Drinking Cow Pee in India 🐮💦

Drinking Cow Pee in India 🐮💦

You thought this video was clickbait right? Who on earth would drink cow pee? Well some Indians do and today I’m gonna proudly join them and I’m gonna give my own creation to India Karl’s Yellow Happiness Yogurt Drink and lets see if we can get other people to drink it as well According to Indian Ayurvedic herbal medicine Gau Mutra (Cow Pee) can help cure leprosy abdominal cramps and cancer. So let’s jump on this bike behind me. We’re gonna go to the Patanjali store and buy some go Gau Mutra. Okay, so as you can see I’m at the Patanjali store now where they sell Gau Mutra. and you can see Pathanjali’s or Ram Dev’s face on the far side of this. He is credited with rejuvenating the practice of yoga in India actually, so he’s a big guy. He’s got these amazing herbal stores which only sell Ayurvedic herbal products. Its all-natural products. And the crazy thing is, this more expensive than milk. It’s double the price of milk. Milk is Rs. 40 and Cow pee is Rs. 80 per litre and basically it says on the packaging here that this is 100% pure cow urine and it can be used for things like obesity, vitrog – whatever vitrog is -, abdominal diseases, skin diseases, asthma and a cough. So, it doesn’t go right into saying that can be used for cancer. That’s kind of insinuated online and by doctors who prescribed this Gau Mutra. So, I’m here my beautiful outdoor local kitchen. But before we get to making my special lassi, we need to try this stuff. All right? Oh my god, it smells like smells like ****** right It smells like it smells like cow paddock mixed with pee. It’s like disgusting. All right. Let’s drink it straight aye? Here it goes. Doesn’t taste like much actually. Tastes… It’s not a pleasant taste but it’s like… It’s a… I don’t know, it doesn’t taste like what I thought pee would taste like. It’s hard to describe. It’s got a real sting to it when you drink it though. It goes down your throat and your throat, kind of kind of, burns a little bit. It’s not a pleasant taste. It’s not a nice taste. It’s just a… Doesn’t taste like much taste.The smell is way worse than the taste. Anyway, let’s get down to business to make my Karl’s Special Yoghurt Drink. Lassi is really easy to make. It’s basically half water, half yogurt, a little bit of rose water, tons of sugar And mixing bowl and this thing which is used to to churn it and make it like thick and creamy. Start with the yoghurt… And we’ve got the yogurt here. That’s how you open a yogurt packet in India! I’m gonna add all the yogurt. Next we’re gonna add in some water. So I’ve got about 300 grams of water here and this recipe is going to be in the description and this water has a little bit of rose water in it, to give it a little bit of flavor and next we’ve got the cow pee. And actually, it’s not yellow in colour, it’s white, it looks like water. I’m gonna put a little bit of that in to give it some flavour. Then we’ve got five tablespoons of sugar. So we’re making about one litre of lassi here and you just start stiring it like this and basically making a yoghurt drink. That’s what we call in English. And then finally, we’re just gonna add in some ice to keep cool. Okay, so it’s Gaurav’s turn to try the lassi now. Auntie’s tried it. Have you ever tried this before? -No, not yet. Never in your life? -No. So people don’t drink it everyday here? -No. And you don’t drink it everyday everyone in the comments is saying Indians drink cow pee every single day. -Yeah, well some Indians do, some don’t. Not many though right? This one stinks exactly like cow urine. -Wow. it smells like you’re in a cowshed, right? -Yeah, that’s the smell -Like how villages stink, right? Yes exactly that like mud and pee. -Do you want me to drink this? Yes try. Not as bad as you’re thinking? -No, it’s the smell that’s worse. Yeah, it smells like 10x worse. It’s the aftertaste with the smell that’s bad. But I think yeah, this is good. The aftertaste is a little you know, smelly. Yeah, I guess this is… wait till you burp afterwards. -Ohhh, yeah. So what I learned today was most Indians aren’t afraid of cow pee, but they’re not drinking it every day. They’re only taking it if an Ayurvedic doctor is prescribing it to them for some ailment. You know, I’m not a doctor so take my lassi recipe of a grain of salt, you know, I wouldn’t tell anyone to go and drink this stuff I simply did it because I wanted to try it. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I wanted to know you know, why are people drinking this? And you know at the end of the day it’s for the supposed health benefits.

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  1. 1. Yes, the salesman quoting "90% of Indians drink cow pee" is completely lying which I thought I cleared up in the conclusion of the video. Very few people drink it regularly, it's more used in ayurvedic remedies.

    2. I don't see anything shameful in drinking cow pee.

    3. To the people who are commenting trying to insult me (and Indians) by calling us various names: I don't care because I'm happy to say I drunk cow pee. I'm not ashamed. I'll proudly wear whatever insult you label me with. India, there's nothing to be ashamed about if a few of your countrymen choose drink cow pee. I stopped caring about what haters/trolls/keyboard-warriors say a long time ago.

    4. The kids who were pulling the fingers in the background: They're just kids being kids. I was a rascal like them too when I was their age. It's all in good fun.

    5. Drinking cow pee does not make me a BJP supporter.

  2. In my home there is cow pee but we don't drink we spread it on house corner because of this in corner no mosquito aur bites coming it's fake any one can't not drink it
    Cow is holy Animal for us

  3. For your knowledge I tell you that it is purefied and the mean thing a selected variety of cow use for that . Take it according to doctor is much useful . Read the chemical composition of it

  4. Yah hai india 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Doctor hai yar india ki 🐮 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Only rss, shiv sena bhakts(mob lynchers)drinking animal's piss not hindus.
    Bcz I have so many hindu friends who love to eat beef steak but not piss

  6. Well i can do a really good business in india of selling Gao Muttar. I can export to india from Pakistan. How much they need free of cost 🙈

  7. Who has told you to drink this😅😂..you guys should have beer …good expensive wines ..its much better …btw 'go mutra' is used in marriage purposes ..its holy ..

  8. Chutya Hindu ne nak katwa ke lakh di bhen chod gai ka peshab pete h indian koi muslim nhi peta bas gai ka beeda kahte h

  9. Bro, people here take it only when they are I'll and want a cure not every day but yes people who are aware of the benifits and are health conscious do take it as a medicine(super drink).I like the curiousity and respect you have for the Indian culture. Would love to have a chat with you about India and it's culture.

  10. The country is so backward, they drink cow urine…. AND what is even worse the way they say "NO" with there head means yes in the rest of the world. Shitistan

  11. You idiot really believe in salesman? You know what name of salesman why not wealthman ?

    If salesman said 90% of people eat beef that I will trust him ?
    Uneducated people even can salesman job just know how to sell trick and sell art .
    You must analyze first your self search more information then can write it, even u can ask your own wife does 90% people drink cow urine.

    I don’t think so you are originally kiwi guy. Might be you are from Europe but migrant to New Zealand.

    I was one month in Auckland even I was 5 days stay in Waiheke and chamberlines island.
    New Zealand people are very nice cool 😎 dude much friendly than Australia.

    Way of speaking English language accents totally different than u.

    Most of my friends and buyer from Auckland.
    So get correct information then publish.

    You are live in Hariyana and Delhi that’s place no good rights for any woman or girls economically okay place but reputation very bad lot of news u can read about lady’s girls
    No freedom at all even lot of rape cases.

  12. Gao gober is also eat as medicine in India. Cow is considered paviter by Hindu religion.

    Why i got feeling that sips you took was nothing other then water. May b you are fooling us along with indians.

  13. Karl R u a mad !!! ….. This is shit …. u r a Kiwi ….And So u must hv the knowledge of science …..This go mutra is just shit …… even the indians also dnt like it …some bjp members drink it ……yes only a few people drinks it due to their political issues …….yakk….nasty things …… drink a glass of fresh water instead of this fucking shit ……

  14. Yes it can be used as cancer as well, my Urine can also cure many problems, i will give it to you for free, you are the most bewakoof YouTuber. You were annoyed by the people in Kashmir who were offering you the hotel room, especially the Israel girl you called her the "tout" you disrespected her, but here you bought urine, drank it , ***K , tu bewakoof hai B****C**D

  15. Hey karl rock…don't drink it… it's rubbish….who says that it is a Ayurveda pdt,even the patanjali owner is admitted in AIIMS now..just like other excretory pdt it is also an excretory pdt,not more than that….

  16. karl Rock married a Indian woman and who belongs to a political family….now karl doing his job ….👍👍👍👍👍….

  17. Who hate gow mutra drinker

    Ek kahawat hai unke liye

    Bandar kya jane adrak ka swaad

    Ye murgi ka aanda kha sakte hai jo wahi se nikalta hai
    Ye jheenga kha lenge uske intestine k saath
    Ye camel urine pee lenge
    But they hate gau mutra

    Actually they hate hindus
    Not gau mutra
    Only illiterate person who don't know about medicine
    And environment they hate this

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