Buddhism by country

Buddhism by country

Buddhism in the world is practiced by an
estimated 488 million, 495 million, or 535 million people as of the 2010s,
representing 7% to 8% of the world’s total population.
China is the country with the largest population of Buddhists, approximately
244 million or 18.2% of its total population. They are mostly followers of
Chinese schools of Mahayana, making this the largest body of Buddhist traditions.
Mahayana, also practiced in broader East Asia, is followed by over half of world
Buddhists. The second largest body of Buddhist
schools is Theravada, mostly followed in Southeast Asia. The third and smallest
body of schools, Vajrayana, is followed mostly in Tibet, the Himalayan region,
Mongolia and parts of Russia, but has been disseminated throughout the world.
According to a demographic analysis reported by Peter Harvey:
Eastern Buddhism has 360 million adherents;
Southern Buddhism has 150 million adherents; and
Northern Buddhism has 18.2 million adherents.
Seven million additional Buddhists are found outside Asia.
List of countries with largest Buddhist majority
There are 10 countries with the highest Buddhist percentage:
By country By region
Ten countries with the largest Buddhist populations
note : Exact number of followers when calculating Buddhists varies because
Buddhism is often mixed with the native East Asian religions in their respective
countries for example in Japan the number of Buddhists when calculating
including the Shintoists would ramp the percentage of Buddhists in Japan from
67% to>98%. See also
Neo-Confucianism East Asian Buddhism
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