Christian Hackenberg’s candid reflection on his troubles in the NFL and how he is moving forward

Christian Hackenberg’s candid reflection on his troubles in the NFL and how he is moving forward

You know the biggest thing for me was I
think mentally like being able to get in a place I think throughout my whole
experience like even going back in my last two years at Penn State and then going
through the draft process and then being in New York like there’s just a lot of
pressure put on the kid at that point in time and I think it’s impossible to
ignore all of that stuff like it’s you’re gonna hear it and it is what it
is in a bad way it influenced my mental psyche on the field in terms of how
maybe I perceive certain things or you know how I how I got myself mentally in
a position to play and it was weird because it was really inconsistent
almost like I’m not gonna say anything anxiety but kind of like one of those
things where it was like you felt like people were always watching you and
added you just add put pressure on myself because of how how much of a
perfectionist I am and then that also spiraled into the mechanical issues
because I knew like how could I go and throw 10 balls great and then that one
ball’s bad and I don’t know why and I wanted to fix that why and that’s what I
think was really cool is I think being able to get those answers this past
offseason for me and then also be able to grow mentally and get myself in a
place where you know I’m at ease with all that stuff I think it was kind of
like the perfect ying and yang moment for me and that’s why I said I think this whole
thing was awesome for me because it was just like all those punches all the you
know great throw successes all those things kind of led me to where I am now
and I think mentally and physically like I’ve never been more in sync if that makes sense and I think
that’s what’s so powerful about this and that’s why I’m so excited about this
season it’s the next step for me like in my mind like there’s no comeback there’s
no rebirth there’s no any of this like I’ve worked extremely hard this
offseason to put myself in a situation to where like I said I am now in the
best place that I’ve ever been in my career mentally and physically together
and this is my opportunity to go out and play with that and I think that’s
awesome like I like I’m not even kidding like I
wish I was like this when I was at Penn State you know what I mean and I think I
think for me like it’s just cool like I’m like I feel like a little kid again
playing and I think that’s that’s really valuable I’m really excited about being
able to come out here and just just play for 10 games and let the tapes speak for

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  1. I agree Uncle Elmer another year at Happy Valley could have helped him.I think sometimes when a new coach comes in he likes to bring in his playets.Trace did very well under Franklin.I thought Hack had talent,but his game went down when Franklin arrived.I wish them all the best.

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