Damai?! Tony?! *gasp* *gasp longer* How come you’re this fat? Uhhh, I can explain So, what happened is… Not that one!!!1!!1! *hysterical goat scream* After I graduated from high school I don’t work out at all Can you….stop the video, it’s kinda annoying The only thing I do is eating snacks and watching K-Pop all day And this is how I end up 🙁 Is there any way for me to get back in shape again? YOU WANT TO LOSE FAT?!? I HAVE JUST WHAT YOU NEED!! What is it??!! PHS GUIDE TO INTERMITTENT FASTING!!!!1!!1!!! Hello everyone, back with PHS My name is Tony And today I will introduce you to this topic And it is Intermittent Fasting! So, what Interm… So, Intermittent Fasting is a… Damai, Damai, Damai! Thank you, Mr. Tony for giving me this chance to speak I will now explain the definition of Intermittent Fasting What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting is an eating pattern in which you divide your eating pattern into fasting and feasting period Is it considered a diet? Well, not really since diet is about what we consume and what we put in our body While IF is just a method to plan your eating schedule into a more specific time range Intermittent Fasting is popular worldwide *untranslatable mumbling voice* Intermittent Fasting has actually already been introduced to Indonesia for a while now Like the OCD plan that was introduced by Deddy Corbuzier What re the benefits, you ask? One of the best is producing more growth hormone that stimulates muscle growth in your body Intermittent Fasting can also stimulate the fat burning process in your body So for everyone who wish to lose fat, this is a way to go Intermittent Fasting can also prevent a few diseases Such as heart disease Cancer And Type II Diabetes As you were being prevented from various diseases You can obviously live longer So Intermittent Fasting also has something to do with the longevity of human *skyfall* So how do you intermittent fast? That is simple The point is to divide your 24 hours a day Into a fasting period and an eating window While in the fasted period, no calories should be consumed at all Even if you do, take only a very limited amount And while in the eating window, you are allowed to eat You get to consume calories As simple as that For some, this may not be as difficult as the rest Because we actually fast as we sleep since we don’t take any calories while sleeping And some people don’t even have breakfast or have dinner For those who do, they can start intermittent fasting this way Because you decide your own fasting period and eating window This flexibility is one of the many benefits of intermittent fasting Intermittent Fasting comes with different names Such as Langains Eat-stop-eat Warrior’s Diet OCD which is found by Deddy Corbuzier Kinobody’s Diet which is found by Kinobody Well, that sums everything. My timeline also end here anyway. *explosion* MY TURN!!! *bigger explosion* Hey guys, back with Tony Thank you Damai for your assistance in explaining about Intermittent Fasting in general So what happens inside your body while you are Intermittent Fasting? While fasting, you will have a low blood sugar level since you skip meals Skip meals, no food, get hungry And you’ll start feeling weak But your body prevents it from happening So what it does is the body secreted glucagon The glucagon hormone will turn glycogen into glucose So that the blood sugar level in your body will increase Resulting in having energy to do your daily activities So don’t worry, you will not get to the point that you collapse or faint by fasting this way Unless you have diseases like low blood pressure and such ok Your body will also produce the epinephrine hormone also known as adrenaline Which will help burn fat And maintain your muscle mass But this only last up to 72 hours After that, your body will start experiencing muscle breakdown Which means that the protein source of your body will be used as a substitute for energy But fear not, intermittent fasting only last… …for how long? *16 hours* 16 to 20 hours And your growth hormone will also increase up to 5 times! So if your target is to build muscle Don’t hesitate to start intermittent fasting because muscle breakdown won’t happen that easily So it’s clearly safe But for a few females, some of them might be sensitive to fasting and interrupts the menstrual cycle That’s it, I think About what happens inside We explained everything you need to know That’s all folks! *skyfall II* That’s all for today’s video about intermittent fasting Thank you for watching Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoy watching And if you need any other tips that you think we should talk about Just drop by the comment section below yesss And don’t forget to check our previous video! Split Tutorial And Kayang Tutorial You can subscribe right here For more contents like this We are PHS We learn together! We grow together!

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  2. Great vid! Definitely subscribing to your channel.Would appreciate the return. Keep up the work and pumping out those vids!

  3. bro mau nanya, klo jendela makan gua dari jam 14.00-21.00
    apa yg dimakan gua sblom jam 9 bisa jadi lemak?
    sebelumnya gua fitness jam 6an sekitar 1jam 30 menit. cuman makan yg kurang sehat sih soalnya dari kantor kyk nasi padang.

  4. Saya juga pake intermiten fasting.turun bb nya santai.tp ga nyiksa juga.skrg makan cuma 1 kali sehari di jam 1 siang.bagus banget buat diet.

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