Dr. Bill Warner – How Islam Impacts Christianity

Dr. Bill Warner – How Islam Impacts Christianity

I was told that in preparing my talk I should presume that you don’t know anything about Islam So, if this is your case, you’re one of several billion people I would like to teach you today about Islam through its impact upon Christianity This is the subject that almost no one knows anything about Indeed there are many in America who would insist that Islam has never had any impact upon Christianity So I’m going to assume you know nothing, and we’ll go from there This is an important political question but it’s also a religious question The land in green is Islamic land. How did this come to be? What is this history? Because this map is not only a political map, it is also a religious map Because much of this land, indeed the majority of it, was originally Christian This history is not taught hardly anywhere, even in the universities in America I’m not a historian but I love to read history and so I love to ask questions which have never been asked before Exactly how did this conquest take place? R In America there are roughly 5 battles that Islam fought against Christianity in Europe that are known Indeed if you chose a hundred Americans, I doubt there’ll be even one of you who could name two battles But recently there’s been some translation of ancient documents and there is the Internet So, I asked the question: how many battles has Islam fought against civilization? I compiled a table of five hundred and forty eight battles There also have been some very interesting results in archaeology under the Mediterranean So, the question then becomes: how do we dispay this knowledge? Because if I read you the list of all the battles, you’d fall asleep So I created something called a dynamic battle map Now, here’s the way it works The land in green is Islamic. The white dots are current battles, the red dots are battles in history We are going to compress twelve centuries of conquest into two minutes Immediately Islam burst out of Arabia and starts attacking the rest of the world You notice something very interesting here: most people when they think of Islam think of deserts but notice how Islam has created a naval force to project power across the Mediterranean Already Spain has been conquered, North Africa and the heart of the Christian world – Damascus, Jerusalem and Smyrna Now, one of the things that you need to know is in many of these battles, indeed most of them, Christians were captured and sold into slavery In Spain they will fight the Muslims for seven hundred years They started attacking Anatolia -Turkey – almost immediately and as soon as they could conquer Constantinople, Eastern Europe is now being under conquest in the Balkans Indeed, the high point of conquest came here in Vienna Indeed there is breakfast bread called “crescent rolls” – they are to celebrate this historical incident Notice that continued war in Spain has driven the Muslims out of Spain And that is five hundred and forty eight battles fought against primarily a Christian world But it is far worse than this looks R I’ve listed hardly any of the battles in Africa Eighty millions Hindus were killed in jihad, they’re barely mentioned here And the destruction of Buddhist civilization in Western Asia destroyed was also destroyed and not recorded here In the 20th century alone there were a million Turkish Armenian Christians killed and 750,000 of the Assyrian Christians In America no one knows this If you’re going to explain that part of the world, you need to understand something Today when we talk about empires, we think of land mass and we think of continents But the early Christian world, Roman world and Greek world were Mediterranean Egypt was part of the Mediterranean civilization, not African civilization The reason why is it was very easy to connect Alexandria Egypt to Rome – it only took ten days, whereas if you went by land, it took a hundred and forty days Under the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire the seas were free of pirates, and the trade could prosper In the harbor of Constantinople there would be as many as five hundred ships All of this changed Before Islam if Rome wanted to create, establish contact with the church in France, it sent the letter by boat After Islam they sent the message over the Alps Ibn Khaldun, the famous Arabic historian, said that the Christians could not float a plank on the Inland Sea What would happen? We now know from archaeology under the sea that 90% of the trade on the Mediterranean ceased What would happen in Vienna if no planes landed, there were no communications and 90% of the traffic on the roads was gone? What would happen to Viennese civilization? It would become exceedingly poor R Now then, Islam preyed on Christian ships, and every part of the Mediterranean became poor unless it was Muslim You’ve all heard of The Dark Ages, I presume Have you heard of The Dark Ages? How many? Raise your hands again, how many know what the Dark Ages were? It was in the middle ages, there was very little learning and massive poverty Indeed in France in one history of the documents of a certain century you could not even find the word “merchant” Learning ceased Europe got its paper from Egypt and it’s called “papyrus” No papyrus was shipped into Europe during The Dark Ages What would happened to your world if you didn’t have a computer and you didn’t have paper? What education would you have? Very little Anyway, not only did Europe become poor, but North Africa became poorer and what we now call Turkey became exceedingly poor The conquest in North Africa was so fast it destroyed civilization and left only building standing If you go to Rome many of the Roman buildings have been destroyed because during the The Dark Ages they used the marble from the ancient Roman buildings for their own purpose The conquest of North Africa was so fast and so intense that there was no one left to use the buildings that were left from the Romans The United States has never used this weapon but they created a bomb called the neutron bomb Kill people but not destroy buildings Islam built their own neutron bomb centuries ago Something else happened In the archaeology under the sea there’s a layer of silt on the ocean bottom in the Mediterranean This came about because the invading Muslims destroyed the irrigation system of the Christians Not only that they destroyed the irrigation system, they were herders, not farmers and the Muslims turned their goats and sheep on to the Christian crops and ate the fields and there was erosion So, civilization, Christian civilization was basically annihilated Now then, what did Christian Europeans do for money? Because we’ve already established they didn’t have easy transportation and no communication The sophisticated civilization of the Romans and the Greeks was reduced to primitive trade The previous proud culture of the Romans and Greeks sold crude products like fur, lumber, swords and slaves So this conquest had enormous economic effects and political effects and, as we will see, it had religious effects The history that is taught in universities said that the Roman Empire fell because of the German invading tribes and had nothing to do with Islam Indeed they go further and say Islam was a blessing because it retained some of the Greek learning I say that the data teaches us the classical civilization was destroyed by jihad and replaced by a Islamic civilization Christianity was forever changed Now then, one of the things that we hear, I keep saying word “in America” because I do not know what is in Europe but in America we were taught that the Crusades were a terrible evil That the Muslims may have been bad but the Christians were worse Well, let’s take a look at this using data In the year 1100 the Patriarch of Constantinople sent a desperate request to the Pope to send armed help This is the world through the Pope’s eyes in the year 1100: the green is where Islam has conquered and all of the red dots are battles that were lost by Christians So, what I want to do is to do the same battle map that we did before but for the Crusades except for having white crosses that age to red crosses Instead of round dots we have crosses – red and white I’ll show you the two battle maps. The upper one is the Crusades which is a defensive war that lasted for three hundred years and it ended eight hundred years ago Whereas today the jihad has gone on for fourteen hundred years And somewhere in the world someone died because they were not a Muslim So my point is this: the Crusades were not the moral equivalent of jihad There’s another story that’s told in America about how wonderful the civilization of Baghdad We were told it was the Golden Age of humanity Indeed I was told by a history professor at Princeton University that the Baghdad Golden Age was the high point of all human history But let’s stop and take a look at this I need to introduce you to a word called “dhimmi” – D-H-I-M-M-I Well, you’d spell it the same way It’s an Arabic word and what it does is it is a person, a Christian who’s been conquered by Islam, and these are the terms it has to live under R A Christian in a Muslim world was a third rate, they’re not even a citizen but a subject Christian women were used as sex slaves in the harems In the the conquest of Spain there was a standing purchase order for 3000 blonde virgin Christians to be shipped to Baghdad every year Now then, by the way this is not in my mind – the Golden Age There are two scientists at least in the room, Salmon and myself, and our whole field of knowledge is based upon cause-and-effect and laws of nature If there is no cause-and-effect and there are no laws of nature, there is no science That is all we teach, that experimental learning But Islam denies cause-and-effect, Islam denies laws of nature This is poison for the human mind Indeed it is like a lobotomy of the human mind Now then, the claim is made that Islam preserved all the learning of the Greeks and Romans But Islam destroyed 90% of this learning The knowledge that was left had to be kept in Christian monasteries And you hear a lot about translation work Well, it turns out, how could a lot of Arabs coming from illiteracy do the translation work of the Greeks and Romans? The vast majority of all this translation work was done by Christian scholars We also hear in America that in Baghdad Golden Age there was wonderful medical care They don’t tell you that it was in Christian hospitals The Golden Age of Baghdad is a myth. But in America it is a very popular myth that is taught us in schools The jihad I’ve talked to you about ended two hundred years ago Let’s deal with more jihad This is an example of a database of attacks by jihadist Here’s the plot of the jihad since 2001 up to the year 2011 The red is the total number of jihad killings The green is jihad against fellow Muslims This is what we see in Iraq today with Islamic State They kill the Shia and they also kill the modern educated Sunni Muslim The yellow is the killing of Kafir “Kafir” is an Arabic word usually translated as “infidel” This is not the correct translation The word “Kafir” – K-A-F-I-R – really cannot be translated It is the worst word in any human language It’s the word they use in the Koran, the Hadith So, Kafir, I’m a Kafir, I presume all of your are Kafirs That’s the correct word Ok, now then, what do we notice about jihad? it is relentless, it started in Mohammed’s lifetime Kafirs and what I would call impure Muslims are the victims Jihad can adapt but it will always be with us In America we’re told that Islamic State and other such things are our fault I want to show to you that jihad is as Islamic as it can possibly be Jihad comes with inside of Islam Now then, one more thing about jihad, I took here and made a bar chart of the most attacks against the civilization, to talk here I’ve chosen the top four So, it’s Israel, Thailand, Philippines and India, those are the top four Now let me read this list to you another way: it’s against the Jews, the Buddhist, the Christians, the Hindus, the secularists – all Kafir In America there are atheists who’d say: “Oh, Islam has nothing to do with me. I don’t care about religion” Little do they know that in Islam they are the lowest of the low They are worse than the Jew Now then, in America, I keep saying that because I know America, Islam is called “the religion of peace” This was introduced into American culture by president George Bush If you go through history, you will find that there are twelve decades in 1,400 years that are free of jihad So the history of Islam is 91% jihad and 9% peace I’m a retired college professor and if you make 9% on my test, you receive an F The president and the media in the United States get an F Now then, if constant, if you have something happening that goes on for fourteen centuries, something is causing it This cannot be an accident nor can it be caused by anybody else The next part I want to show you that jihad comes through from within Islam and it is the success of Islam All right, everyone’s heard of the Koran, everyone’s heard of the Koran, right? Everyone? Ok, how many of you think that that is the holy text of Islam? If you say that, you get 14% That’s an F Now, it turns out that the Koran.., you can be a Muslim by just the Koran alone There’s not enough information in it But there are ninety one verses which were claiming that Mohammed is the perfect human being and that everyone must be a husband like Mohammed, do everything that he did, no matter, how I ate. Whatever he did, you must imitate him And where do we find Mohammed? Well, we have his biography of 800 pages and we have his Hadith – his traditions There are many collections of these usually having about 67,000 The Hadith is something that Mohammed did or said Things down to as small as how he drank a glass of water Which he would never did what I did because he never drank standing up I do not drink like Mohammed Ok, so, now then, let’s go back and ask the question “Who is Islam?” It’s 14% Allah and 86% Mohammed This is good news if you’re a student because you don’t have to understand the Koran at all You just need to understand Mohammed It’s like reading a biography So, this much Allah, this much Mohammed, so, therefore it is easy to know Islam. Keep this in mind. Because it will turn out that there is a burden placed upon the Christians today which is the conversion of Muslims And the secret of doing this is Mohammed, not Allah Ok, there’s that word again “Kafir” I have read religious doctrine all of my life I’ve studied Torah at the synagogue I’ve studied Hinduism with Hindu masters I’ve studied Buddhism under Buddhist teachers And when I read the doctrine of Islam one thing stood out Most of Islam is about you and me So, I asked myself why is this and I also took and measured how much of Islam, how much of Islamic doctrine is about the Kafir Nearly two-thirds of the Koran is about the Kafir Isn’t it strange? You would think it would be about how to be a Muslim When you read the Buddha’s teachings they are about how to be a Buddha, how to be a Buddhist So, this is very unusual – nearly two-thirds of the Koran is about the Kafir, 81% of Mohammed’s life deals with his war against the Kafir 37% of the Hadith are about the Kafir So overall out of these three books 51% of it is about you and me And every word about the Kafir is terrible Now then, Islam as I say is sometimes called “the religion of peace”. Let’s explain that. There are two different Korans An early Koran written in Mecca a latter Koran written in Medina In Mecca Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for thirteen years and persuaded a hundred and fifty Arabs to become Muslims He had to leave Mecca by the, at the insistence of the Meccans He went to Medina where he became a politician and a jihadist When he died every Arab was a Muslim The religion of peace was a failure The politics of jihad was an overwhelming success Now then, when you hear verses, in America there’s something very popular called interfaith dialogue You hear quotes from the Koran You have your religion, I have mine Let there be no compulsion in religion So, the early Koran is religious and peaceful The latter Koran is about jihad and success Now then, here we have Mohammed’s career Not only have I been a professor, I’ve also been a businessman And a businessman keeps up with his sales This is the sales career of Mohammed And it’s basically what I told you: in Mecca it was religion, it was peaceful but a hundred and fifty people joined in 13 years This is not success What made Islam successful? Politics and jihad What makes Islam successful today? Jihad and politics It has nothing to do what the policy is of Germany, Vienna, America, England – nothing So it doesn’t make any difference what Europe’s foreign policy is. Matters not Jihad is successful Now then, let me tell you, there are four kinds of jihad There is jihad of a sword, jihad of the mouth, jihad of writing, and jihad of money These are more successful then jihad of a sword If it was not for the jihad of a sword, the other three jihads would work I want to talk to you about what I call the Law of Islamic saturation If you remember on the battle map Turkey which used to be Asia Minor, or Anatolia, was conquered Turkey used to be a Christian nation I say that so emphatically because most people do not know this So, when Islam invaded in 1300, the yellow point was, it was all a 100% Christian But if I ask you today: “Is Turkey Christian or Muslim?”, what would you say? Muslim What happened? Notice at the bottom of this graph it’s measured in centuries It took centuries for this to happen but Christianity is almost completely annihilated in Turkey Why does this happen? In their verses in the Koran and in the Hadith traditions which say: “War shall be waged against the Kafir until every human being says there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is His Prophet And you say: ” This could not happen in Europe today!” It is happening in Europe today The law of Islamic saturation means that the Sharia will be applied more and more As this curve predicts there will come a day in which Christianity has no force whatsoever, nor has Western civilization any force – it will all be Sharia And you say:”Well, this can’t happen” Remember Afghanistan used to be Buddhist Pakistan used to be Hindu North Africa was Christian All of this is taking place. It just takes time So, I call this the law of Islamic saturation And you say: “They’re nice people, they won’t do that” Do you think the Byzantine Christians were bad people or something? Are you better than them? Are you smarter than them? Do you have better morals than them? Do you understand the Bible better than them? How are you special? You are Kafir Now then, one of the things that puzzles me about my study of Islam, remember, I’m not a historian, I’m a scientist But scientists like to form questions So, I asked this question: “How many people have died in jihad?” Is this a reasonable question? Very reasonable Why am I the first person who’s ever asked this question in fourteen hundred years? I will tell you People do not want to know Indeed in America people are desperate to not know If you tell them facts, they will call you a biggot But these are facts Facts mean less and less in the modern time, what counts is feelings This makes people feel bad So, they don’t want to know it Why does Islam do what it does? Because it is Islamic The true nature of political Islam is found in the action of Muslims Ah, and I forgot to define a term for you What is Islam? Islam is the doctrine found in the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith Political Islam is the part of Islam that deals with the Kafir I’m only interested in the part of Islam that impacts me This seems reasonable to myself Should it not be the same for you? I do not care anything one way or the other about the religion of Islam I don’t care for Muslim prays five times a day or one time a day I don’t care if they pray facing Mecca or Macedonia I don’t care I do care about how they treat me and people like me What counts is political Islam, not religious Islam Now then, some people say: “Well, Islam just needs a reformation” Are you going to change the Koran? Are you going to change Mohammed? You cannot change those They are permanent and eternal We’ve already had reform movements in the world today Al-Qaida was reform, Taliban was reform, Boko Haram was reform, Islamic State is reform They’re all Islamic reform movements And who asked for the reform of Islam? Kafirs They want it to change Islam does not change So, Islam is Islam Now then, Christianity has been changed by three major events in history Rome adopting Christianity as the state religion The impact of Islam upon Christianity and the Reformation in Germany Islam subjugated the very heart of Christianity and annihilated different forms of Christianity There are forms of Christianity that disappeared off the face of the Earth including other religions like Zoroastrianism Here’s what Islam did: it annihilated central government by collapsing the Byzantine Empire and the Roman Empire The Catholic Church was forever changed because it became the only institution that was international in Europe It was left being the only people who knew how to read and write and to teach schools So, the Catholic Church was in the business not only being a religion, but being a political unit Now then, I’m gonna take you through several points The Greek Orthodox Church believed in religious icons They were loosing in battle to Islam and so they said: “Islam does not have images, so we will give up images” Stop the use of icons The knowledge about witches came from Islam The Europeans learned about witches and the black magic from the Spaniards, the Muslim Spaniards in Spain And in 1487 the Catholic Church released its book against witches called “The Witches Hammer The first mass killing of Jews on the face of the Earth for religious reasons was near 624 by Mohammed In 1011 in Spain there was mass murder of Jews Mass murder in 1033 and then in 1096 was the first Christian murder, mass murder of Jews The doctrine of war was created by Islam in the year 623 and only in the year 1063 the Catholic doctrine of holy war be produced This was in response to Islam Apostasy and heresy were crimes in the seventh century in Islam and they became crimes in the 12th century by the Catholic Church The Inquisition first occurred in Spain in the early 12th century The Catholic Inquisition which was based on trying to find out who was a secret Muslim occurred in the latter part of the 12th century My conclusion is that Islam influenced desperate and losing church in Europe I maintain that the fanaticism of the Catholic Church was learned directly from the Muslims So, I’m going to stop my lecture here, but remember what I’ve tried to teach you today is simple Islam has had a major impact upon world history and European history in particular This history has been so painful that it has been suppressed The most frequent question I’m asked by people, who know nothing about Islam, they think, is: “Aren’t you afraid, Bill?” When I started my study of Buddhism and Hinduism no one said to me “Aren’t you afraid?” There’s a reason for such questions Now then, I want to close with this. In Christianity there’s something called the Great Commission “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel” I maintain that that world includes the Islamic world But to do this you need to know Islam But remember I’ve given you the secret key Forget about Allah, study Mohammed There’s nothing in his life that you cannot understand, nothing So, therefore, if Christianity is to survive and if European civilization is to survive, and that includes the atheists, Buddhists, the whateverists The Church must shoulder its burden, study Mohammed and learn how to take the Great Commission to the Muslim Now then, one last point, I said that was the last one, but I’ll give you one more I noticed that some of you are taking notes If you will take a business card from me and send me an email, I will send you this PowerPoint presentation, so you can study your own As we, Americans, say: Deal? Thank you for your time

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  1. The point about Europeans learning about witches and sorcery from islam doesn't seem correct. This was part of the pre-Christian European paganism as well. Much of it entered christendom as a result of the 'conversion' of Constantine, predating islam by centuries. Many pagans accepted part Christianity without giving up their ancient pagan beliefs.

  2. you counted the muslims attackes of christian
    only about 550 … 550 and happened here in egypt every year ,,,still happening
    i mean ,,,,and north africa and africa

  3. This White Liar Lowlife Trash man in video should be ashamed of himself. Don't talk close your mouth. Truth About White Christian.

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  4. Poitical Correctness is not only a SIN, it's a LANGUAGE OF FOOLS. Another good reason for Brexit, Trump, and the 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution.

  5. Western Muslims will eventually collide with Eastern Islam as it is doing in the Middle East. Western Muslims are apostates thankfully. I've studied the Quran before finding Dr Warner on YouTube. He is telling the truth. Western liberalized Islam has got a problem. Reform in Islam is going back toward a literal understanding of the Quran and the life examples and teachings of Islam. The reason non Muslims are confused is because they have never read the works he has cited or studied history. This ignorance leaves them to believe the liberal views of western Islam. Orthodox Islam is opposed to westernized Islam. It seems both the West and Wester Muslims are both deceived on this totalitarian ideology that has a religious component. Conversion is not necessary. But Sharia must dominate every nation and people. Muslims need to convert to something else. Islam is toxic to humanity.

  6. Classical Islamic apologist "argument":- "Oh, but such and such did this, and such and such did that" This is NOT comparative religion, this is a lecture about Islam. Diverting the topic is a sign you do not have valid arguments. However, I will indulge by asking the following question: Do you see any Catholics TODAY cutting off heads or stoning women or throwing gays from buildings? How many suicide bomber Catholics did you see on TV in the 20th century? I'm not even Catholic so I call this question from an impartial point of view. Muslims CANNOT defend the bloodthirsty immorality of Moe.
    I believe Islam will, however, do something positive for those who believe Jesus is God (forget the high ecclesiasty in the Vatican and the dude in white) Islam will unite Catholics, Greek and Orthodox Christians, Anglicans and Protestants under one banner to defend their daughters from being raped and their sons from being decapitated. Even Chiang Kai Shek had to join forces with Mao to kick the Japanese Imperials out of China. Why don't Christians and Hindus and Buddhists join forces once and for all and defend FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREE AGENCY, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD AND THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF UNITARIAN ETHICS (reciprocity, the Golden Rule, Don't do unto others…) from this barbaric hordes? Because one thing is certain: THERE IS NO GOLDEN RULE IN ISLAM and Ayaht 4:36; 13:22; 23:96; 42:34; 28:54 and 42:40 only apply to Muslims or have been abrogated by latter verses.

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    Which one of them .. Jesus the man of flesh and blood or the holy spirit from God or the God who nobody can see or describe?
    If Jesus is God !! when he was in Mary womb ! who controlled the World in that time ( 9 Months).
    IF Jesus did not spend 9 months so why he there from the beginning?
    Why GOD need a female womb from the beginning ..he could say BE and he will BE ?
    if GOD is great and unlimited how he or his son fit in woman womb?
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    If so … Why we punish the sinners today ?
    if GOD will not punish Christians in the hereafter by the mercy of Jesus ..why governments punish them today?
    if God sacrificed his son ! that mean God is upset about that and became very sad and he sad right now! .. because GOD never forgot like us.
    so must be some other GODS ordered him to do that?
    if GOD never forget so why he need to wait until judgment day to burn the Jew and Roman who killed his beloved son? GOD was not very patient with people of Sadom anyway ?
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  8. Stupid old man !!..WE need you to talk about AZTEC and MAYA and ENKA civilizations … who destroy them , who killed 40 millions of Native Tribes ..WHO invade N/S America

  9. If your Allah demon is SO powerful, surely he will smite me with thunder from heaven for "insulting" him as TRINITY…Oh! Wait! Nothing happened! I'm still here! That's because Allah is the moon god of the Kuraish, not the REAL GOD. You pray towards and worship a silver vulva with a broken meteorite encased in resin (a man-made structure). The vulva of Allat, the godess. Allah is so powerless he needs a band of THUGS to kill for him, and to threaten with DEATH whomever LEAVES the CULT of Islam. You're really brainwashed, dude. Oh, and Bill Warner is a PhD in PHYSICS.

  10. South Americans
    Australian Aboroginals
    New Zealanders

    were spiritual and had a wide array of faiths..before they got Shitianity shoved down their throats.

  11. if u wanna know who muhammad is , u must watch this video called (who was muhammad) by non MUSLIMS. put ur seat belt on and prepare ur self for the shock.

  12. And we will have atheists blame Christianity for collapse of classical literature. For they are in one bed with Islam and feminists.

  13. I love listening to Bill. Rationality, sense. And critical thinking at last. Thank you so much for educating me.

  14. Islam has a LONG and well documented history of silencing the voices of its critics. Particularly the voices of women. Women have been subjected to every kind of abuse and violence under the Islamic dictators and refused any kind of true protection under their "Islamic law". This is not Islamophobia, this is ISLAMOFACT!!! Anyone who ignores the human rights abuses of all the women of the MENA because they are afraid of offending a Muslim or criticizing the "religion" of Islam should be ashamed.
    Also, there are NO thriving Chistian religious groups in Islamic lands…everyone of another religion (or even Athiesim) suffers non-stop persecution. How can ANYONE defend this OBVIOUSLY discriminatory and dictatorial ideology???
    Every religion in America is given criticism in heavy doses, but ISLAM is off limits. Hmmmm…I wonder why? Could it be because Islam cannot hold up under close scrutiny? Because Islam only succeeds where criticism is silenced!! I won't be silenced.

  15. one more thing on how horrible conditions are for members of other religions in the MENA…how can universities and government organizations continue to force women and ppl of other religions to keep silent in their criticism of Islam??

  16. Ethiopian is not good words from the Ethiopian church member, I understand you when in the ww2 when Mussolini invaded your country. Your former king a true descendant of salomon, can not speak like that. I accepts that Western Europe is a apostate people but Eastern Europe specia Russia who after decades of atheism has returned to the holy Orthodox Church and Putin declare Russia can not live without Christianity. Are they deserved to be slaves of Islam? This man is telling us to be beware of Muslim because they seeks Christianity destruction. God bless from a catholic sister USA.



    By William Blum – Published February 2013

    [The United States routinely interferes with elections of dozens of other nations and even “installs” political leaders through various CIA operations, including CIA-led coups and assassinations of foreign leaders].

    Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

    •China 1949 to early 1960s
    •Albania 1949-53
    •East Germany 1950s
    •Iran 1953 *
    •Guatemala 1954 *
    •Costa Rica mid-1950s
    •Syria 1956-7
    •Egypt 1957
    •Indonesia 1957-8
    •British Guiana 1953-64 *
    •Iraq 1963 *
    •North Vietnam 1945-73
    •Cambodia 1955-70 *
    •Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
    •Ecuador 1960-63 *
    •Congo 1960 *
    •France 1965
    •Brazil 1962-64 *
    •Dominican Republic 1963 *
    •Cuba 1959 to present
    •Bolivia 1964 *
    •Indonesia 1965 *
    •Ghana 1966 *
    •Chile 1964-73 *
    •Greece 1967 *
    •Costa Rica 1970-71
    •Bolivia 1971 *
    •Australia 1973-75 *
    •Angola 1975, 1980s
    •Zaire 1975
    •Portugal 1974-76 *
    •Jamaica 1976-80 *
    •Seychelles 1979-81
    •Chad 1981-82 *
    •Grenada 1983 *
    •South Yemen 1982-84
    •Suriname 1982-84
    •Fiji 1987 *
    •Libya 1980s
    •Nicaragua 1981-90 *
    •Panama 1989 *
    •Bulgaria 1990 *
    •Albania 1991 *
    •Iraq 1991
    •Afghanistan 1980s *
    •Somalia 1993
    •Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
    •Ecuador 2000 *
    •Afghanistan 2001 *
    •Venezuela 2002 *
    •Iraq 2003 *
    •Haiti 2004 *
    •Somalia 2007 to present
    •Honduras 2009
    •Libya 2011 *
    •Syria 2012
    •Ukraine 2014 *

    Unless Americans study, THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME and THE PHOENIX PROGRAM, by Douglas Valentine, they will continue to live in La La Land!

    The CIA is the greatest Terrorist Organization, in the world!

  18. This lecture did not take place in Vienna. The translator is not speaking German, but a Slavic language. Where did this lecture take place?

  19. At the current rate of Islamic hijra it will take 20 to 40 years to overthrow European civilization and replace it with shariah law.

  20. Why isn't there a figure for how many Jews were killed by Islamic jihad?  Even the Nazis genocide of the Jews can be partly attributed to Islam.

  21. I guess the only way to fight Islamic jihad is another Crusades…round up all Muslims, shut down their mosques in the west. Remove the tax exemptions for Islam. Ban prayer in the streets. Ban Islam altogether. If they protest throw them in jailor ship their asses to Islamic countries where they can practice their sharia law freely.  If we don't do anything now to stop Islamic jihad we are totally screwed as a western Judeo/Christian civilization.

  22. Here is a jewel for Bill and interpreter, Kufr-kafir-katal(masacru). Silt=Silicat,pretty many words translated in Romanian. Too bad nothing can stop it under capitalism or comunism.

  23. Dr. Bill Warner you will die and left behind, you just hatred what you will benefit from this i'm amazed
    glory be to god

  24. Mr. You really don't know what you are Talking about…
    You Yourself Should become a Muslim 😛 but i guess you just don't Listen nor see nor Talk.
    Def Dumb and Blind 🙂 … 1 , 2, 3 << 3 , 2 , 1

  25. It’s amazing how you turn information and fix it into your narrative. May Allah guide you all. If you really want to understand this religion then learn and research with an open heart, then if you don’t like it then don’t worry. Allah says in his Noble Quran that guidance comes from GOD…. thanks

  26. It is clear Liberal secular agenda gay rights destroyed most of what used to be European Christian western world, the sooner they embrace Islam as their way of life is better for them. Christianity is been death long ago and only exist by name it doesn't carry any significant day to day life of individuals,hence can't offer any solution to any problems that so called West facing today, alcoholism, homosexuality, it is okey to be gay,prime minister is gay. Just compare the birth rate of European predominantly Muslim countries like Turkey Albania, Muslims of Russia, Azerbaijan and to the so-called Christian European countries like Sweden Germany France and you will see Europe needs Islam for its survival more than anything today..

  27. This man is a hater and a lier.It's sad …..if you read quran and biography of mohammad you will find out and know he is a BIG lier.

  28. Only one Al Quran. All prophets are Muslim from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses. JESUS was a muslim. Virgin Mary is clearly mentioned in a specific chapter in the Quran. The existing of China is a clear proof on Muslim approach to civilizian. Hope all could recheck and do more research. Thanks

  29. this old man is a propagandist manipulator twisted tongue being.. A professor with hatred towards Islam emotionally conveyed the wrong facts about Islam .. lol ..

  30. what this old man preached was totally not Islam at all.. which books did he refer to?? … For those who want to know the truth please read the real Quran and refer to the authenticated hadith sunnah ..

  31. Dr WARNER: You have influenced my thinking, greatly, Sir. However, there is a problem in referring to "lands" as "Christian". Belief in the Church's claims for Jesus of Nazareth is a matter of just that: individual, personal, BELIEF. The development of the worth of every 'individual' before God was one of Christianity's finest contributions (Larry Siedentop) to 'lands-of-Western-civilisation -and-culture'; but, for many centuries, the Church contradicted the 'voluntarism' of faith: and practised a form of Islamic 'compulsion'. The Church lost its way. Today, the Church practises evangelism through persuasion: whilst ISLAM practises subversion and compulsion. Christian and Islamic Theologies are utterly different: yet most Christians seem to feel – from ignorance of one, or other, faith – that they are the same. They are not! Compare the teaching, about God, of Jesus, with that of Mohammed, about allah.

  32. Regarding Christian sex slaves where is the #me-too movement? Hypocrites and Liars, that's what they are.

  33. Bottom line, Arabs are a plague on the planet. They are the ultimate proof that envy leads to destruction. As simple nomads they must have looked at the world of Greece and Rome and Egypt and had hatred in their hearts for their own lack of similar civilizational success. So instead of trying to figure out what made Greece great, they turned to destruction, to destroy all the evidence that showed they were a failure. It was just an earlier form of egalitarianism and post-modernism. Instead of trying to rise to the top of the podium they knocked the podium over and pulled everybody down to their level. People need to learn this or they and their civilization will be destroyed. If we know all this from only 10% of preserved written history, it is so incredibly sad to think what we don't know from the other 90% that the Muslims destroyed

  34. It's incomprehensible the pain and death that Islam and the Arabs wrought upon the earth. hundreds of millions killed in the name of jealousy of a better God and a better way of life. However, clearly the Arabs were brilliant in developing this way of conquering. What a deep deep understanding of human nature.

  35. Facts are generally for men, feelings are generally for women. Which is why Islam has one thing right, they don't let women have political power.

  36. I am so glad Bill did not study History at university otherwise he too would be or might have been indoctrinated by their waffle , School history is worse than useless . There is no more critical thought only leftist rubbish

  37. How did the Talmudic gang influence and control people? Quotes from The Jewish Talmud: Gentile: A Non Jew Goy= "Cattle" aka
    Goyim Referring to Non-Jews Quotes: From the Talmud 1- If a Jew finds a
    Object Lost by: A Goy it does Not Have to be Returned [BABA MAZIA 24a]
    2- "If a Goy hits a Jew, He Must be Killed [Sanhedrin 58b] 3- If a Jew
    Kills a Goy There Will be No Death Penalty. [Sanhedrin 57a] 4- 'What a
    Jew Steals from a Goy,He must Keep [Sanhedrin 57a] 5- 'All Children of
    the Goyim Are Animals [Yebamoth 98a] 5- 'If You Eat with a Goy it's the
    same as eating with a Dog' [Yebamoth 98a Tospoth,Jebamouth 84b] 6- 'The
    Gentiles are not Humans,They are Beasts' [Baba Mezia 114b] 7- 'Even The
    Best of the Goyim Should be Killed' [Soferim 15] 8- 'Do Not Save the
    Goyim in Danger of Death, Show NO Mercy to the Goyim' [Hikkoth Akum X1]
    9- 'Sexual Intercourse between the Goyim is Like Intercourse between
    Animals' [Sanhedrin 74b] 10- 'When the Messiah Comes every Jew will
    have 2800 Slaves' Simeon fol 56D 11- 'Extermination of the Christians
    is a Necessary Sacrifice' [Zohar, Shemothj 12- 'Jehovah Created the
    non-Jew in human form so that the Jews would bot have to be an animal in
    human form,and condemned to serve the Jew day and night [Midrash
    Talpioth,p.225-L] 13- 'A Jew is Forbidden to drink from a glass of wine
    which a Gentile has touched,Because the touch has made the wine Unclean'
    [Schulchan Aruch, Johre Deah, 122] 14- ''To Communicate anything to a
    Goy about religious relations would be equal to the Killing of ALL
    Jews,for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them,they would Kill us
    openly'' [Libbre David 37] 15- ''A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he
    can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.'' [Hadarine,20,B;
    Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348] 16- 'A Jew may violate but not
    marry a non-Jewish girl' [Gad. Shas.2:2] 17- "A"prayer" or "benediction"
    to be said by a Jewish man every day: "Thank God for not making me a
    Gentile, a woman or a Slave." [Hilkkoth Akum X1] 18- "A Jew should and
    must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything
    against them" [Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17]

  38. The Demonic is using the most dumbed-down spiritually in society to do its bidding. Much Prayer is called for by the Christians that believe in The Universal Father of Truth and the Mission and Ministry of Jesus the Christ.

  39. KAFIR in Islam means:
    1-people who worship statues as God.
    2- people don’t believe in God that created the universe.

  40. JIHAD in Islam means:
    if Kafir people attack you to kill you, you are allowed to attack them to defend themselves.

  41. It looks, all war were in human and countries history during three thousand years ago, they bring it under Islam. What a wired world and information.

  42. Why don’t you say: Islam was against slavery and slavery was before Islam and Islam gave lots solutions to stop slavery, for example: 1- if Muslim don’t fasting during the Ramadan, they should buy slave and make them free.
    2- if Muslim say lie or do other sin , they should buy slave and make them free .

  43. Since, prophet Mohammed is messenger of God, is perfect.
    In Islam Prophet Abrahim, Moses and Jesus are perfect as well.

  44. There is just one Quran.
    Quran inspiration to prophet Mohammad within 23 years, from when he was 40 years till when he died at 63 years old.

  45. What made islam successful? Quran is from God that created the universe and all Islamic laws are base of nature of human.
    God created human and knows what’s best for us.

  46. It’s obvious that they want people be Hindu and worship statues as God, make statues with their own hands , then worship them as God.

  47. All religions are political.
    Moses was against Firoah, although grow up in their palace. Jesus was against Roman. Mohammed was like Abrahim.

  48. Thank God, it’s lots Hollywood movies about slavery in America and how they treated salves.
    No way can deny it.

  49. Quran say: virgin Merry gave birth to Jesus by miracle, had lots miracles, God raised him, he is alive and will return to bring peace.

  50. P.c influenced even the academic study. I guess than this honorable scholar could not talk about his studies when he was an assistant professor. P.c is as false as jihad.

  51. It is a bit hard to listen to the lecture with two languages alternating. It was held in Vienna, but the other language is not German, probably a Slavic language. Anyway there are other lectures in English only where he tells the same history of Islamic battles, so I am going to watch one of the others.

  52. EUROPIAN PEOPLE are more dummer than Muslims, they don't see that as soon as you let Islam into your country, they take over. Think of TURKEY, it was a Christian country, what is it now? LEBANON was 90% Christian, what is it now? Think, people in Europe! Before this happens to you too!

  53. After watching this talk about our Churches total apathy about not insisting that Christians who are being slaughtered in the Mid East and Pakistan ,that we should stand up in our Churches and demand that the Church Wakes up and leads us in the battle so save our fellow Christian brothers and sisters FIRST and bring them into safety First and the other minorities that are being slaughtered by Muslims , Speak Up Christians ,Every Sunday until our church leaders wake up and start to lead us again !

  54. And another thing we should demand of our church leaders is to educate our children in Sunday school about the extreme danger of Muslim rape gangs that are opporating up and down our country in big towns and small ,Onwards Christian Soliders !

  55. And another thing while lm on a rant ,if the church was more active in the spirit of Christianity ,l mean the message of Christ instead of all that stuff that sends people to sleep, it could get younge people back ,contacting all those isolated Christian communities ,letting them know they are not forgotten , writting to every one ,to make them aware of world wide persecution of fellow Christians , and what they are doing about it ,yes bring the church to life again as a base to fight for Chritian values again !

  56. Muslim apologists commenting here have to start giving specific examples of where they disagree with Dr. Warner, otherwise we can only assume it's more Islamic deception or Taqiya if they prefer to refer to it.

  57. Bill Warner you have PhD in general knowledge but you've zero in Islamic knowledge and it's history but you don't understand Islam as well as Islamic think or you want to spread hate and discrimination about Islam

  58. I've seen more videos than you but he explained Islam as Monopoly of terrorism and extremism he says Islam is not but jihad and conjugation of innocent women

  59. The lecture was very informstive, but his Statement that ancient Egypt was s mediterrane civilization and not African is VERY WRONG. As he has stated many times he is not a historian nor anthropologist.

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