Deep Thoughts About God (series trailer)

Deep Thoughts About God (series trailer)

If you’re interested in the big questions
of philosophy and theology, and more specifically questions surrounding the nature of God, free
will, morality, suffering, and Truth, then you’ve come to the right place. My name’s Steven Colborne and I’m a philosopher
and author living in London, England. The The ‘Deep Thoughts About God’ video project
is a series that I’m making to accompany a book I released in March 2019 entitled ‘God’s
Grand Game’. The videos you will see in this series reflect the key themes of that
book, with each new video correlating closely to a chapter from the book. The book is divided into eight parts and forty-five
short chapters, and I’ll now give you a brief overview of the contents. This will
enable you to decide whether this series is for you, and whether you’d like to subscribe
to this channel to follow along as each new video is released. Okay, here’s the overview. I begin the book by describing the nature
of God as I believe Him to be, looking at some of His key attributes and why I am certain
that God exists. After describing some of God’s key characteristics in Part 1, I then
move on to describe God’s relationship with the human mind in Part 2, exploring subjects
such as what is causing our thoughts, modes of mind, and the way in which God communicates
with those individuals to whom He has revealed Himself. In Part 3 I hone in on the Christian faith,
and criticise key Christian doctrines and prominent Christian theological ideas in light
of my understanding that we do not have free will, and my belief that all will is God’s
will. The free will theme is further developed in Part 4, where I discuss materialism with
reference to the atheist philosopher Sam Harris, and also discuss the views of prominent theologians
including Gregg Boyd and William Lane Craig, who have adopted positions known as open theism
and Molinism respectively. Part 5 of the book proceeds with a discussion
of morality, and I describe the way in which we might understand morality in a world where
God is sovereign over all events. This discussion includes questions around suffering, good
and evil, and sin, and the related problem of whether we all deserve hell, as many people
who subscribe to the Christian worldview argue we do. Part 6, entitled Science and God, looks at
a few aspects of the scientific worldview, and I explain why I believe looking at existence
as a chain of causes and effects is misleading and problematic. I touch on a few theories
around creation and evolution, and look at the question of Truth, and how our dreams
give us an insight into the way in which the laws of physics aren’t as concrete and absolute
as many scientists suppose. In Part 7 I describe my worldview in relation
to the key beliefs of some of the leading world religions other than Christianity. I
discuss ideas such as karma and enlightenment, and suggest some fertile ground for interfaith
dialogue between the Abrahamic religions, and Eastern religions such as Hinduism and
Buddhism. Finally, the book concludes with Part 8 in
which I present a vision of the church of the future. This part of the book describes
what an institution that takes on board my philosophy might look like, and how we might
create a church that is both backward and forward looking, and that embraces science
and technology, as well as a diversity of religious perspectives. So there we have it. If you follow along with this series week by week, I believe you will encounter arguments that will make you think deeply, and differently, about subjects such as the nature of God, free will, suffering, morality,
and ultimate truth. If your interest is piqued, please subscribe and ring the bell to be notified
of future videos as soon as they are released If you don’t want to wait for the videos,
and would like to read my work directly, I’d encourage you to consider purchasing a copy of
God’s Grand Game, which is available from all leading retailers
including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo. Visit for all
the details. Thank you for watching.

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