Do I Need To Go To Church? The Corporate Gathering (Uncommon Christianity Ep 103)

Do I Need To Go To Church? The Corporate Gathering (Uncommon Christianity Ep 103)

[MUSIC PLAYING] The gathering is identified
in the New Testament differently than
we experience it. We do know that it’s
important to learn. There’s a lot to learn. So you’ve got to– you have to find ways of meeting
so teachers can teach people. That according to the scriptures
is done in public or gathering places where many people
have come and also, in homes. So the teaching of God’s
people should be continuous. According to the scripture,
each member has gifted graces. And the graces,
when they operate, they are there to edify the
other parts of the body. No member exists for itself. Every member exists for the
good of everyone else, which is completely contrary to
the idea of a gathering. The gatherings,
today, people come to feel what they can
get as an individual. People go to a meeting so
they can get a blessing. They can get a miracle. They can get a healing. They can get something. But the true reason
to come together, everyone is coming for what
is in their life as the grace so they can exercise that
and give to everyone else. It’s about giving,
not about getting. The gathering of all
the people, which seems to be like Sunday in
the tradition, and everyone’s supposed to show up on that day,
the gathering of older people is really the Lord’s
Supper meetings. And the Lord’s Supper
meetings are not about preaching or teaching. It’s about celebrating the
deaths until he comes again. And that’s a
gathering of a meal. That’s a gathering of fellowship
and respect of the body, understanding that we’re
all members of his body. Again, I’ve said this
before, that’s when Paul spoke of judgment. He said that was the gathering
the Corinthians went to. And it caused them to be judged. They wound up being sick
and dying before their time, because he said they discerned
not the body of Christ, because there wasn’t a lead
attitude in the rich believers despising the poor
believers and not respecting the gathering as it was the
body of Christ coming together to celebrate Christ. It was not about any
particular member. That motivation and that type
of gathering, in 40 years, I’ve never been in
one meeting like that. I believe there’s never been a
true gathering for the Lord’s Supper. So gathering and meeting is
important for the strengthening of the church. But the way we gather doesn’t
do that for the church. It’s a gathering of
separation, the way I see it. The people in the pew are lesser
than the people on the pulpit. And the people on the
pulpit are the special ones, who every week are going to
bless the people in the pew. But the truth is we’re
all the body of Christ. We all represent Christ. And we all have
something to give. And that’s the only way
the body gets strengthened. That doesn’t happen. So therefore, you see that
the necessity to keep people coming month after month,
year after year, church has become entertainment. And if you can entertain
them with either the arts or if you can entertain
them with preaching, styled preaching, it’s
like entertainment. It’s not about truth anymore. It’s about how you say
it, not what you say, that keeps people coming. But if we could ever
get a gathering, that punctuates the true reason
for coming together, the Lord’s Supper gatherings
and other gatherings just for members to
express themselves so the church can find
growth from the graces that God put in it, those
are healthy gatherings to go to, where men,
women leadership are thinking like I’m saying
and you know that, then work with them to help
them transition a gathering from facilitating
a religious concept to being something that helps
build the church and strengthen
the body of Christ as prescribed by
the apostle Paul. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Left the church I was attending, several months ago, because of the circus-like environment. Been praying for a gathering of believers, a home fellowship, where everyone contributes by using their GOD given gifts. Just found your channel and I'm delighted that you articulate some of my innermost thoughts and feelings. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  2. I ve been going to house meetings.Everyone one who is professing gets to pray and share a bible reading.Hymns are of course sung.If no one partakes in a church or bring anything, whats the point.The whole congregation could be misguided by one person.

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