Glass refection effect | How to create realistic window reflection in Photoshop

Glass refection effect | How to create realistic window reflection in Photoshop

Today we are gonna learn how to create a
glass reflection portrait in Photoshop I have my image already open in photoshop,
and now i’m going to open the second image that will act as my reflection. Let
me drag it over the portrait image. I’m gonna adjust this to where it looks
right. I think that looks fine! Yeah I think that that’s about fine! Now, I’m gonna go and change the blend mode to lighten. Next step is to duplicate my model and
we’ll name it blur. Just so I can remember. Now we’re gonna go and find box
blur in the filter. This will apply on the layer, that we just called “blur”. Through a glass not every area is gonna be in focus, so adding that blur is very
important. I don’t want to add too much blur, so three radius is good. We’ll add a layer mask to the blur layer and pick the eraser tool. I’m gonna pick a large
size brush and the hardness we’ll go with the zero. And the flow I’m gonna
keep it initially at a 100. And I’m gonna erase the areas where I want the
image to be sharp, mostly the face. Now, I will reduce the flow to about 48
to 50 and lightly erase other areas, around this sweater…. Flow even lower to
14 and 15 and I’m gonna erase around the hand. Make sure you’re doing it very
lightly. That looks about right! Next, we’re gonna add some box blur to
the top layer. Here, I’m gonna add radius 4. okay! Same as before,
we’ll add a layer mask to the layer and start erasing, at a very little flow, about
14 to 15. I’m gonna erase around the face, hair…so it just looks more cohesive Next, I’m gonna reduce the opacity to 82. Depending on what kind of image you have, this is going to change. Alright! so we’re
done. Nah! I’m just kidding. Now we have to bind the image together
with colors. so I’m going to add a color lookup adjustment layer right at the top
of the blur layer. I’m gonna add TensionGreen. Because I have a lot of green in the reflection image the skin tone has to have that reflected color. I’m
gonna reduce the lookup opacity to about 75. Now we’ll bind the entire image together.
So we’ll pick the color lookup again and add it on the top of our reflection
layer. We’ll pick “soft warming look” Have the opacity to 85 Now we’ll add a third color lookup “2StripLook” on top of it. I know it’s a lot of color lookups, but colors really bind the image. I’ll bring the opacity down to about 25. our image is mostly done. But I want to add that dreamy glossy look so.. we’re gonna do some extra steps. First of all let’s merge all the layers
by pressing shift+ctrl+alt+e. We have our merged layer and I’m gonna duplicate that. Now, picking the top layer I’m gonna go to filter stylize and oil paint. It’s
gonna make sense guys, just go with it Now, keep the values to where I have kept
0.1, 10, 0.1, 0.0 lighting is off You see, you get this soft look. Now I’m gonna
go to that layer and keep the blending mode to soft light. and opacity to 35. And..we’re done! let’s see the transformation. Here’s where we started, and this is what
we got. Really cool, haan! You can add this effect to any of your
portraits. I’ve added the resources in the description below. So go ahead and
practice on your own. it’s very simple and easy. it’s gonna bring a ton of fun
to your portraits. If you found this video helpful leave a comment below, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. Don’t forget to ring that notification
bell, so you get a notification whenever I upload a new tutorial. I’ll see you in my
next video, until then keep being creative!

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