Cats and the reflections

Cats and the reflections

Cat, can you see dis? See what? Dis! Watcha meowing a bout? Ah, these? Rescue the Elephant! The dust? It’s been some time since we brushed I can see dis And me likes it Dis beautifluff My fur looks fab! Where’ve you been? Are they edible? There iz moar of them! Such wow! Are you seeing dis? Seeing what? Curious What have we been eating?

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  1. коты не понимают, откуда столько много солнечных зайчиков. 3:35 – вот и разыгрались.

  2. Happy Wednesday dear friend 🤗
    Excellent upload, thank you very much. Like!
    Greetings from Italy.
    Alberto CMFR

  3. Coool i like this BGM
    Hello prince of persian~~! Haha 🤣
    I wanna have one!!! too!!!
    Magic mirrorball?!?! Awesome 👏🤗

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