Are These the Biggest Scammers in Religion?

Are These the Biggest Scammers in Religion?

In no particular order, here are some of the
most ridiculous church leaders around! 9 – Kenneth Copeland
Prosperity Pastors are some of the most popular TV preachers in the country. They pack their mega churches each week and
take in millions every year. They urge their faithful followers to donate
generously and in return, the Lord will bring them prosperity. Well, there’s no denying some people have
prospered handsomely—the pastors themselves! They live like rock stars with huge mansions,
private jets, and fancy cars. Their lifestyles are so lavish, some of them
have been investigated by the U.S. Senate. One of them is the prosperity preacher Kenneth
Copeland, who’s been preaching for over 40 years. And after 40 years of preaching to thousands
of people who donate to the church he’s able to afford his lifestyle! Copeland resides in a $6 million dollar, 18,000
square foot home on the outskirts of Ft. Worth, Texas. The home comes equipped with water views and
a boathouse too. And because Copeland is an avid pilot, he
also owns a Cessna Citation jet. It’s the fastest private jet money can buy. He said he needed it to better serve the Lord
and he actually proudly did a fly-by for his followers after the church bought it. But that’s not the only plane used by his
church, as there’s actually a fleet of planes registered to the church. And you won’t catch him waiting in line at
the airport, because he’s got his own – The Kenneth Copeland Airport is located right
next to his mansion! 8 – Ed Young “God gave me a Ferrari, because I AM a Ferrari!” That’s a quote from megachurch Pastor Ed
Young, after he drove up to the pulpit in a Ferrari. This was shortly after he caused a stir on
Twitter for tweeting “Someone just gave me a brand new FERRARI!!!!”. Because someone gave him a Ferrari, he decided
to literally drive one onto the church stage. Now this is the type of Pastor we wanna party
with because he’s definitely got the good stuff! Apparently Young was using the Ferrari as
part of a sermon illustration for his series titled “RPM: Relationships. Passion. Marriage.”One of his statements basically
goes like this. “God gave me a Ferrari because I am a Ferrari. You’re a Ferrari too. God has given you a Ferrari”. He’s also been seen behind the wheel of
a Rolls-Royce, which also was used as a prop, as he went on stage for another sermon. The Rolls Royce was used as a way of telling
the congregation that they’re a Rolls-Royce because they’re made in the image of God. Young is trying to relay the message that
God has given everyone a Rolls-Royce or a Ferrari, and that many people aren’t driving
their cars correctly. According to him, many people are driving
off the road and that messes up the car. Hey, whatever he needs to say to people so
he can have an excuse to drive around in a Ferrari or Rolls Royce right?! 7 – Alph Lukau
Do you guys know who Alph Lukau is? Alph Lukau is an extremely popular pastor
in South Africa. He has a big following because according to
some of his parishioners, he has the ability to heal any kind of illness! That, and he’s able to resurrect people. Yeahhhh okay. Well, one thing that’s for sure is that
he’s also able to live out a lifestyle like he’s Rick Ross. Lukau is known for his extravagant lifestyle
with cars ranging from Bentleys to Rolls Royces. Lukau started his ministry in February 2002
in Johannesburg, South Africa. Alph Lukau is the General Overseer of Alleluia
Ministries International and he’s reportedly worth a billion dollars. Is it just us, or does it not make sense for
a pastor to be worth a billion dollars?! This is the same guy who preaches to his parishioners
to tithe at least 10%, no matter their income level. Come on. Before he arrives for church, police officers
lead a convoy on a traffic-free road. Thousands of people are lined up on the street
waiting to hear Lukau speak. Lukau goes to church with essentially a presidential-style
convoy. He’s inside a sleek white Rolls Royce, with
10 other cars riding behind. Somehow, someway, a man that arrives in this
way to church is the man that thousands of people wait to hear about the word of God. Anything seem fishy to you guys?! 6 – William H. Curtis
Should pastors be allowed to own exotic cars? What do you guys think? Senior Pastor Dr. William H. Curtis got called
out for his luxurious taste in cars! Curtis parked his $230,000 Bentley Bentayga
in his designated parking space at his church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it caught
the attention of a parishioner who accused him of quote, “sucking the community dry.” A photo of Curtis’ black Bentley was uploaded
to Facebook with the caption, “If your pastor [is] driving a Bentley truck, he’s sucking
your community dry with hope and tithes.” How owning a Bentley that’s worth $230,000
dollars contributes in any way to the community and to what a pastor preaches is something
that many people have asked. The Bentley SUV costs nearly twice as much
as the median home in the church’s neighborhood of Larimer, one of the poorest neighborhoods
in Pittsburgh. Supposedly Curtis does earn income from his
marketing firm as well. However, does it make any sense for a pastor
to buy and drive a car that’s worth twice the median cost of a home in one of the poorest
neighborhoods in the city? Probably not! 5 – Vyacheslav Baskakov
Is it actually wrong for a priest to be into fashion? Probably not. However, when it involves brands that are
more about extravagance and exclusivity than the actual uniqueness of style in itself,
it juuuuuust might be a red flag! Russian Orthodox priest Vyacheslav Baskakov
was called out for his Instagram posts flaunting extravagant items from Gucci and Louis Vuitton. He posted pics on his instagram that showed
off luxury items such as Gucci slippers and loafers, as well as Louis Vuitton handbags
and luggage worth thousands of dollars! He deleted the photos after they began to
draw attention. I mean…..what was he expecting? Isn’t posting on Instagram essentially saying,
“Look at me!”?! Church leaders obviously were angry at Baskakov
for his “poor taste” and a disciplinary committee was brought together to quote “bring
him back to real life”. Baskakov apologized for his photographs, saying
he would suffer penance and shut down his Instagram account since he’s not able to
behave humbly and appropriately. He denied owning the items from Gucci and
Louis Vuitton, saying he had taken most of the photographs in stores. He said that he would sew expensive-looking
buckles onto his shoes to make them look quote, “festive”. The spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Patriarch
Kirill said that hopefully, this “will bring this shepherd to account”. But the Kirill himself suffered a similar
scandal in 2012 after he was caught in a meeting wearing a watch worth an estimated $30,000
dollars! His aides photoshopped the luxury watch out
of a photograph but they failed to photoshop the watch face reflection on a polished wooden
table! 4 – Creflo Dollar Creflo Dollar is the senior pastor and founder
of the famous World Changers Nondenominational Church headquartered in Fulton, Georgia. His ministry’s first-ever gathering was held
in a cafeteria in 1986 with only eight people in attendance. In that meeting, Creflo raised $100 from the
participants. However, by 2007, the overall cash revenue
received in his church was about $70 million dollars! His congregation has grown to over 30,000
active members over the years. His church auditorium, named the World Dome,
was built and paid for with 18 million dollars in cash. With all that money coming into the church,
Dollar doesn’t lead a simple lifestyle. He loves his material possessions, sending
out the message to parishioners that “God does not want you to be poor”. Dollar’s church centers around the controversial
teachings of prosperity theology. Creflo was also under investigation, just
like Kenneth Copeland, for using his church as a tax shelter to fund extravagant lifestyles. Really, they need to do an audit to figure
that one out?! Dollar owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet,
and high-end real estate such as a multi-million dollar home in Atlanta and another multi-million
dollar home in New Jersey. When he was asked to explain his private jet,
he said quote, “In order for me to do what I have been called to do, the airlines, they
don’t fly my schedule”. 3 – Joel & Victoria Osteen Ahhh, c’mon, you guys knew Joel and Victoria
Osteen would make this list! Known for his gleaming smile and positive
preaching, televangelist and megachurch pastor Joel Osteen is a worldwide sensation. Since becoming the head of Houston’s Lakewood
Church, Osteen has grown the church’s membership to more than 40,000. But it’s not his preaching alone that’s
responsible for his fame. Joel Osteen is also a best-selling author
and popular motivational speaker together with his wife Victoria. Osteen met his wife, Victoria, at a jewelry
store and their first date was at the church he now pastors with her. In 2017, his reported net worth was somewhere
between $40 to $60 million. As a senior pastor, Osteen says he draws no
salary from the church, which has an annual budget of $70 million and instead, he fully
relies on income from book sales. Well, at least THAT makes a bit more sense
than some of the guys on this list right? They live in a $10.5 million home, which has
six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, five fireplaces, a guesthouse, and a pool
house. Of course, he also owns Ferraris and Rolls
Royces. Osteen is another prosperity preacher who
claims that people shouldn’t feel guilty for possessing lots of material wealth. Instead, all a person needs to do is thank
and praise God for the acquired wealth. 2 – Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer is a TV preacher and president
of Joyce Meyer Ministries. As expected for a TV Pastor, she leads an
opulent lifestyle filled with fancy homes and expensive cars. Meyer is another person who preaches “prosperity
gospel.” She tells her audience that if they give to
her ministry, God will bless them with their own financial rewards. Seriously, can’t these prosperity pastors
come up with a better line?! Back in 2003, the St. Louis-Dispatch newspaper
piece detailed Meyer’s luxurious lifestyle. At that time, the ministry pulled in $8 million
dollars a month but spent only a tenth of that on charitable works. The rest of the money was used in some interesting
ways. Meyer is fond of nice things and she’s willing
to spend the money for them. Well, the church’s money anyways. The article said that Meyer’s $20-million
dollar headquarters has the look and feel of a luxury resort hotel. Local tax officials, in an unsuccessful attempt
to get the building on the tax rolls, conducted an inventory of the building’s contents. The tax assessors’ report found that the building
contains artwork, furniture, glassware and equipment worth $5.7 million. This included a 23 thousand dollar toilet. Seriously. This was all paid for by the ministry! Since 1999, the ministry has bought five homes
for Meyer and her four children. The collective value of the homes is at least
$4 million. Meyer and her husband live in a 10,000-square
foot Cape Cod-style home with a garage that can hold eight cars. The ministry pays for upkeep on all of the
houses. Meyer called the homes a “good investment”
for the ministry and said that the ministry bears the cost of upkeep and maintenance because
the family is too busy to take care of such tasks. 1 – Carl Lentz
Imagine hanging out with your pastor, doing activities such as playing basketball, going
to the beach, or even knocking back shots at a bar? That’s what Justin Bieber used to do with
Carl Lentz, pastor of Hillsong NYC, a church in Manhattan. Lentz hung out with Bieber before they had
a falling out in 2018. However, Lentz still has other celebrities
he tends to while ministering to thousands of people at his megachurch. He’s supposedly the reason why Bieber canceled
his Purpose World Tour in 2017, so Bieber could focus on being a better Christian. Hillsong is known for its Christian rock style
of music, tattooed church leaders, and general hipster look. Bieber isn’t the only celebrity to embrace
the church. Vanessa Hudgens is an attendee, so’s Kyrie
Irving, and let’s not forget the occasional Kardashian. Lentz baptized Bieber a few years ago in the
custom extra-long bathtub of NBA player Tyson Chandler after Bieber demanded to be baptized
at 2 in the morning. Lentz has received criticism over his style
of preaching, progressive views on Christianity, and of course, drinking with Bieber. But who knows, maybe he’s just that cool
to hang with? Here’s what’s next!

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  1. Ephesians 5:6, NIV: "Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient." …

  2. All religions are cults, simple fact. You can believe in anything you want, but joining and donating to them is crazy.

  3. These guys with the material possessions and the Catholics with their child lovers. And for some weird reason, they're still popular and powerful…. ??

  4. At the Judgement there will be people saying, 'Look what I did for You Jesus! I preached to & baptized so many. I freed so many from demons!' And Jesus will throw them in the Lake of Fire, saying "I never knew you." Without judging, I can comfortably say that most of those mega-church preachers will never walk the streets of gold. They preach what people want to hear, they don't preach the Word. They put just enough truth in there to make the lies palatable.I am a Christian, but I don't listen to any of them. Jesse Duplantis either. Jesse's been wanting his church to buy him yet another private jet. He has 3-5 others, but they're not good enough. He & Kenneth Copeland are close friends.Give your tithes to your local church. They will help the people in your community who need it. If they don't help the community, it's time to find another church.They need to tax these giant churches or at least hold them accountable for what they do with their money. Joel Osteen may not have a "salary" from his church, but what do you bet they give him an 'offering' each week instead?

  5. We have a self proclaimed "Bishop" here in New Zealand who lives in luxury at the expense of his congregation who stupidly support his lavish lifestyle. People like this are very unlikely to enter heaven since they worship money and possessions.

  6. these guys are going to spend eternity in the lowest depths of hell for these horrifically sins. I have a question for you… Why isn't the Pope the number one person on this list? I truly believe these people worship Satan not God not Jesus Christ. remember Satan is the best liar and so are these people.

  7. Creflo Dollar? The same man who tried to get his people to donate money for a private jet? More like "Klepto" Dollar. And Joel Osteen failed to open his church to victims of Hurricane Harvey. There's a reason why I don't trust these kind of pastors.

  8. Joyce Meyer's generating $8 Million a Month, Tithes 10 % Charity causes, 90% to Herself and her husband and kids, Greedy bastards all of these Prosperity Rock Star Pastors. And to Think Jesus Turned the Money Tables over in front of the Pharasee's, Part of his Crucifixtion, and for a Rich man to enter heaven, like dragging a camel through the eye of a needle.

  9. Sheep! Unfortunately they are lead by the wolves and not the Sheppard's. The Lord says stay modest and humble. Those who lead the flock should live by example.

  10. Theas wolves in sheep,s clothing just make me vary sick you just can't Make this stuff up I can only Imagine what some of the other preachers in other big not as famous churches make it least like 20% of what these preachers are making.

  11. Personally I never worry about going to Hell… I'm sure Hell will be busy with fuckers like this when I get there… and I'll just join in the fun.

  12. they only believe in god because its makes good money thats all. They are all sinners in the eye of God. And they dont care they know what they are precing is a load off bull shit. Religion was made by humans just to scare people and to explain some things nothging more. All the gods are fake just stories like in anny book. But humans are so stupid that they will believe annything u tell them .Its so scary living in a world where 99% of the people dont us there brains to think for them selfs .And dont wanne see in there own eyes the real treu that is out there .No they dont whant to be confronted by realitie.Those people will destrey the wold and than blame it on the us for not believeing.I HATE ALL RELIGION AND WE MUST KILL ALL THE BELIEVERS BEFORE THEY KILL US ALL

  13. I think Lentz should be Number 9 and Copeland number 1 . Copeland takes more money from poor families than Lentz.

  14. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    Mark 8:36

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
    Matthew 6:21

    Be careful not to perform your righteous acts before men to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be praised by men. Truly I tell you, they already have their reward.

    Matthew 6:2

    All of these FAKE pastors sleep with satan and dance with the Devil.

    Their days are numbered and they will face all of Eternity separated from God and burning in Hell if they do NOT repent!

  15. If people are dumb enough to give them money more power to them.Where I live most people give their pastors over half their money then ask why he drives a jaguar LOL.

  16. Can't hate on these men. There is a reason they live a blessed life.

    Followers will always need a leader…..

  17. Brothers in humanity , explainations are in this video ——–>>

  18. If people get something out of making others rich that is ok. There should be full disclosure and no injury or sexual abuse or abuse of any kind to anyone. Wasting money on the rich instead of investing it on the poor (oneself the congregation) is not an intelligent decision but it is fair and legal.

  19. My friend who were an atheist like me decided to become a pastor cause its very profitable and doesn't really require anything special

  20. These men are becoming gods, in their own opinions. They are turning the people away from searching for God’s face and looking to the preachers as all they need. Forget your Bibles, forget Jesus because you have prosperity preachers to fill their places.

  21. Well God Blesses his people. Look at Salomon with knowledge and richest, or Abraham with richest like which the world has never seen. The fact that this video judges an individual by their material things instead of their heart is idiotic. These people have changed lives so y'all know. And that is priceless.

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