ASMR for Relaxation & Sleep | Kati Morton

ASMR for Relaxation & Sleep | Kati Morton

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  1. At the moment, I've recently been suffering with a lot of Tears lately. Grief is a horrible thing to live with.
    Yeah, I just keep constantly crying, Just feeling sad.

  2. Kati, could you do a video on dealing with serious anger issues and how to overcome this disease. I feel like I’m a ticking time bomb and have been my whole life. Thank you for your videos!

    i love you <3

  4. Hi!
    Can you please react to this video and create a topic of it? Like abusive relationship advice (to survive and leave?) or something Q_Q
    She really touched me and i think she needs help in some ways. Thank you if you read this! I love your channel and your personality.

  5. Browsing for time fillers before bed. Found this and it surprised me into watching and listening to every second. You could some marbles.

  6. It was actually quite helpful. I couldnt stop thinking when i tried to sleep and this helped me change my mindspace and relax. Many thanks!

    Didnt like the zipper though haha

  7. I've only just started to get into ASMR, and it's amazing. I don't know why it took me so long. Thank you! I don't get the chills or anything with ASMR, but it definitely helps with calming and relaxation. :}

  8. Hey Kati, do you have any videos on the body’s physical reactions to sexual abuse and how to cope with them?
    If not do you have any information that would help?
    Really appreciate your videos! ❤️

  9. Hi Kati – thank you for sharing all of these videos. For me, they have been VERY helpful. Something my own therapist has been encouraging me to do is to journal. I have tried a few times, but… i get lost… when i try and review things… it seems like just gibberish… do you have any suggestions, recommendations?

  10. HOLY CRAP, ASMR too? that´s awesome!

    Also, to give a bit back to all you do for us viewers, I´ll try to help with those translations if that´s not a problem (Spanish native)

  11. Can you do a therapy asmr video? Like whispering and saying positive affirmations, or guided mindfulness, or something better than that. I don't think any therapy channel has done that on youtube, i'm thinking it might be a cool thing! 🙂

  12. I only get asmr visually fsr, the whole pouring water thing really did it for me! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  13. Thank you for this video this really helps me a lot and especially thank you for not skipping out on the plastic cup I prefer more of plastic sounds then the anything but I really appreciate this video 🙂

  14. Do people actually enjoy ASMR or are you all just pretending? I think you're all just showing off how you can not only tolerate something so irratating and skin crawling but you even enjoy it. Like "look at me I'm so chill and this isn't annoying the c out of me or making me want to puke at all" I call b.s.

  15. Oh my goodness….your quite good at this.
    Just you next time…your voice is much more soothing than a zip or any god dam scribbling.😄
    Must be a therapist thing, as I too am a therapist who has been told that my voice is soothing when doing mindful meditation with my clients.😉😊

  16. I wanted to try this asmr to try it out cause I love her videos but all it did it make me have to pee when she was doing the water lol

  17. the color pencil part made me sooooo sleepy I always try to find good drawing/writing videos and wow that was the best one i’ve ever found

  18. Your voice is so tingly! I loved this! Thank you for helping me escape some of the pain I am feeling with my migraines. Weirdly enough, ASMR does help sometimes and you video definitely helped me tonight!

  19. This is the only asmr video on the entire internet that I actually trust. I trust you as a person, but don't know other asmr channels very well, so I'm always afraid they'll take advantage and it'll be a jumpscare.

  20. I watch asmr on a regular basis, but woah I didn't know I could get the tingles on my legs too? The power of art, I guess.
    That's neat.

    Also, recently I have started shaking (cramp-like sensation over my whole body) when I'm angry/passionate about something? Being irritated isn't unusual for me, but this sensation sure is. I took my risperdal to see if it would work, but It didn't help, and it usually calms me down from similar feelings. Happened twice in the course of a week and for two completely different situations. What should I do?

  21. I’ve always never really liked watching/listening to ASMR videos because they make me uncomfortable and have me laughing really hard. I curl up and feel paralyzed because I’m so ticklish (apparently with sounds too) and I feel an electric sensation down my back that hurts so I couldn’t watch them. But since I’ve been watching your videos and getting to “know” you, I was comfortable watching you and be able to fully relax. It’s weird, but thanks for the relaxation video ♥️

  22. Is it possible for you to make another affirmations asmr video? Maybe one saying things like "you are safe" and stuff like that? I have a difficult time feeling safe going to sleep at night. I really appreciate your videos and watch them when I am lonely or struggling. Thank you Kati!

  23. I love your videos so I thought I’d give it a try but I just can’t stand ASMR… I just can’t take the sounds!! I hate it so much! I wish that I liked it but I just can’t!!

  24. So I’ve never seen or done one of these before so I thought I’d just take a listen and I’m not sure how this relaxes some people but hey if it works for you then cool. My cat sure liked the crinkling of the plastic.

  25. I wonder if it’s just me that this happens to or if it’s other people that this happens to see so I can only get “the feeling” if it’s in one ear I can’t get “the feeling” if it’s mono it has to be one ear or the other…

  26. I can’t be the only one who thinks she’s gorgeous?!
    Btw omg ur ASMR videos are incredible, they make feel feel soooooo calm!

  27. Am I the only one who gets anxiety from this practice? Asmr is supposed to be satisfying or in this case relaxing, but I had to pause the video because the sounds were triggering my anxiety. Does this happen to anybody else?

  28. This is the first ASMR video I’ve clicked on honestly, maybe I’ll give it a go tonight 😂😅 they honestly kinda weird me out but I love you Kati and you tend to calm me to maybe that’ll have an effect on it!

  29. So this was my first experience with ASMR and instead of euphoric relaxation it made me extremely anxious and now I can’t sleep. Thanks body. Great video tho Kati!

  30. I been listening to these like 2 nights in a row so far and it help me fall asleep, find me weird but I like whispering the best lmao

  31. I found this to be more relaxing than I thought I would. Except for the water part, it made me want to pee. lol

  32. I'm on a binge of your videos and this one came up. I appreciate that you tagged the sounds because some sounds I love and some make me ill, angry, or stressed. so far this is the first ASMR video that hasn't made me want to murder someone!

  33. Can you do ASMR coloring videos because I actually like the sound and look of the pencils! Other sounds I don't like too much

  34. One time I watched one of ur vids for asmr I was super relaxed nearly asleep then once it finished this random ad came on and it was loud and I nearly shit myself 😂😂😂

  35. This is relaxing and scary and I don't know why. I hope I don't have a repressed memory and this is just my paranoia. 😛

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