Back to the Original Plan | Nine’s Word Pleiadian Message

Back to the Original Plan | Nine’s Word Pleiadian Message

Promises, promises… Once upon a time, it
may be that you made a promise. Perhaps a vow to remain a certain way, unwavering, as
long as possible without deviation from the intent. Such things can be pipe dreams, when
put to the test of life and all that it presents. Even those choices to stay on a certain road,
sure it will take you where you want to go, can come apart, leaving you wondering which
way to go and without a clear path ahead. Sometimes, things just turn out differently
than planned, even differently than promised, believed in, or devoted to. Sure outcomes
aren’t always in the deal. Still, you can count on those things that arise from a deeper
decision than what you build your life around, and that has to do with the choice you made
to live. Everything else comes into alignment with that, once you sort out the true mission
of your presence in this world. This is a good time to get back into remembrance of
that. When you make a promise, you are giving your
intent a direction to fly in. Stopping short of moving heaven and earth, you do your best
to live up to what you have decreed, to live so help you God according to what you have
in one moment of clarity, relatively speaking, pushed into the realm of That Which Is To
Be. Perhaps you can look at your life and say with some certitude that you are not one
to break a promise, one to forgive promises broken, to look beyond the human frailty that
brings so much dynamism to the experience of living in the world of human interrelationship.
Perhaps, you cannot so easily bear to view the landscape, littered as it is with half-truths,
broken words, and failed attempts to be something artificially created for you to fit into.
If so, can you as easily find the space of forgiveness for failing to live up to the
spell of the spoken or written word? Can you reframe your experience in a way that not
only settles truth into your heart, but more fully describes the purpose of promise itself? It’s not to deviate from personal responsibility
that we bring this up now. You took on the mantle of human existence, and with it the
responsibility to experience what that is. On a day full of promise, you took up residence
in the sheath of a body and from then on came to know what it is to know the meaning of
limitation, world’s edge, realistic expectations within a framework of social economics, norms,
and prejudices. How much of this has infiltrated the truth by which your innate human beingness
is fashioned? You can come face to face with the original promise of your life now, as
the machinery of human commerce has been brought to a slowly grinding halt. There’s no time
like the present. Despite having lost the path a time or two, you’re not lost to that
which remembers why and how you came to be. Turn to your soul, greet the refraction of
light that streams now from unobstructed gateways from source to fabrication. The truth of your
existence convenes around you now. A new direction opens, full of promise remembered.

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  1. Yes we did but not to be stuck in stagnation loops of the same experience for lifetimes and controlled hijacked and eaten while we are at it and now this old looping yet again motion through the same old no we came in agreement to bring in change to the new way for throughout creation to express through and support that and step into remembrance of self as a creator being and support the new time lines of potential but not through the lower of the same old death fear dispear so come on we need to nullify this and create something in support of all our works and efforts and promises we have fulfilled while others have dropped the ball on theirs which is what obvious by what is being observed and experienced of this same old

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