Does the Sight and Smell of Carbs Knock You Out of Ketosis?

Does the Sight and Smell of Carbs Knock You Out of Ketosis?

will the sight or the smell of a
carbohydrate knock you out of ketosis and the answer is
depends if you give into it but no this sight and smell will not spike
insulin however it potentially could stimulate dopamine and dopamine is a
neurotransmitter it’s it’s similar to a hormone but it works for the nervous
system in the brain and the effect that dopamine has is pleasure it’s the
anticipation of a reward it creates more want it’s involved in lots of addictions
now if you happen to smell chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven okay
you may start to stimulate dopamine or how about that bread baking in the oven
the smell is actually incredible isn’t or what about the aroma of this amazing
pizza that’s being served to you at an Italian restaurant or let’s say for
example you’re smelling this kentucky fried chicken and you’re hungry right
you may start stimulating dopamine and then you have the visual of it right or
this delicious bread butter that they just took on the oven and they served
you before you’re going to eat your meal at the restaurant oh and by the way I’m
really curious go ahead and type in the comments section of that food that you
cannot resist now here’s the interesting thing about this on a study that I’m
going to post down below dopamine was only increased okay upon exposure to
certain smells or source visuals if it’s exposed to someone that already has
addictions or has a weight problem that’s a binge eater if you don’t have
addictions and you’re not a binge eater guess what dopamine will not be spiked
and this is actually really good news because when you start a ketogenic diet
and you do intermittent fasting the need for eating every few hours disappears
and so even if someone waives some cookies in front of you or
shows you something you’re gonna be less tempted simply because you’re not gonna
spike dopamine so this is a very very good thing to know about if you have
addictions and you want to overcome them and I’m talking about alcohol addictions
drug addictions and definitely carbohydrate addictions and if you’re
new to my channel and you’ve never heard about the ketogenic diet you don’t even
know what I’m talking about and you definitely don’t know what intermittent fasting is click the link down below you definitely want to know about
this thanks for watching

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  1. Before I couldn’t resist chips! Now i can walk past them easily thanks to you Dr Berg! ✌🏼😎👍🏼

  2. Interesting. All I need to do is deliberately think of a donut (without an actual of around) and the dopamine stats. How weird.

  3. Does Apple cider vinegar cause a dry throat and cough?.? If I leave the vinegar out of my keto diet will it affect my wt loss??

  4. when you are long time on keto, smell can become the food, due to how sensitive your senses become. so then you have no reason to clog yourself with the actual food which you know is terrible for you.
    also body gets very good at discerning good food from bad food.
    not only anything sweet becomes very repulsive, but i also reject xylitol and erythritol, simply hate the sweet taste.

  5. I just finished a 72 hr water fast and I still had to cook for my family, but I’m going on 2yrs of Keto and IF. Two years ago ignoring white potatoes in any form was unheard of along with fresh baked Sourdough bread, and freshly popped Bob’s Red Mill organic popcorn. We didn’t dine out often [pre-keto] so Fast Food joints don’t cause me to salivate.

  6. For me, it’s lobster mac & cheese that I cannot resist. All these food pictures …You’re going to make me break my water fast ☺️

  7. In 'N Out Burger is pretty irresistible, but after being keto and IF since last September, I am quite happy to drive by without stopping. Do I miss that kind of food? Yes, but being 50lbs lighter, and my doctor dropping my blood pressure and statins, it is worth it to not eat like that anymore.

  8. For me. I suffer from binge eating. When my younger siblings eat let’s say McDonald’s. The smell i tell you. THE SMELL UGHH so good. But I’m happy to say I can finally resist thanks to keto.

  9. I'm doomed if just seeing and smelling them knocks you out of ketosis; my Managers at work always bring junl food to mandatory meetings and training. I find it oppressive.

  10. I think it depends on the sensitivity of the person. I wear a freestyle libre that keeps constant track of my sugars. And I can literally see it dropping (when fasting) right after exposure to the smell of food. Sight doesn’t affect me but smell is overwhelming. (I just “love” having to go get food or cook for my family when I’m fasting. 😒) And even though I don’t give in to it, it actually does affect me cause my sugar levels will drop about 10 points or so. Not a big drop. But there is some. (I have a reactive insulinoma that produces a ton of insulin only in response to food). I’ve read about the cephalic stage of digestion. Where the sight, smell and taste of food (without swallowing) will start the release of digestive enzymes including insulin. There are two spurts of insulin while eating. A small one at the very beginning once you smell food or taste food, and then one big one later when food starts to hit the small intestines. Which proves why snacking is such a bad idea. Even stuff like gum.

  11. it seems Dopamine in me is totally dead! lol 😀 my appetite was even more suppressed during feeding time (OMAD) but I wonder why so many people are kept on CHEATING while on the journey of Keto 🙁

  12. Wow I work next door to a pizza restaurant but I'm use to the smell but fresh bread baking does something to me that's D. Berg

  13. Believe it I am not interesting in this food any more after being keto for almost a year not a smell or seeing it interesting me any more ever ever

  14. There's an Italian bread company at a bike path where I walk. They were baking and I was like AWEEEE😛😛😛😛😛I MISS BREAD the smell was hypnotic.

  15. intermittent fasting: Dr Mark Larance from the Charles Perkins Centre and School of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Sydney. Credit: Stefanie Zingsheim/University of Sydney

    Researchers in Australia have used state-of-the-art analytical tools to understand how intermittent fasting works on the liver to help prevent disease. The findings will help medical scientists working in cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes research develop new interventions to lower disease risk and discover the optimum intervals for fasting.

  16. Every Thursday my office has fresh bagels and muffins. When I first started keto I could not go near the kitchen because I kept catching myself smile with pleasure as I smelled a bagel toasting. I didn't understand that just smelling it was giving me so much pleasure. But I stayed strong and left before a bad decision was made. Now it doesn't bother me at all. Last week I held a convo with a coworker as they toasted their bagel and it didn't faze me. It's fascinating how dopamine works

  17. I can't resist a Javanese's snack called "ampyang", it made from coconut/brown sugar with peanuts. But thank God I didn't eat single one of that during my first 3 months of Keto in 2018.

  18. These stores having the fresh baked bread and donuts at the entrance. I hold my breath while I walk through there

  19. Can you talk about the modern problems of today’s teens with prnagraphy and how it affects their dopamine?

  20. I'm addicted to fruits. When I smell an apple, or a banana, or mango, or… You know. All those fruits that smell divine and I can't resist it. Also peanut butter. And almonds.

  21. You're saying that through conditioning the body won't start producing insulin when the mind thinks it's going to eat? I don't know if I believe that. I think sight and smell will trigger insulin to spike in the food-addicted person.

  22. Tea made with boil water , Ginger grater, honey ,tea leaves with holy basil, cardamom, blackpapper, cinnamon, cream and little milk with mct oil in it.

  23. My fav. food, strong organic coffee with organic heavy whipping cream, with cinn. and nutmeg. and then Keri gold butter off of a knife. 🙂

  24. I wish my husband didn’t eat always crap around me, I would be able to lose the last 10 pound.. he smiled at me today eating 2 slices of bread, and I asked him are you now happy that I eat junk like you? I said shame on you when you know I want to lose weight and I had a 2 HRs workout last night.

  25. Dr Berg- I’m new to your channel. So pleased I found it. Please could you refer me to (if possible ) to any of your past videos that may feature anything on how to run or succeed at the shorter middle distance running distances on a Keto diet. Is it possible in your opinion to be as competitive without the high carbs in these shorter 5k- 10k distances ? I am an athlete and would really like to know if I’m about to limit or disadvantage myself before jumping into this. I can clearly see all the benefits of this lifestyle and am so motivated by your talks .Really would appreciate any advice as I’ve found nothing on the net so far , only found references to ultra marathons and keto which is a completely different story. Thank you.

  26. Not doing Keto. Only much lower carb than previously, healthier food choices, no junk. Steadily losing the weight so I'm not complaining. I'm okay walking through a grocery store and averting my eyes from temptation. But the smell! Sight doesn't bother me nearly as much as the smell. In a doctors office, of all places, the receptionist must have just finished off a hamburger. The aroma in the small waiting room got to me. Came extremely close to driving through one of the burger joints we used to frequent.

  27. I can resist eating pretty much anything . . . except Oreo's with a cold glass of milk. I can't eat just 1. If I allow myself to eat one 1 . . . I eat the whole bag. To avoid my Oreo disaster, I don't buy Oreo's. I avoid the cookie isle at the grocery store completely. So far so good . . .

  28. Pizza! Over the last 10 month's I've been doing low-carb and IF, dropping ~80lbs in the process, but I have only turned town pizza once — and that was because that pizza would have been my first meal of the day, and I pay super close attention to how I break my fast. So everyone was having pizza, fries, sliders, beers, cocktails, etc., and I was drinking mineral water lol

  29. To tell you the truth, this is a problem for me recently. When you haven't had something for too long, once you break it , you break it hard.

  30. Muffins, doughnuts, tarts, cheesecake and pineapple upside down cake…🙄 Then again after practising fasting and ketosis eating these things started making me feel sick. Now the craving is less. 😊

  31. Well, keto and IF helped me to realize that much is possible with a strong will and the right mindset. Even smelling chocolate chip cookies and not devouring them violently.

  32. I have definitely both symptoms: addiction and binge eater. 3 months on keto and IF (with few times when I went off), and still dreaming of cake and biscuits 😀 My will to lose weight saves me. However, cake brings so much joy …. Hahahaha

  33. I am new to keto cooking, and I have been baking non-stop low-carb keto breads, cakes, and scones from recipes I found from the keto cooking communities, including Dr. Berg's+his lovely wife's recipes, they are all so very delicious and I am still losing weight, am I having a carb withdraw?

  34. The smell of McDonald's and the sight or sound of people munching cereal annoys me but I'm not tempted to have any.

  35. im sorry, but ur last point kinda made no sense. if u dont have an addiction, guess what ur dopamine levels wont rise and u wont get addicted.. so if ur trying to kick an addiction, its good to know that? umm, how? im already addicted, so my dopamine levels will rise if i see it. lol.

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