AMERICAN GODS Trailer SEASON 1 (2017) Neil Gaiman Starz Series

AMERICAN GODS Trailer SEASON 1 (2017) Neil Gaiman Starz Series

I love you Something feels weird… Shadow–we’re gonna be releasing
you a couple of days early There’s no good way to say this…
so I’ll put it plain Your wife. She died in the early hours of this morning. So what would I call you if I was so inclined? Shadow Moon And what might I call you? What’s today? Wednesday. Today is MY day! I could use a fellow like you… You’re my man now. You know who he is? Know who he really is? He does not know our world. I’m easing him in… I think I’m losing my mind. They told me you died. Who said I died, Papi? Seems you have a choice… Either the world is crazy… or you are. Come with me.

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  1. It looks really good but there is a slight dissapointment "in my eye"… (Mr. Wednesday should have a glass eye)

  2. First of all the song for this has been butchered and it's horrible. You should of used Kurts version or the original from Lead Belly, not this travesty.

  3. My only "problems" with this, base on how I imagine the characters when reading the book, are:
    1) Wednesday seemed like a skinnier dude to me, sort of a sleazy Al Pachino that dresses like an undertaker.
    2) I loved the nickname "fat kid".
    3) Shadow doesn't struck me that clean looking, basically a model. I would have liked him to look a bit mroe rough around the edges. He doesn't ask many questions, did prison for a heist, doesn't do well with feeling… he is a tough guy and I think it should show more.

  4. american horror story, american gods, american crime, the americans, american gothic.
    and last but not least: american….uh fuck it.

  5. is someone gonna eat someone else with their vagina because I think i remember that happening in the book and it traumatized me as a child.

  6. currently reading the book and just found out theres gonna be a series about it (and it actually looks good) awesome

  7. Starz puts out CONSISTENT QUALITY shows, Outlander amazing, Black Sails ? amazing, The Missing now a NEIL GAIMAN adaptation? Love how they take GOOD WRITERS ie; Ronald D. Moore, Neil Gaiman and let them just run with it, NO OTHER networks do that, even HBO…Game of Thrones is almost a separate entity from ASOIAF book universe.

  8. As a mythology buff, I bought this book nearly 20 years ago (can't remember exactly when).

    Sure do hope it translates well into the screen.

  9. Meh whatever, I saw Bryan Fullers name flash briefly so I assume he's involved therefore definitely deserves a chance nmw.

  10. wednesdays actor is absolutely perfect
    so is peter stormare.
    the guy playing rudy in misfits should have been the leprechaun tbh

  11. Doesn't look as good as the book. I'm disappointed they changed the character's race once again. This has become a joke at this point. Especially the last 5 years or so. In comics, in movies, in TV.

  12. The book was fantastic! I hope the movie will bee also. I made a fan art design:

  13. saw two episodes of this and apparently they CANCELED IT? there is no record on the channels that it ever existed!!!!! IT WAS COMPARABLE TO GAME OF THRONES. THEY PULLED OUT ALL THE STOPS AND THEN SOME… went beyond fathoming….people are pushing the religious package, there must be a cost. There was nothing comical about it….more satanic if you ask me, yeah I know you didn't ask me.

  14. was promising, but ofc, this shit turned homo-lobby already in episode 3.. Screw this shit. Not watching this crap anymore.. Filthy despicable crap!

  15. Absolutely brilliant show, right up there with the preacher. They're coming out with some truly quality tv now that's like watching a feature length movie in 10-23 separate parts. The only thing that makes me sad when I see gods being played in movie or tv is that Greorge Burns is no longer around to take part; he would make such a cool addition to this show..

  16. Your Western civilization has screwed the world so bad that I will doubt Jesus if he made an appearance on YouTube. Having said that you sound genuine dear, but I have to return your invitation with respect. The world is fucked up so bad with greed and ignorance and the coming times will be chilly. So much for your pessimism

  17. I thought that this series would be better, the dialogues are not entirely clear I do not see a good plot! and the gods are so rare! 🤷🏻‍♂️ 👎🏼

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