Christians and Politics

Christians and Politics

>>Should Christians vote? And
if so, what should be their guidelines for voting? Should
Christians move beyond voting to full scale participation in
politics even running for office? Should Christians get
involved in social issues like abortion, same-sex marriage
and gambling? Or, should Christians focus entirely on
sharing the Gospel? For some insightful responses to these
questions stay tuned for an interview with a Christian
member of the Kentucky State Legislature.>>[music]>>Lamb
and Lion Ministries presents Christ in Prophecy, a program
that focuses on the fundamentals of Bible
prophecy, showing how current events in the news relate to
Biblical predictions of end time events and the soon
return of Jesus. Now, here’s your host, Dr. David Reagan.>>Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and
welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan Jones and
I have a very special guest with us today. He is Tim Moore
who is a part-time member of our staff. Welcome to the
program Tim. Glad to have you.>>Thank you very much, Dave.
Glad to be here.>>Tim is a Colonel in the US Air Force
Reserve, and he is also a commercial pilot and a member
of the House of Representatives of the
Kentucky Legislature. And in his spare time he serves as an
Assistant Evangelist for our ministry, going out on
weekends to speak about Bible prophecy at churches and
conferences. Tim, tell us briefly about your background.
>>Well, Dave, I was born in Kentucky, lived in the
Mid-West throughout my childhood years. Came back to
Kentucky for High School and at age 17 I entered the Air
Force. I became a pilot, as a matter of fact I was an
instructor pilot for a number of years.>>So, you didn’t go
to college?>>Well, I did go to college I went to the Air
Force Academy and spent four years there.>>But that was
later on?>>No, sir, at age 17.>>Oh.>>I went straight
into the Air Force Academy, four years of what is a
military college. And then I went off to pilot training and
became an instructor pilot. And spend 10 1/2 years on active
duty and decided to come home to Kentucky to continue
serving in the Kentucky Air National Guard. And eventually
hired on with a commercial carrier. And then continued
serving as a pilot in the military, until this day I
serve in the Reserves. And in 2006 as you indicated I ran
for State Representative and have been serving in the
Legislature since 2007.>>So how many terms is that?>>Well
I am in my fifth term right now. And that’s enough, but.
>>So, you don’t believe in term limits.>>I do actually
believe in term limits. But I think that it should be
universally applied.>>There you go.>>So, yes, sir.
>>Well, you said you were in active duty. Where?>>I was
active duty first at Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi.
And then at Grissom Air Force Base in Indiana. And then at
Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas.>>So you never got
into combat or went overseas or anything like that?
>>During my time on active duty I did go overseas with
the military just flying a C-130, and my combat
experience came later during my time with the Kentucky
National Guard.>>So, you were in logistics flying supplies
over?>>Flying supplies all over the world; bullets,
means, and personnel, yes, sir.>>Ok. Well Nathan.
>>Fascinating. Good to have you on.>>Thank you very much,
Nathan, glad to be here.>>Now, I would like to know
how did you get involved with Lamb & Lion Ministries? Where
did you hear about us?>>Well, while I was up in Indiana,
Dave came to speak at a little church. I say a little church
out in the middle of the country. It was actually a
large church and my wife and I thought, well this might be an
interesting experience to go for the Sunday evening and
we’ll kind of play it by ear whether or not we would go
back every night. Well after hearing Dave on a Sunday
evening we determined we would be back every opportunity that
he was there during that conference. And it had such a
tremendous exposure to the good message, and the good
news that Christ is coming soon that we became lifelong
supporters of Lamb & Lion, became Prophecy Partners.>>In
fact that was back in the early 80’s wasn’t it?>>That
was actually in the early 90’s, no, sir.>>Early 90’s?
>>About when my daughter was born up in Indiana. Yes, sir.
>>Ok. Nathan you may not know this but one time when I was
up there in Kentucky speaking and I went up there fairly
frequently in those days. I went over to his parent’s
house as I remember it in Nicholasville, Kentucky.
>>Yes, sir.>>And we had the whole clan there and we were
eating lunch and having a great time. And suddenly he
turned to me and said, “You know what you need to do? You
need to start having conferences for your Prophecy
Partners.” And I said, “Well, that is a great idea.” So,
when I got back I discussed it with the staff. And as a
result of his suggestion we started having Prophecy
Conferences. And they were small. I mean they were held
here at our headquarters and we could only seat about 50
people at that time.>>Yes, sir.>>And so we held a whole
series of them based on your suggestion.>>Well I have to
give a shout out to my brother because he and I came up with
the idea together. My brother Chris, who is also a Prophecy
Partner and very committed to the message of the Lord coming
soon. So, we’ve been very glad that that idea has sprouted
into what today is a very large conference, through the
years.>>Yes, it has grown into where we have an 800-900
now.>>Yes, sir. The Lord has really blessed it.>>Now, you
have been going out for about a year?>>About a year and a
half I’ve been going and speaking at various churches
around the country and trying to get out the message that
Christ is coming soon. And encourage people, motivate
them not only to be looking for His soon return, but to be
living expectantly.>>And you’ve been doing another
thing for us too, you have been taking groups to Israel.
>>Yes, sir.>>I think you like that, don’t you?>>I very much
like it, yes, sir. I feel very at home in Israel. I live in
the promise land east here in the United States, that being
Kentucky. But, to take folks to the real Promise Land is a
true joy.>>Well, that reminds me of a pastor in Kentucky who
wrote me one time and said, “When is the next time you are
going to be in the Holy Land?” And I wrote him this long
letter back, two pages telling you about all the information
about our next trip to Israel. What the price of the trip
was. How we would love to have him along. He called me a few
days later and just laughing, you could hear him laughing
all the way from Kentucky. He said, “David, when I asked you
when’s the next time you’re going to be in the Holy Land I
meant when was the next time you’re going to be in
Kentucky.”>>In Kentucky, of course. Well, Lamb & Lion has
had a tremendous ministry in Kentucky. Dave, you’ve come so
many times that you have a number of folks who are
plugged into this ministry and supportive and it has been a
great blessing over the years.>>Well, it sure has. I tell
you I love Kentucky.>>Yes, sir>>And not only because it
is so beautiful but because we have so many really
enthusiastic supporters there. People who are really living
with an eternal perspective and looking for the Lord to
come back at any moment.>>Praise the Lord! That is so
true.>>Amen.>>[music]>>Welcome back to our
discussion with Tim Moore, our new Assistant Evangelist as we
grill him about issues related to the involvement of
Christians in politics.>>Yes, we are going to grill him.
>>Grill him, yes, ahh.>>He’s on the hot seat so we are
going to really let him have it.>>It’s what I dread.
>>Many Christians believe and I even known major Christian
leaders who believe this, who believe that it is really
improper for Christians to get involved in politics. Politics
is a dirty business. Politics is for pagans. And the most
that any Christian should ever do in terms of political
involvement is vote. So, they would consider you I guess a
pagan since you are a member of the Kentucky State
Legislature.>>Well, sometimes you wonder about some of the
goings-on in any legislative body, yes, sir, I understand
that. But, no, I actually believe that Christians have a
responsibility to be salt and light in every sphere of human
endeavor. Whether it be the business community, academia,
even the church, and obviously politics is another realm that
has great influence on a number of folks and makes
major decisions for our society. So, it is a critical
area where Christians should be salt and light.>>You
mentioned salt and light that is right out of the words of
Jesus.>>Yes, sir.>>He said we are to be salt, and we are
to be light. We are to stand for righteousness.>>Amen.
>>And Brother let me tell you if we don’t do it nobody is
going to.>>Well sometimes I think Christians today are
very frustrated in the direction our society, and our
culture is going. But, if we are not willing to engage in
the mechanisms of influencing that culture. I’ll use another
example the media, sometimes we have media productions that
are very paganistic but yet we need more Christians to be
engaged in that endeavor so that we have positive light
shining forth in that arena as well. No different than
politics.>>Well you know this last year we have a Bible
conference each year and this last year one of our speakers
was Tim Wildmon from American Family Association. He made a
comment in that presentation that really stuck in my mind.
He said, “I don’t understand Christians who say that we
should obey the law, that Christians should obey the
law, but we should leave the law making to pagans.”>>No, I
absolutely reject that. As a matter of fact you know all
you have to do is go back to our own founding documents.
And people say well we should obey the law and obey the
governing authorities. And Jesus Himself through Paul’s
writing makes it very clear in Romans 13 that we should be in
subject to governing authorities. But our own
Constitution the first three words are “We the People.” So
our founders established our government based on the
authority given to them. And the government continues today
based on the authority given to it by we the people. So, as
part of this nation, and part of the citizenry Christians
have a responsibility to influence because we have the
perspective of truth.>>I know one thing from my study of the
Scriptures and I’ve written about this is that whenever a
person gets involved in politics in the sense of
becoming a member of a City Council, a State Legislature,
a School Board, any kind of political position Satan moves
them up on his hit list.>>Oh, I believe that.>>And he goes
after them because he is determined to control all
governing bodies. And so he comes after them with bribes,
with corruption, with all kinds of special temptations.
And that is one of the reasons I believe we are told that we
are to pray for those who are in positions of power.>>Amen.
>>The same way that we should be praying for those who are
in positions of responsibility in the spiritual realm, purely
whether they are ministers of youth ministers, other folks
who have great responsibility. We should be up lifting them
in prayer because they also rise on Satan’s hit list, I’m
convinced.>>Then as Christians what should guide
us into voting? Because every election season we get
inundated with e-mails of people they don’t want to know
how to vote, but they want to know whether they should vote
or not. As if their God given right, or Constitutional right
I should say to vote isn’t really there as a Christian.
>>But even more important to me are the ones who call in
and say, “Well who should I vote for?” It is like they
don’t have a clue?>>Well there is a responsibility that
we as Christians have to be informed. And not only about
the matters before us in an election timeframe but on
going about what is happening in our culture and how we can
impact it. So, we first and foremost should be informed
about biblical truths, and then we should apply those not
only in our lives but in every other sphere of influence
where we have impact. So, I very much agree I think you
had a guest here just a few days ago Mr. Rafael Cruz who
said that there is guidance in Scripture on how we should
look for who to vote for. And who should get our vote and
what kind of things we should use to consider how to vote.
And that is found in Exodus 19:21 where it says that
Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law came and said, “You should
appoint people over the folks to help you govern. And they
should be men who will first of all fear God, second of all
should know truth, and third of all should never pursue
dishonest gain.” So the first key point when we are
determining who to vote for is someone who fears God.>>Yes.
>>Someone who respect the ultimate authority not being
the vote themselves, or even some kind of manmade law. But
they know that they are eternally accountable to God
almighty. And secondly, they should be absolutely committed
to pursuing truth. You know Jesus Himself when He stood
before Pilot and Pilot asked Him, “Who are you? And for
what reason are you here.” And Jesus said, “I came into the
world that I might testify to truth.” And obviously Pilot
was facing and speaking with Him who represents truth, who
is all truth. But Pilot scoffed and said, “What is
truth?” And too many today don’t believe in the ultimate
truth as revealed in Scripture. And so we need to
make sure that as we consider who to vote for and what
issues to support that we are pursuing God’s truth. I’ll
give you an example from some of the things happening today.
Anyone who doesn’t understand that the destruction of
innocent unborn children is ungodly, unholy, unrighteous,
and evil is not conversant with truth. God abhors the
murder of innocent millions in our nation. Anybody who
doesn’t understand that marriage was a covenant
relationship created by God, that we should defend and
support in terms of a union between one man and one woman.
>>One of the foundations of society.>>Amen. If they do
not understand that then they are not conversant with the
truth as revealed in Scripture. So, many of our
Prophecy Partners and viewers will be aware of something
called the Manhattan Declaration; which was a
three-prong conviction to where anyone who signed on as
a Christian as a believer said we would uphold the dignity of
human life, the sanctity of marriage as a relationship
between one man and one woman, and the right of religious
liberty in this nation. Those are three truths that come
straight out of the pages of Scripture and can be a clear
and easy guide for us as we determine who to vote for and
how to interact.>>And yet Christians tore the Manhattan
Declaration apart as an ecumenical movement. Or when
you have two candidates running and neither of them
are Christians how do Christians vote? Because I
think when elections like that happen Christians step back
and say, “Neither of them are Christian I can’t vote for
them.” And then usually the more greater of two evils ends
up getting elected. How do they vote then?>>Ok, well,
first of all I would hope that Christians would be motivated
in a circumstance like that to say, “Alright we didn’t have a
good choice in this particular election. Next time I am going
to become engaged either to support someone who would
bring forth the right kind of values, and would represent
the right truth.” Or, if the Lord leads I hope that more
Christians would be inspired to step into that realm to
serve not because they have a desire again to pursue the
dishonest gain that sometimes come with corruption. But
because they are convicted that if there is no one else
here am I, Lord send me if necessary to serves as you
would see fit. And a number of folks that have stepped into
this realm will say that exact thing. I was not inspired
because I wanted to do this but I felt convicted that the
Lord had called me to impact even in the political realm.
>>That’s great you don’t like the candidate, run yourself.
>>Run next time. Yes, sir.>>Yeah.>>Or pray for God to
provide one.>>Here, here.>>You know I think this issue
is so important.>>Very much.>>Because I think it is one of
the reasons our nation is in the condition that it is in
today.>>Yes, sir.>>People who have the kind of attitude
and I’ve seen this everywhere. Well I am going to vote for
this candidate because of his skin color. I’m going to vote
for this candidate because of his skin color. I am going to
vote for this candidate because I’m a union member and
the union.>>Or because of a party affiliation.>>Or gender
now.>>I am going to vote straight Democrat, or straight
Republican. It just goes on and on and on. I know of a
church here in the Dallas area where the pastor got up in
this last Presidential election and he didn’t say to
vote for this man or that. He said, “Vote according to God’s
Word. How do they stand on abortion? How do they stand on
gambling? How do they stand on same-sex marriage? How do they
stand on Israel?”>>Here, here.>>And as everybody was
going out, this was a huge church one of the leaders of
the church, one of the deacons stood in the hallway there and
said in a loud voice, “Well I’ll tell you what. I don’t
care what the pastor says I’m going to vote the way my union
boss tells me to vote.”>>Oh, heaven forbid. No.>>That’s
the way, that is why we are in the condition that we’re in.
>>Yes, sir. No, we should be guided by the Holy Spirit. And
it is easy to say that but it is difficult to really hear
the Holy Spirit unless you are grounded in the Word of God.
>>Yeah.>>And so, God has given clear direction. I just
read from Exodus, or cited I paraphrased from Exodus what
God said through Jethro, very wise council for the kind of
people who would be able to lead and rule over the people
of Israel. Well the same principles apply today. Folks,
who are committed first all of all; to fearing God, to
honoring the truth as revealed in Scripture, and then not
pursuing dishonest gain. And those three qualifications
alone would rule out a number of folks who seek public
office in our land today.>>What about Christians
getting involved in social issues? Or moral issues like
demonstrating in front of an abortion clinic, or doing
something of that nature?>>Well if Christians aren’t
involved who will be?>>Yeah.>>And how will these issues
ever be advocated in a truthful and godly manner? And
so there is a right way to go about advocating, or as you
say demonstrating. Obviously our first inclination should
be to pray. Pray not only for the victims for instance of
abortion but for even the perpetrators of that heinous
crime and the murder of these innocent children.>>And I
would add to that to pray that the Lord would show me what I
should do about that issue. For example take abortion the
Lord might call you to stand out in front of an abortion
clinic and demonstrate. He may call you to be a sidewalk
counselor.>>Here, here. Yes.>>For young women who are
trying to decide. He may call you to write letters to
the editor. He may call you to write letters to the state
representatives or go visit them. He may motivate you to
adopt children.>>Yes.>>There are so many different ways. We
are called in different ways.>>Well and the beautiful thing
even on that issues when I first ran I had been very
avidly pro-life all of my life. But I came to realize
that in addition to advocating for the changing of laws and
policies in this nation we also do need to recognize as I
just mentioned that some who are involved in that industry,
and have no doubt it is an industry that makes huge
amounts of money.>>Billions.>>Some of them are caught up
in the lie that has been perpetrated by our culture.
And so, we need to pray for them. And thirdly, there are a
number of young folks both men and women who have chosen,
very poorly, to have an abortion and regret it for the
rest of their life. They are victims in another sense.
>>That’s right.>>And we need to share the very good news
that Jesus Christ forgives, restores, and heals. And so
I’m grateful that in Kentucky we have wonderful
organizations like Silent No More that get the word out
that there is healing and restoration possible through
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.>>And all done in love.>>Yes,
sir, in love always.>>Don’t you sometimes just get to the
point where you are so frustrated though trying to
get things done through the political system?>>Well, yes,
but again I serve not to a particular end in a political
system, I serve the Lord. And so, the ultimate goal is not
to achieve an end even though we fight very hard to do so.
But to bring glory and honor to Christ. And so the result
really we leave up to the Lord, but the advocacy and the
hard work goes in because that is what we are called to do.
>>I know that you do get frustrated at times because I
remember one time you called me and told me about a
situation where you had a group of people there who were
against abortion, and who had run on anti-abortion
platforms. And a crucial vote was coming up and one of those
guys voted the other way.>>It happens all the time.>>And
when you asked him why? And he said, “Well the Governor
called him and said if he would vote with the Governor
the Governor would give him an office with a window.”
>>People sell out for things that you would be shocked at.
Yes, that is very disappointing to have folks
who would claim during an election cycle that they are
pro-life, or pro-traditional Christian values, or anything
else and get to the Capital or get into another avenue of
endeavor and fail to live up to that. It happens in my
capital all the time. Folks who claim that they are
pro-life every campaign fail on that issue, time and time
again. But, again we go back to the three qualifications
perhaps they don’t have a healthy enough fear of God in
what the eternal ramifications of the hypocrisy really is.
So, I pray for them as well.>>Well Tim.>>I’m going to ask
him something.>>I’m sorry, go ahead.>>What do you consider
to be some of the most disturbing trends in America
today?>>Well, I think many of us as Christian see the
direction our society is moving, and we see that we are
leaving our Christian heritage, and embracing time
and again what I would call paganism. And that bothers us
to the core, and it should. And yet, that’s not probably
what disturbs me the most, because Scripture is very
clear that as the end times draw near the world will turn
away from godly principles. And it will abandon the things
that have made us great even as a nation. And so, the world
is going to become more and more ungodly approaching the
time of Christ’s return. So, this is no surprise to us as
we understand Bible prophecy. What is disappointing, and you
said frustrating is that more and more Christians are either
apathetic or unwilling to be engaged. You said already a
lot say, ah, that is politics. I’ve heard people say, “Well
you can’t expect any more out of politicians they all lie,
so I don’t even consider it a foul in that regard.” We
should never give in to the lie that there is a realm that
we should accept anything but honesty and truthfulness. Nor
should we remove ourselves from the arena. If we’re not
willing to be salt and light how can we possibly be
surprised when our culture, our laws, our national system
of government moves in such a tremendously wrong direction.
It is because Christian are not engaged, and we are called to
be engaged. I very much agree with Abraham Kuyper, who was,
and I say it wrong it is Kiper actually but he was a Prime
Minister in Europe also a very committed Christian. And he
said, “There is not one square inch in the whole domain of
our human existence over which Christ who is sovereign over
all, does not declare, ‘Mine!'” In other words we
have to be–>>That’s good.>>–the salt and light. But
also make sure that we represent the King of kings.
You know many people think politics has no business in
the Christian faith. And yet, over and over again in the
Holy Word of God He sent prophets to who? To the kings.
He interpreted dreams of kings that dealt with kingdoms and
with the nature of international politics. And so
the same God who cares enough about each of us to count the
hairs on our head, also has in His sway the fate of nations.
So, He very much cares national policies and where
nations are headed because over and over again He reached
out and sent prophets to correct them in the past. I
believe He is still doing so today.>>[music]>>Welcome
back to our conversation with Tim Moore, our new Assistant
Evangelist. For those of you who may have tuned in late Tim
is a Colonel in the US Air Force Reserve, he is a
commercial pilot, and he is a member of the Kentucky
Legislature. And he represents our ministry when he goes out
on weekends to preach and teach about Bible prophecy to
churches and conferences.>>Tim you and I share the same
passion for Bible prophecy.>>Yes.>>Maybe you can explain
to our folks here how we know we are living in the season of
the Lord’s return?>>Well, I think the signs are
multiplying all around us constantly. And one of the
signs relative to the realm of politics is as we witness our
own nation turning away from Israel. I’ll use that as the
prime example.>>Oh, that’s huge.>>And who would have
dreamed just a few years ago that we would abandon Israel?
But that is exactly what the current administration is
doing. And it breaks out heart, and yet it is
fulfillment of Bible prophecy because Scripture says in the
end time all nations will turn against Israel. So, I think
that whether you look at the signs in our own culture, the
signs globally, or the signs of all the nations including
ours turning against Israel it absolutely proves that we are
living in the season of the Lord’s return.>>Well you know
I wrote a book a few years ago, not very long ago
entitled, “Living on Borrowed Time.”>>Yes.>>And it was
really about the signs of the times. And I sent out a
questionnaire to 22 different Bible prophecy experts
including Nathan Jones. And I asked them to tell me: “What
do you think is the most significant sign that we are
living in the season of the Lord’s return?” I expected
them all to say Israel. But, they identified that as the
single most, single most important individual sign.
But, they said overall the greatest sign could be summed
up in one word, convergence. And our friend who has been on
this program many times, Ron Rhodes really emphasizes that
in his writing. Now, Nathan what do you mean by
convergence?>>All the different signs, increase in
lawlessness, increase in natural disasters, the world
going against Israel, so many different signs that they are
all happening in greater frequency and intensity the
closer we get to the Lord’s return. So, not just a few
signs but all the signs coming together.>>Yes.>>Yeah, well,
in the past often people have said, “Well we are living in
the season of the Lord’s return.” But you didn’t see
all the signs, there were one or two, or three of four or
something like that. But we see them all converging right
now. And certainly the ones relating to Israel are the
most important; they are back in the land, they are being
regathered from all over the world, they are back in the
City of Jerusalem.>>Yes.>>And the whole world is
coming against them just as Zechariah said. And you know I
would preach that and people would say, “Well that
certainly will never include the United States of America.”
>>No, it does include the United States of America
today, tragically. And that is the perception of folks in
Israel, I can assure you having gone there just this
last year. They are very glad for us to come, but they
realized that our nation has begun to abandon them in the
policies being hoisted by our current Administration. A lot
of people regarding laws say, there ought to be a law. But
until the Chief Lawgiver comes to restore true justice, yes,
we do have to advocate but we have to have His law written
on our hearts as believers.>>Tim, thanks for being with
us today. Folks, Tim is available to be with you. He
can come to your church and speak, come to conferences and
speak and you can contact him through our ministry. That is
our program for today. I hope it has been a blessing to you
and I hope you will be back with us next week the Lord
willing. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb
& Lion Ministries’ saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our
redemption is drawing near.”>>[music]>>Dr. Reagan’s newest
book is, “Living for Christ in the End Times.” Originally
published in the year 2000, the second edition brings the
book up to date regarding the rapid decay of our society and
the increasing apostasy in the Church. He presents many ways
to respond to and cope with both the collapse of society
and spiritual deception. Some of the chapters are: The
Collapse of Society, The Apostasy in the Church,
Standing on the Word of God, Believing in the Power of God,
and much more. This very relevant book can be yours for
a donation of $20 or more, including the cost of
shipping. And for a limited time we will include a copy of
Dr. Reagan’s “Prophetic Manifesto.” Just ask for offer
#706. Again you can get a copy of Dr. Reagan’s book, “Living
for Christ in the End Times” and for a limited time we will
include a copy of Dr. Reagan’s “Prophetic Manifesto.” Just
ask for offer #706. For a donation of $20 or more. Just
call the number you see on the screen or place your order
through our website at>>[music]>>Christ in Prophecy is made possible through the
faithful and generous support of viewers like you. Please
consider making a donation to Lamb & Lion Ministries so that
we can continue broadcasting the message of Jesus’ soon
return. Thank you and God bless you.>>[music]>>Thank
you for joining us on today’s Christ in Prophecy, a
presentation of Lamb and Lion Ministries, a
non-denominational ministry dedicated to teaching the
fundamentals of biblical

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  1. Thank You again for this beautiful message and sharing the wonderful Gospel of our LORD JESUS. Amen..:)God Bless you Dr. Reagan, Pastor Nathan Jones and your special guest Tim Moore..

  2. This is an excellent program. But I do have some additional information people should be aware of. Christians should be reaching people for Christ and trying to improve the world and support the truth as best they can. This can only be done by Christians. The nature of NonChristians is greed, selfishness, and evil. We either support God or we unwittingly support Satan. Jesus said only a good tree can bring forth good fruit, and a bad tree brings only bad fruit. This is why we have so much corruption in government and business. By their deeds ye shall know them. Humanists claim a person can be a good moral person without being a Christian. Like Disney films rented among Christian films. Many churches show Disney films to entertain their kids with moral entertainment with out sex and violence. But Disney has promoted witchcraft, and has hidden phonographic images. And it promotes Mother Nature as the creator supporting atheistic Darwinism..

    Some Christians say well if a person is better than what we have then they would vote for them. I say no, because all good comes from God.

    On this program they discuss the fact that a group of Christians agreed to run for office and oppose abortion. Then when a donor offered to give one a window office of his own he supported abortion. This is what is wrong with our government, even some professing Christians accept bribes. The Bible says it is a sin for a leader to accept a bribe. When a professing Christian supports evil it is a sin and it reveals the fact that he is not a Christian, only a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    On this program the guest mentioned Ted Cruz's father who was a previous guest on the program. He commended his father on support for Christians in government. Ted's Father has been promoting Ted in churches. I have discovered that Ted was a strong supporter of the Biblical sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman which is the way God created it, and it would be one of his top priorities as president. But Ted has backed down since a donor to his campaign supports gay marriage. Ted now says it will NOT be a top priority. I got suspicious of him when he turn against audit the fed, and deliberately did not vote for it. And other issues recently. It shows he is a compromiser. Then I saw him make an odd hand signal saluting the flag at a debate. He had his hand inside of his coat. I knew this meant something. With a little research I discovered that this was one of the many hand signals that tells fellow Free Masons that he is a Mason and to support him. In my research for my book Mysteries of History Revealed I discovered that Pat Robertson was a Mason, and I knew he is also a theistic evolutionist. Roy Rogers supported him for president. Rogers I already knew was a Mason. Now Pat Robertson has just come out in support of Ted Cruz. He was also born in Canada and is not a natural born citizen. Of course some have said well we have to interpret what a natural born citizen is. This is how they twist the law, classic example is separation of church and state to do away with Christianity. I don't know how they get away with supporting Muslim religion and witchcraft in public schools, but they do. The law is whatever they want it to be.

    Masonry is an occult New Age Religion that accepts all religions that believe in a higher power, but not necessarily the God of the Bible. Albert Pike a Grand Master Mason reveals the fact that they worship Lucifer as the Force behind the natural world. They are the Illuminati behind the New World Order.

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