Black Clover – Ending 8 Full『against all gods』by m-flo

Black Clover – Ending 8 Full『against all gods』by m-flo

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  1. Did you know, Deku from My Hero Academia and Tanjiro from Demon Slayer make a cameo in this song? What a crossover!

  2. I’m not going to lie I gave up on the anime and started reading the manga it was so much better then the shit I was watching but then the animation started looking good and I joined back on train for the anime and So far everything looks fine unless they drop standers because this ark is going to be the best out of all so be prepared my friends

  3. M-Flow "Against All Gods" Lyrics Romanji
    Black Clover Ending 8 Full Version Lyrics Romanji
    Bukiyō na ikizama de shika irarenakute
    Kasaneta shōri o kotae ni shite kita
    Taisetsu naika ni fukanshō ni natte
    Okubyō na jibun o kakushite kita

    Dō shite mo mizukara wo
    Miushinatte kirai ni natte
    Make sō ni nattara
    Just cry out loud…

    Kizutsuku oto ni kizutsuku oto ni
    Tachimukau yūki e to michibīteku Our treasure
    Uragiranai no wa saigo ni there is love
    Kazashita chikai ga nigiru Treasure

    I don't need nobody
    I don't need no maryoku wa iranai
    Jiriki de idonde mirakuru okiru koto negai
    Biryoku nagara 1 miri zutsu biribiri kirikonde iku
    Sekai o makikondeku
    My disability's my ability gyaku ni sore ga ore no enajī

    I want to believe…
    Tatoe nan ga atta to shite mo
    Against all odds (" odds")
    Even make believe…
    Shinjiru koto ga dekinakunatte mo
    And against all gods (" gods")
    Tanonda wake de mo nai no ni tanjō
    Shite kita konoWORLD
    Hito ni mukete wa ikenai kono kanjō

    Dare ka ukete kudasai
    This is my life
    This is my ways
    Kaeta to shite mo sore wa riaru na jibun ja nai
    But I see the light

    What happened to friendship?
    Why forget what love feels
    Tsuyoku aru koto ni subete sasageta
    I' m needing the voices
    Kikitai voices
    O negai, ai no imi o oshiete

    Sasaru yō ni, tsukisasaru yō ni
    Ai no chikara o kanjiteteforever
    Misutenai no wa (cuz) in love there is no doubt
    Mabushiku terashidasu believe in our treasure

    Dō shite mo mizukara o
    Miushinatte, kirai ni natte
    Make sō ni nattara
    Cry out loud reach out for" Timeless"


  4. Since today is now my Best Friend, Zakir Stocks' Birthday, I want to dedicate this Super MEGA ULTRA Cool and Awesome and Badass Ending Theme for Black Clover from M-Flo a Birthday gift. Happy B-Day, dude! 😊😁😀😉😎🤗✌👍👏💃🎆🎇❇✨🎈🎉🎊🎂🍰🍫

  5. Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss

    Srsly, that rap is straight FIRE, I think it could give the rappers from Devilman a run for their money

  6. 不器用な生き様でしかあれなくて







    just cry out loud…


    立ち向かう勇気へと導いてく our treasure

    裏切らないのは、最後に there is love

    翳した誓い光が握る treasure

    I don’t need nobody

    I don’t need no 魔力はいらない





    My disability is my ability


    I want to believe…


    Against all odds(“odds”)

    Even make-believe…


    And against all gods(“gods”)





    This is my life

    This is my ways



    But I see the light

    What happened to friendship?

    Why forget what love feels


    I’m needing the voices





    見捨てないのは (cuz) in love there is no doubt

    眩しく照らし出すbelieve in our treasure




    cry out loud reach out for “Timeless”

  7. Huge spoiler!:

    You sure you want to know?

    Come on. Don't spoil it for yourself if you haven't caught up.

    You sure?


    The first wizard king isn't dead. Licht was the huge demon in the beginning. Julius is alive. There is a powerful demon from another dimension that uses word magic. It is the same demon as the one in Asta's (in actuality, Licht's former) Grimoire. Yuno is possessed by the spirit of Licht's unborn son. The most effective magic that could destroy the word magic demon is shadow (dark) magic and anti magic. Nero is actually a human female who was transformed into an anti magic bird from using a forbidden spell. Nero's name is Seccre. Finral wakes up. Fuegoleon wakes up and is the new partner of Salamander. Noelle has a new form called Valkyrie Armor. And finally, Asta and Yuno both have new spells (Asta's FIRST spell).

  8. Black clover is the only anime I've seen that's had fantastic openings and endings consistently. Black clover has moved up to my favorite anime of all time list it's in my top 10.

  9. nice sound even so not being my language understand is little but when he talks about love everything is understood

  10. If you're here wondering like me. Near the end when she sings, she sings in the melody of Alien's Exist by Blink 182. "Up, all night long… And there's something very wrong."

  11. Gracias. Estoy solo, he sido traicionado por todos. Sólo me queda mi mujer. Es mi único tesoro, una tortuga.

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  13. Tbh, out of all the opening/closing songs in the anime series that I've watched. Black Clover's OP and Closing OSTs are the things I can't skipped.

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