AMAZING Duet Round Performance by Genavieve Linkowski and Travis Finlay – American Idol 2020

AMAZING Duet Round Performance by Genavieve Linkowski and Travis Finlay – American Idol 2020

Twenty five year old Travis Finley is also bringing the fun with his duet partner. I was just like, can you sing something really cquick You made me audition for him. He’s matched with a returning contestant, Genavieve Linkowski, who’s in Hollywood for the second time, but this time around she’s missing some essential support. I went to Hollywood week two years ago and I got cut in the solo rounds. My sister was here with me in Hollywood when I came for the first time. And she’s obviously not here this time. On February 13, 2019, my sister Corinn ended up getting in a fatal car accident. You know, having her not here this time is like really hard. She was my partner, like especially singing like we always did it together. Always. I don’t usually do duets anymore. Ever since my sister passed. But it would mean so much for me to get through. So I’m trying really hard not to psych myself out. I never imagined having to do something like this without her. I just miss her a lot. I just wish you’d be here with me right now. So good, so good. Travis. I thought you were so good and your choices were great and they were surprising. Keep making great choices. Travis. You’re going through. I can really be the next American Idol. It could really happen. Genavieve, you’ve grown so much in two years. But you still need to grow some more. Genavieve, grow more because you’re going through. Very good. You know, I’m missing my sister but getting this “yes” means so much, even though she’s not here to see it, because if she was here, I just I know she’d be so proud of.

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  1. It must really hard for her not having her sister there but god she should make it more about her as an artist

  2. Great duet. Honestly i enjoyed it more than original. Btw great falseto by travis i listened to that part hundreds of times

  3. He does those old school Bryan McKnight slash Luther Vandross kinda riffs with his voice and wooo it gives me chills. Sounds like he lived so much longer than 25.

  4. I think this was the most awesome performance! Brings tears to my eyes every time I watch (which has been many). They BOTH are outstanding and combined…. they are stunning. good luck to both of you! And I hope they both go on tour together when this is all said and done! I would go pay to see them.

  5. I Continue to be impressed by the talent and blown away by the manner in which the 3 judges handle their role, professional, supportive and unassuming. I have really enjoyed watching this season.

  6. Ok I am a music major and what people don't understand is yea he can sing but it's not all about runs especially in a duet she outperformed him because he over did it.

  7. Amazing duet. Travis just stands out and gives me chills. He gave me Luther Vandross/Brian McKnight vibes. He doesn't need this show. He needs a record deal NOW!!!

  8. Nicely done. Sorry for your lost Genavieve. Condolence. You should've let Travis hold your hand its just a performance.

  9. Genavieve best wishes to you and your American idol duet godbless you on the rest of your wonderful journey

  10. That ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ was a ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ mother freaking ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ performance!!! They were connected. So beautiful.

  11. They blended well but she did not want to touch his hand when he put his had out, oh your not his type sis heehhheeee lol his voice is magic.

  12. It's a beautiful arrangement, but definitely MUCH more favorable to Travis than to Genavieve. He was able to showcase some skill, but Genavieve kept to the middle of her register and didn't showcase her strengths, such as her belt and her head voice, like she should. No wonder the judges weren't particularly impressed.

  13. I love that icey smooth crystal in her voice and travis has an impressive voice, and even though their voices are quite different, this is one of the best versions of the prayer, however, I think travis was a bit overpowering.

  14. Really disappointed that they didn't show Travis' solo performance in last night's episode. Was really looking forward to it!

  15. Travis choose her cause he thought that he could beat her…..hence the reason she had to "audition" for him but I'm glad she got through

  16. I've noticed that in singing competitions there's always a performer that comes for the second time to the competition and they talk about how they lost a sibling . Erie !

  17. Genavieve deserves to go through she's such a great duet companion that's why the song went out great. โค

  18. Genavieve shined during the second half of the song while the guy the entire time. Her voice sounded a little shot but she pulled through at the end.

  19. I believe she didn't take his hand because she was trying to get through it without breaking down about her sister, and that would have done it. SHE DID GREAT!!

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