Day 6: Being Excused From Fasting is a Gift From Allah | Ramadan Strong

Day 6: Being Excused From Fasting is a Gift From Allah | Ramadan Strong

assalamu alaikum everyone i would like
to share some thoughts with you on how to fast when you can’t really fast so i
have a health situation due to which my medical specialist who I trust and who
incidentally happens to be Muslim has said that I should not be fasting in
Ramadan especially during some of the longer days in the summer so every
Ramadan there are many people in our communities who are unable to fast for
different reasons and of course while our intention is certainly always to
seek the closeness to Allah and his pleasure by performing any of these acts
of worship there is an aspect of socialization to fasting in Ramadan
after all everyone’s doing it and anyone who is not doing it can feel like they
are missing out that they’re not getting the full or the real experience of
Ramadan so there are so many different situations to which this applies that
I’ll only mention a few general things that are I think are important to keep
in mind so first of all the leniency which exempts us from fasting in certain
situations in Ramadan is part of the beauty and balance of our religion and
we should recognize it as a gift from Allah
in fact when these exceptions are mentioned in the Quran Allah says that
Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship so we should
never feel ashamed or deprived or guilty about this fact that we cannot fast
because it is a gift from Allah himself and we should embrace it and make the
best of it in every situation the second thing to keep in mind is that fasting is
a means to an end and not an end in itself the purpose here is for us to
develop our taqwa or God consciousness and our access and practice of Allah’s
guidance and Allah has diversified the ways in which we can do this so there
are the nightly prayers giving sadaqa or charity seeking knowledge being friendly
and kind to our neighbors and even within
fasting itself Allah has diversified that aspect so there is the fasting of
the heart and of the eyes and of the ears and of the tongue etc so where one
door may be closed for us we should recognize and appreciate the many doors
that are always open for us to really fulfill the purpose of Ramadan in our
lives and the last thing I would say to keep in mind is just to always yearn
keep that yearning alive keep that sincerity and devotion alive and
sincerely continue to ask Allah to give you the opportunity to seek his pleasure
by fasting so definitely keep all of these things in mind and again the
leniency is a gift from Allah that we should appreciate and I hope you have a
very fulfilling enriching Ramadan inshallah jazakallahu khayran wa salam
alaikum wa rahmatullah you

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  2. This has come in such a great time for me.. I’m a nursing mum and although last year I had no problem nursing and fasting this year for some reason I have been feeling extremely weak while fasting, every little effort makes me feel like I might pass out, so I actually decided today I’m not fasting tomorrow and I won’t fast until I get my blood checked to make sure everything is ok. So this was a great video because I’m feeling very sad about not fasting tomorrow. But you are absolutely right, it’s a gift from Allah!

  3. Al'hamdulillah 'Ala Kulli 'Haal. Great reminder brother, ma shaa Allah. May Allah make it easy on you, give you a quick shifaa, accept all of us and be pleased with us, Ameen.

  4. Allah SWT is The Most Forgiving and The Most Merciful. Muslims who would criticize other Muslims for not being "macho, or tough enough" to not fast are clearly ignorant of Al-Islam and its blessings and mercies.

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