Buddhist monk verbally abuses Tamil officials in Batticaloa

Buddhist monk verbally abuses Tamil officials in Batticaloa

They are clearing Vilpattu.
Why don’t you go and file a case? They are clearing Sri Paada too. You, gang of pariahs! You are Tigers!
There’s no doubt you are Tigers! You shot at Sinhalese in the past.
Today, you are beating us up. When I see you, my blood boils! It was this dog who keeps filing cases against us.
You listen, you Grama Sewaka.
You stop filing cases against Sinhalese. I am warning you. If one Sinhalese is moved out of their lands, that will be the end of
Thambiya’s [ethnic slur used against muslims] and Demala’s [ethnic slur used against Tamils] courts.
You keep that in your mind. I will smash your face. I am holding my self back only because of this uniform. Keep that in mind. Pariah! Let me finish. I must tell him, why did you file cases against 8 Sinhalese? Does that land belong to your mother? Or to your father? Don’t hurt the innocent people. You Tigers shot at us.
We tolerated it.
[filth] If you try to interfere any more,
I am telling this to every son of a ***** here.
This is is the last warning.
I will **** your mother. I will beat him to death. [Tamil officer comments] Is it a talk coming from a Buddhist monk?

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  1. When tigers were ruling, these poisonous buddhist snakes hid themselves in the grass. Now under the protection of
    khaki clad singalese they are dare to move freely and raise voice.

  2. Even if the common tamils & sinhalese wish to live united after the gruesome war, these senseless monks will not allow….it seems… and try to divide people, instigate tension & arouse the sentiments just for their selfish gains….lord buddha taught peace & but such extremist monks are hellbent in spoiling the reputation of the great buddha and the religion itself…lord buddha, please enlighten these monks onto the right path.

  3. This is wrong to talk like this.as I see the monk has no self decipline and I believe that a monk has trained them self to avoid war and bring peace but this is pure and utter discrimination and I believe that Muslims aren't tigers and neither are the Tamils and what has happened in the past has ended and I see the fault in the Sinhalese threatening Muslims but Muslims are quiet and standing aside as far as I know I don't like these conflict arising and this is srilanka a beautiful place of peace and nature don't start conflicts like this and this is disrespectful 😔it is sad to see there is war everywhere and hatred too this is sad

  4. n I thought Buddhist were peace-loving 😆😆

    as the great philosopher "Joker" once said ,"when chips are down, these civilised people will eat other like a wild dog"…

  5. Is that even a true Buddhist monk? Based on his actions and words, he's not even a true Buddhist… How could he even become a Monk? Fake monk…

  6. is this fool really a monk. Buddism never act like this. the act replicates indian form of Sanghparivar

  7. Psychopath!! No wonder srilanka is a stupid country because of people like him. These Theravada Buddhists are really bad, just like Cambodia, Thailand, Burma. They all have history of violence.
    Lol, he said “** mother” I thought monks don’t ** 😂😂

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