[FREE] Mac Miller Type Beat | “Reflections”

[FREE] Mac Miller Type Beat | “Reflections”


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  1. Never ever ever matters no… You can have the life you want to grow. See the view conceive the new contain the flow. Better find the self you want to know. Never ever ever matters no. Life a pattern, until you broken battered oh… stay uplifted you the maker woah… keep together all the good things to evoke positive. You can live like you want to, I know you want to. Doesn’t ever matter no, I know you want to. Mix on the batter bake a cake. Click on a radder state of late. Stuck within the future instead of lookin’ in the present, it’s there to unwrap. It doesn’t ever matter no…

  2. We think worlds ending
    There ain't no pretending
    Please stop defending
    I am not attacking
    We can start relaxing
    It's not true
    it doesn't matter Baby
    I got you it's not true baby
    I got sick and so did you
    Look at the time
    We grew
    Can't feel the noses we blew
    You can't use that tense
    I am not tense
    We are sitting on the fence
    We got out the car
    too many dents
    And it was a rental so I got to tell you over this instrumental I can't reflect I can't protect the last time I helped I got decked can't wake up so I fell farther swimming I'll never reach the harbor

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