Does Intermittent Fasting Lower Blood Pressure?

Does Intermittent Fasting Lower Blood Pressure?

– If you have high blood pressure you may have heard that fasting can help. So in this video, let’s go
over the most recent research. There’s some good research out there showing that fasting really
can help lower blood pressure. Now I’m personally concerned
about blood pressure as well, unfortunately, high blood
pressure does run in my family. Both my parents have high blood pressure, and that makes me more likely
to get high blood pressure when I get older, so I
like to stay on top of all the latest research and
all the different methods for keeping my blood
pressure under control. So let’s go over these
three research studies. Now the first study was a
medically supervised study to try to figure out can water fasting, like no food at all, help
lower blood pressure? So what the researchers
did, they took 174 people, everyone in the study
had high blood pressure, 140 over 90 or higher, okay? And what they did is that
they ensure that they only drank water for 10 to
11 days, no food at all. I know that’s really aggressive, but the results from the
study were just incredible. 90% of the participants
after 10 to 11 days of water fasting had normal
blood pressure, which is unreal. The average reduction was 36 points, that’s that top number went
down 36 points on average. Whereas the people who had
really high blood pressure, say over 180, they had
an average reduction of 67 points, which is just unbelievable. Out of all the studies I’ve
read about blood pressure and everything, I’ve never
seen results like this before. So 10 to 11 days of water fasting can dramatically lower
your blood pressure. Okay, now I don’t expect
anyone watching this video to really do a water
fast for 10 to 11 days. If you decide to do that,
you really have to be medically supervised, like for example, I’ve been intermittent
fasting for say, 10, 12 years, me and my wife we’ve been
doing it for a long time. I’ve never fasted, just water fasted, for more than 48 hours. Most of the type of fasting that I do is intermittent fasting like 16 and eight where I would, you know,
fast for 16 hours a day, take in all my calories for eight hours, or I would do alternate day
fasting, eat every other day, or maybe I’d do a 24
hour fast once a week, and that’s what I’m gonna talk about in these next two studies. So if you’re looking for
more like reasonable way to lower your blood
pressure through fasting, let’s talk about this next study. Now the next study was actually a time restricted eating study. So what the researchers did, plus this was a smaller
study, it was a 12 week study, where they only gave the participants a 10 hour eating window. So they fasted for 14 hours everyday, and then they took in all their calories within a 10 hour eating window. But they did this every
single day for 12 weeks. Now for example, if they
did a protocol like that, say every other day
where they fast one day then eat normally, I would
call that intermittent fasting, because they’re doing it intermittently. But the fact that they did it
every single day for 12 weeks, I would call that time restricted eating. So after the 12 weeks, you know, the participants lost weight and they had a lower blood pressure. So the time restricted
eating is another great way to lower your blood pressure naturally. Now the third study is also
another doable way of fasting. This was a modified
alternate day fasting study. Okay, this was a 10 week study, also a smaller study than the first one, but what they did is that
one day the participants ate normally, and the
next day was with the alternate day fasting day, they took in only 25% of
their normal calories. So for example, if they were
eating 2,000 calories a day, they only consumed 500 calories. So one day they ate normal,
then they only had 500 calories, and this was a 10 week study, and by the end of this study, the participants lost weight, and they had a lower blood pressure. Now the improvements in blood pressure weren’t as dramatic as the water fasting, but they were still
definitely significant. So if you’re looking to
lower your blood pressure through fasting, you can
try time restricted eating, you can try modified
alternate day fasting, and my own personal
experience with this since, you know, I’m a personal trainer
and gym owner for 30 years, I’ve put so many people
on intermittent fasting type programs, also other people
who had high blood pressure and a number of them were
able to normalize their blood pressure through losing weight and through a 16 to eight
intermittent fasting program. Okay, now let’s talk about
why does fasting work so well for lowering blood pressure? Well one, the obvious
reason is just, you know, the participants lose weight. When you do intermittent fasting you’ll be restricting calories, there’s hormonal, you
know, benefits to it, you’re gonna lose weight, and just the weight loss is
gonna lower your blood pressure. There’s a direct correlation
between losing weight and lowering blood pressure. Many studies have proven that. Now my other personal belief
why fasting works so well for lowering blood pressure is that it’s increasing your insulin sensitivity. So many people with high blood pressure have like metabolic
disease, metabolic syndrome, like high blood pressure, right? Say, fatty liver disease. Insulin resistance, that’s the big one. So insulin is your storage hormone. So when you’re resistant to insulin, when insulin is not able to store away those excess calories within your body, actually, like carbohydrates
are stored in your muscle and liver, fat
is stored in, you know, in fat cells, right? When insulin’s not working right to store away these excess calories, that’s when all the problems begin. That’s when your blood pressure goes up. So fasting is probably one
of the best possible ways to keep insulin low, to actually, maybe possibly even get rid
of your insulin resistance, and normalize your blood pressure, okay? So some people also feel that
just eating a low carb diet, because that helps with
insulin resistance, eating a low carb diet increases
your insulin sensitivity, that’s another good way to improve and lower your blood pressure. Now if you wanna learn more
about intermittent fasting, I have a number of videos on this channel, check out this playlist of videos.

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  1. Fasting truly is amazing and best thing of all
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