BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR | Official Trailer | Netflix

BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR | Official Trailer | Netflix

This is what’s happening
in Beverly Hills. There’s a Yoga College
of India, and the man who runs it
is Yogi Bikram. You’ve never really done yoga until you’ve done
a Bikram class. With millions in the bank
and millions of followers, Bikram is doing
something right. People would say,
“What’s he like?” And I’d say, “He sees himself
as a cross between Mother Teresa and Howard Stern. He was a teacher who was
going to make me perfect. He saw potential in you
that you might not see. But he has a really ugly side. He looked at me and said, “Suck that fat stomach in. I don’t like to see
the jiggle-jiggle.” Bikram was so good
at getting inside of our brains. I’m gonna suck the last
drop of blood you have. How could smart women
endure weeks with this guy? I’d seen flashes
of megalomania, but I didn’t know
how diabolical he actually was. He kept telling me that
he wanted to make me famous, and that I just had
to stay close with him. Bikram called me out of class and into his office,
and he said, “What are we going to do
about us?” Should we make this
a relationship?” And it was just like, “Oh, my God.” I don’t want to say
that I was brainwashed. But that’s
what was happening. There was a camp that was
going to hang him by his nails. And there was a camp
that was saying these girls asked for it. It was really hard, because… I wouldn’t be the person
who I am today without him. They’re young women who want to believe
in something so badly. Those are the people
that he targets. A lot of people tell
a lot of stories, and that becomes their truth. I’m happy
he’s still teaching class. You are not intelligent, wise,
experienced enough to understand who I am.

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  1. These women stuck around him when it suited them and bails when it didn't suit them. 1:01 It was always about this. "Brainwashed" come on. Take your responsibility.

  2. Come on! Why are you posted this trailer thursday afternoon, when you arent releasing this doc for like 2 weeks? Dude, thats not cool…

  3. I don’t think it’s fair that yoga people have cornered the outdoor selfie market.

    It’s time for goodhearted, yet wholly inflexible people to take back our beaches, parks and bridges with sedentary selfies of our own.

  4. Can't wait for this. Bring out all the Indian shams of the United States. Btw I'm an Indian and I don't approve of these brainless idiots.

  5. So he knew how to get into narcissist women's pants who thought they'd be rich & famous by giving it up to him. I feel so sorry for them, cry me a river. L.A doesn't need a giant earthquake & tsunami obliterate it, just make guys who take advantage of fame seeking narcissist woman into pariahs, that'll do it just as well. Without the casting couch there is no L.A.

  6. Some random old man sitting on a car doesn't entice me at all. You need a better thumbnail for whatever this is you're hawking. Gonna dislike & keep it moving.

  7. Only attend Bikram yoga class on wood floor, hate those smelly carpet. Dislike formal Bikram studio always turn on the bright lights to make you compete with other students. Natural light and comfortable environment to relax your muscle in order to finish the poses correctly and safely.

  8. so many of them have become successful because of his teachings. just a little bit of breath meditation will transform the trajectory of your life. it is a mixed bag. you have to take the good from people like that, and get the hell away from the bad.

  9. I keep finding out day after day just how many gullible and extremely stupid cult like people there are in this world lmaoo!!

  10. Girls do stuff that can make them famous but after a century they alleged these gurus, directors or any wealthy person they they were being raped or sexually abused, I'm not against girls I'm against rapists but the thing is a grown girl or a women should know in the first place that none can make you wealthy & famous by using their body.

  11. Okay … I am not defending these men , but why netflix kept on releasing on those things specifically matters to Hindus…what about grooming gangs, other cults still persists from somebody's other culture. If you targeting one culture, it will be stereotyped on a long run because of just few men ….. Yoga is already bastardized by many.

  12. brainwashed? really? dude was high up there and you wanted some of that …and you got an invitation… which you accepted! for freaks sake, take some responsibility for your own actions.. you are an adult!

  13. I love how women over 18 which are considered legal want it and take it at that moment in time, then 20 years down the track there in tears wishing they never had and go to the media and make money off books makes me laugh and grateful to be a man hahah

  14. That’s what happens when you got an oldschool man of genius working with rich snowflakes and avid bitches. He boame a millionnaire and they became victims and feminists.

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