Daily Catholic Mass – 2020-03-08 – Fr. Joseph

Daily Catholic Mass – 2020-03-08 – Fr. Joseph

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  1. Fr Joseph can you kindly ask the Bishop of this?  Something isgoing on.  Give you an example:  The REAL Fr. MARK GORING is in TVFOODforLIFE seen in his robe at Mass in March 9, 2020.  BUT, the other impostor who had the video named "Fr Mark Goring" seen March10, 2020 in one day had his mustache [hair just above the lips] were all grown up???   I was telling that to all; because, that other one was talking against the Pope in some of his videos; but, this other one in TVFOODforLIFE was faithful.   This is really the meaning of what the Lady said; that there will be "wolves in sheep clothing".  Please inform the BISHOPS of this.   I knew here in NY that those Jews were learning our BIBLE in their school curriculum; but, not to convert; but, in order to make fake videos.  In one of their videos; they made a mistake when one of their false videos staging as exorcist RC priest said, "We should now be weary of the Pope because now he is taking over Israel!"  Do not let those Impostors know it yet; that, we knew; let the BISHOPS investigate.

  2. Please pray for our girls and church today for modesty I have two grandchildren graduating from Catholic high schools this year one boy and one girl and when they made their communions and confirmation it was very distracting because they go half naked today sandals short dresses and spaghetti straps someone needs to get down and tell them about modesty and presence of God

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