People were “Oh my elbow, god.” (laughs) And it was so real but the
camera broke so we didn’t get it. But you know there’s a special… – Oh my god. – There’s a special effects guy going, “okay, sevens too much.” (laughs) – You know they got the guy, the guy that’s doing the mechanical bulls, they’re like he can do it. – Yep – Um, no I do want to
talk about your other show as well though, Devs. Tell us about it.
– Yes – It seemed intense. – Seemed? Scared me. (laughs) – So it’s about.. it’s this,
it’s this Sci-Fi thriller, I mean there are like really
repulsive thriller elements like there’s, there’s like a
murder mystery that sort of drives a lot of the plot there’s you know, there’s really interesting
plot points but it, it’s heart about the question
of the nature of existence. – Oh simple. All right, okay
– Yeah (laughs) – That’s cool. – It’s super cool. I play, I play a physicist,
so I got to look into… – So an easy job? – An easy job, and quantum
mechanics is mind blowing. It’s truly mind blowing. – Does it not freak you out? I get that you’re actors,
what not, whatever. Does it not freak you
out that all of sudden that you’re supposed to sound like that this is second hand nature? Do you like, all the
words that coming out… and terms that you probably
don’t know, I’m assuming. (laughs) – It’s my favorite part
of the job. (laughs) – That would terrify me. (laughs)

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  1. Kelly I know I've told you more and more every time I put on something on your Instagram thing or whatever you want to call it I love you hair show keeps me going on even though I have to watch it on my telephone cuz we don't get cable I really don't have in that either and now with all this virus going on in New York area my husband just got laid off for indefinite time and I can't go to the hospital to have my check up for my kidney because they can't have me in the hospital so we're just praying that everything goes well and everything will get better very soon that's all just pray that things will get better and it won't be long I don't care if I have to go watch reruns have your shows as long as I can get them on my phone this is the only outlet for my life hey at right now thank you for being there

  2. Kelly should improve herself after getting some feedback from the comments column, instead of going against them, in this case she is ruining her own show.

  3. I love you Kelly! I have followed you since American Idol. You stay safe! I am an Instacart Shopper and right now we are serving our community during this Pandemic, so if you need groceries go online and put in your order with Instacart. We are here to serve all people. Stay home and let us bring it to you. Stay safe! We love you!

  4. Really enjoying Kelly and how at ease she makes her guests feel. you feel like you are in her Living room in her home. the way she introduces her guests to each other. Really special. And Tim laughing intermittently. Really special.

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