Coronavirus Resistance and the Stress Factor

Coronavirus Resistance and the Stress Factor

now if we look at a virus from the viewpoint of it being our enemy it has certain strengths and weaknesses right
you would never want to attack an enemy like a virus from its strengths you
would want to attack its weaknesses so what is the strength of a virus its
ability to kill the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions or
to say this more simply to attack someone with a weakened immune system so
what is its weakness it doesn’t have hardly any effect or influence over a
healthy people people with a healthy immune system so your strategy should be
strengthening your immune system now yes changing your diet eating foods high in
nutrients are vitally important but what happens when people are stressed they
eat junk food the worst thing you could do so during a stress state the most
important thing to do is to keep in a good healthy diet now what’s very
interesting about stress as itself and I’m talking about worry I’m talking
about fear which by the way is threat to survival no solution all problem
overwhelmed by bad news stress fear and worry spikes a hormone called cortisol
cortisol has a very interesting effect on your immune system now acute stress
tends to protect the immune system but chronic stress actually suppresses your
immune system now think about what your immune system is it’s your army
it’s your defenses against viruses and pathogens and this is one of the reasons
why a lot of viruses come out of remission when people get stressed
because stress tends to push down the wall and increases the susceptibility to
certain pathogens so not only do you need to keep strengthening your immune
system through foods and nutrition and creating a healthy body but you also
need to keep your stress as low as possible not a lot of people are talking
about this but this is a very very important point if you’re watching the
news 24/7 bad news stress in your face that could potentially weaken your
immune system now if you’re new to my channel I put a link down below of
exactly what to eat but here are some things you can do number one stay in
action be very productive get your attention off the things that are
causing the fear long walks and continue to stay in action creating a healthy
body if you haven’t seen my other videos on stress this one right here is the
most important one check it out

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  1. Here in Spain is forbidden long walks, but we try to do exercise at home, thanks for all your knowledge and trying to help people, stay at home is the only solution until vaccine is coming

  2. I dont know about this Dr. Berg. I've been keto for over a year, and this virus is hitting me hard. I had to start eating some fruits to help get my vitamin c up because the vitmans I take aren't that helpful. I might be out of keto since I've been quarantined since Monday. Please advise

  3. I really need to try and lower my immune system, I've been feeling like I'm getting a cold for 2 weeks now. I see everybody as a potentially infected person and I'm avoiding them like they're the walking dead

  4. What viruses are searching in our bodies? Are they eating the blood sugar? Ok, I have found viruses do not eat because they are not live. So another question – what they do to hijack cells and what can be wrong with cells/mitohondrias if they become vulnerable for hijacking? Just a guess: may be viruses is the way to exchange DNA between different species. So globally this is not bad as it trains our DNA to better fit to environment.

  5. A daily vitamin , 3 liquid garlic capsules,with a full glass of water is good for most. 20ppm collodial silver, mixed with 3% hydrogen peroxide, sprayed down the nostrils and ears and throat 3x a day for a week absolutely works wonders against this specific virus from anyone including seniors. Don't think so? try it out, thank me later😊.

  6. Dr. Berg your preaching is simple & highly effective on conscious that it turns into action just like that! You & your family are in my prayers.

  7. Dear Dr. Eric Berg, Thank you so very much for you helpful information during this difficult pandemic time. I really appreciate all your hard work as you prepare teach us all through your wonderful tutorials and notes.

  8. I am not talking about virus doctor poke my colon five places it is about 26 years I heard silver helps destroy unfriendly bacteria thanks. I took Dr Berg seriously and we are on ketones diet we both are mid eighties we play golf walking we are healthy I am a Fijian we believe best things that help any kind of seasonal virus is lemon at present time we take 3 lemon and two kiwis 🥝.2 kiwis all our life thanks

  9. I am convinced its 5g that is causing this..but listen to Dr. Berg..he is absolutely right. Keep stress free and stay as far away from cell phone towers and your phones turned off as much as possible

  10. I really like to see a video about how you fill your day. Will be excellent for a lot of people who are now missing structure in theire life. Which can lead to more stress.

  11. I've long appreciated all your videos and the wealth of information that you have provided and continue to provide, free of charge, to millions of viewers. And while everything you say in this video makes perfect sense . . . please bear in mind that millions and millions of people are naturally prone to stress and anxiety and cannot just turn it off and completely think differently about the world and their circumstances. I do agree that they can turn off the news and get their attention off of certain things that cause stress. But that's not the entire solution. Most people do not have the wealth you enjoy, Dr. Berg, that allows you to buy the healthiest foods such as wild caught salmon and organic this and grass-fed that. They do not have the safety and security of a comfortable home and the privilege of staying home long-term as you do. So while there ARE some things everyday working people can do to try and reduce their stress, it's for sure that they don't have the circumstances and resources for being able to eat perfectly healthy and just kick back and relax.

  12. Stress is a major factor to getting a virus. How many people get sick after bad news, during stressful moments, a divorce or simply flying from one country to another!!

  13. So if I understand the video correctly, a virus is like an attack dog. Once it smells fear on you, it's all over.

  14. Let's each of us spend time every day doing whatever our practice is, while focusing our intention on healing the consciousness of the Corona virus.
    Imagine thousands of people sending out our positive intention or prayer for this virus to heal, what a huge difference this would make! Instead of fearful sheep let's stand up in our divine being and take back our power!

  15. Look.. the coronavirus came from snake and bat ,why dnt they use anti-poison medication to prepare a waxing for coronavirus.. poison from snake we all know that is dangerous..think about it ..request from all humanity ..God save them all

  16. Eat less not more during this pandemic. I'm doing IF and only eat 1.5 meals a day. If you sit all day, eat too much, when you do get infected the virus will have no trouble getting by your immune system.

  17. the media is spreading that like the disease itself… they are just a much part of the problem as the coronavirus… take control of your health.. it's your responsibility and no one else .. someone gives you advice on your health to take it it's the best advice you'll ever get..

  18. This virus has been circulating before we knew it. Could easily be mistaken for the flu which there have been many deaths this year. The more we test the more cases we find. Find an area with little to no infections and run a bunch of tests, you will find positives. It’s like bedbugs or mice, once you see one you are already infested.

  19. they have a stay in place order and gyms are closed. and constant bad news. its like they want us to be stressed so we can be sick and we are not allow to go to the gym and or go outside. smh

  20. Having suffered from stress before all this coronovirus stuff I've learned how to control it better. Exercise and good nutrition will help massively.

  21. Dr. Berg, I had a colon resection 3 years ago and was diagnosed with Crohn's. I live a healthy lifestyle which includes an anti-inflammatory diet and exercise (rebounding). I've been taking Humira and reduced my doses from 2, 1, and now none. My GI honored my decision of temporarily discontinuing Humira. My WBC is at 6.5, am I safe? Now, having an autoimmune condition with a healthy lifestyle, can I combat this safely?

  22. Another video by Eric Berg focussing on the selfishness of worrying about personally getting sick. Selfish and irresponsible.

  23. He made a lot of great points, but there's some additional points to keep in mind. This virus does make the young sick, and it is a much longer lasting illness than the flu. Even in a healthy individual it can cause a sudden severe fever weeks after originally contracting it. It's a mistake to treat this like its a seasonal or normal illness. It is not. It arose from very un natural conditions in wet markets in China where wild animals from forests and jungles were un-naturally kept in close proximity with humans, and then it jumped species after a perfect storm of thousands of days of mutating ( years and years of this going on in wet markets). This disease is very exotic and strange. It must not be under estimated. It kills the old, but it harms many for a much longer time than a usual flu which is far less exotic and which we as humans have had much more contact with. We have not had contact with this novel virus and so it must be treated with extreme caution.

  24. Hi dr Berg, can you please make a video on how the coronavirus may impact people with autoimmune conditions? (in particular, vasculitis)

  25. Thank you, I was walking every day until I had a major disappointment, then I stopped. Time to start again.

  26. Thank you Dr Berg for the information. Please You can tell us about Tension-type headache and muscle aches on the neck. Thank you

  27. Ive been dg that dr.berg.learn a lot with you,all these months ive been watching you.thank u soooo much for your support.🙂

  28. long walks with idiots who don't keep their distance and almost brush by you… so many morons out there forgetting the basics…

  29. The virus will kill everyone. Just because us young people have stronger immune system that does not mean that we are not susceptible to the damage.

    There are people out there who are roaming around without masks and putting other people in danger (those who have weakened immune systems). Your video basically gave a free pass to "young" people to go ahead and violate social distancing rules.

    This is the most irresponsible and morally disgusting video I have ever seen on this topic. I mean, are you fucking kidding me doc? You jusy gave those buttheads ignoring social distancing a weapon to allow them to pass on the virus.

  30. Dr Berg please look into Erythropoietin (EPO) This may help, it could be a game changer for the at risk and already sick

  31. I love taking long walks. It chills out my mind and it clears out all the stress. It’s totally free too. Wow, who knew?! 😂🤣

  32. Hard not to stress when your family is at risk. Meditation, Breathing, Accupressure, but stress is still here. Thank you for your positive videos

  33. Watch out, YouTube deleted five of Dr. Bergmans videos because he mentioned truth and such about this virus. Amazing when Doctors spread the truth and they want us to not panic!

  34. "Stop exposing yourself to bad news" – I already have no social media and although I'm family oriented one side of my family is ALL about negativity and they wonder why I rarely come around or talk anymore. So now I can tell them "Sorry, Dr Berg said to stop exposing myself to bad news" haha. But for real, I think all of those points are so valid because my last job I was CONSTANTLY sick, every meeting we had (monthly) I would go to it with some sort of cold I was getting over and that was the most stressful job I ever had and I was working out every day and eating healthy still. Put your health first!

  35. Taking cold showers will improve your immune system. To take a cold shower you need to overcome your fear and stress of it, then when you have had 30 to 90 seconds of extreme discomfort you will emerge feeling invincible. You will also feel considerably warmer for a few hours afterwards. Check out Wim Hof to get better information about the benefits, and also hints on breathing methods to help you cope. Stay safe and keep well.

  36. Would love to go out for a walk… But we are asked to stay at home, and go out only for groceries or Dr. appointments… 😔

  37. Fear is the mind killer, I will let it pass through me, I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

  38. I had NASH/fibrosis of the liver. By following what Dr Berg has taught I was able to partially resolve it over one and a half years. Now I’m concerned that if I get Covid 19 it will re-damage it. I’m hoping to learn more about this virus’s effect on the liver and what can be done.

  39. Great video once again! The only downside is that you should provide some examples of acute stress next time you mention it, so we can have a better vision about the differences between the two.

    if i'd give my 2 cents, i'd say that acute stress is something like a cold shower, or intense workout.

    if i am to search on google about it, i find that acute stress is an immediate stress that doesn't stay for too long, like taking a test, having to answer an immediate phone call, being pulled over by police, etc.. this can also be physical, like a cold shower, but only HIT workouts might be in this category (because other workouts can take even 30-90 minutes)

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