I need black coffee, dude. Yeah, yeah, but first let’s meet Dwarkesh. Come on in. (indistinct conversations) Yeah, first name- Dwarkesh. Room no. 9? What happened? He’s in room no. 9,
I’ll go and check. Okay I’ll do the formalities. Charulata.
I’ll come with you. Where can I see the doctor? Yeah, here. He woke up, finally. (breathes deeply) Dwarkesh… why are you behaving as if you have got a cardiac arrest? I swear, it was paining terribly. It is just an acute case of acid reflux, Dwarkesh. What do you find “cute” in this situation? (mouths) Cute? Cecilia has come up with a new technique. “Hug a Tree.” (giggles) I’ll teach it to you once you are discharged. (door opens) What’s up, Dwarkesh? I’ve taken care of all the formalities. You’re absolutely fine now. The doctor said that you can go home now. But yes, oily, fried, and road-side food is strictly restricted. Hmm, right. Oily? Fried? (laughs) And road side food? (everyone laughs) Hey…hey… guys. Uh…on my way here, I wrote a… Eulogy, for Dwarkesh. Bloody scoundrel. Just in case! So mean! No, wait. I am curious now. I want to know what he’ll say after I die. Go ahead…
(clears throat) Each one of us is… telling each other, that he is in a better place. Hmm. But being his closest friend, I know that there’s one question going on
in Dwarkesh’s mind as the Angel of Death takes him to heaven. “How’s the food in heaven?” (everyone starts laughing) To which, to which, to which the Angel of Death would reply, “When you reach heaven, your soul will need no food.” To which Dwarkesh would say, If you’d say this earlier, I would’ve had dinner before dying. (everyone laughs) (laughter decreases gradually) (sudden flashes sound) (music plays) (in background)
Cecilia’s healthy recipes (in background)
are going to be handy… (in background)
Hmm… (in background)
Even Bholeram’s diet samosas, guys. They… Charu? (music plays) (music intensifies) (music fades into next scene) Someone has cast an evil eye on Aasman. This is definitely black magic. Hmm… Guys! Why are you mouthing dialogues of some regressive television series? I am fine. You guys can leave now. Woah. She seems to be shooing us away. We aren’t going to leave until you offer us something to eat. Dwarkesh, don’t you remember? A few hours back, what did the doctor say? Fried. Oily. And road-side food. Aunty has made samosas. Hmm? Samosas? Choose- a hug, or samosas? Of course… Samosas! (plate is kept on table) Aaaah! What? Okay, alright. I won’t eat the samosa. Come on, dear. What’s one samosa? For you, I’d give up a hundred samosas. (chewing) Hmm, hmm. I am planning to go to Kolkata for a few days. Hope it’s fine. Absolutely. In fact I am off to Goa and, Meghna is off to… The big fat family vacation! I shall be back before the next performance. It is fine. Take your time. Yes, yes, please… Take your time. It is okay. Even if you can’t come, we will take care. But we shall miss you. Yes! Tch. She is not going away forever. And Cecili! Aren’t you visiting your village too? Yes!!! In fact, why don’t you guys join me? I hope there aren’t any wild animals in your village. Aarif sir, you also join in. I can’t. Come on, Aarif sir. Don’t be such a spoil-sport. So what if Charulata isn’t around? I am there, Cecilia is there. Right, Cecilia? No, actually, there’s something important, that I need to attend to. (music plays) Honestly speaking, I actualy thought that Aarif sir’s experiment worked. For a minute, I thought Charulata recovered her memory. Kamila, it is not an experiment. If it would be that easy, wouldn’t tears be the cure of all wounds? We are only…trying. And if I were to be really honest… these new memories are so lovely that the regret of forgetting the old ones is now reducing. True… Sometimes, the present is so beautiful, that the past, really doesn’t matter. And a beautiful girl once said… Here, it’s noted on my phone. Some stories don’t have an end, they only have an interlude. And one story intertwines with the other, without anyone realising it. (music plays) (music intensifies) (crows cawing in background) I’ll call you once I reach Howrah. Cecilia, where exactly is this village of yours? Isn’t showing on the map either. (romantic music plays) Kam… (romantic music plays) These guys have gone mute. You tell me,
we’ll reach on time, won’t we? Lot of traffic. (romantic music plays) Kamila. You drank alcohol during at party? (sighs) Kamila, I am asking you something. You drank alcohol at the party? (Kamila sniffles ) You should’ve told us, we would’ve had little too. (everyone laughs) (music plays) (music continues playing) Meghna! Meghna! Are you done? I hate my parents! Do you want to know how we are headed to our vacation? Dad is in Singapore. Mom is in Dubai. I am supposed to go alone, with the driver, to Panchgani. I just, I just can’t… Understand them? Meghna… Where had you gone with your cousins last vacations? Amsterdam. And before that, with your girl gang? What’s the point Dhanush? Panchgani! Your dad is taking you to Panchgani! Give them a chance. Would you? Would you? To your mom? Dwarkesh! Would you? I may! I…I just may!! But it’s not about me right now! Okay, do this. During the vacation, whenever something goes really out of hand, Close your eyes. Infact try it right now, close your eyes! What!? Shhh! Close your eyes. And think of that, one moment, when you were the happiest. (music plays) Think of that one person who fills your heart with love. (music plays) S***, s***, s***, s***… Wha…no, no, no, no… Don’t even, don’t even tell me. Don’t even tell me. (laughs) I have brought it on myself this time. It’s okay, Dhanush. It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just that I can’t … Love me. Umm… Tell me something, you and Dwarkesh… you guys…??? Wha-(laughs) Wha- no… Meghna, are you nuts? Do you have a girlfriend in Goa? Such a long pause. There’s definitely someone. Tell, no! Tell, no! Tell, no! (aeroplane passes from above) Where should I… start from? (music plays) (music continues and intensifies) Charu! We are getting late for the flight. (in Bengali) I am coming. We hadn’t grown attached enough, to feel the sorrow of parting. We hadn’t come close enough, to feel the regret of distance. We had only seen a dream, so what if you can’t see it anymore? We hadn’t grown attached enough, to feel the sorrow of parting. We hadn’t shared enough sorrows, to make our eyes moist now. We only had sweet conversations, so what if you don’t mention me ever again? We hadn’t grown attached enough, to feel the sorrow of parting. We hadn’t experienced enough closeness, to feel the warmth of our breaths. We only glanced and exchanged a smile, so what if I am not the reason anymore? Let the moon not rise from tomorrow. Let the night not fall. I have captured your image in my heart, just in case I never get to see you again. (music fades out)

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  1. Each of the episode was a gem. I had no idea there can be so many aspects in many ways to express a emotion.. it was enriching in every manner. It made you think about the past experiences of your made you think about homeschooling aspect for the future of your would stay in my thoughts for a long time..
    Just..I did not get the did not give me closure..I kept searching for the next part before accepting it as the last one..

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