DON’T DO INTERMITTENT FASTING (If You’re One Of These 7 Types Of People)

DON’T DO INTERMITTENT FASTING (If You’re One Of These 7 Types Of People)

there are many benefits of intermittent
fasting unfortunately it’s not for everyone
here are the seven different types of people who shouldn’t do intermittent
fasting what’s going on guys Carlo Macapinlac here from I help busy professionals lose weight so they can
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daily awesome Fitness content just like this okay there are many benefits of
intermittent fasting and that includes improved mental clarity and
concentration it lowers blood sugar levels and it improves insulin
sensitivity and if you’ve been watching my videos you know how important that is
when it comes to controlling your weight it increases energy it lowers blood
cholesterol it decreases inflammation and it even reverses the aging process
but most importantly you lose weight a lot of weight unfortunately it’s not for
everyone here are the seven different types of
people who shouldn’t do intermittent fasting number one you shouldn’t do
intermittent fasting if you’re pregnant listen there’s a human being growing
inside of you which means that whatever you eat your baby also eats which means
that if you don’t eat anything if you do intermittent fasting then your baby also
doesn’t eat anything that is not a good thing for a developing fetus your
developing fetus requires adequate nutrients for optimal growth and any
deficiency may cause irreversible damage again there’s a growing fetus
inside of you so you should not even be thinking about dieting at this point
what you should be focusing on is properly nourishing yourself during your
pregnancy and it’s not like it’s permanent like you’re only pregnant for
nine months once your baby’s born then you can start getting back into your
intermittent fasting routine unless number two you shouldn’t fast if
you’re breastfeeding and this is just a little bit of continuation from number
one you shouldn’t do intermittent fasting again your baby receives all the
nutrients from you through your breast milk if you start doing fasting and you
don’t get the proper nutrients and minerals inside you guess what your baby
won’t receive it either again you’re risking irreversible damage here if you fast
while you’re breastfeeding it’s just not worth it it’s okay to miss a meal here
and there but let’s say you shouldn’t do like a 48 hour fast or a 7-day fast when
you’re breastfeeding and again breastfeeding is only temporary right
you’re only doing it for I don’t know a few months and I know you want to get
rid of your pregnancy weight but just wait until you’re done breastfeeding
then after that you can start fasting again number three you shouldn’t fast if
you’re underweight now to piggyback off of your body requiring adequate
nutrients and minerals if you’re malnourished or you’re underweight
then you shouldn’t fast and this is kind of on the extreme side of things but
it’s worth mentioning anyway anybody under 4 percent body fat
should not even attempt fasting there’s absolutely no point at this
point you’re barely carrying any body fat if you’re malnourished or you’re
underweight and you start fasting that is when your body is forced to use protein
for energy that is literally the point when you start withering away it’s the
only time where your body is forced to use your own muscles for energy so you
shouldn’t do it fortunately we have the complete opposite of that problem
especially in North America where we have a full-blown obesity epidemic the
average body fat percentage for men is 25 percent and 35 percent for women so
we have plenty of body fat to burn for energy like personally even at my
leanest I was still carrying some excess body fat like the average person
carries about a hundred thousand calories worth of body fat for energy
again if you’re not malnourished or under weight you should be perfectly fine
to fast number four you shouldn’t fast if you’re a teenager
and this falls within the same reasons as pregnancy and breastfeeding is that
adequate nutrition is required for proper growth and this is especially
true for kids going through a growth spurt you should not even be thinking
about fasting at this point again missing a meal here and there isn’t a
bad thing let’s say you sleep in on weekends you missed breakfast that’s
totally fine if you’re a teenager who’s watching this or you’re a parent
with a teenager I know how important body image is to someone at that age I
think it’s more important to teach your kids on how to make proper food choices
instead of thinking about fasting to lose weight and honestly it’s as simple as not
drinking liquid calories making sure you’re sticking to whole foods and
avoiding any processed carbs or added sugar number five you shouldn’t fast if
you have an eating disorder listen if you’re suffering from an eating disorder
then you should not fast and the reason is pretty simple food is the medicine
for anorexia now fasting isn’t completely off the
table for these next two types of people but you should definitely consult your
doctor first number six if you’re taking any sort of medication then you should
definitely consult your doctor first listen for the most part you can still
do intermittent fasting if you’re taking any medication that needs to be taken
with food especially if you’re only doing a short-term fast like a 16 20 or
24 hour fast because you’re technically not going a whole day without food now
this gets more serious if you’re taking blood sugar medication you need to
consult with a medical professional if you have diabetes and you want to do
intermittent fasting this is serious stuff and the reason is pretty simple. As
stated earlier one of the benefits of intermittent fasting is it lowers your
blood sugar levels if you take blood sugar lowering medication like metformin
for example then you’re risking your body going into a state called
hypoglycemia where your blood sugar gets too low and that condition can be
life-threatening symptoms include shaking sweating feeling faint hunger
and nausea if you start feeling that way you need to ingest some sugar right away
to reverse this life-threatening situation listen combining intermittent
fasting with a low carb diet is probably one of the best ways to reverse type 2
diabetes but again you need to work with a professional here don’t attempt to do
this yourself you also need to be checking your blood sugar levels at
least twice a day at the end of the day fasting is generally safe for most
people other than the seven that I just mentioned just make sure you do your own
research to make sure that it’s perfectly safe for you okay the next
question then becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to
lose weight because let’s be honest 80% of your body composition is determined
by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do
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  1. Best tips , u fail to dissatisfy as u know I did a week of no meat and 16:8 and I fit better in my clothes , more energy and more confidence , I still have a lot of weight to lose to get my lean body and hoping to do a low carb soon

  2. As a teenager who do Intermittent fasting , I don't feel bad doing it and I'm good with my height ( that's if fasting stunts growth hopefully ) , I just get hungry alot tho

  3. All great tips man but the first one made me laugh out loud. So true šŸ™Œ Love the idea of this video for sure. Keep up the great content man. New supporter here šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘šŸ’Ŗ

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