Anton Smith: Cancelling Demonic Spiritual Transactions

Anton Smith: Cancelling Demonic Spiritual Transactions

I've come to a point where my life was squeaky clean and we've done everything we know to do and there was no cinema life and there was everything I've cut out but I said to those – the problem now because I'm still not getting breakthrough I'm still having these patterns and cycles in my life that's reoccurring and are not moving forward and the Lord gave me a dream as I start crying out to you that was divine revelation and as I pray through the dream and as I exercise that they were shift in the change but if I just left and said Lord that's just my portion in life I'm just suing and that's my cross you know this is just how it's gonna be then I would have stole be in that situation and the Lord was saying cry out and ask me for the wisdom and the revelation and some people say but I have prayed through certain things some people say but I have gone through you know this one prayed with me and I broke this and that but many times you have prayed through things on a peripheral label and not you haven't touched the root of it and when you're done that you have temporary release but then suddenly the root reestablishes and suddenly you back in that same cycle does it sound familiar and God says cry out to me for divine revelation part of our ministry eats that you know God can give you dream God can speak to you through the word he can you can you can speak you in many ways speak to you through a prophet so part of car is prophetic is the Lord will shower what is keep up keep it keeping people and chains and people in bondage so God can use any type of revelation to do that and they come a time when God wants you to break free but people say you know but and I'm not understanding this because I'm a new creation I'm born again all things have passed away and all things have been made new Christ have be became a curse for me yes it's right this is this is what the scripture says but your life our lives do not display it our life does not display the fullness and I want you to look at a key that the Lord has given us in Scripture in Hebrews 7 verse 9 and 10 which is a crucial key to answering this problem we'll see Hebrews 7 9 says a person okay before you read that this is an Hebrew 7 it tells a story when Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek who remembers that all right that is that's Genesis 14 18 he paid tithes to Melchizedek so what happened when happen paying ties to somebody as a righteous spiritual transaction sorry just take it off this is a righteous spiritual transaction everything we do whatever you say whatever you do with money constitute spiritual transactions it's a natural thing but it does something in the spirit life and death is in the power of the tongue what we say over our life it concludes spiritual transaction those who've you are in business you know what the contract is you know what a transaction is so whatever you do with your mouth people conduct spiritual transactions all the time with their mouths through money through actions that they are and if it's contrary to the Word of God it's an it's it's a it's a ungodly spiritual transaction and the enemy gets an open door in your life because of that so generationally there's quite a lot of those things so what happens is let's loot description sorry just put it up again okay let's go so when i brung i've stars to mark acidic the bible says a person might even say that levi who was in abraham's lineage the father of the priestly tribe himself received tithes paid through abram next scripture for he was still in the loins of his forefather abram win Melchizedek met Abram so this is a New Testament scripture that says that Levi which was an Abraham's lineage although unborn at the time of that spiritual transaction we negate the Talz to Melchizedek Levi was part and parcel in real time part of that transaction in person because he was in Abraham's loins this is a New Testament scripture that says when they'd made the deal because because it was Levi was in his loins he was in real time part and parcel of that transaction as he if he was there in person at that time can you imagine by default you know the opposite is also true so think about the demonic transactions of all unrighteous transactions that's been conducted by your forefathers you were also they present in time and this is part of the dreams that I had this is this is what God said this is heavenly protocol I mean I was amazed when I saw the scripture I said load it we don't understand the protocol of heaven we don't understand the things of the Lord the mysteries and we don't understand why can't I get free and God said they spirituals from sections testifying against you that you need to get rid of so I want to break you free but Lord it's not fair I wasn't even there when it happened how can this be this is impossible I wasn't even born when it happened that's what people say this is ridiculous how can I be held accountable for what they have done I didn't even know what they've done and this is unfortunately how Kingdom protocol in this and the system works because God sees a family in a generation not in a family unit God sees a family in a generation and not in the family unit I don't know of you but we when we go to the doctor in South Africa we have to fill out of for many times and I fell on the forum they said you know your name and everything and then I asked you do you have any hereditary diseases if anything passing that's coming through the bloodline of diabetes you know heart problems and son works exactly the same what is true for the next shows true for the spiritual but people say and understand that I want to understand it I'm angry at God I don't know what's the problem why am i kind not getting breakthrough and this is a key the Lord is giving you today that they were spiritual transection of God so when your father grandfather whoever and your mother your father sought conducted some wrong spiritual transactions through money they could be blood spilling there could be idol worship in some shape or form any or any sin that connects a spiritual transaction and God accounts you as if you were there yourself according to that so God wants you give you a breakthrough so God sees doesn't matter if you believe it or not it works you know and that's why Hosea says my people perish or are destroyed because of a lack of because of a lack oh this is this is knowledge that is giving us today not because of lack of prayer knowledge and we don't have knowledge because we are we are stuck in certain situations we don't have knowledge about this transaction that's the problem and people fight the same battles or their life your family members they were fighting the same addictions all their life the same financial patterns all their life everything addiction sexual sin they battle it their whole life until they die they never got a victory over it because of the power of that spiritual transaction and it's easy to break it but this away and there's a protocol to break it ok so I'll talk about that now so the Bible says lamentations 5 7 just quickly says our fathers have sinned and are no more but we bear their iniquities iniquity is the word for generational or foundational sin bloodline sin that's in the Bible you know the word because he'd come to that now Luke 11 another snooze Testament scripture says Luke 11 47 to 50 as three scriptures the summary of those scriptures says there's a curse upon the righteous because they forefathers killed the prophets we are righteous the Bible says New Testament it's a curse upon the righteous because their forefathers killed the prophets so the root causes of our inherited battles that we are battling with of our financial battles of health battles our relationship with battles sexual battles all those real problems are these demonic or wrong covenants oaths and agreements that has been cut that is testifying against us that's the bottom line of it yes so you need to ask the Lord prayer and fasting mostly won't work to break it you need to get to the root of it and you need to ask them pray and fast to ask the Lord give me the answer give me the root give me the wisdom and the revelation what am i battling with I didn't God get me to dreams which unlocked God's in the prophets sometimes God will do it if you cry out to him not giving up and pushing forward and say Lord I'm not giving up I'm not letting you go until you show me what is the problem I cannot live in the cycles I cannot live in this but this is not my life there's something greater inside of me it's a greatness inside of me that I know needs to come out I feel there's something inside of me that still needs to there's something huge and great it needs to be released into the place we have given me and I am not happy where I am he's a true I felt like that I said no this can't be it they must be more and I said I don't care what it is I just hold on to God because I know God is faithful he's a covenant-keeping god I knew his nature I knew he was and I I steered away from accusing him and and asking questions because we don't have perfect knowledge so this is another reality you might not have known and today the Lord is revealing it so those covenants and agreements are cut through words blood that was both in just Leeson idolatry and this type of stuff will not keep you out of heaven but it will make your life hell on earth II inherited battles in iniquity will not keep you out of heaven it will make your life hell on earth yeah exactly and we see in 1 Peter 5 verse 8 that scripture everybody knows it the Bible says your adversary the devil is walking around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour the word adversary and the Greek and Hebrew I don't know which one it is says that word adversary means one who has the legal case against you so I think can't do anything about you unless he's got a legal case you know what I believe your case when they take you to court they must be a basis for it otherwise the court will throw it out right he can do nothing unless he has got a legal case against you that's what that word means so bring the false what is the legal case I don't have time now but you're the Lord showed us visions about this pack of files that demonic sheriff's almost like comes and you know with all the accusations against you generationally and seeking whom he may devour he's not evolving devouring everyone there's certain people whom boom boom so thank you Jesus that Jesus paid the price so that we can be free hmm he paid the price for everything and as I have 53 says that he paid the price also for iniquity which is referring to bloodline sense or the generational inherited battles what is he was bruised for our iniquities what does that mean the blood is not on the outside on the inside you know a bruise no blood on the outside it's on the inside which signifies generational stuff of stuff that is you know inside the you know inside the roots hmm yeah under the surface on the inside generational stuff Jesus paid the price for them what Jesus have done is paid the bank blanket price for everything everything but we have to apply what he has done for us it's not automatic if it was automatic thing we all had a would have had abundant life by now so the Lord is saying I've paid the blanket price for everything and I normally explain it to people who can't understand it to say well it's like the Lord is giving you a holiday voucher okay unless the vouchers in your and if the vouchers in your in your drawer you can't use it you can't use the benefits of it you have to go and appropriate it at the resort to get the benefits of the voucher this is this is what it says and some people say but now Jesus done it all leave me alone I'm going on like that I'm gonna listen to your stories no Jesus hath paid the price but he need to go and apply what he has done to you in your situations so just quickly how do we get rid of this transactions as unrighteous or demonic spiritual transaction has been conducted in your life and by your parents and great great parents and up I mean they could be stuff going up for 500 years and the Lord will show you the Lord is faithful as you cry out he will show it to you your bloodline or your foundation does not respect your anointing or your calling I tell you it's unpredictable in timing of attack and it's unpredictable in mode of attack your foundation of bloodline is ruthless it's very dangerous and it doesn't even care if you're a pastor whatever you are you wonder why you know this guy was so powerful such a powerful anointing and mantle but now he died before his time this man of God this woman of God you know haven't you thought about those things why this is the answer your foundation or your bloodline let's look at scriptures quickly can we do it quickly okay the roaster isn't the roast is in the oven when we at home people said my roast is in the oven I have to go okay quickly I'm gonna be I'm rushing to Kings 13 verse 14 is about Elisha the scripture says now Elisha has fallen sick of his sickness King James Version of which he died what does it mean his sickness can he make some manufacture sickness people can't manufacture sickness no it was a familiar bloodline generational sickness that he died for but my goodness he was the most powerful prophet in the world he was I mean he was so anointed when he was play body was put in the grave and a thief was thrown into the guy the cave years after the anointing and the residue of his anointing was so powerful still in his bones that that thief got resurrected do you remember that story so powerful yet anointed but the bloodline took him out your foundation took her out no respecter comes viciously and attacked you we could we have a thing like demonic time clocks that the enemy has set in the spirit we've ministered to people a cyst my dad died at 49 my grandfather died at 49 that's a demonic time clock and at the right time it takes you out and the thing is that the strongman operating from your family outer the demonic one will keep you like a dog on a leash you progressed a little bit in a certain season and at some place when you start worshipping God too much you start going into new things of God and becoming more powerful it will pull you back like a dog on a leash and say you're not going any further I'm blocking you we've prayed for high level people and ministry that could not get out of regions and influence because of those contracts they were demonic spirits see sorry I've got a contract and I'm blocking you you're not getting out of this region to do business I'm blocking you in this territory and there's strong men operating on your mother and your father's side from family altars that is blocking you and the legal right is this transactions let's just watch what we say with our mouths because we live in a voice-activated Kingdom and we are we are you know God spoke things into existence and we don't realize the legislative power and whatever you have in your life through your mouth life and death is indeed in power of the tongue and whatever you say think about that because you are conducting spiritual transactions with your mouth because that's our God cuts deals and does things in the spirit through his mouth the fact that we use documents is a trust issue but if you say anything and God's Canada's what you say with your mouth so will be to be careful are you the prophet of your own destiny some people curse their own destiny some people curse the enemy entice you to look at your circumstances and you and he wants you to speak in alignment with that I'll never be this and that I'll never bow Baba and then if you cut those spiritual transactions the enemy sees I've got legal right they've made a contract with their mouth you gave it to him and you understand how powerful disease so I want us to stand and I want us to pray and ask the Lord to come and and shift these things because you have to come in alignment God wants to use every one of you in a greater level in this season to release his power through you to do miracle signs and wonders in this season to demonstrate kingdom rule in the earth round because we're moving to a place in the spirit and and even a natural that we have never seen before with you know the third awakening coming and the Lord is doing amazing exploits but he needs us he needs you you are a certain piece in the puzzle that cannot fulfill the role of somebody else so Lord I'm nothing you know we could can you use me I'm so bad I thought man so many mistakes no there's something you must do for God that I can't do there's some some little piece in the puzzle in the tapestry that God is weaving that only you can do young or old you hear me young or old you are not over things are not over things are not finished and clot it's not God wants to use all of you in your sphere of influence to perform those things so let's just pray father we thank you today for this revelation I thank you Lord that the enemy will not come and be able to steal this in Jesus mighty name father I thank you Father for this word that we fall into so fertile ground I thank you Father for the revelation that is coming today father that we can steward that and we ask father even today father that you come and highlight to us things that has been testifying against Lord I'm asking that you speak father to us in this place father give us divine revelation knowledge and insight father because we don't wanna perish because of lack of knowledge father we're gonna say we're gonna try again father we're gonna say we're gonna rise from our prostration and our depression and we were rise because your glory will be seen upon us and your glory will shine from us because the world needs to see it and we ourselves been downtrodden and flat on the ground and the Lord is saying we need to get up from that does the prostration and depression and rise up because he wants to display his glory through us and many of you student didn't understand but you have believed and like Lazarus God is saying his glory will be revealed through you because you have believed so father I prophesy forth their resurrections over people father I declare supernatural turnarounds father even as we pray today even as we come today Lord that you'll come and speak to your people and dreams come and speak to them for your prophets speak to you for your words father father let people come and tell them father even family members didn't you know about this didn't you know about that Lord and as we repent and as we reverse these transactions they people step into the fullness of our calling and we shut those legal doors we smash and revoke and reverse those legal transactions father so we can move forward father empower and Mike in the fullness of our inheritance Lord in Jesus mighty name because this is on your agenda and this is your timeline in Jesus mighty name amen and amen

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  1. Heavenly Father please cast out all demonic spirit out off of my husband and daughter in the mighty name of Jesus. All generational curses are broken and the powerful blood of Jesus is saturated my entire family

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