FTIR-Diffuse Reflection: Measuring Odd-Shaped Samples

FTIR-Diffuse Reflection: Measuring Odd-Shaped Samples

Hello welcome to this week’s tip. Today, we’re going to look at how we collect
an FTIR spectrum on oddly shaped items. Well, I happen to have a golf ball today, and we’re going to collect
a spectrum of the polymer coating using the abrasion technique. We have an abrasive disc;
we rub it on the surface, where particles will come off
onto the disc, and from there, we can simply put our post
into a diffuse reflection accessory. So, the front disc is our blank, so that will be used for my background, and the second is going to be for my sample. Just put it in the accessory, collect
your background, and when that’s finished, slide forward and collect your
sample spectrum. Let’s take a look at the two different polymers used on two different brands of golf balls. So we can see, based on the spectra, that these two are similar but they are different polymer compositions for each golf ball. Thanks for tuning in this week. Keep the abrasion method in mind; it’s not overly common, but it’s very useful. We’ll see you next time, thanks again.

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