Fasting in summer? SCIENCE explained! ~ Ramadan Mubarak

Fasting in summer? SCIENCE explained! ~ Ramadan Mubarak

so right now the time is about 7 30 and
we have about two hours to go until we open our fast and i thought maybe i
should make a video about why Muslim people are fasting for so long during
the day and the scientific reasons of why we are fasting so long during the day so if you didn’t already know from the
sixth of June 2016 Muslims from all around the world have started fasting
from Sun up to Sun down so this means no food and water while
the sun is up however this has become particularly
interesting in the last few years because people are fasting really long
hours so for example here in the UK we are fasting from around 3am is it 3am oh sorry
two forty ago I don’t know what time it is when i wake up so from about 2-40 to about 920 we have no food and water during the day
so by fostering with someone why not just during the winter oh it’s just so happens that ramadan
falls during the summer this year and it has been for the last few years but it
hasn’t always been like this so about 10 15 years ago with our needs to be in the
winter so we suggest faster about six a.m. to about 3 30 or 40 p.m. why has ramadan gone from being in the
winter months to the summer months so just to give you a bit of background
ramadan is the ninth month of the islamic calendar and there are 12 months
in this calendar so the Georgia and calendar follows the solar cycle but the
islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle which means that each month starts and
stops with the lunar cycle Luna months are usually around 29 to 30
days and the next month star space on the sighting of them new moon and or some astronomical
calculations so each assignment months . with the new moon and I lost around 29
to 30 dates so because these months are shorter this makes the whole Islamic
calendar about 10 days shorter than the Georgian calendar Islam here starts
about 10 days earlier which brings all the dates back by about 10 days so next
year ramadan will start about 10 days earlier than it did this year so it was
a sister in this year then it will be around the end of may next year and so this will keep happening and
eventually in about save 10 years ramadan rid of the month of Ramadan
would have moved back so that it occurs during the winter months then days will be much shorter not for those
people in Australia and New Zealand and all those other countries in the
southern hemisphere so that should explain why the month of Ramadan and all
the other Islamic months move throughout the solar calendar but it’s also
important to remember that muslims live all around the world take for those people who lived closer
to the equator like in the Middle East or in Asia and if you’re from one of
those countries comment below and tell us how is Ramadan going for you so for those people their days don’t get
really long over your short like here in UK as if you are in a country that is
quite close to the equator then the angle and the distance relative
to the Sun does not change too much throughout the year but if you are in a
country that is quite close to the equator then that angle and distance
relative to the Sun does change quite a bit which is why we got a really long
days and really short days here in the UK and other countries like America Canada go
and Scandinavia because of the tilt of the earth there are countries are close to the
polls that get like six months of days and six months of nights and which is
really extreme so for those people who didn’t know much
about ramadan and why it works this way I hope you’ve learned something from
this video and with those people who are fasting right now we have about two hours and
not to our homes we have less than two hours he goes you can share this video
with whoever you want whether they know much about ramadan or don’t know much
about them on and i’ll see you in another video by all right so I’m gonna
go make if Darnell and while in comment below and tell us what you’re having and if you have any questions about why
spoke but in the video do the face in the comments below do
like share and subscribe ok also hey guys Oh exactly ok

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  1. Hey sis, I have recently been learning about the science behind fasting and how it affects the body and mind. SubhanAllah fasting is SOOOOO beneficial. I think you should do some research and do a little video because I think it will benefit all of your viewers regardless of whether or not they are fasting. 🙂 Salaams.

  2. Nice explanation. But wrong calculations all over the world. Fasting time is unnecessarily long. Because they calculations the fajr is wrong. This video explains the fajr: And please check this article: And daily prayer times for your locations:

  3. ramadan mubarak mate, im here in the uae the fasting time is shorter but i dont do sahri so my family fasts for 16 hours 😂😂
    in iftar today its my sister graduation so we gonna eat some stuff in ayla hotel.
    Anyways ur vids our great and very intresting i have learnt alot. thanx!

  4. A really nice video for Ramzan. You've provided some quality information for everyone around. Thank you.

  5. Ramadan Mubarak, greetings from Singapore! Here, we fast for about 14hrs.From 5.37am till 7.14pm.It varies,but you guys there fast for really long hours! cant imagine how it feels like ><

  6. Wait…do muslim people live north or south of the Arctic circle? I imagine some must, also Pakistan has an Antarctic station. I wonder what these people do, would they have to travel somewhere else or has an islamic scholar or Imam come up with an acceptable work around?

    Fascinating, keep up the good work.

  7. you are so cute 😉 i was just searching around on utube and m here now. Anyway happy ramadam. i live in U.S.A.

  8. Gorgeous eyes dude I had no clue what she was talking about mid vid cause that shit hypnotizing, with that being said Its true that in the north/south pole the sun does its thing for way too long, they say it could last to six months of day time which might be problematic for Muslims out there, studies show (they don't) that 100% of the Muslim population on the north pole died of hunger. On the "bright side" if you make it through the six months day you will have a six months long night to eat all you want plus plenty of time for night prayers.

  9. assalamualaikum, i'm from indonesia, ramadan here is very steady arround 12 hours, i always wondering how to fasting at polar countries when sun never down and never up all the year

  10. You are beautiful and intelligent too….if u r single yet i offer you for nikkah fom pakistan….interested…response plz

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