Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020 | I Can Out Eat Anyone Cheat Day| Snake Diet OMAD Journey

Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020 | I Can Out Eat Anyone Cheat Day| Snake Diet OMAD Journey

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and I’m
on a fasting journey on YouTube to lose 90 pounds through snake diet Omad one
meal a day and intermittent fasting I do prefer to eat low carb which you’re
about to see I ate a million carbs yesterday I had a gigantic day of eating
and I wrote a community post and I appreciate every one of you that
commented I was surprised I didn’t get a negative comment yet um but I wanted to
say one thing first I was not feeling sad about my food
I was not feeling bad about anything related to food or weight yesterday okay
um I’ve been doing really good up until like Monday let’s see Super Bowl Sunday
didn’t eat the next day I had an omad then I was treated to a new restaurant a
Mexican restaurant um I was invited there and they said they’re gonna pay
for it and I went I’m always down to go do whatever always because I usually
don’t go anywhere with anyone and then we liked it so much we want to
give the next day then I did omad the next day and then I did a 40 something
hour fast the next day which took me into Thursday and then Friday is where
it took a downward spiral I was just craving my favorite dessert which is a
sundae from a certain place and I went and got it my problem is I didn’t want
just one I got a large plus another one to eat on the way home this video is to
show my real 600-pound eating problem I have that people don’t understand I just
really need people to understand how deep my issues are I don’t share
anything because I don’t want to be a bad example I just want to show the good
stuff um and kind of that stuff you guys when I go away for a few days or a week
or whatever and I come back gain 10 to 20 pounds I always do what
I did yesterday always I will say you’re gonna just eat everything and anything
you want and you’re gonna start back tomorrow but then I won’t start back
tomorrow because I wake up and I want to eat again and so obvious eat whatever I
want again and I’ll Drive around everywhere I won’t cook at home and
that’s how the way will come back on so that’s really the purpose of yesterday’s
picture which was only a fraction of what I ate I’m gonna tell you if you’re
skinny if you don’t have um if you don’t know how to empathize with other
people’s problems then please turn it off now because you’re gonna be
disgusting okay you will be extremely disgusting when you hear all the food I
ate you won’t even believe it when I say 600-pound eating problem I eat like a
person twice my size why am i am in my 220s I’m still in my 220s
thank God I’m because I love to work out I did not work out this week except for
the 210 minutes minimum of OMAD Caroline challenge I went that Sunday last week
and and I went hard I got most of it then and then yesterday night I
procrastinated to the last minute to get it report it to her and I did my last 47
minutes that’s all I did for the whole week so I yeah it’s pretty amazing that
I’m still in my two 20s so yesterday I went to a larger man and I just had it
in my head I’m gonna eat whatever I want cuz I know my weight was big but I
didn’t know what it was cuz I had it weighed since Tuesday and then we were
coming to Saturday so I’m I already planned I’m I already planned everything
I’m gonna eat I just want everything I could go by that’s good
now what’s worse than eating the bad stuff is I am beyond broke at the moment
you guys I don’t even want to say but what am i rents are not paid um because
it was doing the first and I decided on my pay on Monday because I need to make
money at work that’s the worst part of all of this you guys just don’t
understand that the wait is the least of my problems
right now I have many issues I can’t talk about it because I’m Muslim and
we’re supposed to hide our sins I wanted to talk about so bad because you might
understand a little bit more about why life is hard but people don’t even want
to hear complaining they don’t want to hear stuff but people do like drama
which is what I want to share it I also want to share my body pictures like I
just want to share some lights but I have to hold back a little bit okay I
have to remain focused my priority in life is doing what God says but I’m
doing a really bad job of that really bad you guys say don’t beat yourself up
I hold my standards high okay I’m not beating myself up we are all capable and
I know that and trying to get my life together okay I didn’t take any notes or
anything because I just wanted to say these things um now I am gonna say what
I ate you guys can say anything you want the people that don’t understand if it
makes you feel good to say Oh eat this or eat that or stay away from that or
that man say whatever you want but I’ve been learning my body over a year over
400 and it’s probably 500 days now I know my body I know what I eat I know
the carbs at that Mexican food it held on to my body and that didn’t feel good
it tastes a great amazing it didn’t feel good but it held on to the water because
that’s what the carbs do like I know what’s gonna happen when I do
oh man and 500 calories I did it enough days I know what’s gonna happen if I dry
fast for 12 hours or sauna for 12 hours do cardio which I should not even be in
doing I gotta stop the car do I need to be doing strength training for the body
that I want okay I know what to do you guys I really do I’m just choosing not
to do it which is why I say it’s mental for me it’s not about my food choices
it’s not about discipline I know how to be disciplined this is why I wanted
snake diet can’t because it’s deeper than that
it’s disciplined it’s mental it’s not cravings fasting takes away cravings
even though you see all that gross stuff yesterday um doughnuts and pizza I ate
so much stuff yesterday and I’m gonna tell you um it’s not even that I don’t
even crave that stuff any uh tastes good Valentine’s Days come in I’m gonna be
all lonely like you guys already know I try hard not to complain about that part
of my life but I’m gonna feel it more this week because it’s a time of lovers
and love and just good stuff I want to go to this concert which I shouldn’t
even say that either I want to go to this concert Thursday night I don’t have
anyone to go with I want to do things I can’t even save money to buy what I want
most in life so that’s coming on me but it’s not an excuse either like I’m
grateful I I am so grateful for every aspect of my life I’m grateful for you
guys that stick through this crazy weight-loss journey okay and I’m a
really different type of thinker mukbang or eating a bunch of food doesn’t
disgust me the bad manners with it in the smacking and that that disgusts me
but I don’t even care like I just support whatever anybody wants to do I
don’t care like I just want them to do it so say what you want but I’m still
gonna do it I’m gonna still gonna do me and yeah okay so what did I eat I went
and got my favorite pizza from the gas station it was not even that great I got
two slices two Donuts two of my cookies that I love that’s what I got then I
left there my clothes were at the the washer at the laundromat
so I left that there it’s washing I got that gas station food then I went to
McDonald’s I got donut sticks oh I also got a hot
chocolate to go with my doughnuts and cookies at the gas station then I got
one hash brown I love the hash browns ketchup um a diet dr. pepper
I do diet soda I don’t talk about it because I think it’s bad I think real
soda is bad I think diet soda is bad it’s chemical
stuff waters free um you can infuse water like I don’t talk about it a lot
but I do have a diet soda problem um so the diet dr. pepper in six donut sticks
which is hard for me just to get six because I went 12 but I have all this
other junk so I ate all of that that was my breakfast went to work I
already know while eating the breakfast what I wanted later on because this was
another this is it day I’m gonna eat whatever I’m when I knew I wanted
chick-fil-a I knew I wanted my favorite dessert ice cream thing oh so I did my
laundry I went to my customers daughter’s basketball game before work
as I leave the basketball game I’m driving down the street and I see
Church’s Chicken I love jalapeno poppers I wanted it so
bad but I was so full from all that Pizza donut crap from this morning I
couldn’t get it so I took a picture of it because I wanted it my mind wanted it
just because I loved it and this was it this was the day before today that I’m
about to get back on track I do this every time I leave you guys you don’t
understand this is exactly what I do I’ll spend so much money and I’ll eat so
much so then I went to work did my clients I worked all day
well like eight hours I left there at 8:00 and I was not even hungry but I’m
like nope I’m gonna get all these things that’s been on my mind so I went and got
the KFC twelve boneless wings barbecue wings um I do not like KFC I don’t like
how they treat their animals I don’t like the injections and I got six piece
for ten dollars I don’t have ten dollars money to waste on that but I did because
I get paid cash so dumb okay and I don’t feel the weight telling
you guys because only my mother and my brother really helped me if I’m in a
financial bind which they can’t help me right now because I’ve already borrowed
money from them I owe them a lot of money so right now like even though
people are gonna look at me like why are you doing that like it doesn’t even
matter because I’m responsible for everything myself so I’m not filling
away that’s why I’m okay with people put on whatever they want to say today
because I don’t care no one is here to help me pay my rent no one’s here by my
huh me buy my groceries for my kids like my car has the brake it has so many
different lights on but my mother and my brother have loved me so much
I’m even want to talk about that I hope they don’t even watch this whole video
they they might my mother um my car is always having issues and it’s just a lot
of stuff and I’m not even complaining cuz I’m blessed I’m healthy my kids are
healthy I feel so blessed oh please take it the right way I’m not complaining
because I’m happy in life I really am okay so then I got the KFC 12-piece
boneless wings I got small coleslaw I want to wait until I get home to eat
everything all the ones but I ate it on the way to chick-fil-a chick-fil-a I got
three chicken strips and a strawberry shake those are my favorite things from
chick-fil-a um I eat the shake on the way to my favorite Sunday place I know
you’re disgusting I apologize that you’re disgusting but I did say turn it
off um I need to see if this is even still recording because I know I’m
singing a lot okay good it’s long um I don’t get disgusted by things that
normally people would get disgusted by like not even food-related just other
things I don’t know I’m just weird okay and I think that stems from things in my
childhood that I’m just not disgusted at the normal things so then let’s see I’m
eating the shake drinking the shake on the way to the other ice cream place and
I got a large ice cream I’m going to show you it’s my favorite ever a large
one of those and I put extra stuff in it and a person with this type of eating
disorder you never have enough ever so I eat a lot of my food on the way home and
I was upset that I got home and I didn’t have on my food um so that’s what I ate
a lot of food and I did gain weight of course and I’m gonna share my way and
it’s crazy that I’m not back in the to 30s because I thought based on yesterday
and the day before I have four ice creams
I had two from that place um and then I had a McFlurry
and a caramel sundae from McDonald’s that was the day before I had four bad
things um because you just never ever get
enough so if you have a bag of Oreos you’ll have a full meal plus the whole
bag of Oreos plus other thing like it’s really really bad um so I’m
doing this so you guys that are telling me what to do please realize when I show
you an ohm at meal that has a vegetable or protein and maybe a sugar-free
pudding like that is a major win day I’m trying to put it into perspective you
know so my weight as of this morning is to twenty eight point two and I want to
say five pounds of that is just food that has not digested I still feel
hungry I don’t know what I’m doing this week
Nikki asked me what are you doing now I’m like I don’t know because I already
know how I’m gonna feel Thursday and Friday Valentine’s Day time I already
know what I’m gonna feel but I’m still happy and grateful
I’m um I’m just people probably don’t even believe that but I am right I’m
proud of myself and you

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  1. This that I am sharing is normal for me. I don't feel bad or upset. Today is a new day. I don't condone this and it is unacceptable. No excuses. If you want it you make it happen daily.

  2. God bless u. Seems like stress eating. I don’t understand why u are eating the junk food the way u are because I don’t know u. But I pray that u pull through your life’s struggles with success . Just hang in there This is just part of the journey that u are being honest about. Keep rising and don’t give up

  3. And Valentine’s Day is overwhelming, over rated. At least u are not involved with someone who is a liar, a person who is not helping u financially and a cheater. That comes with more problems than being alone, trust me.

  4. I love that you keep it real praying that all your prayers be answered. Your human life happens sometimes, Trust me. I've been there. Love ya.

  5. Hi, Mieka. Well, at least you're not lactose intolerant. TFS🤎🤎👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  6. Mieka, it sounds a lot like my last binge when I experienced tremendous stress last week. Despite gaining like 2 lbs within a day, I just try to overcome the guilt and moved forward by dry fasting two days straight and then switch to water fast for a day. Now I'm on OMAD. So as we say, the journey continues.

  7. Hang in their sweetie determination And consistency and you will accomplish all that you need to you can do it deuces💚💚💚

  8. Hi my friend I'm here I know it's not easy especially if you're coming from eating Whatever Whenever sometimes we all go through stuff

  9. I don't know if this will help but I noticed that there are a bunch of us that seem to be in the same boat. And I suspect it hormones and stress and behavior. I am an emotional secret eater, but coming off the fast has become a war with food.
    I realize that I have moved so quickly with loosing I haven't given my body or mind time to catch up. And my hormones were out wack starting they are probably out of wack now causing me want everything and anything.
    So I am changing how I I refeed and if it works I will post. But I am sure this is not us and a lack of abstaining, although behavior still plays a part. What do you break your fast with?

  10. Omg that happened to me before..I'm glad I'm not alone in that… This is refreshing to hear. I so glad you tell us all the details.

  11. you are going to figure it out one day… I do the same thing all the time… I hate that I do it and I hate that I give my self the excuse of I will get back on track tomorrow… I also hate that I will go all week eating good and then on Saturday or Sunday just lose it and eat more then if I would have just ate all week…. keep fighting and keep trying you can do it.

  12. Lady you are born to be on camera!! You’re hypnotizing, seriously! I love your videos, your contents, your thoughts, the way you talk, everything about you! I am really grateful I found your channel. You deserve all the good things you want in life 🤗

  13. I’ve binged like the entire month of January and gained 40 pounds back. I prayed so hard to be able to fast last Friday and I’m still fasting (so thankful).

  14. I used to be like this and would continue to eat this way for weeks or even months before getting back on track. Now I am able to get back on track quicker — mostly due to fasting at least 20 hrs/day. I doubt I will not ever have cravings like this because I grew up eating like this. But I also know what I need to do; I think you are the same way. You know what to do and you will get to your goal — it will just take a little longer which I think is fine (well at least that is how I see it). Also, weighing myself everyday — especially when I have a treat day — helps straighten me up real quick. Before, I would just avoid the scale. I am new to your channel and feel you are doing great Mieka!!

  15. You can out eat anyone on a cheat day? I’ll take that bet 🤣. I don’t like to say be more gentle on yourself because I know goggins simply would not stand for that kinda talk but I think we have to balance that idea of to know when to go hard and when to back off a bit. It’s great you share the more ‘unattractive’ sides of this battle, as you phrased it, along with the successes because we all have them. It’s all very relatable to most of us I’m sure. I used to binge most days at least every second day. I’m just thankful that’s it’s fewer now. But it’s not cured for me so I have to still carry my little friend around with me a bit longer 😝

  16. No thank you because we have this same issue. I will eat and eat and eat all day long. I eat like that too. Your not along at all that's why this fast was so extremely hard for me. Its extremely hard for us and nobody understands us. I don't judge you at all we are human, we make mistakes, we go through stuff. I'm here for you if you want to talk.

  17. I get annoyed when I still want something but I’m full. My mind and mouth still wants it but I can’t. That’s when I wish I had two stomachs 😬

  18. The 500 calorie refeeds might be causing some of this. I feel like Cole says to get full & lately has said he doesn’t care what you eat. Could 500 calories be catabolic & be messing with your hormones? Also, with insulin resistance after a while your body will desperately try to regain weight. Your hormones can control your mind & you think it’s you but it’s not. I made a chart for myself for February like the one you did on your group fast & I have committed to fast 3 days a week & low carb OMAD on eating days. I fast on Tuesday, Thursday, & either Saturday or Sunday. I get full when I eat. I weigh in tomorrow for week one, but I’ve already lost over 5 pounds. This isn’t forever, I’m committed to this protocol for February, then I will make a new plan. You can do this! Love watching your journey! ❤️✝️

  19. That's were the inspiration comes from. Ooh Meika thank you for being a real human being 💖👍🏼. Thanks for sharing reality

  20. God bless you, we all struggle with addictions. Food is a socially acceptable addiction. I pray you learn to use food to heal and nourish your body. As I pray this for you, I need to do the same as well. You are not by yourself. Thank you for your honesty.

  21. Yesterday I ordered Ubereats twice. Once in the afternoon (2 diff meals in one order) and then at night (2 meals again in one order)- all for myself. Finances-buying the food on a credit card 😣 so it isn't helping my financial situation which is strapped. So many carbs shooting my blood sugar up. It's so much going on, I really understand where you are coming from in this video.

  22. Mieka, you’re the cutest! 🙂 No worries about these little things. It is crystal clear that you are passionate about a fasting focused lifestyle and you’re so right; it is totally a mindset. And yes girl, there are ‘times’…I’m having a vacation next week & yes girl, I’mma gonna have my beer. Haha! This Canadian goin’ to California & getting out of the cold…we’re all human & we have our foods that we get hungry for, etc…what I’m learning is that it is the consistency of our chosen eating regime that is going to matter even more than the doughnut verses a keto lifestyle…the fasting is the silver and the consistency toward it is the gold. 🙂 I know you’ll be right back at it, so none of the foods/amount even matter! God Bless, Beautiful Friend! -Mary

  23. Nice sharing I appreciate the details you always shared with us. Have a lovely day and rest of the week 🙂

  24. Hello dear Mieka, very good video! Sub and like for you 🛎👍
    Thank you for your visit me ❣
    I wish you a beautiful new Week and all the best 🍀

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