Arab Israelis: Do you have any Jewish friends?

Arab Israelis: Do you have any Jewish friends?

Do you have Jewish friends? Of course Are they Mizrahi or Ashkenazi? Both Wassim
Baqa al Gharbia Mostly work Learn at the university on campus Everywhere I live in Tel Aviv for six years so it’s something I have to live with we co… every day (contribute to the GoFundMe campaign
for a better camera
click on the i top right corner) We meet everyday work with them every day we sit for coffee something like that Radir
Jerusalem Yes she does How many? Close friends 2 women How do you know them? Through my work I work as a cleaner in a hotel Do you have any Jewish friends? Yes No Friends from where? Najdan
Umm el Fahm Friends from Afula, from Tel Aviv From what? How did you meet them?
Work? From work, I have friends and we travel together we do a lot And you, why don’t you have any? That’s not nice (I am kidding everyone, relax) I worked with a lot of Jews but not friends Friends from work, not more Hold on, were they Ashkenazi… The second part of the question if they are Ashkenazi or Mizrahi or does it matter? It doesn’t matter It’s the same
– It is the same Do you have Jewish friends? I have Jewish friends Mohammad
Lod Many? Yes, many Are they Ashkenazi, Mizrahi? Regular Israelis both Russians and Jews I have friends I have many Is there a difference between
Ashkenazis and Mizrahis in friendship? No No difference for me, they are the same There is no difference between
a Jew, a Russian, an Ethiopian Everyone is the same all are human beings Right? Do you have Jewish friends? Yes Many? Yes Many, better than Arabs Dawood
Jerusalem Jews, in trust and intentions
are better than Arabs Arabs stab you in the back Yes Not nice What “not nice”? If they do that, that’s not nice No, it’s nice What’s your name? Because I was injured in my back by a family member people close to me Poor you What can you do? You came to me to ask
and I answered Do you have Jewish friends? Yes Ibrahim
Lod Are they Ashkenazi? Mizrahi?
Doesn’t matter? Some of this, some of that Are you more connected… Do you feel more of a connection
to Mizrahi people because of background? No, I don’t care I don’t see a difference between them For me, every person is a human being Every person, “with his belief will live”
(Habakkuk 2:4) That’s it I respect every human being I don’t hate a person or love him based on colour, religion, gender Everyone is the same Do you have Jewish friends? Yes Omar
Baqa al Gharbia Many? Good friends? Not really friends but through the university In classes with you?
– Yes Do you connect more with
Ashkenazis? Mizrahis? or the same? It’s the same Do you have Jewish friends? Yes Ayoub
Jerusalem Are they Ashkenazi or Mizrahi? or it’s the same? It’s the same, both… You don’t see a difference?
– No What’s the difference? No difference Do you really have good friends?
Do they go to your house? Yes Do you go to their house? Also yes No racism? From both sides A person is a person Do you have Jewish friends? Jewish friends? Yes, from work What kind of work do you do? Communication systems, security from studies Networking, computers Yes, computers, communication systems So I understand And are those Jews Mizrahi or Ashkenazi? From both sides Do you get along better with one?
because Mizrahi come from an Arab culture No, no
Both are the same (please help me improve the sound quality
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  1. Thank u Corey for this work, i know u overs two years now…can u make a video on the way of living inside home, i mean recopes, wedding,friendship …im learning hebrew im from France …very good job thank you

  2. We are all Semitic we all have a great history & we share same culture I’m not Arab or Muslim but I love all my Semitic brothers and sisters ❤️

  3. As a marketing expert, Israel would do wonders for their image spreading the Arab Israeli message far & wide! Set them up on YouTube, social media….everywhere! I hear you have Arab hipsters in Tel Aviv. Let the Arab world know what they are missing! Let the rest of the western world get a clue! Only good things could happen. As a marketing expert this is a potential goldmine for Israel. Show these Arabs off like Mohamed Ali just winning the heavyweight championship of the world. Only good things can happen!

  4. While this video was really positive, it’s kind of sad that they don’t really have a natural connection with Mizrahim given they have very similar cultures. I think the reason it doesn’t matter to them is that even though Ashkenazim come from a very different culture, they are usually more liberal and open minded while Mizrahim are more likely to have issues with Arabs even though there culture is so similar. Just feels like a waste opportunity for more unity.

  5. 1:10 she works as a cleaner, but in Israel!!! An egalitarian westernized society with labor rights, healthcare, education, housing guarantee, minimum wage, etc. In Jordan the wage for arabs is 25$ a day, but the employers still bring in thousands of Bangladeshis to work in swearshops for 5$

  6. Make no mistake, Arab Israelis are very Arabic, they are not assimilated, they have their own neighborhoods and schools👍👍👍

  7. Because the Arabic schools are secretly controlled by the Shin Bet (Mossad), and they make sure Arabs are educated not for hatred👍👍👍

  8. Arabs in Israel 🇮🇱 enjoy more freedom, higher education, longer lives, better health-care, and more security than in any of the 22 Arab states.
    They wouldn't want to live in any of them.
    And they wouldn't even prefer to live in Germany, as Arabs from Arab states do. Millions of them pour into Europe from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya,  Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Kuwait and even Saudi Arabia to escape the horrors of living in an Arab state.
    But you will not find Arabs migrating from Jaffa, Acre or Nazareth. Because they have wonderful lives. Those are the basic facts.

  9. 2:48 "Jews, in trust and intentions, are better than Arabs. Arabs stab you in the back" Coming from an Israeli Arab, no less. Ouch. … Mizrahi's often express similar sentiments and typically vote right … it would appear, the more you know Arabs, the less you trust them. With Israelis, it's the other way around.

  10. In the end, Israel will have to absorb 5 million palestinians into one country. They don't have any other civilized option.

  11. Israeli Arabs have reaped the benefits of living in a Jewish society. They know it.
    Are they more accepting of Israeli rule?
    I don't think so. Just smarter about it.

  12. Context. Context. Context. These people have money on their minds. Money, the universal equalizer. Was that Marx? idk, but it holds H to the 2 to the O. Sit them down after dinner, alone in their own homes, after the day's work is done, and then you may elicit an honest opinion.

  13. I see many answers of idiots in the comment looking for making a scene here, so let me tell you hard cold facts to shut stupidity down:
    1. no. religion isn't the sorce of all the world problem, even though religion might create a bad image people mostly don't even know their religions scriptures.
    2. no, mizrahi and ashcenazi are not so different now, you need to understand you are talking about people who immigranted over 2 generations ago, right now it's the people who came from the people who came from the people that immigranted to Israel. right now most differences are the food, mizrahi Jews mostly don't know Arabic and ashcenazi don't know their home language as well (or Yiddish, and arabic-jewish, which becomes a dead language, sadly) most people in society are mizrahi and sparadi so the culture is more closer to them (that's why we keep saying Israeli didn't steal your hummus, the majority of them lived and eat with you and this was what they had on the table for thousands of years, it's the tradition of all the citizens of your states, including jews)
    arab Israeli are different from Palestinians because they KNOW and have seen Jews and Israelis on a daily basis, they work with them, go out to the movie together, learn with them at school and sleep in the same neighbourhoods, that's why unlike the Palestinians they don't hate them to the point if dysfunction, since you can't be afraid of what you know, you can only be afraid of what you don't. the same for Israeli, they are so open minded exactly because they live with arabs, that's why they don't hate them.
    and the same but backwards to Palestinians, since all the Jews were expelled from their homes in Jerusalem and Hebron when they lived among Palestinians because of Jordan, most Palestinians NEVER even met a jew aside from maybe the soldiers in a checkpoint which is why they are ignorant about them, they don't know them and treat Jews and Zionist as "the bogy man" and they hate them mostly.
    ignorance creates hate, awareness creates love. that's as simple as that.

  14. Corey can you ask Arab Israeli's about Netenyahu's move to annex parts of the West Bank? I would love to hear there responses.. and anyone in the chat is more than welcome to chime in.

  15. I love Arab Israeli's I use to know 2 near where I use to live in Australia. They were always very friendly and they taught me some Hebrew.

  16. It's funny that one Arab saying he trusts Jews more than Arabs. I know an Israeli guy who told me if he was broken down at the side of the road, an Israeli Arab is more likely to stop and help. I guess it's all down to personal experience.

  17. Most of Arab Israelis have jewish friends because of their work and I think Jewish people just like Arab Israelis more than the Arabs in East Jerusalem and they they trust them most.. I have a jewish friends at work as colleagues ..most are nice to me than the Arabs . I must confess. Good video Corey.

  18. First of all they are not "Arab Israelis": they are Palestinians. Second, I bet that no one of them would ever befriend the many Jewish supremacist trolls who comment here. No self respecting human being would accept to befriend a racist that assume to be better and legally more entitled, just because he/she is jewish.

  19. Zionists are brainwashed to believe that the whole world wants to kill them every minute of every day, esp Arabs……. Bibi hasn't shut up about it.

  20. Fake video
    israel fake everything in the world
    they even have a page on facebook called israelin arabic and they comment from fake accounts as they are arabs who love israel😂
    are jews stupid to this degree

  21. Jews people always try to paint a picture to the world that the Arabs are miserable in their countries and all want to migrate to Europe, and Arabs living under their rules have it better……. well said the people who have been migrating all their lives and being kicked out of every nation. Not to mention only 70 years ago their current allies were using their skins for lampshade. So, how are we supposed to feel sympathy for your alleged holocaust, when you are mocking people trying to flee wars you instigated in the first place.
    come on, we all know how you rig everything out of the western people and manipulate them. how you manipulate their institutions, corporations and media. Even Einstein turn out to be an intellectual thief when he stole the relativity theory from a German while working as the head of a patent office. The whole world knows it. One day those western people will wake up and and try to do what they did to you 70 years ago. …. so. In the meantime enjoy your mockery while you can. Just remember, one day you gonna run out people to save you from your own mess and wicked usury. An Arab proverb says “ if your lover is made out of honey, then don’t lick it all”

  22. The Jew haters can say what they want, but it doesn't change the fact about what Dawood from Jerusalem says (2:41). His message is clear, he has more Jewish friends than Arab friends, because he said Arabs backstab you, and in his own family, some family members literally knifed him in his back. Yes, you got it from the horse's mouth. Just accept the facts.

  23. I am an Israeli Jew , I use to work with Arabs but I dont Have Arabs friends yet…
    I don't rule it out, I just don't live in an area with Israeli Arabs
    Most of them are good people so I'd love to know them

  24. The people who ask these questions seriously have no clue what's going on in Israel whatsoever.
    Israeli Jews and Arabs get along so well, it's too bad the Palestinian Authority manages to demonize Israel so much in the Palestinian society.

  25. All the bad publicity from Israel is supported by ….. just to make business of weapons! The people who go to manifest at the borderline between West Bank are brain washed from Terrorist Groups! They send young and kids to cause problem, but the rest of the people on the West Bank is working and living normally! That is reason why Palestinians should not receive a refugee status!

  26. انا عربي وأحب جميع الأخوة الساميين ( الآشوريين والكلدان والسريان والعبرانيين والفينق والكنعانيين والأحباش)..❤️🇮🇶

  27. Respect to Israeli Arabs who understand the need for a Jewish state on its own historical land and are willing to live side by side in peace with them.

  28. Having Jewish friends don't mean Israel is not a racist state
    I believe they are too afraid of the mossad to say how they really feel

  29. I'm Israeli but I don't want Arabs to fully assimilate, I want them to keep their Arabic culture and traditions. Assimilation is cultural geonocide.

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