Evolution & Religion

Evolution & Religion

let me tell a story though a long time ago I was young and naive and I had strong belief in Islam I was studying Islamic theology at that bar and I attended a lecture held by one of my favorite preachers at the time it was a long lecture fully about one object a serious revolution and how it is a fake theory and how Charlotte dome is such a stupid and evil person who knows nothing about the world and how will he burn in hell the best feature downwards most probably the Antichrist who made the theory just to clear away dumb people from living in Iran so and the baptism that I was Marcos rhetoric was completely convincing not because it was a good argument but because to really confirm the existing believes that I have in other words I fell into the tricks of confirmation bias which is subject that I might talk about feature in a separate video anyway afterwards I talked with one of my closest friends about that awesome lecture and our relation went like that so the dear preacher spoke about the details of the theory and proved it wrong there is nothing to talk about it’s a stupid theory the you pre should read any of those books he didn’t decision okay why don’t you know then you’re sticking right out of your ass my friend look you are an educated person you can read books in English any have internet just go read his most famous book instead of just talking about it without any much and thank you the conversation was shocking to me he was absolutely right how did I ever be so judgmental about something that I don’t know much that so the first thing that it was searching for the book the Origin of Species online no clues viscose and long bonnet try to understand every bit of it by using Google the book was so often that a riot twice back to back as the news the book suggests it’s only talking about the origins of species not the origins of genus not the urges of flash but the book was talking about the basic unit of the biological classification so after dining so much from this book ratifies that this not enough I need to read more Facebook and more than your books lakh resolution and genetics so how much change had happened to me after taking this with the journey first of all the idea of compatibility between science and religion has become absolutely absurd and myself toward my preachers that I used to look up to and want to be one of them in the future was completely destroyed they look to me like a bunch of people who pretend to know about the world in the field of geology and the geologist to be developed in the subject of sociology in the subject of biology in the field of botany in the field of hydrology Allah says in the Quran almost man and man as well but in fact they know not maybe the only know a lot about afterlife maybe that’s what religion is all about afterlife but life but about what about all the verses in the hole and the peloton God created it and how he created the earth and the time and everything else got supposed to be right but currently it not so with more readings on both sides times and religion the battle seemed to be completely lost by revision okay if evolution has been the urban type show me some headed and all will believe and this is by far one of the most religious questions ever as if I’m walking around with a pocket full of events regarding fields evolution along with other questions like look if we really evolved with foreign aid then one aids still exists behind that you’re ignorant about it but not mean that the theory has not been proven right you will never find this kind of question from someone who already read about the theory so whoever is offering these kind of questions just great read first before crimes to challenge the whole theory without any kind of knowledge don’t just throw your ignorance over someone at the shoulders and remain content once you have read and understood about the issue you will know that there is no argument that can prove the theory wrong and by the way there are plenty of evidence all around you if you ever decide to visit a hauntings in one day or read advanced technology from a fine jeweler you just need to cure the blindness that you have the condition religious belief and what about creationism just a fairy tale The Times never gave it any attached but God cannot be wrong to my credit you are the one who didn’t understand the plan there are a few Muslim schoolers who found signs of the theory of evolution in the Quran why don’t you just go and learn from them and that will take me to the Apocrypha of Muslim scholars when something has been proven scientifically beyond doubt while the her answer dick black octopus they will try to find a way to reinterpret the verses and different meanings so they will be convenient with any discoveries enema the solution in ll collinear Darwin happy Kolkata a nano story Halliday and I will get you for art the Quran said that the earth is flat and the storage of plants in college dome that covered the earth which we call it the sky it said that meteor rocks from hell that are thrown being to prevent them from reaching to the heavens also sighs ridiculous things about how the Congress votes around the earth and where it’s cast and writers we will find all of these things obviously written in the Koran and obviously interpreted by the pioneer merchants quarters but the content Prairie scholars are trying to reinterpret these verses coincide with the scientific fact that we now have it happened before and it will happen again with the solution when the quran speaks of all times it doesn’t only show that a code written by a human being it also showed that this human being was completely unaware of the world around and what those did along with other evolutionary scientists and the same era is starting this wave of freedom that needless calls for generations to come to think about times as a method to understand the natural world and religion as no more than a fairy tale what I said was mostly about this land but it applies to all of the Abrahamic religions they’re all rented from the same culture with the same ideology so my video ends here but I feel one more about your opinions and your feedback so don’t forget to play whatever you want in the countdown look fit [Music]

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  1. It would be interesting to see the people trying to find science in their holy books looking into the Chinese or Aztec ancient stories to find it in theirs.

  2. I appreciate your humility as you search for truth. There is SO much information these days on SO many subjects. How much of this information is actually dis-information or false? It is not easy to discern this with our intelligence alone. I believe that mankind is a three part being. Spirit, soul and body. The soul being our mind, will and emotions. I think we all would agree that we have a body and a soul. Is there any proof that we have a spirit? Is there a Holy Creator who also claims to be a Spirit? Is this Creator still alive and does He hear my cry and answer my call? How much conclusive evidence is there that the "theory of evolution" is actually conclusive? Do we not have to use a degree of FAITH in order to believe in any of the possible sources of our existence? Are we here by accident or do we actually have a purpose? There are SO many questions and way too much information to sift through. I would like to suggest that there are millions of people around the world who have had an ongoing personal encounter with the Creator and Sustainer of this universe that we live in. This God is a person. His name is Jesus Christ. He claimed to be God. This was the justification for His crucifixion by the "religious" leaders of that day. This is also my belief. Jesus knew that He would be crucified. It was actually part of His plan. He paid the price with the blood of a man for the sin of mankind to all who would BELIEVE. This is my perspective based on 36 years of personal experience and study. This is my opinion and I do not force it on anyone. I hope and pray to my Creator that you find the TRUTH and that you enjoy the inner satisfaction of knowing Him too.

  3. I have no complaint with this video but was it really necessary to put an image of Trump in there with red horns. Smacks of a compulsive need to virtue signal.

  4. I've always found it funny how Zakir Naik says he's a scientist, yet doesn't know what the scientific theory is.

    Devil horns on Trump is a bit silly in my opinion, but I understand why you'd have such a negative image of him when you're constantly bombarded with the MSM propaganda. Everyone's racist, sexist, pedophile, nazi and whateverphopes these days if you listen to them. Just look at how they're attacking Pewdiepie now just because their platform is dying and he's got more influence than they do. Trump has been gaining a lot of popularity lately though, especially after his latest speech.

  5. Great video, but honestly I think theres much less content in Arabic. Please consider arabic videos!

  6. As children we are a programable carbon unit, my parents programmed me to question everything, never take anything my teachers at schol or any news agency or any people in the street and especially people who wear costumes or use furniture to give the illusion of some kind of higher power, told me as fact. They all have an agenda, some good, some bad, so work it out yourself.

    You were programmed to believe in the Quran and nothing else. Both these upbringings bring challenges, Yours with being introduced to other ideas from less programmed carbon units, mine from more programmed carbon units who hate being questioned.

    Less programming, more questioning, less respect for fake authority may possibly result in a more peaceful World, All we have to do now is debrief the programmed and not let the military industrial complex marketers re programme the debriefed with divisional propoganda.

    Make any sense?

  7. Very well said about the stupid geology of religion of books. other religions not even evolved to think about it.

  8. actually the earth is flat and its gravity which is pulling all to its core, hence the spherical planet' Neil Dygrasse Tyson lectures have also stated likewise

  9. "show me some evidence and I will believe you"
    Only problem is: If the evidence is objective fact, there is no room for believing. Only for understanding. This isn't religion. This is science.

  10. Very much enjoy your videos and applaud how you handle difficult subjects with honesty and humor. I hope many others will find the courage to question what they are told and investigate for themselves what is the truth. On this subject of evolution and religion I recommend checking out Reasons.org. They present many research videos on the topic here: http://www.reasons.org/explore/topic/evolution

  11. 4:59 All of religions pride themselves on developing analogies, normally after the truth has been discovered by scientists.

  12. Good video, but you shouldn't assume that Christianity or Judaism are as unconducive to science as Islam is or that they derive from "the same culture" in any meaningful sense.

    Judaism I don't know well, so I won't make any claims, but Christianity treated the Roman/Greek heritage quite differently than did Islam. Not to mention the Quran is a lot more deemed as the infallible, literal word of God, whereas the bible is was quite openly compiled from testimonies at various meetings by humans, some of which became apocryphal rather than accepted.

    Even if science has long since outgrown Christianity, I think you can make the case that certain Christian doctrines encouraged science (just look at the history of monasteries and universities). It might not be pure coincidence that the scientific revolution took place in the west.

  13. I had a muslim say all Islam is science and another muslim say all religions are Islam. Sad there are so many that lie or ignore truth in things. There are so many of so many looking only in faith confirmation biases rather than look at other ideas as well.

  14. I had a muslim guy suggest som confirmation bias material and while stating logical fallacies in the majority of the conversation "…if you watch the video from Hamza Tzortzis and Abdur Rahim Green – God delusion or truth on YouTube, it's quite good. They make strong theistic arguments…" . Told him they reminded me of young earth creationists .

    I can't get why people state that there are proofs with that burden of proof lacking. It is if cognitive dissonance and word salad become part of cultist like dogma.

  15. Only if more peapole (and I do not mean any religion, just peapole, eaven with out religion) would study matters instead of blindly beliving what they are told.

  16. Evolution is now considered a fact among the scientific community but religious people dont want to accept it cause it will automatically mean their religion is fake.

  17. Karim, Salute for coming out the other side of the woods .But ,as some suggested in the comment section there is a vast array of content on atheism and evolution vs creationism .your effort my be better placed if it was addressing Arabic audience they need it the most too., By the way do you ever come down to Turku ?,näkemiin

  18. "For the longest time, we’ve been able to fudge these
    problems, carried along on the faith that, to paraphrase the punch line
    of an old joke, there had to be a pony in there somewhere. But the dread
    possibility is beginning to rear its head; what if the pony isn’t
    The problem for modern Darwinism is, I argue, that we lack a coherent theory of the core Darwinian concept of adaptation."
    "Purpose and Desire"
    University of New York biologist J. Scott Turner

  19. التحية للعقل السليم نفس القصة حصلت لي ام الان انا عقلاني متحرر من الغيبوبة الدينية وبشكرك لانك خاطرت باصقاءك وسرتك من اجل الحقيقة يا للانسان انت كبير يا انسان

  20. how ironic that scientists watching darwins finches in the galapagos have recently watched in awe as another new species has evolved there over the past 40 or 50 years,..to become established as a new line in evolution,..and all in the lifetime of these scientists,..proving that evolution is true,..is happening as we speak,..and in some cases far faster than we would have thought or expected,..if the quran preached true wonder then evolution would have been the miracle it needed,…unfortunately as most free thinkers realise the quran is false,..as are all religious texts,..primitive attempts to explain the cosmos,..life and al else,..bigoted hogwash

  21. Since the times of Galileo, people have found inconsistencies with their interpretation of their religious texts and scientific theories. And their way of arguing for them was to reject those theories.

    However, the reality is that these theories are supported with a lot of scientific proofs that they cannot be rejected. Which gave atheists the upper hand in their arguments and philosophy.

    But all this changes today, the book “Atheism Delusion -by Ahmad AlHassan” presents the mistakes of both Muslims and Christians in their rejection of the theory of evolution, as well as the atheists mistake in their arguments against God.

    It also tackles Einstein’s relativity, quantum mechanics, string and M-theories, parallel universes and how they all fit in this picture.


  22. Hahaha You are Amazing i dropped a little bit of tea on my laptop laughing at your Muslim self impressions. It reminds me of my time in Saudi Arabia.
    Keep up the Good work!!

  23. Hello
    I would like to give comment for what you did about fussilat you have to put every thing
    AllHA said .AllHamade the earth in two days and the rest in four days and You can enter Google and write about it and you’ll find it

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