Best Weight Loss Diets 2020 – Dash, Keto, Mediterranean and many others reviewed

Best Weight Loss Diets 2020 – Dash, Keto, Mediterranean and many others reviewed

– Have you tried to lose weight? Do you want to learn different diets, like Mediterranean or DASH diet? Maybe low-carb, low-fat,
or high-protein diet. Do you want to learn how to
choose the best diet for you? If so, stay tuned. Hello, I’m Dr. Derek Liao. And welcome to your
favorite YouTube channel. In this video, we are going to
talk about weight loss diets. If this is the first time
that you are on this channel, well, we usually review
different medical topics. Like, health, diseases, diet and exercise. With the medical information
available in an easy way, so anybody can learn from it. If you haven’t subscribed to
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video, to show your support. In our previous video,
we learned that obesity is related with an increase
in your mortality rate. And also, it’s related with 230 comorbidities and complications. That almost all of them can
get better if you lose weight. If you haven’t seen that video, it would be in the description. So, you can watch it later. Another thing that we
learned in that video, is that if we want to lose
weight, we gotta make a plan. We have to go to our doctor. Our plan will be the following. First, we have to stick with a diet. Diet is the first plan. Second, exercise if you can do it. Third, behavioral therapy might help. Four, if the three
previous ones didn’t help, well, maybe your doctor is going to prescribe you a medication. And fifth, depending on
your body mass index, you could be a candidate
for a bariatric surgery. First, we are going to learn how to set our weight loss goals. Do you know how many kilos, or pounds, do we have to lose in order
to get a benefit from it? Actually, different studies like this one, from The New England Journal of Medicine, shows that 5 to 7 percent of weight loss in the first year can reduce our risk for
cardiovascular events. Also can reduce our risk for dyslipidemia, hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Other benefits include, reduce use of hypertensive medication. Statins, insulin. Also, urinary incontinence. Sleep apnea, depression. And improvement in quality
of life, in different areas. Like physical functioning, sexual functioning and mobilization. And, if you can achieve at least
a 10 percent of weight loss in your first year, as shown
in this study from Lancet, you can reduce the risk
for cardiovascular events at 10 years. The rate of weight loss is directly related to the difference between our energy intake
and our energy expenditure. In other words, it’s
how many calories we eat and how many calories we burn. According to the World
Health Organization, there’s an equation
where you can calculate your energy expenditure. I know it’s quite complicated. But I want to highlight four factors that actually determines
how many calories we burn. Those factors are age, sex, weight and physical activity. If we know how these factors
actually affects our life, then we are going to lose weight. First, sex. Male burns more calories than females. Also, younger people burn more
calories than older people. Another thing is, if we
increase our physical activity we are going to burn more calories. And finally, is the weight. If we’re heavier, we are
going to burn more calories than if we are lighter. I want to highlight this point. Because, actually, if we are
setting a goal, you know, a weight loss goal, we are
going to have a weight. And while we are losing
weight, if you understand this, if we are losing weight,
while we progress, we are going to burn less calories. That’s one of the reasons
that many people that start a weight loss program,
they stop losing weight. And maybe they gain more weight. Because the lighter that
you are, the less calories that you are going to burn. So, what can we do about that? Well, we have to have a strategy. While we are losing weight, we have to decrease or
reduce our calorie intake. So, eat less. Or we can burn more calories with an increase in our physical activity. Those are the strategies that we can do. Just as a general advice,
reducing calorie intake should be the main component
of our weight loss plan. Let’s start reviewing the diets. Let’s begin with a
balanced low-calorie diet. If we are going to plan a diet, we have to know how many
calories we are going to get. And also which food is going
to give us those calories. We have to look for healthy choices. We need an adequate amount of nutrients. Like protein, carbohydrates
and essential fatty acids. We need to eliminate
alcohol, high-sugar beverage and also we have to eliminate
concentrated sweets. We can start with a portion control meal. Once simple approach
would be to actually buy individual packaged meals. That can help you to control
how many calories do you take. Like formula diet drinks using powder or liquid formula diets. Like elemental diets,
nutrition bars, frozen food and prepackaged meals that can
be stored at room temperature as a main source of nutrient. Let’s start with low-calorie
version of healthy diets. Like the Mediterranean diet. That includes high consumption
of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, moderate
consumption of alcohol, mainly as wine. Also, moderate consumption
of milk and dairy products. Most in form of cheese. Relative low intake of
meat and meat products. And high level of monounsaturated
fat acids like olive oil. The mediterranean diet is associated with a reduce in the cardiovascular events and also prevention of diabetes. Let’s continue with the DASH diet. Or the Dietary Approach
to Stop Hypertension. This one includes 4 to 5 servings
of fruits and vegetables. 2 to 3 servings of low-fat dairy products. And less than 25% of the
dietary intake from fat. This diet is related with a
decrease in the blood pressure. That’s why it’s name. Now, let’s talk about low-fat diet. Low-fat diet with healthy
choices of carbohydrates is not associated with weight gain. We can approach this diet in two ways. First, we can make a menu
plan and emphasize it in reduced fat foods. Or, the second one would
be, instead of counting how many calories do you take, we are going to count the
grams of fat that we intake. How can we do this? Well, many experts
recommend a daily intake of less than 30 percent of fat. In practical terms, it would
be for each thousand calories, you can eat 30 grams of fat. So, if you’re aiming for a one thousand five hundred calorie diet, then you cannot eat more
than 45 grams of fat. Now, let’s talk about low-carb diets. Proponents of low-carb diets
say that the obesity epidemic is due to a low-fat, high-carb diet. But, actually, this is misleading. It depends on the type of
carbohydrates that you eat. If you eat energy dense snacks, or highly concentrated sugar beverage, then this might be the case. But if you have a healthy
choice for carbohydrates, it is not the case. Low-carb and very low-carb
diet like the keto diet are better for short term
weight loss than low-fat diet, according to a study from the JAMA. But, in the long term, at 12 months, there was no difference between them. But we gotta be careful about that kind of carb
diet that we are doing, huh? Right now, the keto diet is everywhere. But do you know that there was a study in Annals of Internal Medicine, that checked about different
kind of low-carb diets. If it was a plant-based diet. Actually, it was shown that
it reduce the mortality. But if you are doing a low-carb diet highly based on animal products, then actually the
mortality rate increases. But don’t worry, that’s why we are here. We are here for learning. And change our life. Another interesting thing
about the very low-carb diet, is that it is associated
with more side effects than a low-fat diet. As shown in this study from the Annals of Internal Medicine. Where we can see that this
diet has more probability of constipation, headache,
halitosis or bad breath, diarrhea, muscle cramps,
general weakness and rash. Those are some side
effects that we can get from very low carb diet. Now, let’s talk about high-protein diets. This diet had been recommended because they are more satiating and also because they
increase our thermogenesis. This is our capacity to produce heat from metabolic processes. But different studies have shown
that between high-protein versus low-carb or low-fat diet, it hasn’t shown any
difference between them. So, at the end, it depends
about what is best for you. But what about very low calorie diets? These are the ones where
your calorie intake is from 200 to 800 calories per day. According to The Obesity Society, that they made analysis
about very low calorie diets versus another diet with
calorie restriction. The very low calorie diet was
superior for short term loss. But in the long term,
there was no difference. But following this very low
calorie diet is not harmless. Actually has side effects. Between them we have hair loss, thinning of the skin, coldness. And also this is contraindicated for any woman that is
pregnant or is lactating. But what about that so
popular intermittent fasting? Well, according to a study
from JAMA, intermittent fasting versus another restrictive calorie diet was not superior at six and twelve months. So, at the end, it depends if for you it’s easier to
follow intermittent fasting or to continue with your
calorie restrictive diet. Now, it’s time to choose the best diet. After reviewing all of them, we can conclude that the best ones are the Mediterranean one and the DASH diet. Why? Because they give us the
benefit of a healthy diet without a restriction of any nutrient. Like carb, fat or protein. In general, we should
prioritize introducing a diet that emphasizes in a higher intake of fruit, legumes, vegetables, whole grains, also nut, fish. And a low intake of processed
meat, high refined carbs, red meats and also trans fat. After losing weight, how do
we maintain our weight loss? Actually, we need a strategy. We need exercise and behavioral therapy. Those topics, we’re going to
review it in another video. Coming soon. Let’s make a quick summary
of what we learned today. First, a weight loss of 5 to 10 percent is associated with a lot of benefits. But if we aim for a ten
percent in our first year, then we are going to have a
reduce in our mortality rates for up to ten years. Also, the rate of weight
loss is associated with how many calories we take and
how many calories we burn. And the best diets are
the Mediterranean diet and the Dietary Approach
to Stop Hypertension. If we choose a low-carb diet, we have to choose healthy choices of fat. If we choose a low-fat diet, we have to choose
healthy choices of carbs. Another important factor for
choosing a diet is the adherence. If you’re not going to follow the diet, then it is not going to work for us. Also, for maintaining weight loss, we need exercise and behavioral therapy. Those topics we’re going to
review it in another video. Thanks for your time. What do you think about
the video, do you like it? Do you want another video? Do you want to review maybe keto diet, DASH diet, Mediterranean one? If so, please do one of the
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